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  1. Most of us are flying solo just for him...
  2. You have to try find a local to help you or otherwise do a direct remittance (express). their buying mechanics are different unfortunately, hope you get your tickets though, if you have issue, let me know, will see if able to assist you
  3. Roll call for those whom expressed interest to help kick off "Hyungsikness" : @anazs @Ainee Etp @aigo244 @willowmyst @sik1116 @athena22 @valentina72 @iamcassandra @hyungsikyoja Kindly pm me or @sebastian27 your line id as we will kick off the discussion and handle of the FC impending to PHS upcoming fm in Taipei, Bangkok and Tokyo! Thank you
  4. For thai fm, they usually asked you to register an id and password so when its up for sale, there is no limitation to reservation of seats but you gotto be fast to secure the seats even at the reservation stage. once seats are locked, you have up to 4 hours to make payment, if no payment received thats when seats are released, hence you'll see that good seats are released, i experience tht during booking for Jo Jong Suk FM that last week that i had to write in to organiser to swap for better seats (provided available and discretion of organiser) looking at the take up, should be a go ahead as the take up are quite high, hope many will get their tics. whoever will be there, see you allllllll!
  5. I'm going, ticket paid now waiting for confirmation. we got our tickets locked, though not zone A2 but we're happy with it, Bangkok date is on!
  6. Thai FM greetings : cr : @kdramachoseme iG (translated and posted by her) cant wait, fightinggggggggggg....
  7. JJS leaving to Japan for tomorrow FM : cr : JJS Thailand FB cr : jojungsukfanid iG
  8. Well written, kudosss cant wait for the day they announce puppies couple dating, better wedding just like how SJK/SHK shooks us, like the last paragraph, i also used to ship PBY and JJS during OMG days but when i know JJS is attached, i stopped and the minute i saw both her and PHS chemistry in SWDBS, they were so realll, so much i wish they can get married in rl. SJK/SHK showed us the way, hoping next in line, PHS/PBS too, till then I'm hwaitinggg
  9. Surreal hehe, glad i dint cancel the hotel i booked and change it elsewhere as the two close up with him was well worth it! i woke up earlier on the day after his FM, waited for half an hour, was just binge waiting and see if he could sign my cap but cause i think he overslept he was late based on his schedule, so we just took video footage... @mintea18 try go see him, he can dance, he sings well, and i shook hands with him, happy gal
  10. Please buy insurance before attending FM, there may not be cure for hyungsikness...
  11. Just a short clip i made from the FM, hope you all like it!
  12. I'm sorry I'm too overwhelmed and did not manage to update. Met him again after FM at hotel lobby last night and this morning before he left. I'm really glad, will shared info and pics when I'm back to Singapore! annyeonggg
  13. The one that I'm waiting for, ahhhh, seriously, hope it is a confirmed gig! hwaiting... cr : love_parkhyungsikna FB
  14. Keep me posted tooo, I'm trying to find taiwan people to help buy his taiwan fm ticket while ill be away for another oppa fm this sunday, over my dead body!
  15. PHS posted IG update : Praying for the FM success ( think he is nervous ) , he has our full support, wooo go go go PHS