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  1. I'll only arrived on Sunday morning, he will be flying in earlier than me, so looking forward, finalising my hotel booking (shhh, wanna book the same hotel that he will be staying)
  2. Oh i love him from SWDBS and ever since no turning back. i then return to watch Hwarang too because of him, he really does have so much charm and humble as always! Not sure about his ZE.A days but his popularity is so huge now now that maybe his ZEA fans starts wondering and not happy with it... he is getting even more popular as time goes, so stick with him or just be prepared for his fans onslaught yea.
  3. @willowmyst actually there is a list in Bkk events schedule and was informed by PHS Thai fans and some on IG that there will be an event and was also shared by one fellow participant here. never saw the ad though and it's likelihood cancelled now with Taiwan and Japan FM confirmed. I wanna cryyyy...
  4. Anyone from Taiwan here, PHS Taiwan FM confirmed : cr : hkourlovephs IG
  5. Some pics from Taiwan FM : cr : JJS Thailand FB
  6. Full interview clip for Thai FM, no subbed though : cr : CJS Thailand FB
  7. Japan FM update by sik_usa in IG : Translated in English! cr : sik_usa IG
  8. So far no confirmation on Thai FM! Hoping it's not cancelled or postponed as Thailand is definitely nearer than Japan for me!
  9. Maybe is someone elses stuffed toys, haha! "What I'm thinking, will be exactly what you have in mind" Maybe you try uninstalling and reinstall, could help perhaps
  10. He made it two IG update in the span of 30 minutes : cr : PHS1116 IG
  11. PHS just posted, finally : cute one cr : PHS1116 IG
  12. Jisoo or PHS? Jisoo yes in August, PHS not confirmed.
  13. Anyone has any idea of PHS Thai FM Info? Seems that Jisoo FM in August has been announced but no news on PHS Thai FM.
  14. This interview in Thai, JJS did a little intro in Thai, full version will be out soon, hope it wil be subbed : cr : JJS Thai FanClub FB