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  1. Joon Young's interview with Haru Hana. Thanks to @l0u7n3a1 for translation. Q: You released new album, "The First Person". Could you tell us the concept of new album and, the meaning what you mean into the title, "The First Person" JY: There're not many my photos on my single albums in the past, but since it's the 1st solo album, i added more photos in it because i wanted to show various my appearances to fans. I want you to sympathize 100% my story, or what i've felt, so i put my effort on lyrics. It's because of that, the title was naturally become "The First Person" Q: You worked on all songs of words and music and produce. Which part do you think you've developed comparing to the last album? JY: It's better to be said i've evolved working than i've developed. I think that i keep evolving by studying the progress like how to express what i want to express with lyrics and music. Q: Your cut was short on the title song, "Me and You" MV shooting, could you tell us something like episode? JY: This is not an episode, but the scene I've shown up was short comparing to my other MVs. We went to Jeju to shoot, i think that Joo Jae ssi and Han Eunseo ssi had hard time. I was just monitoring next to them... I'm thinking that i will add my scenes a lot on next MV. Q: I've heard that "Me & You" are based on your breaking up experience. How do you work when you write songs based on your experience? JY: "Me & You" is the song i wrote actual process to break up. I'm not a type i decide what song i make from the start, but i leave a sketch every time i image good stories. Q: What is the thing Joonyoung ssi said good-bye recently? JY: I'm trying to separate from alcohol little by little recently. Q: Do you have any music you listen to recently? JY: I listen to NY independent band, Drowners, and Rachel Yamagata well. Q: You're close with Jonghyun san from CNBLUE, and you go traveling together, and you've posted the photo you went to his house in instagram. If there're interesting episodes recently, could you tell us that? You two don't have a fight? JY: Jonghyun and i are pacifist, so we don't have a fight. There're many opportunities i've gotten together with friends in Korea, but every time we got together, unfortunately Jonghyun kun was abroad. Q: You're on Jp tv program, "Hanryu Zap" other day, how was that? You like Omotesandou very much, could you tell us your favorite shop? JY: All staffs were kind. Thank you very much for taking care of me! I like the characteristic atmosphere better than shops in Omotesandou. If i choose one shop, i like SAINT LAURENT. Q: Are there anything you want to do with fans except live concerts in Japan? There're many fan events like going to Onsen, baseball games, game tournament. JY: First, i want to increase oppotunities to meet Japanese fans. I want to think about fan events after i release albums in Japan and increase opportunities to meet Japanese fans. Q: What are you preparing for showcase in Japan? JY: I'm planning to sing a song of Japanese band which i like the best. Of course, i'm preparing it in Japanese. Moreover, i made the best set list from songs i've released, so please come a lot! Q: For the last, please send your message to Japanese fans who are looking forward to Japan showcase. JY: It's the stage (in Japan) for a while, so i'm looking forward and nervous, and the feeling i want to show various myself to all of you is strong, i'm preparing for it with my best. I'm thinking that i want to increase activities in Japan in the future. I'll make it be a nice stage, so please look forward to it!
  2. Joon Young will have collaboration with Jongmin and perform on Immortal Songs 300th episode. I'm really curious how their collaboration turn out and what song they gonna perform. They have different style in music and performing. Joon Young's insta story last night.
  3. Can't wait to see their collaboration on stage. Curious how it will turn out. Preview for next episode. Drunk trip?
  4. Today is promoting day for Joon Young's friends' new album. He promoted CNBlue and Highlight (Beast) on his ig. The caption of course still Joon Young's style lol. Caption : #Help #CNBlue # Fishing Caption credit to Monbeaurose : 'HighLight' was the title of the last album they released.(explaining why their new group name is 'Highlight') please give a lot of love to the rookies although they are already popular. #Highlight #heartforshort #TheDayMyfriendsReleasedtheAlbum
  5. Joon Young updated his ig. Joon Young updated his insta story. Back with the squid lol.
  6. Joon Young and DR members flew to Taiwan tonight for his concert there tomorrow. He just finished filming 1n2d before went to airport. He must be really tired.
  7. BTS pictures from the filming of the concert's VCR was uploaded by Joon Young's agency. The parody of Goblin for VCR was all Joon Young's idea. I knew it lol. And seeing these pics make me miss his broccoli hair. You can see more pictures including pictures from concert here.
  8. Fancam from Junho - Jongmin - Joon Young team. This is one of my favorite combo. I miss seeing them in a team. Finally after a long time.
  9. @anniems It's nice that Park Ki Young responded. Their collaboration will be interesting to see especially if it's a rock song. I wonder if Joon Young has heard about it or not. Joon Young's brother and sister in-law posted this picture on their ig. The picture was taken at backstage before Joon Young's concert in Daegu last Saturday. They brought both of their kids to watch Joon Young's concert. This is just the cutest. Joon Young's niece is so adorable. This is her first time came to see Joon Young's concert. Joon Youn's nephew had seen Joon Young's concert last year. But Joon Young just had to do his favorite pose even when he took picture with his niece, didn't he?
  10. Me and You Chinese version was released yesterday. It was uploaded by Universal Music Taiwan.
  11. Joon Young updated his ig. This picture was taken by a fan. So Joon Young reposted a fan's picture. No wonder yesterday he liked a post by fan who post a collage of pictures from his concert. He must be checked his tag or mention to find a good picture from his concert to post lol. This is like the second time he did it, liking a fan's post and repost their picture.
  12. @lala01 Duck turn into swan only happened in children story lol. You should try to stop imagine everything you hear lol. How if it's something worse than cooking duck? It would turn into nightmare. Lol yeah thinking he's making DR music makes me more excited than if it's just for OST. I guess he's not interested with snapchat and prefer insta story since his fans could see it easily while they open instagram. It's like we have to think so hard to think what his insta story meant but maybe for him it's just something so simple and literal lol. Me too. But he just shared like 20 pouches of candy so only those who could catch it when he throw it was able to get it. His concert always look intimate. He talked to fans between song like he's talking to his friends. But we need to learn Korean first if we want to understand what he said in his concert lol. Unless if we can see him on stage outside Korea. It seems like the red guitar is new. That's the first time I saw him using it on stage. He always do some random dance moves on stage lol. He's so stiff and has no rhythm whatsoever so it's always funny to see him dance. Yeah I think he was too tired. He had to go back to Seoul after the concert. Don't know if we will get new insta story today, but we got pictures of him with new tattoo. Now it's equal, both left and right upper arm has big tattoo lol. I wonder who is it this time. It's Lady Liberty in Paris, but the face is different. So maybe he changed the face to his favorite artist like he did with Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain tattoo.
  13. Pictures from Daejeon concert.
  14. Pictures from concert tonight in Daegu. Joon Young add new VCR tonight. East Asia celebrates white day on March 14th so Joon Young wanted to give candies to his fans. He packed the candies and signed the pouch. So cute.
  15. Joon Young updated his ig and insta story tonight. He posted a picture of pupa on his insta story. I thought it was something else at first lol.