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  1. I hope the KBS staffs can get what they want from this strike. Sad that we won't get new episode today and they won't film new trip until the strike is over but the staffs fought for what they believe and I support that. It's almost 3 weeks since the strike started but we don't get any update about the situation other than canceling shows and replacing MCs. @allythefangirl JJY's band is on Europe tour right now. He actually arrived in Korea on Thursday for 1N2D filming. It seems like KBS's decision to cancel the filming was quite sudden so they were late to inform him. He had left Korea again to London for his show tonight. I don't know about Donggu.
  2. @RiRiyellowbellow Yeah. It seems like there are more than 3 female guests, most likely idols, but the ones who posted the pictures didn't put their name on tag. I don't know many idols so I can't tell who. The last time they have celebrity guests was months ago, so I guess production team think it's the time again to invite guest. They divide the members into team so often in the history of the show, that way they can cover more area to visit. Back then, we got the original LTE vs 3G team many times. And now they brought them back so I bet there'll be more LTE vs 3G again in the future. Honestly I wish they create the new rivalry team if they want that concept again and not repeat LTE vs 3G, because Joo Hyuk-Jongmin-Junho is the 3G for me. The deserted island team was good along with Joo PD. Too bad Joo PD got transferred to another show.
  3. @RiRiyellowbellow They have 3 female guests today. Comedienne Kim Sinyoung, and 2 idols, Nine Muses Kyungri and DIA Jung Chae-yeon. I'm not familiar with the idols, but had seen Kim Sinyoung in variety show before. Another fancam.
  4. Rather than hate it, Joon Young was shocked lol. Sangmin didn't tell him it was budget travel, that they'd take 12 hours to reach Japan, slept in capsule hotel etc. Joon Young just followed Sangmin's plan. Funny thing is that street vendor where they had dinner become popular among Korean tourists after the show aired. He came back to Seoul with plane because he had a show to film that day in the afternoon, he said it before he offered Sangmin a plane ticket. With ferry, he'd reach Seoul at midnight at best. There were a lot of speculation among fans on why he left. But from what Hojin and KBS said, he left temporary for his health at first. We know he's skinny and looked so fragile. The show took most of his times, he didn't have time to rest properly. When he came back, KBS promoted him as main producer, still planning the show, but Il Yong took charge on the filming set. Hojin still came to the set too. My guess, after a long vacation, he thought it's best for him to not come back as main PD for his own health, but KBS still wanted to keep him so they promoted him. After few months as producer, it was announced he left the show and moved to KBS' subsidiary company that produce drama and variety show. The reason was he wanted to expand his career as producer/director. As we can see, Hojin directed his first drama with Taehyun, The Best Hit. I think he stayed as producer to watch over Il Yong lead the show, taught him what he need to know, especially because Il Yong got a lot of criticism from viewers since the beginning. After he felt Il Yong could handle the show, he decided to leave.
  5. Joon Young's fanclub sent coffee/food truck to celebrate 2D1N 10th anniversary last night.
  6. Fancam from Taehyun-Defconn-Joon Young team. They drove a car, not public transportation like the other team. It's like the trip "to your house" when the losing team had to take public transportation. This time, LTE team got together again.
  7. Jung Joon Young(정준영)

    Aww this is so sweet of Joon Young. Malaysia fans were looking for him in the airport for two days but they couldn't find him. They only saw Seungri and Jonghoon left Malaysia on Saturday afternoon. So the fan account admin sent him DM and he replied. He was worried they kept waiting because they didn't know where he was. Fans though he came back to Korea or flew to Bali with Seungri who was spotted there. But Joon Young apparently flew to Taiwan at the same day with his friends left. He has a show to film in Taipei.
  8. Fancam from today's filming. They split into 2 teams at the beginning and united later around noon.
  9. Jung Joon Young(정준영)

    MV or lyrics video to be exact for O2 in the Water uploaded today. Can't wait for my album to come. I don't have Melon so I have to wait to album get uploaded to Spotify to listen to all songs.
  10. Jung Joon Young(정준영)

    The highlight from DR's new album, Pomade, just uploaded to Joon Young's youtube channel. It's also uploaded to his v app channel and 1thek youtube channel I love all songs from the highlight. My favorites are Don't be Afraid and Escaper.
  11. Jung Joon Young(정준영)

    The dates for Europe tour already announced. Paris date just got announced yesterday. It will be on Sept 21st. More details. He'll have concert in Japan too next month.
  12. Jung Joon Young(정준영)

    @faythe Yeah I want him to be in other film too and it'd be great if he can play with his 1N2D hyungs like Joo Hyuk and Tae Hyun. Small role will fit him more since he's not really into acting and doesn't like to memorize long dialogue lol. Anyway, for those who are in Europe, there is a good news. Drug Restaurant will have show in 12 cities there. I'm jealous of fans in Europe.