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  1. Just read about Yonghwa's scandal. Now I wonder how the production team will handle it. He's the center for their mini concert event in Cuba so it'll be weird to edit him out.
  2. Thank you for the link. So Korean immigrants in Cuba is not as many as in Kazakhstan, but they've been there for more than 100 years. Jongmin went to Chile for LOTJ? Is it the one where they will visit King Sejong station in Antarctica? I read article few months ago that LOTJ was planning to visit Antartica. Taehyun is in Malaysia? Glad to see he has time to spend holiday with his family oversea. He's so busy, so it's a nice break for him.
  3. Happy to see the rating for latest episode. So next episode is where they will show the history between Korea and those countries. I could find the history with Kazakhstan, but with Cuba I could only find their strong relation with North Korea, not South Korea. I'm curious to see the history next episode. Only Cuba team had guest then? Wonder why they feel the need to invite guest for Cuba team. Taehyun is definitely the highest among them because he's the most popular, followed by Jongmin and Junho. During their first spring trip where Junho had to pay snacks for the passengers on train, he mentioned how he basically spent his paycheck for one episode to pay for the snacks. So I think during new members's first 6 months contract for S3, they got less than 1M won per episode. But after the show gained more popularity and they extended their contract in the show, I'm sure they got bigger paycheck.
  4. Joon Young posted these cute and funny pictures of the members on his insta story.
  5. Yes, they're close. They even had duet song together. They got close when both of them became radio DJ for MBC radio midnight show. So yeah this is another heartbreaking news for Joon Young. At least this time Joon Young could hear the news immediately.
  6. Junho, Taehyun and Jongmin attended Joohyuk's 49th day. Defcon, Donggu and Joon Young couldn't go because of their schedule.
  7. I thought only me that started checking the members' other show because I miss them lol. I even rewatched almost all of Taehyun's movies. I'm also not into Korean's comedy skit like gagcon or idols' related show that Defconn hosted. Luckily both of them have youtube channel. Junho even put English subs on his youtube videos now. Joon Young has came back to work and SNS too after MIA for few weeks. I really hope they can comeback on air before the year end. Ugh the CEO has no shame at all. Maybe not filming a new trip, but at least air the trip they've filmed for 10th anniversary special. This year was supposed to be a special celebration for the show, but some unfortunate events happened instead. @ixora6 Yeah he lived alone before, but it's not the first time he has roommate. He used to live with Roy Kim for about year before he joined 2D1N. Joon Young moved to the new apartment after he came back from Paris.
  8. Watching the special episode for Gutaeng hyung was a roller coaster emotion. I laughed at the beginning, so many funny moments when he was on the show and then I cried especially during his video message and the members'. I wonder where Joohyuk filmed his last video message. The crow's sound was so loud and it was the only thing I could hear in the background even tho' he filmed it outdoor. It's nice to hear that all the staffs who worked with him on 2D1N involved in the editing for this episode even tho' they're not part of the show anymore. They wanted to show their love and respect to him for the last time. So I guess Hojin PD also involved in the editing. @artwork1980 I'm sure Donggu understood why he wasn't involved in Joohyuk's special and is kinda left behind during this mourning period. He was not a part of the show when Joohyuk still there. Even tho' I think the other members had dinner with him and Joohyuk together so he knew him quite well and that's why he looked so sad when he came to the wake. But still Joohyuk wouldn't rush to meet Donggu because he thought he had a hard time like he did to Joon Young. Donggu will or maybe has realized how 2D1N family and viewers treat each other even before Joohyuk passed away. @ixora6 Yeah, Jung's family has strong genes lol. Joon Young and his brother really look alike. Joon Young shared a clip of his niece a few weeks after she was born but deleted it not long after. That's the only time he posted his brother's kids on his SNS. Joon Young is the type that rarely share his family's picture. He's also like that with 2D1N family. He doesn't post many picture with them even tho' he has ton of pictures with them. I think he prefer to keep them as his private memory rather than share it to public. This is one of few pictures with Joohyuk that Joon Young shared.
  9. The first time Joon Young posted that picture was when Joo Hyuk left the show. Now the second time he posted it when Joohyuk left this world forever. It's so heartbreaking. He visited the grave yesterday morning and from what he wrote in the caption, he'll visit the grave again soon. I wonder if he went alone or anyone went with him. But somehow I felt he went alone because he wanted to have some time alone with his hyung.
  10. Watching the members' message made me cry again especially Joon Young's. Joon Young said "A cool hyung, a most precious hyung to me.. When I had to take a break from the program for a while, when I returned to South Korea, I contacted the hyungs and (Joohyuk) hyung came to me immediately because he was afraid I was having a hard time.. I'm sorry I couldn't be beside you.. I wanted to see you quickly". I knew he'd blame himself for not being there for his hyung. I've been his fan for few years and this is the first time I saw him crying like that in front of camera. He never showed that side of him.
  11. @blackberrypie Yeah just saw the confirmation from his agency. Just like you posted, before there were still articles claimed he'd be back tomorrow with the rest of LOTJ team. So it's confusing for me too. According to the article, his agency stated he is in despair and with his condition it's better to avoid any medias around, they kindly ask for understanding. Many Knetz also commented before and told reporter to not take his picture in the airport when he arrived. Glad the reporters had some decency this time and respected his privacy. Now that he's home, he has people close to him including 2D1N hyungs that he could talk to and console him.
  12. @jayne21874 Agreed. We all have different way to grieve. For me personally, watching Joohyuk's episodes when he still in 2D1N help me with the grief. It reminds me that he made good memories with the members and enjoy every moment even when the mission and condition were hard. I can see him talking and laughing with his brothers over and over again. His movies, dramas, and variety shows are the things left from him that we all can treasure. @blackberrypie I think let's wait if his agency confirm this or not.
  13. @blackberrypie I think the person who went to the funeral shared that picture on their own SNS and fans reposted it. Even if it's private account, people who follow that person still could share it too. Second picture was posted by Hong Seok Cheon. It's so sad to see Joohyuk's brother like that. He lost both of his parents and now his younger brother. @tdjunlimited No info about Joon Youngs' whereabout so far. It takes around 24 hours from Cook Island to Seoul because there's no direct flight. He has to stop on several places and move to different flights. It's such a long journey for him to come back home. I still hope he could arrive in Seoul quitely without reporters know about it. He's exhausted, physically and mentally. He doesn't need a bunch of busybody shoving camera to his face.
  14. Seeing the pictures from funeral made me shed tears again. The 2D1N members and staff's face looked so devastated. Goodbye Gutaeng hyung. May you rest in peace. https://www.soompi.com/2017/11/01/jung-joon-young-notified-kim-joo-hyuks-passing/ According to his agency, Joon Young is currently in great shock and despair. LOTJ staffs there is trying to consol him. He will be heading over to the Seosan cemetery immediately upon arrival. Since he's currently surrounded by many cameras, I hope LOTJ staffs have some decency and not record the moment they told him the news and his reaction after. Because TV shows love any moment that show celeb's emotion, so it's just cross my mind. It's bad enough that they late to notify him. It'd be too much if they share his reaction to the whole nation to watch on TV. He deserves to mourn privately.
  15. @artwork1980 Thanks for the article link. Now we know why they can't reach LOTJ team. @gogumajet Yeah I saw the speculations about Joohyuk's accident. But can peopel refrain themselves to not speculate for now to respect his family and friends who still mourn over him? The autopsy result will be out in a week. Your sister must be so devastated. I can't imagine how she felt. @blackberrypieI really hope they can reach LOTJ team in Cook Island soon. Joon Young will be so devastated to be the last person to know about Joohyuk. It's so unfortunate that the communication to and from the island got cut in the same day Joohyuk passed away. Joohyuk's article is trending on Naver now and some of the top comments showed their concern that Joon Young doesn't know about his death yet and hope they can bring him home soon. But even if he knows the news by now, it takes almost a day to come back to Korea.