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  1. The dates for Europe tour already announced. Paris date just got announced yesterday. It will be on Sept 21st. More details. He'll have concert in Japan too next month.
  2. @faythe Yeah I want him to be in other film too and it'd be great if he can play with his 1N2D hyungs like Joo Hyuk and Tae Hyun. Small role will fit him more since he's not really into acting and doesn't like to memorize long dialogue lol. Anyway, for those who are in Europe, there is a good news. Drug Restaurant will have show in 12 cities there. I'm jealous of fans in Europe.
  3. Il Yong PD's ig update. Trans by jjyaustralia : My favorite intangible team with their hamburgers in front of Mt. Jiri. In the end, hunger wins and the mission seemed to be out of reach. My shoulders have been stiff for more than a week since that day. Thanks for the many words of encouragement from many countries. Fighting everyone haha. Poor Il Yong PD had stiff shoulders after he got enslaved by the members and had to carry the box all the way up lol.
  4. Junho's skit where Joon Young, Jongmin and Defconn appeared. The ending was so messy and hilarious. Joon Young exposed Jongmin's body like that. I couldn't stop laughing.
  5. @mugwump Yeah it was. But this time judging from the fancam, the crew didn't repeat the same mistake. The members sat with other audiences and the cameramen tried to not block the audiences' view while they filmed the members. @icemaid Those girls wanted to take selfie with Donggu and Joon Young, not Il Yong PD lol. Many people took their pictures, not just those two girls. Joon Young sat next to Donggu but he was blocked by Il Yong PD from the news' camera. Joon Young was the one Il Yong PD talked to. This is another moment when the camera recorded them and Joon Young could be seen. This is fancam from inside the Chinese restaurant. Il Yong PD with his 'Kim Jong Min-ssi" again lol. Fancam when the members left the Chinese restaurant. So many people gathered and many teenagers because there's group of students who were on field trip. Four members in front of the stadium after the game with a tent next to them. I can't see Jongmin and Defconn.
  6. I don't see anything offensive from what Junho said, or was that because of the translation? What's wrong with him wanting the president to be a guest on comedy show? Not just in US, president in my country also came as a guest to comedy show / light talk show, did interview with youtubers, etc. K-netz need to take a chill pill. I hope Junho doesn't get affected by this. Anyway, these are fancams from today's filming.
  7. Joon Young and Jongmin on their way to Gag Concert recording this afternoon.
  8. Joon Young, Jongmin and Defconn will be the guests for Gag Concert 900th special.
  9. Whoops forgot about that lol. I just vaguely remember 5 members attended Han Hyo Joo's movie premiere, but apparently it was Joo Hyuk who was with them and not Defconn. The main writer also left? I know that PDs have rolling system to make them have more experiences as PD. But is it like that for writer too?
  10. The members' message and support for Gutaeng hyung's new film. I hope all of them could attend the premiere this time. All of them were there for Han Hyo Joo's movie last year but not Guteng hyung lol.
  11. One of 1N2D writers retired and last Friday was her last filming with the team. I don't know which one it is but her caption said she's been with the team since the beginning of S3. She posted this pictures of gifts the members gave to her in her last filming. She also posted this picture of members and crew after finished their last filming. In the caption she wrote what made 1N2D members so different. The members don't act like they're special just because they're celebrities but blend with other crew. It's so nice to hear things like this. They feel like a real family.