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  1. Another fancam from today's filming. Seems like they're wearing medal around their neck.
  2. There was a fancam from the last filming. A girl posted her pic with Joon Young. From the background, it looks like it was taken in the restaurant that was showed during the preview. But that girl didn't allow fans to share the picture so I didn't post it here.
  3. Including the members, there were 27 people in Kazakhstan team. They sure spent a lot for this special lol. But I don't think I saw any sponsored product they promoted during this trip. I remember for Harbin trip they were sponsored by chips brand because they ate and showed the brand to the camera. @tdjunlimited There will be a pop up notification if you vote more than 24 times and it tell you to vote for other category. That's how I knew lol.
  4. So now KBS can start to work normally, right? The strike is over? Glad that their fight for 4 months is finally giving the result they wanted. It's sad to hear about Junho's divorce. But I think everyone who've seen how his marriage life is can feel it. The fact that they could stay together with that long distance relationship for 12 years is amazing. Their love must be strong. I hope both of them can find their own happiness. I saw the article about his divorce trending on Naver yesterday and top comments blaming his ex-wife and made speculation. But I hope after Junho's post on ig, K-netizen could stop blaming his ex-wife for this. I know they pity Junho, but they don't need to bring down his ex. It hurts Junho too. In other news, Taehyun's latest movie, Along with The God, become the third highest-grossed Korean film in South Korea. So happy for him. After a string of flop movies, he could finally get a box office movie again and even reach this high. Also another news, Joon Young got recruited by pro gamer team and he's officially debut as pro gamer. It's for PUBG game. His dream to be a pro gamer is finally came true. This news also trending when it was announced few days ago. Public and fans were shocked that he debuted as pro gamer lol. Celebrity usually only become an ambassador or model for game CF. But he actually became a pro gamer.
  5. Even with the 3% drop, it's still a good rating for the show. I thought yesterday was the last episode for 10th anniversary special, but apparently there's one more episode left. I can't wait to see their new trip.
  6. Another fancam. I wonder what the concept is. Donggu wore firefighter uniform while Defcon wore an animal print coat with pink training suit lol.
  7. Just read about Yonghwa's scandal. Now I wonder how the production team will handle it. He's the center for their mini concert event in Cuba so it'll be weird to edit him out.
  8. Thank you for the link. So Korean immigrants in Cuba is not as many as in Kazakhstan, but they've been there for more than 100 years. Jongmin went to Chile for LOTJ? Is it the one where they will visit King Sejong station in Antarctica? I read article few months ago that LOTJ was planning to visit Antartica. Taehyun is in Malaysia? Glad to see he has time to spend holiday with his family oversea. He's so busy, so it's a nice break for him.
  9. Happy to see the rating for latest episode. So next episode is where they will show the history between Korea and those countries. I could find the history with Kazakhstan, but with Cuba I could only find their strong relation with North Korea, not South Korea. I'm curious to see the history next episode. Only Cuba team had guest then? Wonder why they feel the need to invite guest for Cuba team. Taehyun is definitely the highest among them because he's the most popular, followed by Jongmin and Junho. During their first spring trip where Junho had to pay snacks for the passengers on train, he mentioned how he basically spent his paycheck for one episode to pay for the snacks. So I think during new members's first 6 months contract for S3, they got less than 1M won per episode. But after the show gained more popularity and they extended their contract in the show, I'm sure they got bigger paycheck.
  10. Joon Young posted these cute and funny pictures of the members on his insta story.
  11. Yes, they're close. They even had duet song together. They got close when both of them became radio DJ for MBC radio midnight show. So yeah this is another heartbreaking news for Joon Young. At least this time Joon Young could hear the news immediately.