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  1. hi @leah8 ! Sorry for the radio silence - been so busy! I did manage to watch up to ep 51 but was quite disheartened at the strangeness going on in Paris that I was not very inspired to continue. Just too dogblood for me. Why does TY not want to acknowledge her? A-Do? Come on!!! Why is LS still keen on marrying her after she very clearly says that she only love JS? Why does JS not just tell LS clearly that she can not and will not marry him? Too DOGBLOOD - I do see from your postings that they do get married so commonsense did prevail afterall but I am not sure I can stomach the journey to get there. Got distracted by I am A Pet At Dali Temple, An Oriental Odyssey and now Our Glamorous Times!!
  2. Hi @leah8 ! Wanted to write earlier but crazy week HOWEVER I managed to watch ep40/41 last night so 1. I think we clearly have differing views but hey, we can agree to disagree! I still think that JS is meant to be shell shocked at the news of TY potentially not waking up hence that reaction (deadened / lifeless - but not blank) as opposed to bawling / tearing because she is effectively not accepting the news. I think the doctor’s comments in those eps support that storyline as his concern is that she is just holding herself together but if it cracks, she may endanger herself (self-harm/ suicidal etc). Also, I never thought that she wavered between the 2 men after she broke it off with TY. She walked towards him and didn’t quit her job (which she tried) but TY wedged himself back once he realized that she was in his subsidiary - he doesn’t have to work in that office 2 days a week or take her as a personal assistant. Arguably she could have resigned but she was working there well before he , the Group CEO, decided to make things complicated. She didn’t try to acknowledge him during the masquerade ball, demonstrate overt jealousy (despite what she may think) to show him she still cares or reciprocate his sweet gestures (making her a hot drink when she worked late). My point is TY is clear in that he still has feelings for her (despite his anger at her aborting the baby) and it was not caused by her giving him wrong signals. And I personally do not agree that just because your ex decided to become your boss, the girl has to resign - why should one give up their job because the ex is there? 2. I think angelababy won a supporting actress award for Mojin - golden horse or golden flowers something - it’s an acting award though not a popularity award 3. I agree with you though that it is IMPORTANT that the abortion / miscarriage thingy be sorted out - that gloss-over is starting to distress me a bit to be frank ! TY needs to know how that came about - everyone already knows ; how come not him? And in terms of hiding his blindness, I take it back since it’s clear from ep40 he didn’t plan to disclose it to the public as well (although I wonder how long he thinks he can keep it secret esp since it’s still not clear whether it’s temporary or permanent) 4. WTF is ep 40 and 41 about? Aside from the fact that it reinforces the fact that JS is faking her outward demeanor and making it crystal clear that she is not interested in LS , the episodes are like filler. I may need to watch some parts with sub because it seems that LS is plotting to take over the company ? And I wasn’t sure where it was JS was planning to go.
  3. Oh no! Being compared to Angelababy is a death knell for any actress in my opinion. But having said that, Angelababy is still popular and thriving and even won awards previously! I don’t think Sun Yi has a big fandom compared to Wallace or Ma Tian Yu to defend her but I actually genuinely think her acting was fine in these episodes - she gave me a sense of forgone helplessness with suicidal intentions - I do agree with you that there were no pain in her eyes ; but my vibe was that it’s just deadened hence emotionless. Fortunately I don’t read Weibo - my written Mandarin is not strong enough either - but from the comments I see on YT I can understand where you are coming from as I imagine it to be similar from the netizens. I felt sorry for his grandfather because he is old but aside from that, I don’t have that much sympathy for him. He has another grandson whom he has neglected for years purely because he is handicapped and devoted his entire life to raising the other to take over the business. I don’t deny that he loves TY very much but his love is not unconditional - is he more concerned that his grandson now cannot see or there is nobody to helm the business? I think staying up 3 days 3 nights is the love part; the not doing anything to make TY better (the obvious one would be to move him per doctor’s suggestions) is the hate part! And whether TY dies or not is up to Fate. But TE not gonna do anything that pushes the equation to let TY live. Hmmm. I am not sure how she can sort out her problems with the 2 men because both of them overthinks for her too much. Knowing both LS and TY, even if she said “LS, I only love you like a brother and we can never be lovers” he would say “you are in my heart even when you are dead” and cough blood and probably get a brain aneurism and TY can’t help himself but interfere - she had already said I choose my brother over you (more than once in words and actions no matter how she feels internally) but he is still like a moth rushing to the flame and getting himself burned. For me, at least, I don’t think she is stupid. Which is why I am still watching until now. The unfortunate thing for Sun Yi I feel is that her character JS is bound to be hated because both the Wallace and MTY fandom want her to choose one side and both sides feel sorry for either TY or LS and the blame is all on JS. TY needs to learn that he cannot make decisions on her behalf. He is blind (is it temporary or permanent) - she should know. What she does next is on her. He too can reject her if she wants to care for him purely because she feels guilty. That is his decision. But to lie to her and himself, what does it achieve? It’s good that she finds out soon that he is blind because otherwise that is too dogblood a storyline - ie drama for the sake of drama! No no sorry - what I meant was that in ep38 he told her that the reason why he wanted to meet was to tell her that he has no feelings for her and this is all a game means that the wine by the sea scenes would be all gone - because it implies that they never met at all prior to meeting cliffside before they fell - so all those scenes shot where they met at the beach would be irrelevant now.
  4. Then maybe that’s the vibe the director is going for if he cut that out. Kinda she had given up hope and submerging into depression and potentially suicidal. There is an ep38 TV version on YT so watched it. And the doctor told LS the same thing too so maybe that’s the effect they are going for ? I maybe in the minority but I thought her reactions were more grief stricken than if she just had cried. I saw some of the comments on YT when I watched and clearly many don’t feel the same as me! LOL But I believe even the doctors in Sanya said that TY should be moved to a better facility in a bigger city but it was TE who decided not to move him and keep the news from his grandfather . I don’t think he wants him dead but he is not going to do anything to help him either - and let Nature take it’s course. He is really very conflicted!! Sigh CTY in ep28. Even his staff is rolling his eyes in exasperation at the dog-bloodness. There is only so much noble sacrifice one can take. But clearly CTY didn’t know that his family caretaker also got JS to sign a contract that she will leave him alone (which she did). So she too was going to break off things with him. But I thought it was testament to TY’s character that he could calmly rebut her when she said those hurtful stuff with “I know whether you loved me or not”. This must be the new episodes inserted later because TY says in this episode that he wanted to meet her to break things off with her clearly - so no wine by the beach ever! - I thought it maybe a flashback but clearly that has been edited out.
  5. Oh I see where you are coming from and now that you mentioned it, she did cry at LS’s bedside when she thought that there was a possibility he had leukemia. It’s been so long since that I forgot! I guess in the recent episodes I thought the vibe she was trying to convey was that she had given up hope hence the dead eyes, slumped composure and even the doctor recommending that she see a psychiatrist as she seems to have reverted into depression. I blame the grandfather - now what’s he going to do that one grandson is crippled and the other blind? Nobody’s perfect! I agree that TE is super conflicted - it’s literally when love and hate collide - but I don’t buy his story that he was protecting JS. In fact he was literally waiting for TY to die in Sanya - an outcome he would grief and rejoice simultaneously! What drama is that?
  6. Yes, LS moped for a bit then packed his bags and left. He also had a bit of a headache or some recurring health thingy due to the stress. Yes, I thought it was very poignant and finally, a monologue by JS to reaffirm her feelings for TY!!! When I first saw the preview in the MVs/trailers, I thought it was when JS realized she loved LS and it really put me off initially! Just goes to show how clickbait and misleading promos can be! I thought they were trying to show how her reaction to TY’s danger zone was similar to how she reacted when LS was unconscious literally sinking into depression. She is not the super-cry-y kinda person but the type to go deep into her head and worry / mope internally and let herself go (not eating / not sleeping well) . This I feel is immature - because it serves no purpose - but again, aligned to JS’s character. I mean, I would have just rang the grandpa and asked him to move TY to a better hospital rather than wait and pray while hoping for TE to Do The Right Thing! It was good that TY’s assistant told her about the fire incident because what’s the point of being immersed in pain and creating more worries for TY when he fought so hard to keep her alive. Hahahaha. I am glad it’s going back to a daily drama - for a show like this, it can get disruptive as one needs to follow the dialogue and the story since all 3 main characters are not big on bombastic actions and it’s easy to forget what happened the week before. Didn’t watch that first show but I thought Wallace did this part well - in line with how CTY would react - he is not a general or a brute but a gentleman !
  7. But JS had never indicated once (to him or to anyone else) that she would ruin her brother’s wedding. So it’s really just all in TY’s mind which is why I interpreted it such that it was for his comfort that he wanted to see who she would choose. In the car on the way there, JS actually told him off - it’s none of your business!- which is true! LOL. The fact that she used him as a shield proves that she doesn’t see LS that way which is why subsequently he told his guy that he believes JS has not changed - he just wants to give her space - after his guy asked him why the freak are you torturing yourself like this. (Not sure if you saw this part?) But of course TY is miserable - he has to be the bigger and mature person all the time; he pretty much knows she does not love LS that way but clearly LS is more important than him, she may still have feelings for him but since she doesn’t say anything or do anything to show as much who the freak would know(even when they were working together she didn’t really appear jealous to him or do anything sweet for him), he wants to know but he doesn’t ask her, he says “let’s have a clean break” but misses her terribly. Cue the wine drinking. Him asking her to just stay on his hotel room is also him having a breakdown - he is just not that kind of guy to just envelope her and kiss her (but perhaps he should!) so just let’s be together for a while. Logically yes I agree. But LS so far is like an amoeba - asexual. His love declarations just seem to be in his head with no hint of sexual flavor. They have been in the same house for a while - no longing looks, no accidental touches - just lots of breakfast making!! LOL. But as long as he doesn’t do anything physical, JS prob thinks she is prepared to live like that forever. She is only 24 at this stage though - still young and blur ! Yay - my Mandarin has improved! LOL I can’t watch YT (TV version) in my region so only DVD version for me. But after last week, I made myself not FF scenes and I realize the story flows much better!! @leah8 which time zone are you in? You are amazing in how you are always replying !
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    Zhu Yi Long 朱一龙 Official Thread

    this is too hilarious not to share! :)
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    Zhu Yi Long 朱一龙 Official Thread

    Do you know which episodes were the edits? I am very keen to watch !! Any idea where to watch it?
  10. Sorry but I have to disagree with you on this point - I don't think JS would abort the baby to donate her bone marrow without telling Tian You because that is not just hurting her but literally killing a foetus which is a step further than sacrificing herself. If it means throwing herself in front of a car to get LS out of harm's way - that for sure she would do it. Oh hahahaha. Yes, definitely right after break-up - they mutually avoided each other. But once she showed up at his company, he definitely tried to keep her within his circle. Him dragging her in front of the whole office to attend LS's bachelor party (despite NJ hinting to him to keep her away) was literally getting himself included. Totally agreed that there is no balance. But I think that if not for TY persistence, she could probably just live with LS as two unmarried adults with her cat! That would be the ideal situation for LS and JS if not for the existence of WY and TY. There is also a part in the last episode where she says that she will stay with TY and take care of him forever even if he is comatose but when TY's assistant asks "what will you do if he wakes up?", she stays silent. So I interpret it such that as long as she is alive, she feels that she can sacrifice her love for TY (at least that's what she thinks when they were on the boat together because at that moment, the lanterns, the boat, the vibe) but clearly that's not set in stone because she reconsiders it a lot esp when she speaks to JL who encourages her to be clear to LS (which yes, that would be the right thing to do!) but once she is dead then all bets are off. Hence, her asking LS to take care of himself in the future. Its all in the latest episode but the dialogue is important so without sound, very hard to have context! LOL I am watching the DVD version on maplestage.com so the latest ep is ep39 (its one ep more from the TV version). Temporary amnesia is probably if one suffers head trauma though (although the frequency it happens in TV land is way, way more than reality!)
  11. I guess if JS was the kind to be able to articulate her feelings, the show would have ended 20 episodes ago! LOL. In fact the one common thing between JS and LS is their innate failure to communicate with each other - probably inherited from their parents who clearly cannot communicate as well. Cue the letter from their father to their mother AFTER he passed away. I mean, seriously dude? She seems unable to tell him that "I do not love you in that way" and the best she can manage is "I am with somebody else". Because the question is really, if we are not bonded by blood, do you love me as a woman loves a man - and besides the taking care of you, being there when you are happy, what really differentiates the two types of love is sexual chemistry and "lets make babies together". Because aside from that, I think that JS loves them both and feels that LS needs her more than TY . well, relationships is full of hurt and joy anyways so I guess I don't feel that sorry for TY? And in a way, he does come second to her brother. If they both fell in the water, she would probably save LS first (he has head trauma) and fervently hope that TY can swim. If she could save both, she would. I guess thats what keeps me watching - while its melo, somehow its not yet dogblood for me because I still find the character analysis fascinating. Not sure whether you have watched the latest episode but JS tells LS that if TY doesn't live, she would not either. Love is not binary I guess? There is no one person that you love the most all the time ; when you have kids - who do you love more? Your spouse or your children? She may love LS more than her own life (and not be with TY) but she would not want to live if TY is not alive either. I think he did all he can to keep her with him - I don't see him avoiding her. I like TY because he is mature - he said lets have a clean break emotionally but not lets not be in the same physical space. I know ! Kudos to the scriptwriter - to-date, I think the most absurd thing is the fall. Seriously, how close were they to the edge of the cliff? But I think the beauty is that both LS and TY are not 100% - the former with his head trauma and the latter with his blindness. Previously, TY was physically okay and JS's choice was clear. Now she really has to choose who she wants to be with.
  12. Sigh, WY. That girl needs help. She is not delusional in terms of LS's feelings for her (she knows he has no feelings for her) but she is delusional in that she thinks that she will get him to love her. Actually i feel that if LS had known from the outset that the miscarriage was caused by WY, he would not have even agreed to go through the wedding which is why both JS and WY hid it from him. I guess I am not upset with LS because he did not leave WY at the altar - he confronted her before the wedding, made it clear that it was off but yet she decided to go with ahead it. If he had not explained and simply not turned up or say"I am sorry" in front of all the guests, that would be a different scenario.
  13. Aaah . I thought the scene where they fell was a bit odd. JS was looking for the model so it made sense that she was there but no idea how TY happened to be there too. The first 2 scenes where he walked away was in the DVD version - he wheeled her luggage back to her own room and then left. He actually saw her later and said he wanted to talk and arranged to meet at 1pm. The next scene was already at the cliff. I believe the wine scene has been edited because it doesn’t quite fit into the story now. They haven’t reconciled or slept together so having wine by the sea would be quite odd!
  14. Actually I thought the way drama showed it was that he decided to go ahead with the wedding was to be responsible to her. He didn’t even inform his grandfather - he was literally cornered into marriage but I wouldn’t say he was selfish - there was a conversation between him and WY (maybe you FF it! :)) where he made it v clear he doesn’t love her but she said she was okay and she just want to be by his side - so she went into it with eyes open (stupid no less but eyes wide open). LS just let things happen because in a way, he is also used to having WY around and feels indebted to her. That was the reason Bei Xiao Wu was so compelled to tell him that he and JS are not blood related because maybe that will be the only thing to make LS break it off w WY - the only person LS cares about is JS so it doesn’t matter who he marries but if JS is available, it may change LS’s mind. Also in terms of timeline, LS broke it off w WY right after knowing she caused JS to lose her baby (ie cancelled the wedding - he didn’t leave her at the altar; in fact Nin Jing alreasy told the guests not to come and for WY not to go to the event) and lied to him about it. At that point it was not yet verified that he and JS are not blood related - he asked his assistant to confirm the result and only found out the next day. Yes she does - it became clear with his odd declaration on the boat in the lake which is when she broke down. I mean how weird is that. She loves both of them but just in a different way and to her, LS cannot be without her but TY can be hence her choice. One of the things she said in ep39 shows how she thinks - she feels that if she retreats from TY’s life, it will be over but yet TY keeps rushing in and endangering himself in the process - this is where she misjudged TY’s feelings for her that regardless what he says (clean break-up notwithstanding) he will always want to protect her even if it means at risk to himself. Well, she only used him a shield twice and in the second time, she was in the room because TY asked her to stay to accompany him through the night (JS wanted to leave immediately) . I don’t think it hurts TY or his pride - he is under no illusions and his character is such that he knows this is just an act and in a way, it reaffirms his belief that JS is not in love with LS. Yeah, nothing happens that night :). He chatted about his responsibilities and she listened. I think that’s good actually. I mean, if JS is saying she wants to exit TY’s life despite how she feels, sleeping with him is totally giving the wrong signals and toying with his feelings. JS is a character that pents her feelings and thoughts but she is not mean - TY too is much too rational to be overcome by lust knowing full well sleeping together at this stage would complicate matters.
  15. If you have the time, would be good to watch it in entirety because I think it does give context to their actions. Well to be fair, I haven't actually considered LS to be cocky just not adept at handling situations. There was no need to hold JS hand and exit the wedding venue - he was probably telling to WY that if you hurt her, I will always choose to protect her and not you. A sentiment I can understand but as TY said, did he not consider how JS would be perceived. The presence of media was probably not anticipated by any of those present that day but LS could have handled it better. I think so because the point was that even if he and her are not blood-related, she is still his family. But of course, unlike TY, LS did not forsee the complications after the article was published because that would have just sullied her name. While LS may have feelings for JS, its not something that he is going to openly acknowledge - he was probably going to say that he could not marry WY because she was the one caused JS to lose her baby and lied to him about it.