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  1. I have the same feeling. It looks like MY is Liking JH and can’t accept him as her brother, and because of this she might be the person who discover he is not, in a early future. Other reason could be that she isdisappointed of him because she knows his real reazons to move with them.
  2. Sorry, I was wrong with the name but MY and HY boyfriend met before in no good condition.
  3. @eyjooniesh He even thought that the family accepted him because he a celebrity. I really love the way he is. Sometimes is an idiot, sometimes seems a cry baby and sometime is kind.
  4. Something I like the most in this drama, is that issues are solved fast but how Joong Hee moving to the family house is the main plot of the drama I wonder how long it will last. This situation could affect MYs working situation, she is the one that has to share more time with him as his assistant Mi Young pointed something interesting and it was when she mentioned a DNA test, I don’t know why but I have the feeling that she will be the one who detects that Joong Hee is not her brother and I hope so. Something I can’t understand is why an adult man has to accept his mother s nose around his privet life. I know is part of the drama but he need to put a limit to his mother. The zebra woman has to understand that his son is older enough to have whoever he wants. If I had a son with Jung Hwan age I would be worry if he has any girlfriend yet. I cant wait a week
  5. OMG Mi Young is the owner of the secrets , Yoo Joo bullying and now Joong Hee revenge and real reasons to move with the family. Poor girl.
  6. They met 8 years ago when Sung Joon was looking for HY to get an explanation about why she broke up with him. I can’t remember de episode and the scène was a flashback, he was in front of her house and HY told MY that he was someone that was bothering her and sent her to attend the door and MY used her judo with him.
  7. EP 15 I could say that Young Sil was being selfish becase if you see the issue from Father’s point of view, he is right when he said that Joung Hee grew up thinking that his father abandoned him. Actually he has a lonely life and miss a father he never met and wondering how it would feel if he had a father. Also I can understand Young Sil perfectly, because HS could loss the respect and love of his kids. For the Kids he has been a model and loving father. They have been not a perfect family but an harmonious and exemplary one, and all of these is in risk because of JH. It seem like there is something emerging between MY and JH because the way they see each other and when during the shot the other actor approach her to greet and immediately he came between them. I know JH is a jerk, but he is like a little kid too, and when people humiliate him like that I feel sad. BTW father made a mistake telling JH in advance that all the family agreed that to him moving with them. For ep 16 will be a lot of drama
  8. After watch this i hope a passionate Night. Okkk writer.