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  1. Everything is possible in life. We can keep dreaming about JSM and LJ getting together for real some day.
  2. Chingu For sure JH will go back home. When PL went to visit him bringing food before the trial...PL told him that the room he used to use will alway be empty in order to he could come back when anytime he wants, or if he miss home-cooked food. JH wont waste that oportunity to be as near as possible to MY.
  3. Dear you made me cry....hahahaha It was beautiful and perfect, full of heart. OMG you must be writing the final script..I could imagine the scene while reading.
  4. I can’t stop watching this scene. The music was perfect, JH smile kill me. How can this guy be so lovable?
  5. Chingus I am amazed how creative all of you can be, not in vain you have watched some Dramas…Writers should come to this thread and take some good ideas. I am totally agree with all of your ideas. Here mine. I would like RY finding that there is something going on between MY and YH in order to keep the asymmetry (RY: the girl that comes out with the relationship of HY and JY and MY dating the actor) and JH trying to bribe her to say nothing to their parents for a while. I was thinking about the moment when MY and JH decide to revel the relation to ML and Pl, I can’t imagine their faces asking, how, when, what, etc. I can’t wait to see MIL apologizing sincerely to HY, because till the end MIL hasn’t show any consideration and respect for her no matter what. We all know that she will clean her father name. He deserves it. Someone else said that she dont see a wedding between MY and JY soon and I am totally agree cause celebrities have to manage their relationships carefully, they use to keep them in secret as long as they can. PD. Someone said (I can’t remember who. Sorry) that she would like see MY wearing JH clothes …YESSSS I love that idea.
  6. @inna75 I remember she had good kisses in the Drama Can we get married? Maybe cause the lead actor is a good kisser and In the Horror movie she made "Alice: Boy from Wonderland" she had good kisses with her costar, they (Kisses) looked very real.
  7. I think this is Lee Joon original and own way...I was thinking about the same, i loved it.
  8. Then you are not the only pervert...I am fascinated with the kiss scene..I must have FISsickness cause my neighbor invited me to go to the beach tomorrow (In my country is Sunday night yet) and i havent desided cause i dont want to miss epi 48. (the beach is 30 Min from my house)
  9. Its very interesting what you just said. I think that something to take in account is how this Drama has trapped the international viewers and got more and more fans, no matter it hasn’t reached the 40% in ranting it has been more mediatic than any other Weekend drama. I am not used to watch weekend dramas but this trapped me, of course because of one of my fav actress (JSM) and I got to know fabulous actors that I want to fallow. In my opinion more than a 40% ranting the most important is the transcendence that this drama gave to its cast.
  10. I am so happy that i can die now...OMG i cant stop rewatchin the scene over and over....Writer-nim killed me with happinesssss PD. I am obsessed with Lee Joon hands... his hans are beautifull