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  1. Hi i am watching that Drama but skipping many scene, even I like the second lead couple the most. The main couple has not the same chemestry that JSM and LJ had. We cant compare . MGL has a higt ratings but is not better than FIS and this is my opinion and i think that It is happening because the other weekend Drama are too bad, and is something we have to take in account. GL couple is not better than any of FIS couple. The main couple in FIS are better than them too. We need to be clear that not always the best gets the awards in Korea, normaly they give awards because some interests that we cant know or because pularity. MGL its too dramatic for me and is a Drama that i never could put in my top 20. This year i havent fount good Dramas and i have to say that i only wathed 4 Dramas. (FIS, BTMFL , Delivery Man and Susspicious Partner) if KBS2 in thinking in to give the best couple award it should be for JSM and LJ. Remember what happened with Goblin, that drama didn’t received the recognition that it deserved only because the other Drama that was awarded as the best Drama of the year had idols as leads. I have nothing against idols that act but the majority of them are bad actors or actress and I think LJ is and exception because he was and idol too but he a better actor. I am not a person that use to ship copules in real life.
  2. I am sorry but I disagree. In my opinion a suicides intent is something serious. Hyuk has not the right to say anything about that. Ji An is a 28 woman she is not a minor so is her decision if she let to her family to know about that incident. When people try to commit suicide is because they are not in their best mental state. It’s only her who can tell her family about that, it must be her decision and she need time to feel better and be equilibrated.
  3. I am with you, I am almost an onlooker here. I like Ji Soo character the most and the Young brother. I am really skipping some scene that look to be done as filled and has no sense and any meaning, scenes that add nothing to the show. I like the way JS is by her fake parent’s side in front of her silly real mother. I loved when JS tell her about how snob she is and I think they are going to learn a lot of things from her. JS is simple minded so they would learn to see her and her world in a simple way too. Is like JS will put their world upside down. I like how the carpenter is discovering JS different sides, and how the writer is building their love story little by little.
  4. Dear, I still don’t get why people can’t understand JH decision to leave SH. She was sure she will return to him. They needed to be separated to understand and realize their real feelings for each other. If I were JH I couldn’t be with someone that never talk about his feeling, someone that don’t know how to express himself, of course only I could read his mind. At the beginning their communication were good because they didn’t have feeling for each other and real people is like that, the human being is complicated. As you said there is something we have not talk about and it is that anybody should be self-destructive because a relationship ends. We have not discussed about how weak SH is instead of blame JH because he was suffering a lot. JH suffered too and each person has their own way to react under sadness. JH and SH needed to build a new beginning in a new environment as they did. JH always was sure about her feelings for SH, JH was suffering since episode 9. For me JH is an amazing and strong woman, she was for what she wanted and it was the only way she could do it. Why is so difficult to see a man crying? , why is too difficult to see a man suffering because of love? Are men and women different? I don’t know if you remember that JH said (I am not sure in what episode) that she didn’t know how to read people, that she had a crush with the other guy only because he was nice and kind with her then she thought that he had feelings for her. What If she was misunderstanding SH kindness? What if she was reading his acts in a wrong way? We have to take in account that we are “spectators” we know what are happening in the life of the characters but they don’t. I have nothing to complain about this Drama because in life things aren’t always as we want. I love this Drama too much and as adult person I can accept people with their weakness and strengths. JH is the best feminine character that I have watched in a Drama.
  5. Don’t worry about that. English is not my native language and for many people here is the same. My English is not perfect but we can understand each other very well.
  6. Hola , se perfectamente lo que quisiste decir...solo me tome la libertad de traducirlo textualmente para alguien mas quien asi te lo solicito. El telefono con case or carcasa rosada con el luchador enmascarado que Joon compro para ella en japon y que ella lo llevo en su viaje a Jeju. saludos
  7. Let me translate it for you Si de esa coincidencia habló Yes that is the coincidence I was talking about El teléfono celular rosa del luchador enmascarado, lo tenía el día del viaje a la isla de Jeju. The phone with the pink case that she had the day she traveled to Jeju Ese teléfono celular o el estuche fue el regalo de Lee Joon, cuando fue a Japón compró el teléfono celular That pone or that pink case was a gif that Joon bought for her in japan. Saludos a todos ^ ^ Regards
  8. Dear that answer must be for another person not for me...those are my answers for someone else that dont understand why SH love JH. Thats all.