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  1. JH an SH must be watching The Arsenal Game at this moment (Europe Champion League ) fo r now 0-0 Happy Arsenal Couple.
  2. Ho Ran needs to love herself first in order to love others. She said that the only she had is her womb, so for her that is all she is, so sad. I can understand that a woman wants to marry and a have a family but what I can’t understand is how that desire is her only goal in life not matter what. She have to value herself a bit more. Being in a relationship for seven years it’s not enough reason to get married (My older Sister dated for 8 months and has been married for 20 years) , they need a good communication and they have to respect each other. Love is the main ingredient but not enough. Won Seok can’t know how she feels if she don’t tell him about it. He can’t suppose what she wants because he could be wrong. Being in such a long relation is enough to say whatever she thinks or wants without worries. She is being a litler selfish, is like the only important thing is what she wants and She was too rude with him in front of her friends. BTW Ji Soo is the mysterious girl here.
  3. Some of you have pointed out that SH was a bit disappointed when he asked JH if she liked him and she said not, and I am totally agree, and some of you are wondering who will be the one who fall first. I have to say that they have already fall for each other but they aren’t aware of it. In my opinion there are two scene that make me think like this. 1. When she said that she didn’t like him at the bus station. His expression. 2. The way she was staring at him when she was waiting for him at the bus station to go to visit her parents.
  4. I don’t think so, Park So Dan has very small eyes and and her lips are tiny. I think JSM looks more like Suzy and Yoon Eung Hye for me the only similarity could be their small face. @CamelKnight Wellcome thanks for joing.
  5. I found this traslation in Youtube. G R jh: we would like to get married.. i know that it is fast and unexpected but we are getting older bro: did you get pregnant (uses satori) "abe" (lower abdomen) sh: why did "abe" come in here? (i think that he misunderstands it for shinzo abe) jh: abe means pregnant sh: i think there is a misunderstanding but even though we share the same roof we do not have such kind of a relationship bro: you two live TOGETHER!! dad: how dare you have a live in relationship with my daughter mom: that unnie that you were living with was your bf? sh: i think there is a misunderstanding we were just cohabiting dad: what?? COHABITING jh: (kicks sh and points towards the msg) i ll never make your daughter's hand wet ( basically means that i ll treat your daughter like a princess and not mak e her do any household chores)
  6. The firts time i watched him was in a movie called Quick and i like him inmidiatly even a got atached to the actress too.
  7. @Camillajames Soo Ji is being harassed too. The way her coworkers see her and the way who seems to be her boss made reference about her figure in the event and touched her in her shoulder in front of the guests. It was so aggressive.
  8. Totally with you, this episode was so touching. Specially the scene at the bus station. I couldn’t stop crying when she said “For 10 years this luggage got scratched up so much like me. It was shiny when I first came to Seoul whit it” She compared herself with her luggage. She is scratched too and sad. When he came bringing her scripts back, it felt like he was returning her dreams back to her , at least for me and her decision to accept his proposal because he is the only person that needs her. OMG I really, really love this Drama
  9. @jongski In episode two while they were at the wedding the CEO gave Business card to some guests that were at the wedding and he introduce himself as someone that run a Blind date company or a company that sets dates. SH is a statistician and he was making the new site for the company. I suppose that the system he did is in charge of make statistics to see if a couple are compatible or not. That’s why he did calculations to know if JH and he are compatible or match perfectly .
  10. @bebebisous33 @jongski I love the way you analyzed these two episodes. Many of us could be thinking that this is only another nice and funny Drama but not. This Drama believe or not has a deep story and the story is being well written and acted. I know things will get more and more interesting taking in account that we don’t know about HS family background yet and I am sure it will be an important ingredient in this amazing Drama. I have many fav scenes, but I think that some scenes during the last 12 or 15 minutes of the second episode made an inflexion point in this Drama. 1- When Jo Ho is at the wedding with her friends she was looked down by the others girls and I think that made her think she was in the wrong way and doubted about if she took the right decision when she chose to be a writer and after that at the bus station her friend asking her Don’t you feel happy when you write these days? 2- When she face the other writer in the meeting and finally said what she really think and defends her work. 3- When he returns from his blind date and see the recycling boxes and think that calling his blind date girl is a waste of time and after that he realizing that the cat hasn’t eaten. At that moment he was missing her. 4- JH scene in the tunnel, her loneliness and despair. Her decision of not to let her friends to see her defeated and the fact that she dint has anywhere to go. 5- The last but not the least, the proposal. I wish it could be an everyday Drama.
  11. She is nominated for her character in Father is strange as best supportive actress and popularity. For the second nomination International viewers can vote. @eyjooniesh Dear happy to see you here. I like this scene a lot…He is like a Psychopath when he suddenly says that he will die in that room because of the ventilation, and her face. OMG the suspense music, it sounds like a horror movie.
  12. Hi... Good desglose of the two episodes. I don’t want to think he will die in the Drama …I rather think that he suffer Compulsive Obsessive Disorder. If you watcheed some of this Dramas you must have watched Joung So Min before. (, Bad Guy, Playfull Kiss, Can we get married?, Standby, Big Man, D-Day, The sound of your heart, Red Teacher and recently Father is Strange)