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  1. Because we have no news about them and while we are waiting for him, i created this wedding outfit for them. This is the way i would like to see them the day of their wedding. JSM with a Beautiful, elegant and sexy but conservative Dress. LJ , so elegant but chic how he always is. This is my idea and my taste about how they should look that day. I hope you like it. Loves .
  2. Are you sure he will be out on July this year? I realy hope so. Waiting for him .
  3. I only was looking for something...I have to say i don't know the actors, i think i saw the actress before in a Drama but i am not sure. I can't say that it will be the Drama of the year but is nice to watch. I tink when in ep. 1 that kid cleaning her nose and then.....she throw the mocus to him ....it took me.
  4. Because is a commedy. My heart aches too much yet and i need to laugh. I suffer With Anxiety and it was not good for me.Even i loved it, It made me so sad . So I need something funny and simple to watch.
  5. I just had this anecdote; I was watching the episode 2 of this Drama : CLEAN WITH PASSION FOR NOW then the lead girl was walking on the street and there is a Building back her With a big screen in it's top then, the images of the screen took my attention because it were The Samile has left your eyes images in Min 44.02 https://kdramahood.com/nt/clean-with-passion-for-now-ep-2/
  6. This is an interview and It was in Japanese. I used Google traslate cause i don't know neather japanese nor Korean Japan's first broadcast of" 100 million stars descending from the sky "that gathered topics as a drama return to Seo Inguk as soon as possible! Kitagawa Etsuko This book by Screenplay gathered popularity at the time of broadcasting in Korea, and created enthusiastic fans. Two of the leading actors responded to the interview just before broadcasting in Korea. So · ing ("Inguku") "In Japan too, a very famous drama will be remade in Korea, and I am working hard with shooting with all the great co-stars, so I'm glad to have a good news that it will be broadcasted at the satellite theater as soon as possible I felt it was a work that was drawn with a sharp point of view stimulating the psychological part of human being.It is a remake work, It is not drawn as it is, but it will be reinterpreted and re-interpreted with the unique color of Korea, so I think that the original will be a new drama that is another bit different. " Jung Seo-min (hereinafter referred to as Somine) "I was also impressed very deeply by seeing the original work, especially at the end of the story the content was such that the mind could be tightened very much, but that lingering remained for a long time. The script of this work (Korean version) is also very interesting and it is drawn in a new atmosphere, so I decided to challenge. " Q. Mu Yong who Mr. Inguk plays is a person who thinks that everything is a game. What are the difficulties to play? Inguku "Although the character is sharp but the undulation of emotions is not intense, it is hard to play such a point in detail, such as expressing the relativeness of people and people while maintaining his personality. But it is a very attractive person. " Q. Although Jingan is going to change Mu Yong with such danger, what did you prepare for the role? Somine "Mu Yong lives by closing my heart because of the scratches and loneliness of the heart, such a ginger said" he should have a warm part as well. So come to this world ... ", I will try to pull Mu Yeon to the bright side.We strive to act while taking care of her view of the world." Q. How is the atmosphere at the work place? Inguku: It's really good! Somine "(laugh) Yes. One reason why I like this work is that the overall tone is dark and sad, but the wit and humor are hidden between moments, interact in a realistic dialogue There is a lot of fun, the compatibility of acting is outstanding. " Inguku "Even if we arrive earlier than the entrance time, we will head to the site at once, get off the car at once, say hello to the staff and the co-star, make discussions with each other and joke .... It is a really happy and happy site . " Q. Who is the mood maker? Inguku "In this work" This person! "There is not a person who can say it clearly." Somine "Even though I was shooting alone, when Mr. Inguk came, Mr. Inguk was a mood maker, and when Mr. Songun took me there, I changed to Sonneun ... (lol)." Inguku "When Somin arrives during my shoot, Mr. Sumin will be a mood maker! It is fun to have each of them play their respective roles and I really want to show you the scene!" Q. A word to everyone in Japan you will see from now. Somine "This drama is a mystery love story, those who like mystery and thriller, those who like beautiful and sad love stories are dramas that anyone can enjoy, so please have a look!" Inguku "It was a long time for all of my fans to tell them that I am sorry for the first time, so I was able to say hello to you for the first time in a while, but in this work it's a nice and perfect figure that you guys are not disappointed I will show it, please expect! "
  7. I am tottaly agree that JSM has been so underrated, i was always surprised how many idols (Actress) of her agency were casted to lead Dramas and even those girls didn't know how to act. I have watched all her Jobs, The firts time i saw her was in Bad Guy. Then, Playfull Kiss, .........In 2016 she only was casted to do a special Drama, that is only one episode ( Red Teacher) and she did an amazing job with her character and after that she was in the webtoon; THe Sound Of Your Heart and she was so good there too. I remember that when she was in Big Man , people used to say that JSM should has been the actress lead, instead the other actress. I really think she was better than the lead actress at that time and i loved her character. About that she was not getting great oportunities i think it was because her Agency . After a year (2016) almost without work she was casted to do FIS in 2017 a Family weekend Drama and while doing FIS her contract with M & C intertiment ends and she didn't want to renovate and went to another Agency that is the same agency that represents SIG that is a small agency and I think they are treating her very well. I readed in somewhere she had some scrips to decided and she choosed TSHLYE, and i think she made the best desition, she is a very polifacetica actress and deserves better. PD: About PSH i feel the same.
  8. I agree. There are many people that skip episodes or skip scenes and in the end can't understand what is happening or why. There are those that only watch a Drama but do not think about the charaacters , they only watch but they don't looks for reasons or they don't understand about Dilemmas . There are viewers that don't know how to find diferents perspectives or how make an analysis about the characters. We know that JK had fallen for MY before she knew her friend was dating him. Even JK didn't know that that guy was exciting her in some way. For me MY was a bad guy since the begining not a hero and we know that, MY perturbed the life of every person he met throuht his life. MY was a lovely bad guy, even, i would have fallen for him too, then why not Jin Kang? . That's why i like this site, because here we not only drops comments, we used to analyzed the plot or the characters of a Drama. This will be one of my favorite Dramas and JK and MY will be my favorities characters forr ever. I know i can't watch for a long time again because it hurts a lot. Love for all of you partners.
  9. Yes, i want to watch The Alhambra, because i like Hyun Bin and because i Know Granada City very well and i would love to see those beautiful places in a Korean Drama, BUT i do no llike PSH too much. I realy liked her before but, she acts always the same and all of her characters are similar and i got taired of her. The last PSH's Drama i watched was Pinocchio. So I am not sure.
  10. I want to say something, even if i don't come here frecuently and post as i used to do before because i' am so busy. I am reading all those things about JSM being frendly with SIG and i say...What's the problem whit that? Let's see... If a woman has a boyfriend or a husband can't she be friendly with her coworkers?, I can't believe all this comments about my favorite couple and my fav actrees. I have read a lot of comments of a lot of fans of the Drama saying that they want JSM and SIG to be real, and i have to say that that happens always. In every Drama, Fans use to ship the main couple. I replied to many of them that she already had a boyfrien, even a girl thanked to me because she didn't know because not everybody have to know, because not everybody knew JSM before an because not everybody Knew about Lee Joon before. About JSM i can say she has been always friendly with her partners in Dramas and movies. I don't think that she need to be cold with the others that are working hard in a Drama only because she has a boyfriend. Please people we are in 21st century, what are we talking about?. A woman or a man is no a possession, they love each other and i am sure they are toguether. Remenber that NO NEWS ARE GOOD NEWS. I can't understand whay there are women criticizing another woman because she is friendly and nice with her partner in a Drama. She is an actress and they need to create and have a nice enviroment in the set, because is the best for the team. I am fed up of reding all those comment about JSM . She doesn't has to change the way she is because of LJ and LJ doesn't need to changer the way he is because of JSM. When you love someone yo have to trust that someone, and i know they respect and trust each other. Them if there are people shiping JSM and SIG let's put the blame on her because she can't be nice with her partner. Because always is easier put the blame in women OMG . What are we, the people in this forum?, Kids?, Are we not adults and inteligent people? Are everybody here living their life in order to please others?. The real life doesn't works like Dramas friends. So JSM and LJ can't live their life to please the fans, they are human beings tha suffer, cry, love, and laugh like us. The fans are not the owners of their life. All those things are only a tabu.
  11. It was the only way...they love each other, even if MY had not kille that witch, his father killed JK parents and i think he couldn't has been with her because of that fact. In some way for me was a happy end because they were not seblings. MY was destinated to live a sad life and he didn't want JK to live like that. They died loving to each other. OMG i can't believe i am saying this.
  12. I don't care about anything else, but this Drama is a Masterpice I can't imagine another actors more than JSM and SIG doing the maain characters of this Drama. Everything was perfect, well acted, Directed, the Dialogues, everything is percfect. I Knoe that we likes happy endings but let's be honest , this is the only way this Drama must has ended. I am amazed, sad but amazed how the PD took the risk to do this version, I Admire SIG and JSM even more because no many actors are capable to acept this kind of character only because the mayority of them only want to interpretate nice an popular characters. For me this actors were so Brave for taking part in this project. The best Drama of 2018 . I know that i won't watch again because of my heart. I don't know what else to say, i am too much afected by this, but i love it.
  13. We have to think that some times previews are not what they looks like many times. I would rather think that MY know now that his father killed Jin Kang Family. I am sure that they are not seablings and Jin Gook knows the real true. Because if not he would has told Moo Yoon that they were seablings when MY was at JG haous with the gun. He tolk MY that don't let JK look that side of him. It was like he was aceptting their relationship. I hope it's not like it seems to be like.
  14. I have to say that.....i am a cowar. I haven't watched the two last episodes yet. I am waiting for the two finals episodes. I hope, i really hope that we can have a happy ending. Well Not really a happy ending because there are too many scars not only in their skin but in their life. Taking in account that Jin Gook might lose her sister for ever cause what he did. MY's father being a murderer or maybe the murder of JG parents. Everything is already so sad for those three character but i hope they are not siblings. For my mental health PD nim , please. give them a new start. Give them a possibility. PD i like the analysis of many of you. @kdramaaddict212 @teachermok @Table122000 @April Twilights @hoyund