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  1. Ohhh NO. I hope it could be in ep 35-36, I want them free to love. I dant want them suffering as dogs. I want a lot of romance.
  2. @blademan These two are killing me. They look amazin together. I sow others beautiful pics in #jungsomin. Thanks for this post.
  3. Do you remember the man that gave the picture to JH and toll him that his father was alive and encourage him to look for him? Well in ep 1 that man collided with papa Byun on the street while he and Mama Byun were buying the groceries. I remember that Papa Byun got very nervous. Now this article appear in the news including the picture and the only ones that have that pic is Papa Byun, JH and that man. I think that Man is the third person in the pic and knows the secret. Yoo Joo continues being a witch, she hasn’t changed a bit. The way she treats MY when they are alone is the same. She treats MY as her enemy, she continues looking down on her. I think she is getting what she deserve because of her bad intents and bad deeds she deserve this bad karma and it seems she has learned nothing. I can’t stand how the landlady is annoying his son and HY but HY knew in advance that it wouldn’t be easy to live with her in laws. She took the decision by herself and now she has to wrestle with her mother in law. I hope that JW do not permit to his mother this behavior because it could originate a big issue with HY.
  4. I like your comment because this is what I want too, but I am afraid to offend people because it seems that there are too much puritanism here. I am thinking that in this forum must be some people that are under aged because of some comemts that I have read. I waiting for many kisses, romance and passion, etc, etc, etc….. Kisses, Kisses, Kisses.
  5. Have you seen the episodes completely since the beginning? Because this picture is a very important key in this story. If you did not see every episode I can understand why you ask for the picture meaning.
  6. Ep 31 Without subs. OMG … Seo In Guk’s song says “My heart is broken” I really don’t care whatever others can say about incest or whatever else. My heart is broken. When an actor can transmit that kind of feeling, when you can feel his pain. OMG I was crying I can’t stand watching him suffer like this. I was really touched. That’s what I mean when I talk about being an amazing actor and that is what I look for in a drama. I want that the performance impress me, that the actors look believables in theirs performance. I can’t stand watching MY and LH like this, being uncomfortable with each other. Even without subs, I could see their feelings, how confused they are. This is the reason why I don’t cheer beautiful faces or idols that don’t know how to act. I think that if I am going to spend time watching a drama this must be a good one with a good cast and this one, is so good. JH looks tormented and I could feel his torment. They are portraying an amazing love story into a Family Comedy Drama. MY and JH are in charge of the emotional baggage in the drama, and because of this, I am loving them more and more.
  7. @hushhh Don’t worry you don’t have to connect to them, try to enjoy the others characters in the drama. For example I don’t like Yoo Joo character but I enjoy her performance because she is doing a great job. Maybe when the true comes out you could feel better about it. I know it can be difficult but try to take it easy and dont get estressed yourself . This is an excellent drama. It is not my case I am enjoying their character as actors, they are so good and are doing a great job even I am cheering Jung So Min and Lee Joon in real life because for me they look adorable together. BTW ; This drama is addictive for me I think I need a doctor, it can’t be that every weekend I get excited because of FATHER IS STRANGE episodes. I count each hour from Friday. OMG .
  8. @daisyven Wellcome. Your English is like mine, dont worry, and the video was nice . She is not as bad dancer as she said.
  9. Yes we saw this in Hwarang. She even kiss the guy thinking he was her brother (A real kiss) and anybody make a scandal for this. About the Ladyland Dress totally agree and i loved the dress, it was like a red carped in the Oscars.
  10. Chingus...Chingus Like Justin Timberlake s song "Can't stop the feeling" I only hope that from this episode the writer hurry to solve MY and JH s storyline. I don't want another 30 minutes episode dedicated to LADYLAND and her stupidities. We already knows she is crazyly in love with her son but please writer there is not too many episodes remaining and enough is enough. The writer has a lot of work to do. It will be interestin to see MY dating the lead actor. I think we need an earthquake here. @dubuqueen and @Hueee Thanks for the preview.
  11. This Drama is Hitting the ranting up "Could be a war" against, who knows. I have watched worst things in Dramas, for example when chaebols families coerce her daughters or sons to get married in order to save their companies. Are they selling their Childs or not? And many others that I don’t want to mention cause I am feeling lazy now. I agree, it could be sexual harassment in the workplace. This is just a Drama. I am really getting tired of this kind of controversy. I only want to enjoy this show cause i love it. I love all caracters here.