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  1. I knew he was not as good as he seems to be. That family is toxic, they onle wants what other haave. Tae II father is the worst, that man is going to stil the recipes. well we have a long way to go with this Drama.
  2. The ring is always there. OMG each time i saw that ring i am happy. El amor, el amor
  3. Dont you think this T-shirt JSM is wearing is too big and too manly? Or Am i dreaming? BTW..I think there is a girl in IG that is always critizicing JSM her name is Brenda Stephen
  4. This is getting interestin. I watched without subs and now waiting for them
  5. I have to say that I liked the last scene in ep. 16. Not only because the main couple were too cute (I love them) and lovable in that scene but also because of the way the PD show the complete scene. It was like showing two worlds in the same scene. 1- The happiness, they were in the kitchen under the lights. Everything was illuminated and brilliant there. The father with his son and his daughter in law, having a nice time together, with a big smile in their faces. The perfect picture. They were sharing a beautiful and perfect moment that everybody want to share with those that they love. 2- Tae-II, coming by the corridor of the restaurant, he was in the dark side of the scene, he was Sad and worry and maybe sorry because of the events. That darkness in the scene was as a reflection of himself at that moment. For me, that darkness in the scene represented him. Seeing the other side, that perfect world where he wants to belong but he doesn’t. Observing the scene he dreamed to live with anothers actors.
  6. My two cents about this Drama. I am new here and this is my second post. I think this Drama must have been called “All about Money” because everything is about Money. Young-Ha family The Grandmother: She save every money his son give her and do not like to use it, she is a little stingy, and she even was wearing those shoes that were old and broken. The Father: He only think about how to make his daughters marry with a wealthy man. I can understand that he worked so hard to raise his kids and give them a better life and he built his own business and I can understand that he don’t like lazy people like his own brother that hope that others give them everything by free, and Gwang Jae is like that but he was too rude with him when he went to visit grandma. He thinks he has the right to decide about how his kids have to live and who they can love and marry. The Mother: This Woman only think about money. She do not care if the man is a bad or a good person but if he has money is enough to marry her daughters. I didn’t like that she went to the restaurant with the other woman to confirm that Gwang Jae” dad restaurant is an important one. Again the importance of the money. The Sister: “Like mother like daughter”, she is really in love with Yong but he is poor and she hasn’t the courage to fight for him. Is like “I love you but you are not good enough for me”. She lives a very materialistic life even she isn’t rich. The brother: He is nice and cute what else can I say about him, let’s see. Gwang Jae Family The Father: He is so innocence and is too much for me but I really like him .He is the ideal man, good father, husband, brother in love and uncle and this is going to be his disgrace and his grave. His son is like him, so innocent and immature. People around him only want his money, none of them are loyal to him. So sad. The Stepmother: I would like to know why she married Gye-Dong.I would like to know if she love him. She calms down his anxiety spending money and I can’t describe her yet. She looks always sad, she don’t speak too much but we can see that she feel lonely. Her husband do not pay attention to her even he is a nice and a good husband. The only I can see is that she is with him because of his money since the beginning. The Uncle: this man is the worst, I can’t describe how ambitious he is, and he likes to play with others money that is all I can say. Nam Tae-II: The nice, intelligent, gentle and hard worker guy but, he is there because of Gye-Dong Money. I think he don’t want GJ close to his father and he is happy that GJ is not interested in his father business. When he talks about the restaurants he says “My Company”. I don’t know why but I think he is not that good. He only thinks about business and to get Young Ha. I am not saying that he is a bad person but I think he will change to become a bad one. I might be wrong.
  7. Hi everybody I am enjoying this Drama little by little, I have seen some of the cast before but some are new for me. This Drama seems to be fresh and simple to me and i like it. I love Grandma.
  8. It think that people could be sending messages that are not nice or insulting him. I think is better for him be apart of everything . He has a fan-caffee and i would like to know if he closed it too. my poor Joon. I am not worry for them at all. I think they knew this would be dificult and they are so mature.
  9. The story opens after a young female student kills herself by jumping off a balcony. It's soon discovered that she was in fact stabbed, and the room arranged to make it look like a suicide. And so we begin. A few minor details lead Detective Kanzo to suspect that Ryo, an enigmatic chef's assistant, knows more about her death.The two have run into each other by chance a few times, and eachtime left Kanzo with an uncomfortable feeling. Every clue that is revealed seems to lead to more questions about Ryo, his obsessive girlfriend, his callous and manipulative relations with several women, and about a painful memory from Kanzo's past. Things get more complicated when a powerful love/hate relationship develops between Ryo and Kanza's little sister, the beautiful Yuko. What exactly is their connection? As the evidence (and body count) rises, Kanza tries desperately to save his sister from Ryo's influence. He's no saint, but is he the Devil Kanza thinks he is? And why? The answers will floor you, even when you think you've got them figured out already.
  10. The Neclace with the two hearts she has been wearing since her birthday.
  11. I watched this Drama some years ago. Its a melodrama and i do not sure it match her well. Actualy is a beautiful Drama and if she acept to do it i hope the PD can make some changes for better.
  12. I would like to know if Knetz criticized Lee Min Ho because he is doing his duties as a service worker since the beginning. At, least Joon made an effort to accomplish his responsibilities as citizen. I can’t understand how Koreans can be so ignorant. Some people saying that if can’t do his duties as a soldier he can’t be an actor anymore. BTW there is a thing that he said before enlisting about if he do not get any job or opportunity after his military service he could find another thing to do without any problem. I hope they forget about him for a long time.