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  1. I do not like writer nim doing this till the end of the Drama, i cant stand how pathetic the writer did TS character. TS always in his kneeks beging,what a sad and poor character in a Drama. When will TS Character recover his pride? TS is the only Character in this drama that i cant understand. Always being sad, silly and weake, even i don like to watch his scenes. Poor man.
  2. this site always write trash about celebrities, This site it is not a trustworthy one, I have always read fans complaining about every publication they do. This site only show or replicates news from others newspaper or site without confirmation. They has not ethic. https://www.allkpop.com/article/2010/11/mblaqs-lee-joon-is-suffering-from-insomnia-and-bipolar-disorder
  3. First an all I am sooooo happy because of the good news I am going to confess something here and I am a Little ashamed but I have to say it. I suffer from panic and anxiety syndrome. It began a year ago and I am never been sick in my life, even I never get a cold at least an strong one and if I got one it last only two days. I used to drive my car by myself to everywhere and now I don’t like to go alone to anywhere, I can’t use the subway because I can’t stand being where there are a lot of people, each time I have to go out of my home I feel how my chest hurt I know how it feel. The symptoms began a year ago, I feel like I can’t breathe, I got sleeping hands and sometimes I get dizzy, at the beginning I thought that there was something wrong with my heart and went to the doctor and everything was ok. He told me that I was having anxiety and panic attacks. Some days I am ok but somedays I feel bad. I don’t see this as a sickness even I don’t use any kind of medicine, I try to be positive and I am practicing meditation to control my mind.
  4. You can search or exanimate her IG and you can see that is normal that sometimes she takes 2 weeks to post, and for me is normal because I have followed JSM since the beginning. Could be that they have being spending time together because of his birthday and she hasn’t have time to post anything considering that she hasn’t have to do it. Let’s take it easy and don’t worry, let’s pray for them instead.
  5. @mocmoc272 Totaly with you , As I said before lets stop making conjectures because it will generate more rumors. They have the right to care about their private life and more in moments like this. For me it’s enough that they are together I don’t need to see any pics of them. I only prey for their happiness and that’s all.
  6. @vanmarss I am not worried about his relation with JSM. I know they are supporting each other. About the pic with the ring she erased I think it was to avoid comments that could damage their relation. I think that is better for them if fans know less about them What I am worried about it is his bipolarity syndrome. Let’s wait and see. I insist, he is ok and this is a misunderstanding.
  7. Hi and well come Let’s not to do conjectures about JSM and LJ relationship because what we can get is spread more bad rumors. I am sure they are in good terms because those two are very mature and I think if they decided to go in a relation knowing he was going to the Army It is because they were sure about their feelings and what they want. They are very in love and I think it would be better that Dispatch hasn’t had found about them in order to them to be more quite. I hope he is ok and this is only a mistake or someone that wanted to damage his image.
  8. OMG how can someone do something like this. I am worried a lot. Joon agency must sue those people. We know Joon is doing well.
  9. @eyjooniesh There is someone updating old pics of JSM this is one of them.
  10. Dear here the coments of that girl. I replayed her already in instagram in spanish. I think she is a kim hyun joong fan. She got angry because someone else told her that at least Joon do not hit women and she said that she will wait for Joon to make a mistake someday. I told her that anybody is perfect and all of us can make mistake, but Joon is a good guy, good educated and humble guy. I told her that maybe he is not the most famous, rich or handsome but he is the best. i am a little mad at this girl and i wasnt rude at all but it seems that she is a litle silly. Copy and paste. francisc.13@@scarleth_ca7 You can come here and look how handsome he is since he was a child. He had not surgeries . You can see here that his nose is natural with any surgery. francisc.13@@scarleth_ca7 Hi.. aqui puedes ver que Joon siempre ha sido guapo, su naris era perfecta desde siempre, sin cirugias en ninguna parte de su rostro. Totalmente natural. despues que se rompio su naris ya no le quedo tan linda como antes y lo puedes ver por ti misma aca. Espero que este video te convenza .scarleth_ca7Jajajaja. Guapo?? Uhmm tiene orejas extra largas. Unos ojos estirados una cara larga y una cabeza deformada. Existen manos que hacen magia si que si. DumboDelete Comment francisc.13@scarleth_ca7 Vaya que odio que le tienes a chico...bueno cada quien es libre de pensar como quiera pero no es necesario ofender. Con orejas de dumbo y todo lo amoooo por quien es y lo que representa como ejemplo no por guapo, quenque se que belleza le sobra de pies a cabeza. francisc.13@scarleth_ca7 hi..si te refieres a joon, el no tiene cirugias, y a mi me encanta su rostro y su naris.. puedes buscar sus fotos de niño y lo puedes comprobar, de hecho lo dijo en un programa que su naris era natural. Todo el es real. Mas bien le rompieron la naris en una pelicula de accion y no le quedo igual nunca mas. Su naris original era mas bonita.Delete Comment francisc.13Joon is adorablecutiejoonie26@francisc.13 thank you for explaining, eventhough I don’t understand it but I know you are saying good things about Joon utiejoonie26@francisc.13 yessss he is Delete Comment francisc.13@cutiejoonie26 I am already answered to @scarleth_ca7 because i can speak espanish perfectly. I do not know whay she or he thinks joon had surgeries. I told her/his to look for her pics when he was a child. I think Joon is the only ex-idol without surgery.
  11. Dear that pic do not comes from JSM instagram. It look like an old pic. Its what i think. In her official instagram she has not put any new update.
  12. Always, will be people like that. I am a Jung So Min fan since the beginning and I think I liked her at that time because she was different from the majority of actress and female idols and it was very common to see comments saying that JSM was ugly and I don’t know why, but for me she has always been pretty. The first time I saw Joon I thought he was handsome and cute. Course he doesn’t look like those Actors-Models that are so tall and very handsome but I prefer Joon. What I mean is that as @eyjooniesh says I don’t let that those things and commets to bother me.
  13. BTW, i was remembering the press conference of FIS and i found this resume in youtube, i do not know if its Ok, but i think so. The thing is that they look like they had a firts sight crush. Somin asked the difference between working with Lee Kwang Soo in her previous project and Lee Joon in this project. she answered its kind difficult to compare since the characters were too different. in her previous work her character is stronger than Lee Kwang Soo means she has more advantage. But in this drama Lee Joon is the stronger one. while Lee kwang Soo oppa felt like a friend, Lee Joon oppa (she hesitated) since they have just met in twi scenes, they are not that close yet but she felt hat Lee Joon is manly. then she cutely asked him,'Did I answered it good enough?' which he answered animatedly, very good. then He took the mic and said, the loveline between them not yet appeared in the script. But he iis really waiting to shoot it with her.