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  1. I cant understad her behavior. Taking care about Tae ll, why the dont call his mother. She is not being honest with GJ.
  2. What can i say. Beautiful... BTW that DRESS was so perfect, i love it.
  3. She was at "My Golden Life" I did niot liked the Drama, even i did not watched the whole episodes, but i liked her and his partner there was Lee tae Hwan. Sorry for posting another Drama Clips. This is Seo eun Soo
  4. Yassss I am waiting for this Drama.....I ask people that have watched the Japanese Version not to make spoilers ..please, please, dont do it. I know they will do a good job. They are Very very good actors, i love the cast and i am so happy @0ly40 Thanks for this Thread.
  5. I have the feeling that Moon Moon chinese family is Rich...I do not why.
  6. I dont think so... I have watched all her Dramas and she always has good chemestry with her partners. I am a real Lee Joon and So Min fan, i love them together, i want them to marry, you know that dear, but i have to say She and LMK had good chemestry in BTIMFL. I am watching Secretary Kim and i loved their Cameo . I dont know if it is that i see them like profesionals that knows how to do an amazing work no matter what. For me the scene was very well done and beautiful because for me they were not See He and Ji Ho of BTIMFL, for me they were Miss Kim parents. Real and professionals actors do not let that their personal life afect their work and their performance. She will have a new Drama and i hope she makes a good job as always. We need to get ready to stand the new fans that will be shipping them too, and we need to be objective and be sure of our couple , dont get mad because of the opinion that others can give about them in the future. Love you all