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  1. The Drama is doing well considering is a Cable Channel Drama. I am so Happy. “Where Stars Land” Tops Contents Power Index Ranking TV/FILM Oct 10, 2018 by DY_Kim On October 10, the Contents Power Index (CPI) ranking was announced for the week of October 1 through 7. Developed by Nielsen Korea and CJ E&M, the Contents Power Index measures the influence of television programs on consumer behavior by analyzing the number of searches, social media buzz, and more. Several new dramas entered the top 10 with “Where Stars Land” taking No. 1 and “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes” at No. 3. “Bad Papa” entered at No. 7, and “Room No. 9” placed No. 9. “New Journey to the West 5” rose four spots to take second. Check out the top 10 below: 1. SBS “Where Stars Land” (266.6 points) 2. tvN “New Journey to the West 5” (257.7 points) 3. tvN “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes” (255.4 points) 4. tvN “100 Days My Prince” (253.4 points) 5. MBC “I Live Alone” (230.7 points) 6. Mnet “Show Me the Money 777” (227.8 points) 7. MBC “Bad Papa” (225.1 points) 8. MBC “Terius Behind Me” (219.4 points) 9. tvN “Room No. 9” (215.4 points) 10. SBS “Running Man” (215.2 points)Source (1)
  2. I have a different opinion about I've highlighted in your text. I can understand she feel comfortable with MW cause they are old friends, she doesn't has to get ride of her friendship because of her husband but she knows they hate each other, she doesn't has to quit her dream to be a writer, she can do WM biography without hurting her husband in the process .I think she must be a little more loyal to her husband. The only reason she didn't tell him about the trip cause she already knew she will hurt his pride. JC is always sorry with her and his daughter and he didn't do anything wrong , everything he do is for his family. I agree she has the right to work with MW but going with him for two days without telling to her husband?, she could do it in a different way. Even she wore the dress JC gave her and she denied it was a JC gift...come on girl don't be so shameless. I don't think JC wants to fix their relationship spending money on a dress, he is so innocent to be 43, and he don't know what to do to gain her again. She is always arguing with him because money but money is not everything in life. Even he wants a huge from his wife, if you need affection you don't go out with another man to feel that you are still a woman. If she wants to do that because she need love, she must get a divorce first. She is always coursing at home, badmouthing her husband in front of her child. She humiliates him whatever she wants. I really wish she could realized that MW wants to be near her only to hurt JC, but i think she will suffer the consequence of her decision. I think she accepted MW offer because of money and it's ok , they need that money, but now i think is more about her ego to be call a writer. BTW: I' am liking for the police girl. She respect JC and believe in him more than his wife. My two cents
  3. Sorry, I cut your post. I think he is not letting his guard down, I don't think so. Since the beginning i think MY target is Jin Gook and i think It's like a chain , he approached the rich girl in order to be close to Jin Kang and if he is close to her, he can approach Jin Gook. Remenber he said his father was a cop and died and i am sure Jin Gook was related to his father. I am afraid he hurts Jin Kank to take revenge. Jin Kang told him that when he she was 9 a teacher slapped her and her brother cried to much, and that¡s becuse she won't tell him about the Rich Girl' Mother slapping her, because her brother really loves her and of course he feels guilty about something we don't know yet. The thing is that with MY knowing that, hurting Jing Kang , Jin Gook is going to suffer a lot. Some times i think he is using Tattoo girl, or maybe the Doctor OMG..i am confused.
  4. I din't like the ending...it was solve in the last 5 min. The main leads were like they din't have chemistry , i really hated the lazy writing . I really, really didn't like the end, people didn't look happy, WJ had doubts till the end, Tae Ill always interfering. Tae Ill was the bad guy and suddenly became a good one in the last two episodes. Actually i hopped a different ends for this Drama and for me a lot of things were settle in a hurry , the PD spent a lot of episodes about Tae ill, even he had more scream time that the main couple, there were a lot of unnecessary escenes of the family . It felt like i wasted my time watching this Drama and it deserved a better ending.
  5. I am so curious about the Doctor...OMG when Tattoo Girl said him that she won't say anything to him in order he not to write another book. It seems that this Doctor will be an important piece in this story. Tattoo girl said that she wanted to kill him and her mother and said that he ruined her life, i was like omo, omo. What with this Doctor. Is like he is experimenting with his patients , he is not giving her any medication and this girl really need it. About MY, i can't understand why he continue dating that girl. maybe he really likes twisting others life to get fun? because at the beginning i thought he was using her as a bridge to approach JK so, i can't understand his intention with her. suddenly i think MY is the murder and 2 mn after i think tattoo girl is the murder, OMG
  6. I can't understand why people is talking about original version here. I know that many want to know in advance but, had it sense? I am sure this would be different cause Korean don't like dark Dramas. I have watched some Korean version of Japanese Dramas and never went to the original to know what was going to happen. I watched Jung So Min last Drama (BTIMFL) and it was a version of a Japanese Drama and anybody talked about the original or made spoilers in the tread, even i read somewhere that Korean version had itself charm, and included many different things. Well, thanks for the warming of spoilers. I come here and the only i see is people talking about original version, maybe we should open another tread to discuss about original version ? I am getting on my nerves .
  7. Totally with you, about the wife, she is not being loyal to her husband. It doesn't matter how many problems do you have o what difficulties is your family going through. She knows that her husband and MW are not friends and JC is looking like a fool in front of him, she seems no to know that the only thing JC has left is his pride. I feel sad for him.
  8. this is not a traditional romantic Drama. This is a dark Drama, so whatever can happen. If we already knew about if they endup toguether or not is like when you are reading a book and first you read the end instead of enjoy the history and enjoy the path that bring the characters to that end.
  9. Don¡t go. Let's do a list of people that make spoiler with the Japanese version and then skip their comments, that is what i am planning to do. I won't let anybody to bother me whit that. In the other hand i am agreed about that lots of people might be not watching the Drama , or coming to this tread because of some pots here, sad.
  10. Finally i watched with subs.... OMG First i want to say that i am not interested in Japanese version , because if i do, i won't enjoy this.. Loving this drama already. I don't know how to star..this guy KMY are trying to take Jin Kang attention as she said to him, but why? He seems to be looking for his sister but we know that he is a liar, maybe he had not a sister, they are related in some way because he already knew she has a scar in her arm, he immediately covered her to hide her scar, is like he knows everything about her and about her brother, obviously, and his burn scar in his back. I think He forced a relationship with SA because she is the bridge to reach Jin Kang, but it seems that his real target is Jin Kook. Maybe he came to get revenge for something that happened in the pass? About Jin Kook , I was thinking that maybe he is not her brother, but her father. Its like some character in this Drama are lack of love, they can be looking for something that even they don't know. SA, how can she start a relationship with someone that she just met, only because he told her that she is pretty, she is a little like him, she loves the danger. When he took the cat with him, was like he was seeing himself as a abandoned cat, it was like an analogy. The cat represent him, and i don't want to believe that he is the murder because the ability he has to memorize everything. Is a characteristic the murder has. BTW i read that the rating was so good, first episode reached 5% and it is so good for a cable Drama.