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  1. I think there is an year-end drama awards night for TVN On my wish list : Daesang for Best Actor - Kim Sun-Kyun Daesang for Best Actress - IU Best Supporting Actor - Song Sae Byeok (Ki Hoon) Best Supporting Actress - Nara (Yura) Best Drama Serial - My Mister Best Director Best Screenplay Best cinematography Best Sound Editing (for all the heavy sensual breathing & the busy footsteps) Best Song : There's A Rainbow Special Award for the cast ensemble
  2. Ok I have to agree he's actually 'fondling' the phone!!!
  3. I do not care how others angle this - the age gap or not. But when a concerned colleague goes to every nook and corner to look for a missing colleague, it is no longer platonic in my opinion. There has got to be some kind of romantic affection involved. Just as JA could feel DH's presence by listening to him, DH could also sense JA's presence in the phone as he fiddles with it in the theatre before telling her to call him.
  4. Sorry I hv to cut your post! I hv to agree with you 100%. Imho, LSK could win the Baeksang or Daesang just with his breathing alone!! Through his breathing, I could hear all the bottled up emotions eg. frustration, exasperation, his sense of hopelessness, his loneliness and the need for love etc etc .....
  5. [MV] JEONG SEWOON(정세운) - There's something(뭔가 있어) Wok of love OST Part.1 (기름진 멜로 OST Part.1)
  6. I think IU has shown tremendous growth as an actress in the role of Jian. There's really nothing excessive so far and her performance is imho subtle, on point and quite to perfection - it is in fact brilliant!!!
  7. Thank you so much for these haunting OST. This is definitely one of the best OST i have heard. I find Lee Sun Kyun's breathing exceedingly captivating. I m totally under his spell!!
  8. K-Drama News!‏ @kdrama_news 42m42 minutes ago #MyAjusshi : 5% Maintaining high rating. Yay!
  9. not1but3

    [Drama 2018] Suits, 슈츠

    K-Drama News!‏ @kdrama_news 42m42 minutes ago Mo Ratings 180425: #Suits : 7.4% #Switch : 5.1% | 6.4% #LetsHoldHandsAndWatchTheSunset : 3.2% | 3.6% #MyAjusshi : 5% No. 1 rating. A good start!
  10. K-Drama News!‏ @kdrama_news 2h2 hours ago M #MyAjusshi : 4.8% Good rating!!
  11. not1but3

    [Drama 2018] Suits, 슈츠

    Shin, Lee Tae-sun, Attorney at Suit The new skater Lee Tae-sun was cast in KBS 2TV new drama 'Suits'. 'Suits' is a drama depicting the legendary lawyer of the best law firm in Korea and the romance of a fake new lawyer with a genius memory. In the drama, Lee Tae-seon plays an elite standing lawyer with all the specs and a brilliant career. Lee Tae-sung was a childhood actor of Kim Jae-hyuk (Park Hae-soo) in the drama 'Wise Bamboo Life' and received favorable comments from viewers. In addition, 'leprechaun' at the same time, but a lot of charismatic playboys, but knowing that only a woman who loves only the genuine Sinhwaneun reverse charm show the attraction added to the story. The new attraction of Lee Tae-seon is expected to be broadcasted at 10 pm on Wednesday, April 25, following the "Queen of Mystery 2".
  12. not1but3

    [Drama 2018] Suits, 슈츠

    [Pictorial] Park Hyung Sik, one day in a formal afternoon Park Hyung Sik "Bromance with Jang Dong Gun? Actor Park Hyung-sik has launched a cover model for May in Star & Style Magazine at Style (@ star1). Park Hyung-sik expressed a lingering but humorous appearance in this pictorial, which was held at Hanok Cafe with the concept of 'formal afternoon.' Park Hyung-sik, who was in the shooting of KBS2 'suits' ahead of the first broadcast at the end of April, reported his impressions. 'Suits' is a court drama originally American drama, Park Hyung-sik is a fake new lawyer with a memorable memory in the play, "When I got my first offer, I thought it was not time for me to do this professional role. However, he said, "I liked the original story with a high level of immersion," he said. "I am taking pictures of how I can solve the double-sidedness of my role in Korean style." The romance with Jang Dong-gun was "cynical but there would be a wit," and I was expecting to breathe. "At the 'Gallery', they were all full-time actors. If they were all together and one of them went somewhere, and they had been busy pursuing it, it was an adult man feeling full of cool laughs in 'suits'. " I chose casual and classical style as the points of sucking red of Park Hyung Sik and Jang Dong Gun. "I ride a sneakers on a bicycle, but I wear a classic. When the two are caught in one frame, the character of each other is clearly felt. This is the message our drama wants to show. "출처 : http://www.sedaily.com/NewsView/1RYAHMN7CQ He also mentioned the similarities between the high - tech and the human. "I live in everything I say. But it does not cross the line. I do not know how to say it and how to express it. Park Hyung-sik, who showed his first short hair after his debut, strangled his head like an awkward one. "Short hair is a challenge for myself, too. I was ashamed to express my feelings and thoughts, and I always went halfway around my face with my bangs. " Personality seems to change little by little, "he laughed. On the other hand, in the May issue of At Style magazine, you can meet a plain story together with a picture of Park Hyung Sik. / Seokyeong Star actor출처 : http://www.sedaily.com/NewsView/1RYAHMN7CQ
  13. 'I do not know what to do ...' "I always thank you for your love. I will wait for another meeting" [Biz Tribune] Actor Lee Joon-ki appears in the drama 'lawless lawyer'. Among them, Lee Jun Ki is celebrating his birthday with his fans, leaving 'spring, picnic'. Joon Ki is holding fan meeting and birthday party 'Joongi's Day' at the request of fans every April. The theme of this birthday fan meeting is 'spring, picnic'. Lee Jun Ki's desire to make a comfortable and warm time was included. The '2018 Joongi's Day Spring, Excursion' held at the Olympic Hall in Olympic Park on the 7th was always pleasant and pleasant, making fans happy. After completing the fan meeting, Lee Jun Ki said, "I will cheer you on the fans, and I will do my best and shoot hard lawyers. I am always happy with the love you have sent me. I will wait for another day. " Meanwhile, the TVN new Saturday drama 'lawyer lawyer' can watch the first broadcast on Saturday, May 12 at 9 pm, "Lawyer Lee Jun Ki"