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  1. I see what you are saying now. But let me correct myself when I said I root for her action. I appreciate the fact that she stands by his side no matter what flaws he has, but not the part that she goes to her sister and ask her to forgive him. I think HJ went too far in terms of that. I do what to say that HJ did ask Kang what kind of crime he committed, it was in episode 84, but it just didn't show that he actually said it. I feel like HJ is the kind of character that you won't find a lot in this world, especially in this world. Also, I want to point out something; I feel like unless you have been with that person or get to know this person on a personal level, then you will never really know that person. In this drama, the only person, besides DR, HJ is the only other person who actually got to know Kang. She hangs out with him like almost every day, so she knows what kind of person he is. On the other hand, everyone else just looked at Kang on the outside, his title, and social status, thus they don't want to know him. My point is, I feel like the only reason why HJ was able to forgive him because she knows Kang on a personal level. But i am not saying she should ask her sister to forgive him also. She never judged his social status, right from the beginning. I am sure Kang didn't give any excuses. And I do agree that HJ probably should have asked more details, but what is the point of knowing the detail? Also, if HS had known Kang on a personal level, then she, herself would have forgiven him because she would know he repented! That's all I am going to say.
  2. So since there is a lot of talk on Kang and HJ and how she cannot seem to forget Kang. So in episode 90, we see HJ goes to her sister and beg her to forgive Kang because she can't seem to get over Kang. And from episode 87 to 89, we see how much she cried and how much she wants to get over him, but I guess when you in love nothing can stop it, lol. So this topic has been a big talk in Naver, debating whether her action was too selfish and that she doesn't think about her sister's feelings. Especially someone who raised her like a daughter. So in Naver, there are many Koreans and when I raised my opinions, they all give me thumbs down because of I, personally was for the action. Also, some wonder what ran through the writer's head when she wrote that part. HJ is crazily in love with Kang, but netizens said it shouldn't be to the point where she is now. She is begging her own sister to forgive someone who killed her husband/brother-in-law, some may say that is crazy action. I wonder what do foreigners think of it. I am really interested to see what you'll think of HJ's action towards her sister.
  3. I really don't want to think about it until this Saturday. Anything could happen. I am over here keep analyzing the preview but it could lead to so many conclusions, I just am tired of all this miracle around. See you all this Saturday!!
  4. So in the preview, GR at the hospital scene, I predict that either HJ or Mr. Kang will get hurt. Bc GR said he will take revenge on his father for his mother. And HJ said, “no”. So most likely one of them will end up in the hospital. Also, I wonder why GR passed out on the street. Does anyone have guess on that?
  5. If that’s not love I don’t what is. I told you guys, HJ would choose Kang over the death of her brother-in-law. I love HJ, she is willing to love him even after all that happened. Next week something will come out!!
  6. Guys, DR might be Wanf grandma’s granddaughter. Today, in one of her episodes, she said her mom told her not to let go of her little sister’s hand. So she might’ve lost her little sister that. How are they going to reveal that?
  7. Yea, we will get happy ending literally on the last day and the writer is going to rush the ending, you can bet on it.
  8. So guys the thing that I really didn’t understand about what this writer did together was, how in the world she has HJ’s niece wreck her own aunt’s wedding? I mean why on her wedding day, the most happiest day of her life, and it turn into the most miserable day of her life? Did she happened to have her one of family members going thru that? Another thing, people understood her action because she grew up 28 years without a dad, but a lot of kids grew up without a mom or dad? Now, I might sound mean, but that’s how I feel. Instead DY was treated like princess all her life with her mom by her hand and foot. And on the other hand, DR has led a hard life. Her mom didn’t really love her. She was being discriminated by her mom and kick of the house in the cold weather. I think DR should be more than DY. And having DY ruining a person’s business was not ok. She payed his crime and he even begged and said sorry, what else do you want from him? But this drama does lead to a bigger question that I think it is worth debate and think about! If my dad was a criminal, who show up almost thirty years later and claim he is my dad, will I be able to accept him? Or on the other way around, if I know he killed one of my family member, and I know he paid his crime, will I be able to forgive him? I think I would on the second one, not sure about the first one. If I know he payed his crime and he know what he did was wrong, I think I would be able to forgive him, maybe not right away!! So guess, I predict HJ will go back to Kang’s side despite of Kang’s past. But this time he would push her away, I think. Here what I think. Yes her brother-in-law is part of her family. But by not marrying him will not bring him back. She has what, about 50 years ahead of her, so she can’t just not marry him just because one accident he made. Also, like she said, the future is more important than the past. And over time HS will come to accept Kang and will forgive him. But I think I’m the end it is HJ’s choose to stick with him or to leave him for good, and if she does that, I would understand it, but I will be kind of disappointed.
  9. The most boring two episodes ever. The writer is dragging it soo much. The whole time I was so frustrated. And HJ bed scene didn’t even show, what the heck? Also, what is the point of having DY screaming at DR’s father? He payed his price that he didn’t even commit. And putting grandma in the hospital, that just bad.
  10. I am too feared to watch this weekend’s episodes. HJ and Kang; WDR and DR couples are going thru another roller coaster. I feel so bad for all four of them but mostly for Kang. This weekend will be DR’s blow off weekend. I just hope it won’t last all four episodes. Guys, I actually can understand here, not her tantrums, but missing her father part. Growing up without a fatherly love can be really hard because she has to watch other kids walks with their dad and now to see that DR have a dad and she doesn’t, she will be very jealous, and that is part of her personality. The part that i am curious to find is how GR will react to the situation. But I wonder why the writer had to use her family. Writer, please listen to our wishes, don’t let DY’s childish act last all weekend. She can be mad for like one or two episodes and let the past be in the past. Poor Kang! HJ, help solve his case!!
  11. They really slept together! Not showed in drama but you can tell! Haha!! I love all her kisses in this drama, haha!! I thought the writer went overboard when she has DY explodes all his secrets on their wedding day. That just too much and kind of evil, if you ask me. Also, how can HJ and DR be this unfortunate? They both got the sweetest men in their life, yet because of the evil people around them, they can’t be happy. I can’t stand when DY breaks her aunt’s happy day, what kind of human being is she? And as someone mentioned, I also can’t feel sorry for her. She has been such a rude person throughout this whole drama, and the writer is going to allow her to throw more tantrum next week’s episodes. Does the writer personally likes her or what?? Also, as for HJ and Kang, they should just get out of the country, gosh I can’t believe South Korea is this small. If it is so small how come I haven’t met any celebrities yet? Like I said, poor HJ and Kang. HJ does not deserve this misfortune. Anyways, I just hope this mess will end quickly. So guys I have a theory, so do you guys think HJ will be the one who solve his mystery? More like, HJ will question him and he will give all the details and find it strange that he didn’t actually stabbed DY’s dad. And she finds the best lawyer to solve his case, of course without anyone notice. I mean HJ already knows he is not that kind of person.
  12. Wow, I just finished today's episodes, it looks very happy and warm!! Gosh, next week. What are they going to do about HJ and Kang? It looks like she will be in the hospital. DY, not on their wedding day. It looks like next week both of the families will be heartbroken. I thought today's episode was such a heartwarming!! HJ gets a blessing from her sister and Wang's family invite Kang for dinner as an in-law. I guess we needed these two warmhearted episodes before everything gets so messy next week. Poor Kang, he didn't even commit the crime but he is getting all the humiliation. I don't think I can watch next week's episodes.
  13. I am so satisfied that Jin Kyung and Choi Su Jung had a lot of scenes today!! I am so thankful that she didn't leave for America. Man, it looks like the secret is going to be out either tomorrow or next week. Can HJ still love him??