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  1. I didn’t have enough of her in MOTA though she did very well but I want to see a longer time screen of her in every ep just like in doctors and Pinocchio . Yah I want roles for her a villain , action or a rich with bad character . I know she can pull it off. Just like iEmma . I don’t her to cry anymore although she’s the actress who can make viewers cry with her . Let’s pray together that she’ll good drama script after she finish filming her movie. Otherwise kdrama land is empty for me .
  2. @alcides 14ahjumma . I can’t wait for 2 years . If possible her to have a project every year. I think it’s not too much to ask from her. She needs that as well to make her acting solid. I want a matured role for her . I don’t mind seeing her a young mother coz that will off to another level as the level of emotions will different . Can’t wait for her movie. By the way she looks fresh and sassy and cool in her new hair style with some fringe . As I read some comments on her bob hair that whatever hairstyle long or short will suit her coz she has natural beauty. I think even if she’s bald she’ll still look beautiful. Greetings to every esp for those who are celebrating Chinese New Year .
  3. For me she doesn’t really look like Shinhye coz the eyes and mouth and the shape of face but maybe the way the picture was taken.
  4. In Shin Hye latest interview she said said her favourite is Cha Eun Sang coz she’s closed to the actors as there was not difference in the age . Is it hinting that there might season 2. Coz mi ho is coming back in May and before he enlisted when he comes back he’ll do a big project . I hope there is but to more matured story and roles for them as they’re already in their 30’s.
  5. I tot she cut her hair . But in this picture she still has long hair. I actually like her short hair she looks sexy and sassy and very fresh. Hope she really cuts. But anyway a natural beauty like her will look beautiful even she’s bald or in sack. Hope she gets another drama end of this year from a good writer. I didn’t have enough of her in MOTA although she did an amazing job but I want to see her the whole episode just like in doctors. Let’s pray the best for her and hope she stays strong and healthy.
  6. I thought MOTA can be a masterpiece especially so it was show on Netflix where the world watched. Before the shooting started it was very promising the way they describe the plot. It was a big budget drama with Alist actor and actress as the lead . It started good but the ending was a great hell. SJJ has the idea but she can’t write . If only it was written well then MOTA can be comparable to western drama that Korea should be proud of but because of SJJ everything was down into the drain. Thanks to PSH and HB who really did an amazing job because of their incredible acting. Now I understand why SH never promote this drama and her last interview she felt sorry to her fans that she wasn’t able to show what she’s capable to. After this drama SJJ can just pack and live in the mountains with the wolves that is whe she belongs . MOTA is trending not because is good drama but because it’s like a piece of richard simmons . SJJ you really wasted everything and your chance to be recognised in the world. Seven months the staffs, crews and actors and actress but what you did. You went in few countries but 90 percent we saw is korea. SJJ please go back to college and learn how to write.
  7. The power of PSH and HB . With this messy ending and yet the rating is almost 10 . Can you imagine if the ending is not like that ?
  8. Isn’t it more realistic if the ending should be SJ meet JW since he called him in Granada to sell in game and his able that JW was the one to finish the final quest. Then since everything is clear with the game JW returned to be the CEO and that he had proven everyone that he didn’t kill anyone. Then SJ and JW work together to develop the game to another level. I don’t mind HJ and JW not to hug or kiss in the end but at least they should meet as what JW has promised . And it’s up for the audience to think whether they’ll end up together .
  9. I think the writer change the ending last minute because HB and PSH had an interview before or while the drama was in the beginning that it will have a happy ending and the romance is what the audience want to see . But during the last day of shooting when PSH has v live it’s like a bittersweet so I presume the writer had changed. And PSH never post anything about this maybe she doesn’t to disappoint her fans. She normally post in her insta about her drama.
  10. PSH and HB deserve an acting award in this drama. As some mentioned here PSH is a crowd puller all her dramas are 2digit rating and not just 2 digit it’s 20 plus . If this drama is well written I’m very it will have a very high rating even if it’s in cable drama . Though the rating is considered good but it should have been better. And it will be a masterpiece . Yura’ s wedding is not necessary . I think this writer can only write few episodes drama. If it’s not PSH and HB I think it will just have 2 percent rating. Let’s hope PSH and HB get an award for their incredible performance and pray that those writers, producers, directors saw their amazing and how good actors they and casts them in the movie or drama. I’m very they won’t regret and won’t fail.
  11. The writer should have have the opinion of other writers . I don’t think he’s a writer . She maybe able to write a play for kindergarten children. How can it be after JW sacrifices so much for the company to prove something was wrong and in the end able to clear the mistakes then he should be back proudly back to his company as a CEO and introduce Se Joo as the creator of the game . HJ and JW at least meet up . They don’t need to kiss but they can just hug after all it’s HJ who inspired him to continue to fight until the end because she believe him. But what he was not even shown . This is really crazy. This the worst ending of a kdrama I’ve ever watched . With a big budget drama and shown in Netflix where the world is watching . The writer should at least shown the world that even Korean writer can write well. She started it well but ended like a richard simmons.
  12. I really can’t digest the from worse to worst. How can it happen. JW is an NPC after clearing everything. The ex wives had happy ending ? I don’t Mind if Su Jin died but JW missing as the CEO of the company who founded it and now successful is not even there. I don’t mind if HJ and JW Did not end as a couple what but at least They should meet again and JW as a CEO just like how they met in Granada. But at least they should meet at the end .
  13. What’s that ? What ending is that ? What’s the point of JW sacrifices when I’m the end he was not even in the company at least to be the CEO again . There’s nothing wrong with game anymore . He should be back in his company at least he had proven that he’s correct that something was wrong with the game and he corrected everything at least he must get a happy ending but till the end his life is miserable and meaningless . I don’t really understand the writer . And where is the scene they shoot in Budapest and Slovenia . My goodness this writer is crazy .
  14. My only wish and hope is for HB and PSH to get an awards for their acting in this drama . I think they really deserve that. This writer has good idea but was not able to write it really well . I think it’s the flaws of the story I’m not sure but anyway whatever it is but she’s lucky to get HB and PSH . They did a very excellent and amazing performance . They make the show really believable in every scene they act. I can’t imagine any other actors in their role . PSH nailed her two roles . Last night when she stab JW with that devil look and cold expression and HB . They didn’t say a word but their expression conveyed everything . I still think there’s a happy ending . JW and HJ suffered from the beginning so they deserve happiness in their life . Let’s warch tonite ep.
  15. Tomorrow is the last ep but they have not shown the one they shoot in Slovenia and Budapest . JW went to see Emma is Emma going to take JW with her in Slovenia . Hahaha . Why he didn’t ring the bell he promised HJ that he’ll be bck in the morning . Why why why...... so sad . More tense tomorrow’s ep. Didn’t even show HJ but Emma and JW. Only. What’s going to happen....
  16. Let’s watch today’s and tomorrow’s episodes. This is the the only drama that I stream from episode 1 till the last episode. Though I can watch it in Netflix an hour after. All for the love of Shin Hye .
  17. Since we already watched until 14 episodes then let’s just finish it to the end. Let’s just set aside whatever disappointment we have . Let’s just continue whatever we have started and support the casts and production staffs who worked so hard . Esp HB and PSH
  18. The writer is really is something for a big budget drama and the casts and staffs who worked so hard . She just spoilt everything . She started it well that I thought it will be a masterpiece. Imagine the whole world watch. But I still hope that it’s a good ending . As I said I’m holding to Hyun bin’s interview. May SJJ interview was way before the romance started. So when she saw the amazing chemistry between the two she changed her plot. Coz she also said she was surprised to see that side of PSH. So I have hope that the ending is something magical and all questions will be answered. So let’s keep supporting until the end for all the casts and the staffs.
  19. I’ll be holding to the last episode. Cause of HB and PSH. And because of what I read about HB interview that at then everything will be solved and there will be magical romance . Let’s support MOTA
  20. I also don’t understand why must JE pay mental debt to HS. The reason why he looked for SJ so he can only start his relationship with HJ. In the episode where they had their first kiss he said if there’s only one person who can believe him then he will stay that’s he asked HJ and that was the reason why he continued to fight. Is the writer being lost of how the story is being developed . The romance between HJ and JW is not forced rather it is the pillar that make both of them strong. As what someone had mentioned here that W is more believable.
  21. What I think is that when the plot was given to Shin Hye it was good but as the writer writes every episode she is lost coz that’s how I observe it . It’s my first time watching kdrama that every episode half of it is flashback only . the flow of the story is too messy .Hope the rating continue to go up . The writer should know not because of her story but because PSH and HB really did a good job. They’re so amazing . And to all the casts and production staffs. The good rating is credited to them. After watching MOTA I wonder why some actresses and actors dropped the drama after few episodes . Is it because the plot given to them is different as story continues coz what I know is in Korea the writer continue to write the script while they conitnue to shoot. It’s not the whole script for whole episodes are given to the cast before they star to shoot. I’m just wondering why.
  22. Hope the rating continue to rise up for the hardworkwork if all the casts especially HB and PSH. And to all the production staffs
  23. I’m same as all of you here . After waiting for about years I was so excited about this drama . I know is about games but I tot she was involved in the games. I even read that she played games in order to prepare herself. Although she acted very but I want her to be the main character. I was so happy after her Pinocchio esp in doctors she was totally different so I tot this mota is even better but no . And this drama do too much of flashbacks . It consumed half of the airing time every ep. And the story is quite in a mess but no matter I watch it because of Shin Hye and her chemistry with Hyun Bin is undeniable . She has the best chemistry with him so far. Their acting is very well done . The writer is very lucky to team up these two. If only they the other drama offered to them I’m very sure the rating will be above 20. But as I said no matter what let’s support Shin Hye . I even stream live to watch and after an hour I watch again on Netflix . Hope her movie Call will be good to bring her up to the next level. Let’s pray and hope for the best.
  24. I don’t think the kiss scene is a fan service . It’s like goodbye kiss coz Jin woo is not sure of what’s going to happen .hes not sure whether he’ll be able to survive . How can it be fan service . If you’re in that situation what will you do . JW / HJ romance is the first kdrama romance that is very natural and it’s not the cheesy type it’s more to matured and serious type . They didn’t have much skin ship but through their eyes and gestures they express their feelings really well. As I watch I can feel that they’re not acting it’s really like real. They really such good actor and actress . If HB/ PSH accepted the first drama offered to them which is more on romance with their chemistry I’m very the rating will above 20. I agree with others that the writer drag too much and too many flashbacks . Having flashbacks is fine but not every episodes . And not with 2 episodes left should have not Yura and Su Jin come out . Not necessary . Should just have concentrate on the game and JW and HJ romance . I really pray they can work again .
  25. Among the Korean actress in Korea PSH has the most expressive eyes . This was also told by Hua Ming Angela baby’s husband when both of them were guess in China Gala Show . This the biggest show in China . I think only LMH and PSH were the only Koreans who were invited here. About here acting here in MOTA I can imagine any other actress who can pull off the role . HB and PSH really did a very good job and I can imagine any other actor who can play as JW. So both them really match well.