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  1. WOW! What can I say . Can't find the right word to describe her pictorial in Elle hongkong and wkorea. In Elle hk she project herself as a rich and arrogant heiress with a touch of innocence in wkorea SENSOUS . She's not perfect but she's fabulous .
  2. Really the power of shin hye . The only actress who can have a fan meet with such a huge crowd. As what she said if you share your happiness you get doubled . This i will always remember and tell my friends. Btw I thought sh has event today Swarovski according to her schedule. But I didn't see any photo . Dying to see her
  3. You see sha sang the it's of Pinocchio but no drama clips but she sang story its of the the heirs there were drama clips . Lol. Miss everyone Pinocchio ash , hope you're fine miss u . Same as Irene tan and Reina Zeid sorry if spell wrongly you know who I mean. Hope to see any post from you and the others .
  4. Hope somebody can post her other appearance . Tot today she has two appearance in two separate malls. Tq
  5. She looks so beautiful and demure in just simple dress. WOW look at the crowd . Shin hye must really so happy seeing those fans supporting her. Remember we are her strength . Why she didn't have fan met when I was there last year I should be one of the crowd as well. Thanks to those who are posting here really appreciate it and to those who went to support shin hye Tq and wish u all the best always. Hope we can see her when can her picture at the airport when she goes bck Korea.
  6. She's so pretty even without make up and she looks so fresh . Lucky are those fans who went yesterday they able to see her personally. It's amazing how much supporters she has for a fan meet to have 7500 audience is really unbelievable. Thanks to those fans who made it happened not only you enjoyed yourself but you are partly the people who will change the the of those unprovoked he children. May you continued to be blessed.
  7. Yup I notice that also that in all her fanmet she sang the theme song oh the heirs and doctors . For doctors I understand coz it's her latest drama. She recorded one PST for Pinocchio if I remember but she never sing . Pinocchio is latest than the heirs but she sang ost and showed some clips so there's only one conclusion the heirs is safe coz lmh is taken so in Pinocchio something is fishy . That's in my delusion mind . They tried to avoid rumours . Hahaha
  8. Fans in the Philippines take this opportunity not just to meet shinhye but also a chance to help those starving children . Remember she's going to Donate the money to charity so through Shing you'll be able to change the life if these children. If only it's my holiday I'll fly back there just to see her and be part of those who can change the life of these children . So please fill araneta so those children will have a better life.
  9. Is there any president of sh fan club reading here how I wish you can pass the message to shin hye that we really miss her so please show up at at the airport at least seeing her picture leaving Korea to Manila and back will quench our thirst. Really miss her. So please don't be ninja shinhye.
  10. In the picture above can see how sexy is shinhye . She has that body like of those Bollywood Hindustan . I find them really sexy and beautiful . They're not those skinny type but they have that really s line shape from upper part to bottom so shinhye is like the . She is gifted what a woman should have.
  11. My goodness shin hye is totally different in wkorea . Can't blink my eyes .only one word I can say WOW. In VIP of taxi driver she's so simple yet can't be left out . She really knows how to dress up for different ocassions .
  12. I hope we can't see shin hye picture in the airport when she goes to Manila. Really dying to see her . No drama. I can't count how many times I watch all her dramas. Hope she shows up in the airport just like when went to HK. Hope she won't be ninja. Hope she can think that her fans are starving coz she had no drama. Hahaha really miss her.
  13. Oh feel so sad Singapore is so near to me yet I can't go to her fm coz it's Saturday and I can't take leave. I missed the chance in Korea as it was late when I knew that attended the VIP of Real. If I knew her schedule earlier I should have go there. Now again in Singapore. I hope we can see her airport photo at least .
  14. Shinhye looks exactly like a westerner with her brunette hair and with that hair style. So beautiful