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  1. Felt so sad now I'm in Korea went to litre dept store but shin hye is no more the endorser. It's shin min ah
  2. Wow is shin hye on holiday again . Her latest picture insta is that new? She's so sexy and demure in allure mag. All her mag cover have different vibes .
  3. Who knows maybe when shin hye met up with the doctors casts js was with them .
  4. Wow ! Miss you ash . Missing everyone here.
  5. Well haters are everywhere and we won't understand them for being such. The only conclusion is beause of jealousy. Just like shin hye she had good heart and always appreciate others yet many hates her and bad mouth her . As a fan of her I'm not asking them to like or support her but I think they don't have to bad mouth her. For me if you don't like just don't support the person. So just enjoy the ride and forget those haters. As long as you're happy that's the most important and don't do any harm to others.
  6. Shin hye has a very wholesome image in Korea that's all her kisses are light . Now she's trying to prepare them for a matured role as she's already in her late 20s . Other actress they don't really bother even if they kiss too much. As sh said most of fans are those ajumma so of course for them sh must be a ideal for them as her image is innocent and clean. As a fan I like the way she's developing . It's gradual following her age. She's always bashed because of her kissing but audience have to understand her role and her age. In the heirs how can you expect a highscool student to kiss passionately. She's a student in that drama. In Pinocchio her kissing is appropriate to her role. In doctors is more passionate coz her role her is she's in her 30s. And I guess it had to do with the other partner also. I remembered in the heirs she was not even informed that's lmh felt bad kissing her like that. In Pinocchio ljs and psh discussed it together. In doctors I remembered krw told that they discussed the scenes that they are together as krw said to come out with the good chemistry both partners must work together.and I think this is the reason why their chemistry is so real. As both of them are passionate in acting and always considerate of their partner.
  7. She didn't clip when she sings Pinocchio ost because it's dangerous hahaha where as when she sing the heirs ost she puts the drama clip because it's very safe as everyone knows lmh is dating Suzy . So I hope you get what I mean . Shippers always can imagine right? As long as we are happy and we don't disturb others.
  8. yeppennae you said during her fm last she's very good speaker just like taking to friends . This is the reason why actually when she holds fm she limit the number coz ad much as possible she wants to reach her fans and have personal interaction . Her fm is not just to make money but for the international fans to see her in person and for her to spend time with them . To get close to them. This is also the reason why the money from her fm she donates to charity to help the unprivileged children just like she is helping her fans to donate . So it's actually worth going to her fm coz not only you can see her and have good time but also you're able to help those unprivileged children.
  9. Hi Lydlaw . How is shin hye in person? Hope you had a good time. Thanks for some update. Many says she's more beautiful in person that on tv
  10. Is shin hye having new stylist ? Since last press conference her dress is horrible. Luckily shin hye is beautiful so no matter what kind of dress she wears she'll still looks breathtaking beautiful. The stylist should hve just let her dress tshirt and jeans.
  11. Hope somebody can post some pictures on her fm tonite. At least I'll feel that I'm able to watch also.
  12. Wow congratulations lydlaw. You're very lucky . Enjoy your day.
  13. I think her skirt is nice but the blouse I think she should have just wear like what she wore in the airport.
  14. I read that sh conference tonight will go on intagram live at 8.00 KST time . From PSH international fan club
  15. Saw sh photo in the airport going to hongkong . She wears simple and chuck yet very beautiful. Saw it at doctors thread they're really very fast in updating things.