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  1. Wherever shinhye go, whoever she's with , whatever she wears she'll always stands out among the crowd . Her beauty is not perfect but for me that makes her very attractive because that's what we call natural.after the channel event when can we see her appearance again ? I tot she's going to Italy for swarovski at least can see her picture in the airport and in the event. Really missed her so much.
  2. Both are in Europe who knows they'll meet up somewhere . Both do not have drama. Spending time together before js enlistment . Shippers can always dream.
  3. Shin hye really excites and surprises us with her dressing style . From a very classy and demure lady to cool and chick look. She's never been boring . Really love her dress and style in press con and the airport fashion. Can't wait for her movie. Let's pray for that it will be a big hit.
  4. Hahaha sh used two brands of bag in the airport . First few pictures she used coach but the last picture she use channel. Same colour and style but the strap is different. Is she going to Italy as mentioned before or Paris ?
  5. Any idea where's shin hye going? Wow she looks so cool and chic . In the press conference of silence she looks so demure and classy 360degrees change airport fashion. From head to toe. She really knows how to dress up for the occasion . Have to thanks her stylist for that as well. Miss sh so much . I'm really anticipating her movie. Praying that it will be a big success and hope this movie will be her break through to movies. God Bless to everyone and of course to our sh.
  6. Can't wait sh movie to be released . It looks very intense . I really sh role her is good as I want to see her as an actress in the true sense of it. Actress who'll be respected and recognised for her acting ability. Though I missed her but I also understand why she's not just taking any drama coz she wants a drama that will showcase her acting ability and a story that will be remembered not just pick up a drama for the sake of money . I really respect she's very smart and matured. Let's always pray for her .
  7. As I always mentioned don't be bothered about the rumours esp from those pretending to sh fans. Believe on what we feel until both js and sh confirmed or denied by themselves as for now I still hold on to the dispatch news 2years back coz they have evidence sh agency said they will confirm once sh came bck from Europe but after that no news so until now I will still hold on dispatch news. Rumours are sometimes created by other shippers so I can't be bother . I'll continue to ship sh and js and they can cont theirs.
  8. Thanks Irene . As I mentioned before don't believe in rumours cos they may not be sh fan . I think sh is well protected in Korea as most of her fans are 30s 40s and she's the wholesome image so how can there's a rumor about break up. They didn't even admit that they're dating even there were evidence . I'll ship them until the end .
  9. Miss shinhye so much. I wish I can see her picture at the airport leaving for Milan for Swarovski event and leaving for New York for Coach fashion week . Really can see her at least in the pictures in the airport and events. Hopefully her agency lett us see those. Really so miss her.
  10. Don't believe in rumor it maybe just pretend to be js and sh fans. How can there'll a rumor of break up when they deny they're dating even there's some proofs and it's from the dispatch . After that both of them were never link to anyone . Now js often a cafe and I remember sh said she wants to have a cafe after marriage or when she won't be too active as an actress. And remember js said he's a homebody but now he's trying to change so guys don't be shaken by those rumor until the two of them confirm their relationship and whoever they ended up I believe both of them had the past. For now I hope that they ended together if they're meant to be. For now let's just support their individual project.
  11. Let is looking younger each day after doctors same goes with his fashion. Kim Rae won not let sorry typo
  12. Second round doctors won but on the final round the moderator withdraw and everyone understand the reason for withdrawal.
  13. Ash nice to see you again here. Shinhye trip to LA was short coz I think she just did some photoshoot in Sept 12 in think she's going to New York for COACH fashion week. Miss js and sh how I wish they can be in a movie which I know is impossible. How I wish to see them in any event but also impossible as they're really trying not to but anyway I just pray that they're really in a relationship and spend some quality time before js serve his duty. Hope they'll be blessed with good things and be successful in their career.
  14. Anyone knows when is shin hye event in LA go Swarovski . Dying to see her photos. Really miss her too much.