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  1. I read in one of sh shippers thread that sh will have fm tour starting June . Very excited about the news. She'll go hongkong Taiwan and Thailand
  2. Where's shin hye? Miss her so much? How I wish I can see at least her photo attending something or airport photo. Wishing for her return in drama land
  3. Why so quite suddenly sh stop posting on her ig . No idea whether she's already back tho we know js is busy working shy is enjoying her holiday . Hahaha
  4. I think they know each other if I'm not mistaken they were both inMAMA in hongkong PSY and shin hye u mean
  5. To everyone I hope we stop discussing about P award everything I just assumption and it may give negative outcome so just keep supporting her and pray for whatever reason is there just respect that. About the shippers fandom don't ever say that it's a burden to her she'll never say for what I read long time ago that she respect and and thankful to all the shippers as they are her fans as well so I hope you can talking about it as it will hit those shippers who support shin hye in well. They are respectful fans so please stop.
  6. I think those mentioned named are not loyal or real fans of shin hye coz what I know is those who are really her fans are very protective of shin hye and they are patiently waiting for her to do a drama and to date coz they know that shin hye already emphasis that she will not reveal if she's dating so maybe she's already dating but she keep it private and her true fans respect that. So I believe those you mentioned named are not her true fans.
  7. Her best friend park meeso . She used to travel with her overseas
  8. shin hye is very famous and many envy her so there will be lot of rumours but as nothing of is true we don't have to worry as long as we fans don't believe in rumor and always believe and support no matter what the haters spread the truth will always prevail. A solid rock will not be washed always by waves no matter how strong it is. Same as sh fans if we are solid we won't be affected by false rumours cos we strongly believe and trust sh. Leave the haters do what they want and we sh fans hold our hands together in prayer and support her. For I believe good deeds will always win over bad things. Truth will will always come out and for all we know those haters will become her fans. We pray for them to let the love grow in their heart. So they will learn how to love. Always believe in GOD. Thank you
  9. I think there's nothing wrong with the video if it's just about her being seen with her friends shopping. First she is seen with friends and the place is a decent place so what rumour can spread ? There's nothing . If you say respect her privacy well she's a public figure and famous so fans get excited when they see her and if they share to others what the video it's because they're too happy. I saw the video and honestly speaking I was so happy seeing and I found nothing unusual it's only she went in shopping with her friends. So why some react to it in different way . I'm also her fan but for me there's nothing wrong with the video unless there's other things I didn't see coz what I saw was just her entering a boutique with her friends.
  10. Shin hye stated before that she prefers bf older than her or same age with her but not younger than . So definitely if that's CTJ they're just casual friend.
  11. Usforever pls do send a list of sh fc. Appreciate very much.
  12. So if want to give money to help us to vote . How can we do it. Thanks
  13. Oh my god my stress at work are all gone when I saw shin hye . At last I'm so happy I really can't explain my feelings.
  14. PinocchioAsh you don't have to reply her just don't bother . Why? Because darling shippers the brain are placed in our head whereas hers is under her feet so she's not able to think properly as her brain is not working coz she's always stepping on it .LOL. Sometimes I doubt whether she has brain . So darling shippers don't be affected by those treats just enjoy shipping.
  15. What happens to sh ? Is she ok? Why there's no news of her at all? How I wish sh reads this forum so she'll know how's the feeling of us fan if doesn't have news about her. We miss her and at the same time worried as we don't what happens to her.