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  1. If anyone of the president of her fan club pls update us of her whereabouts I'm sure not only me miss her but all her fans we don't only miss her but we're worried if we don't hear any news about her so please give us sone news of her. Will appreciate it very much.
  2. Where is sh ? Why no news about her. No ig from her as well. Last year she the fm won't be able to co of her busy schedule. Now almost a year since her last drama but there's no update on her next project. I remember she said after she graduated she'll do more drama. Last time I always see her latest photo going in an out china for fm and in Korea for fan sign but now I miss her so much. Is she ok? Hope she's fine. Miss her so much.
  3. Why so quite no ig for both of them . Miss them so much. I know js is busy filming but not of them sudddenly never anything in their ig.
  4. I agree with jalhanda said you don't need to do bed scence if it's not necessary though I want sh to do more mature and daring role no need beef scence or to show too much skin as long as you can portray the role well and express the emotion. With her wholesome image I don't she'll show too much skin. Anyway there are those who become good and famous actress without doing all those. I also want her to act with matured actor like krw. Hyung bin going too and others who are mature above 30 yrs old. Matured actors had matured fans.
  5. Guys I miss sh so much . No news on her no ig . I almost memorise her dialogue in pinocchio and doctors coz I kept on watching them. Yah I want to share to you guys about this based on my own experience. As you know mamonde was launch her in Malaysia few months ago and immediately I bought first energy serum honey suckle and lotus micro cleansing foam and my friends noticed the difference in my skin even the one who do facial for me . And my daughter who has sensitive skin she's using lotus micro cleansing foam and it's good . I'm also using moisture creamiest skin softener and mamonde powder cushion which is good bcos it looks so natural. Now I want to get rosewater toner for my girl as I read it's good for dehydrated skin. Since they they're all from flowers so I think it's good especially for teenagers as they tend to have sensitive skin. So guys I hope you give it a try. Sorry for the list post .
  6. Even if I'm not in medical field but looking at their you can that they did it coz no one I born to be perfect . Shin hye is not not perfect she had the flaws like her nose but because of that flaws you find something that is beautiful in her and her best asset Is her eyes. For person to be beautiful she must have flaws cos a person who does not have flaws you'll find it boring to look at. I remembered watching survey from YouTube whereby few Americans were asked and sh got the most because according to them sh has more on western aura which I also would agree she doesn't have a typical Korean look.
  7. Finally the true actress in the list songhyekyo gonghyujin and parkshinhye. It's very funny that kimjiwon is in line with shinhye and parkboyoung . Her agency must have paid the reporter s lot hahaha. She doesnt have a drama that she's the lead role. She haven't even proven her status as an actress. If they put kangsira with pay and sh then it's believable but Kjw . Sorry I'm against her but I think she's not in that level yet.
  8. Where is sh. Missing her so much . Any latest news on her? Since ninja for quite sometime.
  9. Looks like she puts on weight. I hope she didn't coz she looks extremely beautiful if she's slimmer as you can the feature of her face . I like her to look matured as she's already 27. Tho no matter how I still like her.
  10. @joleyzchen actually I really don't understand what's your problem why you react on what darling shippers think don't understandand hat shippers live in delu world . I didn't remember anyone here confirmed that js and sh are dating in real life. We believe on what we think and it make us happy as long as long as we don't harm others. We've been telling you many times that whoever js and sh end up with we will be happy coz their happiness is ours as well. But for now we just ship them like you ship js to others. Let's just be happy . You enjoy your delu in your thread until you ship can. Take away hatred in your heart coz it's not good. If you think js and hhj are dating then believe in it and be happy. Who knows end of the day your ship and our ship are just the same going to sink. But for now we darling shipper believe on what we think. The most important is we respect one another which I would say you don't have this.RESPECT. Thank you
  11. @joleyzchen hahaha js birthday is not 22feb as well it's somebody's birthday hahaha you're delu than us . I don't think you're js fan coz what I believe his fans are matured. I think u didn't even fin kindetgarten. Try to search the meaning of the word first before you use. What I know shippers like us live in imagination or delu . What we think are delu but we our shippers so why you react. I didn't know that you're close to js cos u know what he thinks hahaha. Just go to thread and enjoy shipping ok. Life is too short for you to waist time here in darling shipper.all of us are enjoying as we have the same thinking.so don't waste your time.
  12. Sh went bck to Korea coz she had food poisoning it seems. Wish she gets well soon. Somebody should take care of her not just her cat. Lol
  13. It seems sh is sick maybe that's why she came bck to Korea that fast. Wish she get well soon
  14. I tot sh will be in thailand for 10 days. Unexpected she comes back earlier. It's not even a week.
  15. She's just very humble saying that the success of the drama is because of her costar because in Pinocchio especially in doctors it's very obvious that the percentage of success is because of her.