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  1. Whoever shin hye is with she will always stands out. She doesn't have to overdressed to be notice. Her dress on that day suits the event well. Especially the colour. It's simple yet elegant and sexy I should say not the type of sexiness that you need to reveal . She really looks so beautiful on that day. Now when can we see her again? Hope she's at least present in MAMA in HK. Miss her.
  2. I think shin hye is already in Macau . She looks so pretty in latest photo. Can't wait for tomorrow.
  3. Wow so happy will get to see shin hye again in the even just in pictures. Is the place a mall or a hotel? So beautiful and high class match with Swarovski. I hope she'll stay Day for a day or two to be at least a presenter in MAMA . At least we can see her walk in the red carpet. Miss her so much that pictures of her in the event make me overwhelm with happiness. I'm waiting for HB to be available on line that's the only way I can watch it. Coz I'm not sure it's going to be shown here. I hope it will be like battleship and sjk came here to promote. Hope HB also and shin hye will come here to Malaysia to promote. Rain or shine I'll be there.happy Sunday everyone . Thanks to all those who always update us shin hye' s latest events and news. Really appreciate. It.
  4. Because of shinhye my daughter and I are using mamonde skincare and cushion powder and lipstick. And today I bought for myself coach wallet because sh is one of the endorser as well. Hahaha. One day I'll get myself something from Swarovski . If I go bck Manila I'll visit Bench as when I went bck 2016 sh was not the endorser yet. Hahaha. The power of sh.
  5. Oh my God. She looks so innocent and sweet and during the AAA awards she looked so elegant and sophisticated young lady. Can't wait to watch heart blackened. God bless to everyone.
  6. Did shinhye walk in red carpet? Hope somebody can post . I can't watch the live stream. Pls do post and share. Tq
  7. Hi everyone! Anyone here knows the link for live steam for AAA awards tomorrow ?apprecite if you can post it here. Shin hye in confirmed to be there right?
  8. I noticed that Koreans don't really like heavy movies during Fall season . I think if the BH was shown last month or earlier the response will be much much better. You see the bros coz i think is more fun. BH is quite heavy drama . Let's pray that it pick up and become a success . Hopefully is US it will be a hit.
  9. Does everyone notice here that after Pinocchio sh always wear long dress or long skirt? I remembered reading in one of js interview that she find ladies wearing long dress or long skirt sexy. And he said shin hye will become more stylish in times and she'll be love by many. Miss them. There was an interview with sh what she's going to do if she retired and she said she wants to have a cafe. Now js opened a cafe. Shippers always connect things that will make our heart flutters. Well we always have as until now they didn't admit that they're committed to someone right? Let's enjoy our ship.
  10. Those shin hye fans in USA please watch shin hye movie to support and I think this movie is worth watching base on the feed back of those who have seen it. Please support our shin hye and I think we won't regret watching this movie bring along your friends and spread the news. Tq God bless everyone. I can't wait to watch it coz it's not available in my country. So sad .
  11. I think shin hye put on some weight. Her face quite round . I hope she loss some weight. As an entertainer not only you must be good but it's important that you look good as well. So please shinhye if you're reading this please kiss some weight so you will look good in every dress you wear . Just like in doctors .
  12. I notice he became more handsome after doctors . What love really can do to a person.
  13. Wow Blackened Heart has a strong opponent . Thor is a very nice movie. I really pray BH will do well. And shin hye acting be recognise . I can't wait to watch it.
  14. Does anyone knows how's Blackened Heart doing? Please do update. Will appreciate it very much. Any picture of her in fm in Japan ? Hoping to see some. Really miss her. Now looking water on the 15 Nov for AAA awards. God bless everyone
  15. WOW! I really envy those fans living in US as they can watch the show as early as it is.PLEASE sh fans support her bring a friend with you and spread the news . I'm so near yet so far. It's not showing here in my country. I hope it make a big hit in US and shin hye acting here will leave an impact to the movie goers to prove that she's not just a pretty face but a real actress in the true meaning of it. God bless