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  1. @lduc where do you get all these clothing photos from??? Is Memories of the Alhambra one big women clothing and accessories commercial?!!! I hope the cat is not also a commercial!!!! Thanks for the photos of Park Shin Hee, very well done.
  2. @wenchanteur said "What an incredible first comment! I have to read it again because my level of English is being tested. This question of perception of reality is also tested in the field of quantum physics, since we realize that some phenomena change in nature as they are observed. Associating the mysteries of drama with a change in perception, leading to a change in perceived reality is a theme that is appropriate for MOA. For something more relaxing, when practicing meditation, the mind or free will (consciousness) decides that the body and its predetermined passions must evolve. Then the brain chemistry also evolves towards a more harmonious stage. It is something more discreet than what happens in MOA, but shows that perception or mind, something intangible and indefinable, can influence a physical reality."""" That is how bio-feedback work. This reader often tell others who are anxious to close their eyes, and in soft voice tell them to focus on a scene.....you are in Tahiti on a beach on a nice sunny day. you are relaxing on the warm sand, above your head is a palm tree, its leave russeling in the breeze.... the breeze is cool and refreshing.... over head in the blue sky are some white cloud...there are seagulls riding the wind squacking happily...…. So your perception can truly alter your reality. Personally this reader HATE quantum physics.... it's strange ...and so I much prefer classical physics although the concept of gravity is itself very bizarre. how could 2 bodies attract each other? like the moon and the earth and the sun so that one would forever (almost) circulate around the other? It is magical!!! Memories of the Alhambra does have flaws, but intense activities and emotions can bring on myocardial infarction and even strokes (albeit randomly and not when they are supposed to be killed like what happened with dr Cha). Hee Joo tendency to faint and cry does occur in Some people whose adrenergic response gets very high to external emotional stimulation. It is not uncommon that in severe emotional distress a person can start tremble so much they can't even walk. It is highly common that in severe stress, a person cannot even think properly like when a policeman stop you and ask you for your driver license and your address, and you cannot even remember what it is! The fact that our CEO Yoo survived the fall is unlikely but possible. So MOA stretches the truth to a more unusual level, but many of the events in the story are not impossible. In any case, this is this reader two cents for the story. This is not an attempt to defend this tale, but to explain things that do happen (some time rarely) in this life. Of course wearing eye glass that can hear is not possible as yet! Reality is after working 10 hours per day 6 to 7 days per week, this reader is too tired to look at this tale critically...I just go with the flow. Personally I think the chemistry between the leads is amazing, and as other soompian have said, emotionally mature...not a budding high school romance, but more that of a husband and wife who understand each other and share things together, both good and bad. This appeals to this reader who is much older, and hopefully wiser! My only complaint.... why do Korean like the word "oo" so much Hee Joo Min Joo, se Joo, CEO Yoo ….. get this reader confused.
  3. Forgive me for taking liberty with your version of your tale of the golden key! Zinu: Yes, I almost got killed in the dungeon by endless armies of zombies, then got shot, stabbed by countless soldiers so I can bring you this key. Emma: Thank you, you have done great work to get here. Zinu: But what does it signified? Do you by chance have Hee Joo's brother...gosh what is his name?.... I never even saw him... His name is...Se...Joo! That's right SeJoo. Gosh I must be getting old or too tired and worn out. The love of my life even call (eoreushin) great uncle before she settle for Ahjussi. I need some vitamins! Emma: I have observed you from before at the CAFE, you never talked that much. Your...Hee Joo must have had positive influence on you. Plus you looks younger, despite all your battle wounds! Zinu: Oh thank you, thank you. My white hair must have disappeared and the crow feet gone and the limp also! In any case Hee Joo told me I have great dimples when I smile! Someone even mentioned that I look like a movie actor, some guy name HB! Emma: Uh... let's not get carried away Eoreus...I mean Ahjussi. You know your mission ends when you surrender to me the key, don't you? Zinu: Yes, that was my guess, but what happened afterward. Do you by chance have the Se..Joo? Emma: Yes, he is my guest, and he can return home once you gives me the key. Zinu: Here it is.... put it in her hand. Emma said: Thank you. Now Se Joo can leave and go back to his sister. As for you (she smile brightly but mysteriously) I have a question for you ZINU. Purplex Zinu asked: Question?...what would you like to know? Emma: Between Jung Hee Joo and I, EMMA, who do you prefer? Be honest... this is just between you and I (she smiled again and winked) Zinu (gulped): I have to admit that I was completely enchanted when I met you at the Cafe, and because of your beauty, I started to notice Hee Joo and realizes that she is a great person, both exteriorly and interiorly, and that I am completely smitten with her. She and I have shared dangers together like the Smith in the movie and our bond toward each other is strong.... so I have to reluctantly says it is her. Zinu added: Beside, you are an image and she is a live person, and as Confucius would say "You can see an image, but you can't hug it" so Sorry. Zinu added: When I was first married to Soo Jin, I thought I met the woman of my life but she then betrayed me with my best zomb...friend. I was depressed, upset and must be drunk when I married Yu Ra. I became bitter and lost all faith in women...until I met Hee Joo who has been loyal to me through thick and thin. She is the love of my life and I'll do anything to protect her. Emma smiled brightly and said: Thanks for your honesty. You are obviously a good man and thus has had a hard time dealing with the women in your life. You're right. pediatrician Soo Jin was emotionally too unstable to stay with you who devoted 99% of his time to his work and 1% to her....hence your Viking hat with horns. Actress Yu Ra was a scheming self-centered diamond digger with nothing in common with you hence your 2nd failure. As for... your.. Hee Joo, you have caused her to cry endlessly to the point that some people call her "the human faucet" and have placed her life in danger with all your troubles. I don't think that your union will have a happy ending... with a brooding CEO and a weeping guitar artist! As they says in American Baseball.... three strikes and... YOU'RE OUT (She tightened her lips). Emma continued smiling again: As such, you can stay here with me for eternity. I always smile and will play Recuerdos de Alhambra to you for the next 1 trillion times (smile again). You seems to be an interesting man, and we will have lots to converse .... for the next 1000 years. Thanks for coming. Little See Joo was just a child who talks endlessly about computer game. I find him boring. I find you most interesting. Zinu: But.... Emma cut in: You said Hee Joo is the love of your life, and that you'll do anything to protect her. But all you have done was to make her cry, and place her in danger. So it is best that you two be parted, and stay here with me.... as Confucius would say "You can look but you can't touch"... (smiling) ZINU: ahhhhhhhhhh And that is how Se Joo came back home to Seoul while CEO Yoo Jin Woo disappeared! and the human faucet Hee Joo wet all her towels!
  4. @stargazer187 said: This brought me the thought of a theory that now is her turn to play the game. When SJ was missing, JW gives his all to find him. And now he's missing. I guess HJ will try to find him as well. Only logging in to the game, she'll be able to see what normal eyes can't see. She has an access to find his whereabouts by leveling up. Just like how JW ever did. MoA 2.0 quest 》finding Zinu. The filming location in Budapest or Slovenia that was ever reported might be the place of their next quest journey. Hopefully Emma and Zinu won't get stuck in the game.
  5. @lxands wrote: "They are so cute...he looked so serious watching the monitor, yet at the end he turn around & cheekily teased PSH. She seemed shy & hide behind his back. They seem very comfy with each other..HB seems so relax with PSH. I think HB is single, but I heard PSH has a bf. I wonder if her bf is ok seeing her so friendly with hottest guy in SK? And heard they spent some months together overseas too to film MOA. Btw in the bts @3:28, PSH pulled/adjusted HB's jacket, they werent filming, right, becos HB was talking to someone on his other side, so they must be still discussing abt the scene. So I wonder if PSH's action was unscripted, that she adjusted his jacket on her own iniative" Are they filming Memories of the Alhambra OR What Happens with Secretary Kim???? Park Shin Hye would make a great Secretary! Soompians have commented about the flaw of the program. The main flaw is that the intense psychological emotion and heightened alert from playing this game CAN KILL. Can cause player to die. Part of that is because of the intense adrenalin rush from the realism (rapid heart rate, increased blood pressure...causing cerebral hemorrhage which was what happened to the poor secretary) or may fall down and die from trauma (like CEO Yoon almost did at Hostal Bonita). Then an addicted player won't stop, won't eat, won't care about the cold (imagine if they play this in winter with snow?!!) the rain and can suffer physically. The other flaw is that if the player dies while playing, he/she cannot leave the game and just wandering around aimlessly playing the same game!!!! If the dead was dueling with a living player, he will keep doing so repetitively. If he died killing zombie, then that will repeat also, but the zombie is not real, so no harm is done. The main fix to the problem would be to make the game safer by not having as intense an experience (but that is the thrill of the game), and to forcibly end a user interaction in the game so it won't run endlessly in case he can't or won't log out. It seems like the can lock out some player at this point. The game must not violate the 1st rule of gaming.....dead man CAN't PAY to play game!!!
  6. He limps because of pain in the broken leg. When in the game he seems not to feel that pain, but others (like when get shot etc...) and when tired he limps again.
  7. Some Soompian comment on the attempt suicide of Pediatrician Soo Jin. She felt guilty that she was the cause of the death of her 2nd husband at the hand of her 1st husband. In effect, she destroyed the lives of both men. Her current life living with a cold calculating father in law who rejected even his own grand son, plus the loneliness of her situation (it's obvious that she no longer works so she doesn't even have that to keeps her occupy) drove her to try to kill herself. Being a physician she should have no problem getting tranquilizer. Some audience dislike her... this reader thinks she is a decent woman who made mistakes and who is depressed, living with the weight of her sins. Last scene, she is on a ventilator and should do fine when the drug is out of her systems. She needs to be around to take care of her child. #2 yu ra is another kettle of fish all together. She represents all the biting, poisonous crawling creatures in the animal kingdom (spider, viper, bat etc..) plus prickly things in the plant kingdom (cacti, saw grass etc...). She needs to be around to pay for her sins....with a serial number and stripe clothing. #3 Hee Joo should change her name to Emma and plays Recuerdos de Alhambra while wearing a veil with Fatima wrist band and gypsy clothing. Her Ahjussi will go ga-ga and propose to her on his knee, while shooting zombies. Funny, but he is taken with her, after he met Emma. would be funny if she becomes jealous of her computer game self! She needs to be around to turn scowling Ahjussi into a smiling Jin Woo....and teach him Spanish! Perfect song for them is Sabor A Mi.
  8. Lots of Soompian comment on running and limping/or lack of. When one is chased or shot at, and the adrenalin is on, one forgets about pain. He limps and uses cane because of pain, not because one leg is shorter than the other. When one plays this game to the grandmaster level 100, one gets lots of practice running...on the streets! This beats any workout at a fitness center....at least there, one can wear comfortable clothes and stay in air conditioned rooms. Many policemen are not that fit, unless they are young and newly graduated. the rest just have to pass the yearly physical examination. Some soompian comment on the logic/or lack of The premise of the story was illogical.... trying to make logic out of the illogical (like broken bathroom door) just hurts one's head. This reader doesn't bother.... just goes with the flow and see what happens at the end. Some soompian mention about the relationship/skinship/or lack of between CEO Yoon and human crying faucet Hee Joo This is a 16 episodes complex action sci-fi, so the story stays with the game development, with the romance on the side. In any case, Hee Joo is sensitive and emotional and cries easily (even her friend the guitarmaker commented on it in the 2nd episode). Note how she almost vomit seeing blood all over CEO Yoo's clothes and then the sudden shocking violence when he shot the soldier dead. Bet a sheltered flower loving guitarist has never seen anything like that.... Amazing she did not vomit on him, but she is tougher than she looks (kept going into dangerous area as level 1 EMMA while getting shot at)! There are people who cry and those who rarely do....that's her nature to cry. Let's see if she will cry when she becomes Mrs. Yoon #3! As far as skinship, it is hard to do a lot of skin when someone is trying to pierce your hide, with a gun or an arrow or a sword! The smell of human blood tends to dampen one's libido.... This account a great deal for the lack of ardor on the part of CEO Yoo toward the (2nd) love of his life. He sees blood and death, she just sees a sad/tired/depressed Ahjussi! CEO Yoo really hits the lottery with #3. There are also 2 smooching scenes in the story, which is more than some other dramas (look at dae jang geum….54 episodes with ….zero), so what more does the audience needs? At the end of this story, the game will probably be shut down, since it is too dangerous, even without the anomaly that happened.... It is strange to see grown men running around, dodging left and right and fall down on the street... some may get hurt, even if there is no zombie in their game.
  9. What does one do with a watch/timekeeper? A Spanish navigator in 16th century uses it to keep track of time of day, hence longitude for navigation A Mayan astrologer in the 7th century uses it (sundial) to keep track of the time of year...for important sacrificial ceremonies A high school student uses it to keep track of time, to finish the test A power grid operator uses it to synchronize the various power plants, lest they overload. CEO Yoon Jin-woo uses time/watch for..... hanky panky! Which do Soompian think is the better usage of time???
  10. @siddy09 you said "Even I just finished watching 1-2 episodes(had nothing else to do^_^). It actually gets better when you re-watch and I wasn't completely lost as when I was last time. The timeline has started to make sense now. It does look like Marco is the zombie but SeJu did fight back(remember he was shown with a gun). We were only shown blood and heard gunshots but that doesn't mean it was SeJu's blood only or that he was fatally injured. I think SeJu escaped the train. About the phone call that was shown in ep9 preview, I have a feeling that phone call was made the same day when SJ called JW about the game. SJ said that I will come home and HJ told her grandma that he will be returning at 8 in the morning. I don't think he ever got a chance to talk again once he boarded the train. How did Marco's body end up in forest and the most glaring question..why did SJ not sell the game to CHS"""" This reader agrees that Marco became a zombie like Dr Cha. The 2 youngsters probably fought each other over one subject: Money and who to sell the game's right to. Se Yoo wants CEO Yoon but Marco prefer Dr. Cha. Marco probably attacked Se Yoo in the forest near Barcelona and lost the duel and his life. In panic the youngster got on the train (probably without registering his name after calling CEO Yoon offering him the game's right and told him to go to Barcelona). Then on the train Marco came back and attacked Se Yoo. In panic the boy jumped off the train and got injured but survived. he probably has been unconscious hence no game activity for 1 year. With him in a coma, Marco could not kill him, just like when asleep Dr Cha could not kill CEO Yoon. With his baggage still on the train, no one knows his identity, unless he wakes up. CEO Yoon has been trying to locate him, but at the wrong place...in Barcelona instead of somewhere near Granada where the thunder and rain and Marco came back for Se Yoo. With Se Yoo unconscious/comatose there is no one to contact the family (except for the fake email from ceo yoon's secretary). Fortunately Marco is only after him, just like Dr Cha is only after CEO Yoon, since Marco would be a very high level zombie...hence very dangerous. When they discovered the body of Marco, it probably was a week or two after the initial event, more than enough time for the body to decompose badly in warm Granada where temp can reach 40+ centigrade. @katakwasabi As for where zombie appears, they seem random event and random distance, but usually not too close (i.e. more than 10 feet from the intended victim). They do follow a rule that they cannot attack a victim who hide behind an obstacle, whether living or inanimate object. In any case that is this reader's theory. There is no doubt MOA will conclude in 16 episodes, just hope that the last episode will be 2 hours long. @lduc Your drawings are getting better and better. I definitely am going to try some drawing myself. Hope Emma won't look like an orangutan with guitar! To all soompi members who rewatch MOA..... you are all addicted and crazy! hahaha. Actually I kind of rewatch episode 1 myself.
  11. Tear wiping is not good enough? hahaha this reader also think 17 to 18 episodes would be better....but reality is BUDGET LIMITATION!! @lduc Great drawings....will brush up my rusty drawing skill myself!
  12. Many Soompi members have discussed about how this game is developed and all the major holes in the story. Since this is a science fiction of course there are going to be holes... the most glaring being how by wearing a pair of contact lenses and 1 ear piece can the player not only see but hear and even feel (like when they get cut). How can any program, holographic or otherwise allow the images to superimpose on the ground, or the car roof or ontop of a statue look perfectly balance on that structure. Without knowing the spatial domain to within 1/10th of millimeter, the above would be impossible and the image would appear to be hovering over where they stand. Clearly this is impossible with modern and even future technology. Then comes Dr Cha appearing in and out of rooms etc... Interestingly, falling 5 floors to the ground may be survivable and in a few cases, with relatively little injuries!! However, despite its holes and illogic, Memories of the Alhambra to this reader, is a well written, suspenseful, fast moving tale which uses flash back effectively as it guides the audience through this labyrinth of twist and turn, of fear and relief, of gore and magic (the guitar scene when Emma played Recuerdos de la Alhambra was truly breath taking and just like the CEO, the audience is left enchanted by this ethereal being from an outer world). It is as if we the audience are immersed in the game. CEO Yoon is obviously a gamer, beside being a game equipment developer and thus is completely sucked into this game. It is clear that he devotes most of his life to his work, and women/wives occupy the fringe. He seemed to care for wife#1 and was obviously hurt by her betrayal with his ex-friend/rival, but as she stated before, she was not happy with the marriage...probably because she is secondary to his work. Then came #2 who was spoiled, entitled, immature, self centered and immensely materialistic. As Mi Yoo said "Why did you marry her?" and he said "it must be the spurred of the moment" .....for a shrewed businessman, he did not spend much time in deciding to get re-married. Despite his shortcoming, CEO Yoon is a good man. He is primarily honest and don't generally take advantage of people (10 B won). He is poised, carrying himself in authoritative and confident manner, and with his wealth, look and status, attract women like honey to honey-badgers. But he is accustomed to living alone, is cynical toward women and their intentions, and applied his life solely to his business. With his attitude, no wonder he was not at all attracted to Jung Hee Joo, seeing her as another unscrupulous money hungry female. The irony is that it takes a magical game character called Emma, that finally allows him to see Hee Joo as she really is (a nice hardworking scrupulous woman who devoted her life to her family...then care for him unconditionally through his physical and mental illness)....someone he miss! For those who scream for romance, there is a budding romance which has overcome initial misunderstanding and now trying to wind itself around another misunderstanding (Se Joo disappearance) plus blood and gore and perceived mental (ninja star!) and physical handicaps. This is an understated romance, entwined in an adventure, hence its development has to follow the course.... hopefully to a happy ending!!! It would be terrible if at the end of the tale, 3 women in black stand over a flowered decked casket, 1 crying to lost love and regret, 1 pretends to cry while eying the cameramen, and a 3rd crying genuine tears to her beloved.
  13. At the beginning, when CEO was playing the game, it was ran from his server, with his programmer following his progress. A copy of the game must have resided within his network, as monitored by his people. Since he developed the visual eye glass, the game programmer must have used his specs to develop their source codes. All that he needs is to superimpose the game's visual queue with the real scenery (which for seoul would be seoul, Granada would be Granada). Despite the program be running in machine language, as long as they know what language the program was in, it won't be too difficult to reverse engineer the entire program.... Dr Cha follows Zinu since he is part of the game's visual effect. the outside scenery is still where ever the game player happens to be. What this reader means is that the REALM is wherever the real scenery happens to be... Thus there is no merging of realm (other than the characters which if the whole system is ran on a time share between various locations, can share characters also since it is essentially the same program... ditto to the score keeping of who is highest rank... if the various game sites are all tie together in 1 network). Romance?..... We'll let that poor overmedicated, often drunk, limping man sets his house in order first (he was working on it with various phone calls to wife 2/manager and not losing his shirt and find a young programmer)...before he starts wooing future-wife #3. Needless to stay, HJ would make a great #3... and her family won't object!
  14. @stargazer187 Forget about romance.... Just hope no one die at the end! Young gamer or Ahjussi or Noona. Hope next time while watching HJ sleeping, CEO Yoo does not stroke her hair and leaves her a dagger or a pistol, obsessed as he is about his eternal enemy! Oh, couldn't she find some one safer to moon about...like eternal "almost part of the family" guitar friend?
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