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  1. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    @akhenaten said: Yay! I finally finished watching Episode 16 with subs!!! I was already overwhelmed when I watched the raw live streaming. I was screaming when the last scene came on and practically freaked out when all Dong Hoon did in the end was shake Ji An’s hand. It was like PM&I deja vu to me and I didn’t like it. Good thing I decided to check out Soompi and Tumblr and other sites and my fears were put to rest when I read comments about that scene, especially that handshake. But I still couldn’t shake off the feeling that, maybe, maybe, Dong Hoon decided to go the noble idiocy route after all: happy that Ji An has finally integrated into society and seem to be moving on, but sad because he knows she will do that without him. But again, my fellow Soompiers put my mind at ease. Hehehe. It’s difficult to interpret when you can’t understand the words, although it is a testament to their acting skills that I still felt their emotions. I have so much I want to say but it’s almost midnight here. For now, all I can say is that My Ahjussi is the most romantic non-romance drama I have ever watched. And Park Dong Hoon and Lee Ji An had the most intense and intimate non-relationship ever. I’ll definitely say a bit more in the next couple of days because I am sooooo not over this drama. Congratulation on watching the final episode... seems like you are among the last to watch it with subs. Please go to sleep, and rest, else you start to sound like noor1 (pessimist)! hahaha
  2. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    @Sharine Phinisia That cursed writer!... causes so much problem for us soompiers! She gives hints and make us work for our curiosity!! hahaha!!!
  3. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    @yongsital Ji-an at that point in her life, knows her place in society.... In class/cast conscious Korean society she would be at the bottom (in Joseon she would me a choenmin... the undesirable while Ajusshi would be a yangbang nobility). She knew that she has no chance to ever be a mate for Her Ajusshi. She trusted, was grateful, admired, literally worshipped Her Ajusshi...but in a pure innocent way. hence how dare the weasel CEO besmirch their beautiful relationship! Even when she asked for a hug from Ajusshi, there was no sexual connotation to that.... she just want to express her love, and receive some back, platonically... that is all. Ajusshi probably thinks of her in the same way, as fellow shipwrecks on the same boat who have travelled with each other for so long, clinging to each others in their mutual needs....mostly platonic. That does not mean they are not AWARE of, and are not ATTRACTED to each other as man and woman, but that awareness and attraction is suppressed due to ranks and circumstances. Speed forward to the ending, she now is more mature, with more confident, standing on her own two feet, and maybe now she can dare think of Ajusshi in different light, but that thought takes time, little by little..... Hence the end is just the beginning. This reader still think that more than 1 year has elapsed. It would be unusual for a girl to start work in a branch office and in 1 year, end up in the main office. Don't they have seniority system? He probably left the company and formed a 1 to 2 men show, then the others came later as they got more business. This reader agree with you that he probably has many contacts working 10+ years in the business with a great reputation so it won't take too long to build up a clientele. But many clients already have contract with others,... it takes time to switch contractors... first the old contracts must be finished. He could have met the Chairman 1 to 2 years earlier and was told that she did well. It is unlikely that they would keep in touch that often... after all they are competitors (sort of.... an elephant and a zebra, both eating the same grass). Kudo to the elephant not trying to crush the zebra.
  4. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    @akhenaten this reader won't go as far as you.... he is just going to go running!
  5. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    after watching episode 16 for the 1.7 time this reader realizes that we are all wrong. The time jump is not one year, but significantly longer (from 2 to 4 years, most likely 3 years). Clues: It takes time to be successful. the Scene where youngest brother Kee Hoon said goodbye to actress girlfriend took a whole year (we say summer, rain season then snow then back to spring. so that is 1 year gone. Next scene is the brother cleaner driving by a billboard with actress on it... to do well in that industry probably requires several successful projects, not a one time deal. So years have to go by for that to be true. Likewise, for an engineer to leave his company then set up his own, AND be successful cannot take 1 year. it is impossible! First one has to move, then open shop, then look for client. To get busy with enough clients as can be seen at the end, they would need at least 2 years, probably 3 to 4. Note the number of engineers he has working in his company... there are even a few females engineers we haven't seen before. One cannot support so many employees without having adequate businesses. In Korea, business depends on relations and relations are not built overnight. That is why, the surprise when THE PAIR met was even more precious... they did not expect to run into each other after so much time has gone by, and did not expect to find each others essentially the same (same clothes, same look) except for their demeanors which is more relaxed and happy. That is the reason for the hesitation at the beginning (ji-an wonders if Ajusshi still remembers her with affection? Ajusshi wonders if Ji-an still like him?). Conservative straight lace Engineer Dong Hoon likes women who are simple and direct... Overdressed over painted women would turn him off. Ajusshi likes things he is accustomed to.... (wonder if he still wear the slippers?).... Finding Ji-an almost exactly as he remembered her makes him so happy so he smiled broadly. This probable 3-4 years jump probably came as a shock to Ji-an hence her shyness. She has always been timid to begin with... and she initially did not know what to say, feeling awkward. Beside Ajusshi is essentially the same... some thing she never expected. the third clue is the age of the actress Lee Ji-eun... (can't think of her as anyone other than Lee Ji-an) which is 25 years old. Korean often cast their actors near the age of the characters so as to not get criticism from the audience for mismatch casting. The fourth clues to the time jump length are in the photos of the wife/child. the child seems older (this reader thought he was 11 at the start and the child's photo could fit for 13-15 years old) and the photo shows that they are living somewhere else. So the last unsaid scene is probably 3 to 4 years later. If that is the case, and THE PAIR stays essentially the same during 3-4 years, what is going to happen? Are they going to renew their outwardly unusual relation??? you decide. If other soompians have any thoughts on this matter, please post it. PS: That man ajusshi was talking to is probably an acquaintance and not his worker... he probably was talking casual business when Ji-an shows up, which makes things even more awkward when he excused himself to talk to Ji-an. he normally hangs out with his musketeers or the Gang. That writer is very clever, making a scene like this with a time crunch in front of witnesses, so that she can leave the end semi-open.
  6. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    This reader has been contemplating the significance of a hand shake.... With this writer nothing can be taken for granted. so why did the story ends with a handshake? Likewise, this tale started with a stolen smooch, then changed to a farewell/goodbye hug, then restarted with a hand shake. In this tale, the progression of events seem to follow the above three events. First was the forbidden smooch which was forcefully rejected... It was done for the wrong reason, at the wrong time and serves to set the barrier between THE PAIR. The emotional farewell hug at the 2nd parting, signifies an acceptance that THE PAIR must part so that each, has the time and space to start healing, apart from each other for expediency and the good of each other....and for Ji-an, a chance to grow up on her own. The third event is the handshake... Handshake has been present for milleniums, and in most countries signifies a form of greeting or saying goodbye, or to seal a gentlemen or legal agreement. By the time CEO Park Dong Hoon asks to shake Lee Ji-an hand, he already has told her about his company and invites her to come visit... in effect an offer to renew their acquaintance. To him, the handshake probably represent both a saying goodbye since time is short, and they were in an awkward situation in the open with curious colleagues, looking on... plus a binding agreement that Ji-an will truly visit his company. In effect, he did not want her to agree verbally then never shows up... with her new look, he wasn't sure if this new Ji-an is like the old Ji-an. After the lingering hand shake, Ji-an of course made a counter offer "I want to buy you something delicious, Ajusshi." in effect upping the ante... and Ajusshi grins with pleasure. With that the final scene ended....and it is clear that THE PAIR wants to remain in each other's life... whether it be romantic or platonic, there definitely will not be the ships passing n the night scenario.... of course knowing what we know of the tale, the former is much more likely to be than the latter.
  7. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    @sadiesmith It seems like the war of shippers-shipless goes on.... For the shippers it give angst that the final ending is still ambiguous. this reader is almost 100% convince what the ending shall be and thus feel contented! Let's look at the psychological profiles of the THE PAIR. Engineer Dong Hoon... successful CEO tall, handsome for a 46 years old man so he should have lots of women chasing after him, wouldn't he??? BUT, people still think he is married (even if he is divorced, he probably told no one), he is not easily approachable, is picky in who he wants to be friendly with, is picky in who he wants to eat with, is very very picky in who he will tell his trouble, who he is willing to bare his soul..... Throughout his 46 years, he confessed his inner thought to ONE person... and that person is not a lawyer. In fact, the only reason he even confess anything about his inner self, was due to a unique initial curiosity, vague attraction, pity, gratitude when he was caught in the entrapment, then recognition of the like-minded, a sense of shared solace, and finally familiarity, dependency and need for each other's company... and even with that person, his confession was reluctant, or accidental through wire tapping. This reader ask soompians if based on what you have known about Ajusshi, is it likely for him to run into a SECOND person who he would share his inner thought? Ajusshi does not accept failure easily, but he failed, miserably with his matrimony. Is he likely to go out and seek matrimony with another stranger, based on his introvert, private personality? or would he raises formidable barriers to the entry of any other female into his private life?... unless she is some one he knows, whom he is comfortable with? An older ajusshi cannot be taught new trick. Lee Ji-an the waif is 22 years old, but believes she is 30,000 years old due to the great suffering in her young life, where she has to do unsavory things to survive. She even eats people left over like a dog. She is suspicious of people and is withdrawn because of her experience, but also because she is innately introverted. She does not interact well with people. She has changed some what, and now started to open up to people, socializing with coworkers and even going out to get coffee with them. Does that mean that she will now change her personality completely and becomes an outgoing social young woman? Will she, like many young females, concentrate her free time in going shopping for shoes, clothes, jewelry, hairstyle,...young men? Does her new and improved look, seems different from her old self (with pony tail, jean and shirt)? She is pretty and shy and there will be plenty of young men who will court her won't they? Is she likely to see young men in a good light, or not? Will they seem fascinating, as they talk about sports, and drinks and having fun etc..... or will they seem immature (especially for a 30,000 years woman living in a 22 years old body) and frivolous?...especially after what she has gone through in life. Will she think it is ok, if her young date, eats half of his food, then nonchalantly throw the rest away, remembering how she used to lick people's left over like a dog?... or he curses impatiently at some infirmed older person crossing the street slowly, with the traffic light turning green? ... or the countless other interactions she could have with these young men, all the while comparing these interactions with others that she has had in the past with mature adults (men and women). It is most probable that she will find most young men frivolous and not worthy to socialize. Even if she becomes infatuate with one due to his look, after a while, unless he is a very serious and relatively unique young man, the infatuation will vanish. So we are back to the beginning.... Two wounded souls were set free to roam, to heal and to seek happiness. One definitely won't find happiness unless it is with the one person he is comfortable with. The other may seek (and may even find a temporary mate) but ultimately will not be satisfied with most anyone... since her specifications have been set too narrow. So two wounded but now healed souls will do their walk-about (Australian aborigines saying where young people wander the world to gain maturity) and find the outside world wanting, and probably will wander back to their root, their beginning...... @sadiesmith so to answer your question "why is a handshake a good thing?" our logic tell us that at the end THE PAIR WILL BE AT THE BEGINNING since their standards are unacceptably stringent!
  8. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    @Sharine Phinisia @ninaanin @h2ogirl @sadiesmith @berny @Sharine Phinisia @ninaanin @h2ogirl @sadiesmith @berny @aisling Asked why engineer dong hoon avoids the bar..... Engineer Dong Hoon probably avoids going to the bar on the advice of his wife Lawyer Yoon Hee, who is acting as Lee Ji-an attorney. it would be very improper for him to show up at the dwelling of a witness/defendant in a crime against Engineer Dong Hoon and the corporation. that is why during the mid part of episode 16, we see him working in his office with the three musketeers invading his office space, just before ji-an calls him about grand-ma's passing. Of course with her death, he feels obliged to help with funeral arrangement since no one else really could do it. At that point her trouble with getting director Park fired, was over since he did not press charge, but we still have to deal with the he says-she says matter with CEO. Lawyer Yoon Hee probably told Ji-an also to avoid seeing Engineer Dong Hoon at all cost, short of an emergency, because she was in legal limbo...since she erased everything that would help convict CEO (she did not want the affair to be found out, lest it hurts Engineer Dong Hoon's reputation). Since she did confess to wire tapping, she was in big trouble, unless she can prove that she was working the CEO. Up to then he denied everything. She would probably have gone to prison if it wasn't for her loan shark friend who has a change of mind after hearing about how important he was in her life, while they were still living as street urchins (the three of them), and he carried her home after his father beat her up.... Engineer Dong Hoon told her that all of this is the fault of a bad adult... Loan Shark was very affect by that and became Ji-an's savior at the end. By sending those recordings from GAME BOY (he was the third street urchin) computer to the office, CEO lies were exposed and that was his end! Later, at the point when THE PAIR said goodbye for the 2nd time, she said that she was still on trial but was allowed to go work in Pusan. Of course by their last meeting, her legal trouble appeared to have been resolved. PS: Note that Jian was prepared to go to prison to protect Engineer Dong Hoon's wify secret. Then, Ji-an decided to move on, knowing how important this old haunt is to him... that is where he meets his friends and family. They are like that, she gives without question, and he reciprocates. These points show how FORMIDABLE is the writer for My Mister. She probably consulted some lawyers, before writing it this way.
  9. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    @akhenaten You said: "@sadiesmith I'm sure a lot of the folks at DB will say that the ending clearly showed that Dong Hoon only saw Ji An as someone he cared for, very much like a teacher or a mentor. And now that he's seen her bright and happy, showing signs of having fully recovered from her traumatic past, he feels happy that he's helped her get to where she is now and that he will always be grateful for how she made him realize how much of life he was missing. And clearly he and Yoon Hee are on the path to reconciliation although she's spending some time in the States with their son. After all, he still had photos of her with Ji Seok on his desk. Right? " You are right Akhenaten and sadiesmith! Engineer Dong Hoon, care of Drama Bean, would go back to his empty apartment, open his top ramen, pour in some hot water, slurp it then raise the cup and say cheer... "to Lee Ji-an...may you enjoy your day as much as mine in my empty house eating top ramen, then talk to the wall, before I do what my Big Brother enjoy the most.... ramen and go to the toilet!". "Today I enjoy myself very much with our accidental encounter... You looks the same but better, reserved by livelier, pretty but more mature just as I expect my...my...my...niece to be!" "Sorry I held your right hand for so long and pressed it kind of hard. I was surprised myself when I let go. It must be the emotion of not seeing you for so long.... niece. That or I start to get "Trigger Finger from arthritis" and could not let go!" "In any case I am glad the Chairman had completed what he said he will, and help you with your career. You are now not a pitiful waif but a pretty young woman...ah...ah...niece! So your uncle will introduce you to some of his friends.... Wait a minute, all of your uncle's friends are 40 years old! You also are kind of reserve, introverted so it is unclear who I can find that fit you! !! Uncle thinks you like men who are kind, considerate, reserved, introverted, who care about their family and others beyond themselves, who like to sigh and sing song about "missing some one from far away...". "So go and find your own mate. This uncle ajusshi cheers you with his cup of ramen, while you raise your cup of instant coffee! Cheer! PS: May you find your soulmate, where ever he may be"! Just bug his phone and let him know! WARNING possible drama bean parody of a happy ending!
  10. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    @Sharine Phinisia said: 'The chairman though, when he told DH to ask Jian for a lunch with him. A wise, rich old man is the best thing ever. " The NEXT BEST thing to having the wise, kind, powerful chairman as your grand-father, is to have him as a protector who overlook your life and career! The chairman is very similar to Ajusshi (which is why he value him)… Too bad they could not be related! But then the story would turn into a daytime Makjang soap opera! Perhaps, when the GANG said, after Engineer Dong-hoon said that Ji-an got him promoted to Directorship, that Ji-an is the grand-daughter of the Chairman and got all excited.... that this is the writer's satire on Makjang genre!..... My Mister is not a Makjang!!!! hahaha
  11. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    @40somethingahjumma said "At the end of the day, dysfunctional or not, DH makes his choice to embark on a particular trajectory. He stays close to home but that's now his choice on his terms. He is the CEO of his own firm and no longer working for someone else subject to the whims of others. I suppose like Dorothy he would echo that "there's no place like home", yet now not beholden to the demands of everyone but the cry of his own heart. I imagine that's why he cries when he's all alone in his apartment after YH leaves because he can finally grieve freely for the old life before moving on...." and in his new life, he will ride the train #4 to his apartment, in his same neighborhood, to his same haunt!
  12. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    @justamom Last answer to your question: At least your husband like 1/2 of your favorite drama (My Ajusshi). First answer to you question: Yes you married the right guy! Let us analyze this. the fact that your husband can watch this very romantic but restrained drama, and see a deep father-daughter relation means that he is a man with principle, who tends to see thing properly, and definitely he would not even know if a female colleague of his flirts with him. He is SAFE... what more can you ask for????!!!! the alternative explanation, is that seeing Justamon being so addicted to the show, your husband just tease you by pretending to misinterprete everything!
  13. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    @maddymappo said: " was also a bit disappointed by Jian's look and attire at the end, I would have liked a more upbeat sophisticated look for her. But of course, the simplicity is quintessential JiAn. Never frivolous or vain. Didn't get why were we just viewing her pony tail at first? Was her face supposed to be a surprise? " You are right. The new and improved Lee Ji-an is basically the same Lee Ji-an with improved social skills, who can express herself and smile and be with her contemporary... But inside she is still the introvert private person from the beginning...a timid hermit crab that is crawling out slowly from its shell. Because of that she does change easily.... As can be seen her ponytail is the same (just a little longer). Her clothing are some what more stylish and she wears heels instead of sneakers....and has (you soompian knows better than this reader) make up on. Remember Yoo Ra comment "1st time I've seen a woman without make up... you are pretty without realizing you are pretty". At least now, she has come enough out of her shell to start wearing make up! The director deliberately showed her back to hide that fact until the audience can see her transformation at the same time as Ajusshi….so we can feel his surprise at this discovery! To the untrained eyes of this reader, the new Ji-an looks the same but different, sophisticated but not garish, better dressed but with simple clothes, poise but humble, all together the mature version of the Ji-an that we know.... No wonder Ajusshi grin from ear to ear!.... He looks like a boy who found the cookie jar!
  14. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    @ninaanin if you put your whole foot in your mouth...…. don't gag! We don't want to call the ambulance and perform CPR!
  15. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    @MsMinnieFran said: People don't let the last seconds of them dramatically walking away from each other fool you..it is just the show being dramatic..all they are doing is going back to work as it is the middle of the work day . She most likely called him at the end of the work day and they met up and continued where they left off. More walking, more heavy breathing, more furtive glances. Tricky Ajusshi, tricky Ji-Anssi!!! hahaha