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  1. Thankss! I'd also like to add one more scene, that paparazi's shoot when they had their ramen date, those stares at the last frame are everything, they scream so much chemistry, one of my fav frame out of the bunch in this ep Beautiful BTS scenes
  2. That rose on Kim Jin Hyuk's hand!! Awwe, will he gave it to Cha Soo Hyun? My heart flutters even without knowing or seeing the actual scene
  3. Just dropping by to say I miss Bogum's long hair TT why did you cut them short Bogum-ah? (TT. TT) Huhuhu am having a withdrawal already. He looks more mature with his long hairstyle & was looking forward to see it for long in the drama, don't take it away from meeee (**as if it was ever be mine, lol)
  4. Nooooooo, I want to see their skinship & more skinship pleaseee, ha3. I know some ppl probably might get a little uncomfortable to see it due to PBG relationship with SJK, but my POV was different. For me they are professional actors & actresses who can differentiate a job with their personal life (tbh I hate the thoughts of any personal life of an actor/actress has limited their acting carrier) And, who knows, some actors might probably feel more convenient to see their loved ones to act with someone they trusted rather than a complete strangers who possibly/might "steal" them from you, lol. Also, I wish this drama will show us another side of PBG, because although I loveeeee him & his drama, but he always had this boyish image in his previous dramas. Idk if it's only me, but I wish this drama can be his breakthrough drama from his boyish image to a more manly one so it can widened his range/character for any upcoming project he'll get/take **or is it just my lame excuse to see more skinship of him? Mian~
  5. This is so beautiful, it makes me emotional just by reading it , I think this drama will be a beautiful heartwrenching one, aahh am so looking forward to watch it. Tysm for posting this
  6. Plummpychan

    [Drama 2018] Witch's Love, 마녀의 사랑

    Agree, although I was hoping they'll added another one with that scene infront of the bathroom door too, Sung Tae is looking sexy after taking a bath with his hair wet & shirt unbuttoned, too bad the granny interupted them, lol, I am too greedy, right?
  7. Plummpychan

    [Drama 2018] Witch's Love, 마녀의 사랑

    OMG same!!, I keep rewatching AhChoo couple scenes on Wolgyesu Tailor's just because this drama has made me craving to see more of Hyun Woo's scenes idk why & rewatching it seriously is all worth it, I fell in love with them everytime, their build up moment is a pure beauty & I feel content I don't want this drama to end just yet but I'm also curious to know what happens next/to see OTP scenes more. The dilemma
  8. Plummpychan

    [Drama 2018] Witch's Love, 마녀의 사랑

    Just finished watching ep 11 live & although I didn't understand a thing what they're talking about (I cursed myself for it), I'll try my best to summarize some of it (sorry for my bad english though) 1. So after CH shows ST her witch power we don't get to see ST's reaction because the grannies already took care of him & makes him fainted 2. The grannies put some magic candle in his room & I think the candles erased some parts of ST's memories with CH ( a flashback memories of CH-ST moment were shown for a while) 3. ST is back to his cold behaviour & being distant to CH, it brokes her heart. 4. We get to see what was happening that night, the night ST got kidnapped. I think ST's mother having an affair or something like that with the driver & he kidnaps ST. ST's eyes was covered & later he fell to the ground and some piece of woods pierced his chest when he tried to run away from him. 5. He manages to runaway but faint on the street infront of granny's house. 6. The younger granny piggybacks him into their house & both grannies somehow cured his wounds by putting some pieces of hair on top of his chest after burning it with magic fire & then stab him with the dagger they took from the pawnshop as their last ritual. 7. However, there's something shady with that black witch at the pawn shop because clearly she had her own motif & mostlikely put some spell on that dagger so she had that blue liquid as a result. 8. Am not really sure about what's happening on the later half ep so I won't say anything, but in the ep 12 preview, ST seems to be having a cardiac arrest & in a critical condition. Ep 12 preview Argghh, I can't bear waiting for their sub episodes so I tried to watch them live but the more I watch them in raw, the more I get confuse & it frustates me I need their next ep and their sub ep right now ;;___;;
  9. Plummpychan

    [Drama 2018] Witch's Love, 마녀의 사랑

    I can't believe this is their final week
  10. Plummpychan

    [Drama 2018] Witch's Love, 마녀의 사랑

    Lmao this grannies, savage!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ http://i63.-/k1uglw.jpg Masangmu seems to be enjoying the most, lol https://ibb.co/gX4rXp *weird, somehow the link doesn't work + I accidentally posting it & now idk how to deleted them, sorry
  11. Yess, I've seen Jun Son Min, Lee Sang Yeob & Kim Ji Suk following eachother instagram as well, so I think it's a good sign that she probably had accepted the role, fingerscross we'll soon hearing such good news or see them together in the script reading in the near time
  12. Plummpychan

    [Drama 2018] Witch's Love, 마녀의 사랑

    I've watched ep 9 live streaming yesterday but I'll wait for their sub to be able to comment because I don't understand any single words, the problem of int'l viewers Love to read every chingu's thought here, please keep them coming <33 I discover this pic on instagram and I wonder if this scenes were some of the deleted scenes? Because I don't think I've seen them before (the kiss part), the background looks different, but Sung Tae & Cho Hong wore the same shirt/dress.
  13. Any news whether Jun So Min has accepted the role? I really hope she accepts. Based on the character's description, i think the writer has her in mind as it fits her so well + JSM-LSY's chemistry was crazy on RM. I can't wait to watch this show! *edited: just notice that they'll only aired once a week?? Did they planned to kill me or what?? Arggh I can already feel the agony of waiting for their next ep to come
  14. Plummpychan

    [Drama 2018] Witch's Love, 마녀의 사랑

    Annyeong everyone! Finally today is the long awaited day! Please say Hi to our grumpy CEO & his flirty GF Added stills This's unexpected & certainly not what I was hoping for, but lol, bromance in the mixing?
  15. Plummpychan

    [Drama 2018] Witch's Love, 마녀의 사랑

    Right2? I love him since Wolgyesu Tailor too & even loved AhChoo couple more than the main couple there, although for me Ahchoo couple were consisted of 3 ppl, Kang Tae Yang (Hyun Woo), Min Hyo Won (Lee Se Yeong) & his mother in law, lol. Seriously, his MIL is the cutest MIL I've ever encountered in kdramaland. @Ohsh I watched their part on Happy together & was shipping them both in real life at that time, it's cute to see him being all shy & Se Yeong being all cool, haha. Anw, when the grannies mentioned Alain Delon on the last ep I was curious to see how does he looks like & just randomly search for him & Dang!! No wonder the granny called him Oppa!