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  1. Hahaha ... I thought it was a servant or male cousin that they asked. The actors looked quite alike that sometimes I have a hard time distinguishing them.
  2. Seriously? In which ep did ML asked Dr He to go to brothel? I must have missed it. QH & ML will be happy together without the interfering n over controlling mother in law. She is pure black heart. QH will be like Dr He ... do everything ML asked of him. GTY will too but within reasons. He will be putty in ML hands just like Dr He & QH.
  3. It's hard to answer. That's why no one answered because ever episode is different display of acting skill .. depends on what u are looking for. All is subtle display of emotions sInce she is supposed to be docile, obedient and non existence with her siblings and Da Niang n Concubine Lin. Only RL and grandma knows her spunkiness.
  4. It's hard to answer. That's why no one answered because ever episode is different display of acting skill .. depends on what u are looking for. All is subtle display of emotions sInce she is supposed to be docile, obedient and non existence with her siblings and Da Niang n Concubine Lin. Only RL and grandma knows her spunkiness.
  5. Ep 31 - the scene with QH n his princess wife. He is totally lifeless and hen pecked by the princess. How can she expects him to love her when he is forced to marry her and she treats him with no respect at all. He is like a bought dog doing "yes master." I wanted to slap her when she forced QH to pray out loud for blessings with children and only satisfied when he did n said "That should be the way." I cant translate it well but in Chinese is more insulting in its implication at that scene. Temple scene is so sad. ML cried when she saw QH. I do feel that ML orchestrate the whole thing by egging Molan n Concubine Lin to desperately capture 6th Lord. She just lay all the hints for them to react. She did well in getting Da Niang to go temple and catch Molan and 6th Lord. She can really be a badass when situation asked for. CB''s wife threw a question to Molan "have you ever wondered why a high status family like Liang would asked for ML hand in marriage instead?" Molan did hesitated n almost have a heart attack moment that maybe she miscalculated this time... then she quickly brushed it away thinking that they were just simply jealous of her because she will be the main wife of 6th lord and everyone in this household will bow to her. She couldn't believe that 6th lord didn't want her nor ask for her hand in marriage after getting caught. That alone should sound the alarm in her head. She just simply cannot believe that she lost the game. The Dr He seems like a good fit for ML just like QH. They will have a very normal peaceful marriage if he didn't have a cousin crushing on him. Did Dr He reciprocated his cousin's feeling's too? He looks a bit like QH too. The suitor for RL seems a tad too old. He isn't that bad looking if u look at him more. Just that he looks a lot older than any if the main casts and even the 6th lord.
  6. You rightly said it. This is not life. It's just existing for sake of existing. QH unfortunately belongs to those type of men who will only love 1 woman for the rest of his life. How he beg his mom to let his man servant off and how it is no fault of his man servant. It's just the man servant loved him and pitied him. All the blame is his. But his mom will not renders. She will remove anyone that don't go according to her command and her rule. The man servant BW is the only person who truly understands the kind of life QH lead, hence he wishes his master to be happy. And he is the only person besides ML that QH values more than life. He felt like a failure all in 1 night - he couldn't protect/save his loyal servant from death, he couldn't keep his promises to ML, instead because of him, his servant died, ML and her family got threatened to ruins and his father hold hostage. He felt like his life is a joke - like a piece of commodity. That's why he said if I'm the caused of all these chaos, then I might as well end my life and everything will be settled. I think (in my limited mandarin) the princess threatened to ruin ML n her family as well as his family even if he were to end his life. Pls correct me if I'm wrong. Hence he gave in n sign his life away.
  7. I think mama Liang will only be nice to DIL who is pure heart n nice, not petty, scheming and crying at everything type like Molan. Remeber at the beginning, she and her son thought that Molan is so pure n gentle while RL and ML are improper young ladies for gate crashing into the discussion between the males and the elders. She will not tolerate her for creating chaos in the house with the rest of concubines. Mama Liang is not like Da Niang. Mama Liang is as every bit smart and feisty like ML. She will not hesitate to put Molan in her place. I love ep 31 and how ML & grandma laughed at how ML found out all those juicy tibits of Liang''s household ugly situations. Hahaha ... grandma is so proud of ML. Grandma scolded ML for egging Molan on with all the ra ra stories of her visit to Liang house even though she has no wish or interest to marry into Liang household. Even RL egg her on. So hilarious how Molan lost her marbles. She just simply can't stand the thoughts that noble family mama or gentleman can have torch for ML. How can they not love her! Everyone on earth has to be in love with her.
  8. Actually through out his life, he lived accordingly to his mom wishes. It's not that he is weak or what. He just want peace. He knows what his mom is capable of and if he don't live like a muppet and flatter his mom to her whims, it's not him who suffers but the people around him. Like he said to his mom, he has always lived his life as per her say, he only want just 1 thing in his life (his heart desire) - that is ML. Even then, she will not give it to him. How cruel can a mother be? If she truly loves her son, she will grant him his utmost wish. Sadly QH is just a tool for her like a daughter from a noble household.
  9. I don't think Mama Liang will treat her nicely after she scheme to entrap 6th son of Liang to marry her. And it looks like the 6th son is also not a good husband material. Looks like he will have lots of concubines and mistresses.
  10. He did say to ML that he will punish those who bullies her. He knows that they look down on him because of his reputation and he has mistress n children and throw ML to him. Not that he minds. In any case he feels he won lottery by marrying ML. He is just showing to them what ML gains by marrying him and their loss. Hahaha
  11. I'm so confused about the story. Watched ep 1 in English but still don't get it. What's so special about the mother and the HBQ? Seems all men in power wants them or even kill to have them. Apparently HBQ is not the prince''s blood. So who is the father of HBQ. Why they want her to enter the Palace? Why the women in black are after her and wants to kill her? In ep 7, master Mo looks like a woman disguised as a man. If he is really a man, then why only the lady of the house (his mom) attend to him whenever he is sick or wounded and no man attend to him, not even his man servant. Apparently nobody knows that HBQ is not related to the Prince Father by blood. Even the prince tamper with her blood sample to make sure everyone think she is his flesh n blood.
  12. Ep 28 is so hard to watch. QH is no match to the scheming & cunning in law. He was practically being blackmailed to marry the princess. The mother is stupid to think her daughter would be happy being married to a forced guy. But like GTY said to QH ... hé could have tit for tat with that royalty. As he pointed out QH lead a very sheltered life and he didn't think using devious method is the right way to solve the problem. GTY was also right that QH could have married ML long time ago with his parents approval if he know's how to play his cards right. GTY even offered to kidnapped the Princess for QH and will take the blame for everything if anything happens. QH I think didn't dare to take the risk and ruin everyone. GTY made QH realised that how things turned out this way is all his own fault. He could have fought cunningly and smartly. Everything would be alright. This ep is so sad and a rude awakening for QH. He grew up overnight. His beloved servant die in front of him. His mother is so hard & cruel to her only n most beloved son. QH is such a sad character in the story. He was never his own man. He is owned by his mom and family and later his wife. His life was always run by people. His only 1 happiness in life is ML and his man servant. Both taken from him cruelly by his mom and his scheming wife family. I guess by marrying his grandson with ML granddaughter is his way of fulfilling his un-fulfilled life time wish to marry ML.
  13. So sad. I feel so sad for QH. He really loves ML in his heart. He loves her not because she is pretty but he loves her for her pure heart, gentlenses and kindness & smart.
  14. Hi I'm not discriminating the actress for acting in a Korean drama. It's not the first time I have seen Caucasian or other Asians or mix parentage actors/actresses in a daily drama. But most of the time, these characters are written into the drama as per script. This is the first time a characer whom I can see as clearly as day looking very white parentage (not being racist here) acting as 100% sibling to rest of the Asian looking casts. So naturally I try to understand how she fit into the family genealogy like perhaps she is 1st wife child or secret birth etc. So here I am watching this drama and I couldnt get in my head that she is male lead sister and wife of the idol guy. On top of that, they have a gorgeous nanny (female lead sister) who look and seems more like his wife than the sister of the male lead. Her being tall is not an issue here. Her character in the drama is also rather annoying. Btw...I have mix parentage look myself so most of the time I stood out among my friends looking very Eurasian. My daughter is a product of interracial marriage - European/Asian.
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