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  1. Cute girl. And at a young age she set her standard high - come on LDW and GY, how can you go wrong with that!
  2. @samzz Hope that they have a better plan in 2019...for DH's career this time..
  3. Happy New Year chingus.. May God bless us all including our couple.
  4. I would like to greet a very Merry Christmas to all Donghey shippers. God Bless us all and our dear couple. #LeeDongHey4eva
  5. @samzz I agree, first time I watch Shim Hyeon Tak on Goodwitch and I like his acting. He's good on being a villain. @dolley surely wookie didn't want to missed any opportunity right now. He's on the right track.
  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WOOKIE!! Age like a fine WINE. Luscious and Expensive.
  7. @samzz if she goes to vacation or honey moon unnoticed by the people around, that I would understand and I would love that haha, but going to an event like SFW and no one bothered you or not even mentioned in social media or anywhere, that's a big problem and a big slap to everyone, not just DH but also the fans. Beside what is the point of going to the SFW if you will go there and doesn't want to be notice, even it is just an after party - i don't get it. DH WAKE UP!!
  8. Actually when I saw the photo she uploaded on ig i thought that will be her style for anya event, I was excited at first. Haha. but i think it's just a throwback pic, taken during goodwitch filming. @samzz still prefer her old style and her old cody.. Good old days... Good old days... Haha.. I want to see that blog, will search for it..
  9. These tactic might work for diehard international fans but not in korea, most koreans are sensitive and won't glorify scandals that's already proven to us for the past 3 years.
  10. Bad publicity is still publicity as what we always say, good or bad reviews, it still works in wookie's favor. Those who tried to sabotage him should know better. Lol.
  11. I love the comment that says his aging like a FREAKING FINE WINE. so true. and I think that ig post also has the most no. of likes, almost half a million (480k+). Woow wookie in his super star status, and I also think that the bad reviews about his airport fashion makes people more excited and interested on how will he look like at the NYC photoshoot and of course he didn't disappoint us.
  12. @samzz it might take a long time before she'll get hired again in such big production or maybe in drama land in general, not only if as I've said PD Dae Hwa Koh got inspired by that quote and hire her again.
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