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  1. Yeah, she can take car or train to phuket from singapore right. She's said she will be going to phuket in Singapore right?
  2. They're were asked about drama. and then PMY excited telling about Roller Coaster scene and PSJ just trying to stop PMY just in case she's gonna spoiler.
  3. I just like how PMY link her arm automatically to PSJ arm. From the translation , The host just ask them to have couple pose and then PMY just think about to fight couple pose then PSJ just said they're not fight couple relationship and he's automatically doing heart post when PMY link her arm again on his arm.
  4. Who said marry in drama it means they're can't married in real life? are you god or fortune teller? and Wedding pics is also a Wedding even though in drama. I can told you some couple have their wedding ceremony in drama and they're getting married in real life too. 1. Lee Chun Hee and Jun Hye jin, they're were couple and married in drama SMILE YOU in 2009. They're also were in real relationship while the drama was being broadcast and married in real life in 2011 2. Eugene and Ki Tae Young, they were couple who make fake wedding to real wedding on the drama CREATING DESTINY in 2009, And they're married in real life in 2011. 3. Choi Won Young and Shim Yi Young, they're couple and become married couple in drama A Hundred Year’s Inheritance in 2013 , and they were really married in real life too in 2014 4. So Yi Hyun dan In Kyo Jin they were couple to married in drama not even one but twice and playing as married couple in two drama Aeja's Older Sister in 2008 and Happy Ending in 2012 and they were married in real life in 2014 5. Lee Dong Gun and Jo Yoon Hee playing as couple and then get married in drama Laurel Tree Tailors, and most surprising news after they announced their dating, 2 month later they're have been reported to have filed their wedding. 6. Kim Seo Yeon and Lee Sang Woo they were married in drama Happy Home in 2016 and they're married in real life 9 month later in the same year. I can't say if ParkPark couple is really get married in real life too, or he will married with Kim Ji Won or end up with anyone in the future. Since i'm not a fortune teller and i can't see the future. It's not because i like ParkPark couple so i said this, from my opinion Park Seo Joon is treat Kim Ji Won like his younger sister. Do you see drama Suspicious Partner, it's the same vibe as Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won , Ji Chang Wook just treat Kim Nam Joon as his younger sister. I think you're in the wrong opinion in this topic, if you like Sewon couple than Parkpark couple, just write your opinion in their topic. So you won't be getting any harsh comment here
  5. Thank you, i'm very curious about what are they talking about..
  6. I have so many drama couple that i like and some of them getting married in real life, i wish this one will end up married too. i have to admit their visual couple is really look like in real life ..
  7. Yeah , all the interview in korean. Can someone here , who can speak korean translation this interview. I'm so curious to understand theri conversation.
  8. The question is one of PSJ and PMY and LTH interview with Kakaopage. The one i share here from youtube. In the chatting room, one of fans asking about relationship and they're answer the question. That why can some one translate their interview..
  9. Yeah, i got it from instagram and twitter have the same translation.. can someone here open naver and confirm it?
  10. Can someone translate it, i think they're talk about push and pull relationship .. so curious ..
  11. Even thought we don't know about PSJ and PMY relationship now, but lets just wait and see. Since PSJ talking about their possibilities dating and PMY just said no comment. We don't know about the future. From my opinion they're have same feeling toward each other. But i think PMY is just being cautions about dating. Since she's getting so much harsh comment when she's dating with Lee Min Hoo because her past Plastic Surgery. And then i think she's really being cautions if she's really want start relationship. I hope she' will open up her heart and I hope PSJ is going to give encourage to both of them and being honest to each other. Like their character Lee Young Joon and Kim Mi Soo. From my represention, their dating rumor is like Lee Young Joon and Kim Mi Soo story..PMY who really afraid to start relationship and cautions to PSJ, and i wish PSJ will be like Lee Young Joon who give PMY courage about relationship. At least even if not dating, they're still keep in contact each other. There are alot of korean celebrity is denied their relationship before their being caught by dispacth, for example is Park Shin Hye and Choi Tae Joon. The rumor between them is already spread since 2017 but their agency denied it and the rumor being calm down even thought fans still thinking they're already dating because Park Shin Hye and Choi Tae Joon have similarities item and post on their instagram like PSJ and PMY cases. And in 2018 dispacth release Park Shin Hye and Choi Tae Joon together after that their agency confirm it and told media they're just dating since end up 2017 but many people said Park Shin Hye and Choi Tae Joon already dating 1 years. And then recently Hyuna and Edawn, they're so many times denied their dating rumor, but they're being caught by dispact and confirm it they're already dating for 2 years. And then Hyuna said to media she's want to being honest to fans about her relationship and open up about dating. It wil be nice if they will end up together but just support their decision right now. I hope they're not avoid each other , i wish they will have same project again next time, photoshoot or cf maybe..
  12. In this article she's doesnt mention she's not dating with PSJ, she's just explain that instagram picture is not true. there's alot of version from PMY interview in make me confused, which one should be believed? I think i should believe what i see and what i want to see..
  13. Just let's see what are they gonna do about the summer vacation reward to phuket .. i just think one of them coulnt join the vacation. But since PMY said in her weibo live everyone will join the vacation. Is it include PSJ? I bet even if PSJ and PMY will join in the vacation, they will enjoy the view separately and there is no photo from the 2 of them. I just hope they're still can be confident and don't get hurt.. there is no celebrity really free from any rumor..they're in 30 and they can thinking mature.. Be happy all..