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  1. No this is not coincidence, they are plan this. How can someone have so many coincidence. I've been so busy lately but after open this tread and reading this why am i happy?
  2. Yeah, look at Park Seo Joon few times slightly trying to look at Park Min Young and sitting toward Park Min Young. There were times when their sitting positiom get close each other.
  3. Yeah that is the first time they appeared on camera together. They're seems awkward,they don't even look at each other often like when presscon and Viki Interview or their Kakao Talk interview but am i the only one who think they're just acting like that. Like you said there were times when they forgot and naturaly leaned toward each other. It seems Park Min Young who carefully but when she's forget she's just hit Park Seo Joon like what she's doing when bts kiss scene. It's cute, poor park seo joon got hit with 2 woman.
  4. Yeah i watched it and it really look obvious since they're inviting 3 couple for commentaring (Hong Bo Ra and Secretary Yang, Secretary Ji Ah his partner . If i'm not mistaken in TIMFL PD just invited Lee Min Ki and Jung Seo Min only.. something seems fishy..
  5. I don't know when this interview was aired but when he said about his ideal type in this interview is almost look like talking about Park Min Young, I just remember his recently interview about WWWSK drama when reporter just asking Park Seo Joon about Park Min Young and he's just said the same as like his ideal type. and Park Min Young just said the same thing too about Park Seo Joon. Their answer seems like point out to one person. What a coincidence. And i was like come on Park Seo Joon If you haven't been dating her just dating her as soon as possible, you don't have to confirm soon and If you've been dating her 3 years or just already dating her, you just need to keep your relationship until marriage confirmation
  6. Is it only me? I just can vote 2 heart only for each day? Can someone tell me how can i collect heart.
  7. Done.. o.m.g that is really fake account. She or he's really got blinded with jealously and posting bad things about park min young. She's more than evil she's demon. Goshhh haters gonna be haters..
  8. I'm just not open my soompi for a while and wow Park Seo Joon really deleted alot of his ig post. From what i see, alot of left post on his ig is for promoting the product and photo while he's filming WWWSK drama. And other than that is photo of someone who is really precious to him, his friends, his dog, and maybe his woman (Park Min Young) . Because if he just want to promoting WWWSK drama, he's just need to keep the video and WWWSK banner as well. But he's randomly deleted his post. I'm pretty sure he know well the risk of deleting some of his instagram photo since alot of people watching and monitoring him. I'm pretty sure there is something behind his action. Maybe he's jelously because there is philippine actor just proposed Park Min Young and he's just want to say she's my girl.
  9. Yeah, If PSJ and PMY already dating for 3 years or they just want started their relationship it's better to deny it if they don't have any attention to get married. From my opinion alot of korean celebrity couple who broke up after revelead their relationship is because they're dating without planing to get married. I'm so impress to Taeyang and Min Hyorin, they're dating in public and getting married since they're dating for seriously thinking about marriage. I'm not quite sure if PSJ and PMY are already dating for 3 years, but i'm sure about one thing PSJ and PMY are flirting with each other while filming the drama. Since i don't know about their old drama before,so i can't compare that. But when watching PSJ and PMY in their first script reading, interview and behind the scene it look like PSJ already comfortable with PMY, I think PMY is the one who build some space and being cautions between them in the location. @parkparkloveuYeah i agree with you, Most of korean girl is not confident with mono eye lid since it's smaller, alot of them doing double eyelid surgery. I don't see any different from that photo except her eyes but people just comparing her high school photo when she's really chubby. Ofcourse alot of different since PMY diet to have her body now. Alot of Korean Celebrity cubby when they're in high school.
  10. The most mean comment are from international fans, since alot of them cannot stand with Plastic Surgery matter. I'm talking with Korean Friends and she's said most of the Korean Netizen is familiar with Plastic Surgery, and they don't give any harsh comment about her plastic surgery since alot of Korean actress or actor and Korean Citizen doing that. they're just give bad comment to PSJ and PMY because they think PSJ and PMY lying about their relationship and denying the fact even though there are alot of evidence between them. Alot of international fans doesnt familiar with Plastic Surgery , and they're just comment about having natural beauty is the best. Whats wrong with Plastic Surgery? from what i see PMY just doing double eyelid in her eyes, beside that it'S not really different from her old photo. My opinion, even though as an actor or actress look so perfect there are always haters in their life. Since haters will be haters , even though she's not doing something wrong, their judge them since not everyone in this world would be like you as an actress or actor.
  11. Wow, it reminds me of naver forum post in January 2018, when someone in naver forum commenting in the topic Who is Park Seo Joon Girl friend and some korean netizen commenting that Park Seo Joon actually dating with Park Min Young. That time WWWSK cast is not decided yet right? How can people just tag random name or mention random name if they are not get involved together right? except if they're fortune teller.
  12. Yeah me too. I open soompi account because i want always monitoring DOTS drama, That time i'm not as an active on instagram or soompi forum. So for some time i'm not monitoring SongSong shipper. But then i'm just read an article that Songsong couple got married I'm really happy that the couple i like in drama become real couple. When Songsong couple got married I did not intend to board another ship. I watched and liked some other dramas after DOTS but did not find the lead couples chemistry worth shipping. I'm not fans from PSJ or PMY,i never watching their drama before so i can't compare them with old co star. I just interesting when watching their first teaser,and when watching their script reading and their press conference,i just find their cute chemistry especially when PSJ is looked at PMY like SJK did to SHK back then when press conference on DOTS. So here i am being obsessed again to shippers drama couple,i just wish they can being together. If it's not now,maybe in the future being together..
  13. Yeah i hate how TV Show in korea doing their Job like they're amateur. Come on if you want to make news, get the evidence by your own investigation don't stole instagram pics made by fans. I don't understand why TV show in korea are still trying to prove that PSJ and PMY are in relationship. Even though some of fans still believe they're in relationship but it doesn't make a sense to bring that topic to TV Show. I mean it not only PSJ and PMY dating rumor, there are alot of dating rumor between celebrity in korea, but i think media in korea are too digging into the PSJ and PMY dating rumor. I think even though alot of people like their drama and alot of people happy if they're in real relationship, but since they're both denied it , so fans really don't want to make sure if PSJ and PMY were lying or not since it's their personal life. Even though there are some shippers doing collage photo and anthing, but media just mess up with sosial media.
  14. Yeah, she can take car or train to phuket from singapore right. She's said she will be going to phuket in Singapore right?