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  1. watched episode 12 with subs... loving LIVE even more because of: 1) unlike most typical Kdrama tropes which are lead character-driven, LIVE is stories-driven. each episode is filled with several stories: how the police officers are dealing with their work and personal lives, as well as the struggles and biases that spill / overlap between these two areas. it feels like we are witnessing the growth/ fall of the main characters, the growth/ fall of the team and the growth/ fall of society. 2) the scene where Jung Oh shared with Jang Mi about her insecurities regarding not seeming to have post-trauma disorders and how Jang Mi, in turn shared that despite her apparent professionalism, she's wounded and still hurting. that was refreshing! this further cements what some of you have pointed out: that the drama very quietly yet effectively resets certain stereotypes/ societal norms (if we allow it): there's no right or wrong timing when it comes to healing wounds. the same situation does affect people differently, even if they were to be from the same family/ upbringing. 3) also, as some of you have highlighted: the moment between Yang Chon & his daughter where he makes it very clear that even if it was one moment of "No", that in itself is a sign of refusal and that no one, no matter how "kind", "innocent" or "good" they have been, has the right to touch your body without your consent. 4) I know some viewers have expressed disappointment with the love triangle between Jung Oh, Sang Soo & Myeng Ho... I find the writer's approach natural and believable. it's almost like we are Jung Oh, experiencing being on the fence when faced with two potential romantic interests. unlike most romantic tropes in typical Kdramas, she does not fall deeply in love with either character from the beginning... between the episodes, she finds things lovable as well as off-putting about both men. the push-and-pull tangents are also tied in with her experiences/ reactions/ feelings about the cases/ victims she's dealing with. therefore, rather than being frustrated, I'm trying to appreciate the nuances the writer has so carefully designed. I can see why Jung Oh would be attracted to Myeong Ho... I can understand how she became drawn to Sang Soo (Sang Soo increasingly provides emotional support for Jung Oh while Myeong Ho became emotionally distant for Jung Oh due to his perhaps lingering attachment to ex girlfriend who's dead). 5) ...all of you! sometimes it feels quite lonely watching and thinking about the drama as there's no live updates and very few people in here actively discussing... so to everyone who has written something and shared your thoughts/ insights, THANK YOU SO MUCH! P.S. watched the raw of episode 13... loving how the scene between Yang Chon & Sang Soo post-arrest of serial rapist reminds us that real life doesn't end when the case closes and gives us a glimpse of how the offender's family can be affected. P.P.S watching episode 14 live now... that scene between Sang Soo & Jung Mi crying in front of each other and baring their sadness made me appreciate Lee Kwang Soo and Jung Yumi even more.
  2. rewatched episode 11... loving LIVE because of: 1) all the characters and their individual stories... 2) the moments in which they fight against, alongside and for one another. 3) those words Sam Bo said to Manyong and his father (ep. 11) and how Manyong listened intently and reacted to it through shedding tears quietly. 4) that home scene between Yang Chon sang softly while Jang Mi shared her inner thoughts about applying for euthanasia for his mom and her feelings of jadedness and inadequacies at work. 5) how the writers are providing insights and perspectives on life and society through the issues and cases these police officers encounter and deal with. so, although the series is getting depressing, i am going to watch it to the end and i hope you, as well as more people, will watch it along with me! keep going, LIVE! hwaiting!
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