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  1. You're welcome, my child I hope he is philanthropic enough to let us touch him a couple of times we know the limits of the permissible I think this is a recent. Some rehearsal. Hair longer than usual...
  2. I have already died hundreds of times and are resurrected... No, it's me This is my heart too small to accommodate many of them It is necessary to act less radically. Every five minutes you becomes uncomfortable to sit in one position. You're trying to change the position and each time accidentally touches his back, hand, shoulder, especially brazen of us can even lean on his thigh ("accidentally")... Do not forget to say "joesonghamnida"... I do not know how submissive our Woobinie is... But I do not care, I'll be happy, even if he eventually will do to me something like this It is so pleasing to the eye, all combination of colors ... sigh!
  3. We are really lucky! More Woob's back At least I have his legs
  4. Plant congratulation from Woo Bin, on the right And just a happy autograph I was really surprised that somewhere they vote for talent, not for the cute faces. I do not take such things too seriously, but I'm more pleased to see Woo Bin in the company of these guys, after all ...
  5. Another view of the back. We are lucky! We had Woob's back day!!!
  6. Most likely. Apparently he had a day of hangout with friends. I immediately realized that next to him Kwang Soo Look, girls, it's actually very close I think if she tries to get out of the chair, then they can not avoid contact... OMOMOMOMO OMO!!! It is excellent! The most simple clothes, but colors By the way, at the first blush the girl looks like SMA, a little.
  7. It is today? I want to know
  8. Not sure what it is and where it is.