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  1. Interesting drawing technique, very beautiful
  2. Giordano Oh, my Apollo My baby
  3. @willenette Thank you for the clarification and for the link! Almost two months have passed since the news of his diagnosis. It's so much and so little. lunar calendar would be useful right now. It would have been like four months! Miss him so much
  4. The survey among the largest investment distributors ( CJ Entertainment, Lotte Entertainment, MEGABOX PLUSM, showbox, NEW, etc.) revealed the top five the emerging strong players who are given a lot of attention and who are able to overcome the so-called break-even point by their appearance in Chungmuro and who have the power to mobilize the audience. These young actors were selected according to the criteria such as" ticket power " and " believing actor". As a result, it was Kim Woo Bin, who got the highest score! The survey was conducted before the news of Kim Woo Bin's illness, and the questionnaire on Kim Woo-bin, who had been influenced by the recent changes of actors, was still confirmed. Trust in Kim Woo Bin was significant. One official said, "He have already proved through various works. Certainly, those who have tried to catch Kim Woo Bin are also significant." Another official also said, "The case that everyone understands and accepts the decision of director Choi Dong Hoon, which is the latest "it can not do without Kim Woo Bin " should be enough to support Kim Woo Bin's position in Chungmuro." " It's a little shocking, but I'm worried, Kim Woo Bin actor's position will not be shaken. Enough to return healthy" Woah, I'm so proud of our Woobinie 우빈이 최고야!!!
  5. Comparison with dino. again. i do not mind. sexy guys
  6. Cutie
  7. Just love this pic
  8. Apollo: Do not do this to me Me: Oops i did it bared you again Apollo: Me: Apollo: She is hopeless Woobinah, happy Birthday! You must stay healthy! So many people love and support you, I know it will work. Love you and always on your side! My pervert is waiting for you!
  9. Yes, it was in 2014. And it seems this is not an extension but a resumption of the contract after years. But in any case, this is very noble on their part. While one clothing brand broke the contract with Woo Bin, as soon as it became known that he was ill Yes, yes, I know that in business there are no sentimentality , but before the expiry of the contract there are only six months, not a year and not even five years All other brands simply allow contracts to expire naturally, upon expiry. Well, he'll be fine and will get new contracts in the future. It's just the time when there is an opportunity to see the true face of certain people.
  10. An immutable truth! Everyone comes to this conclusion one day Yes, it is very pleasant to realize that even in such a tough business people have understanding and compassion. At the end of last month Dongseo (construction materials company) extended the contract with Kim Woo Bin as an exclusive model. Their cooperation continues for four years.
  11. Samsonite RED