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  1. Oh, I'm sorry about your biggest loss. I did not know you were so well acquainted with this terrible disease... I agree with you in everything. Probably, human life is the most priceless and at the same time the most fragile thing in this world...
  2. I'm very bad... I still want to undress him... Most likely he is now in the hospital. I guess that by the time the articles were released, the treatment had already been going on for a while.
  3. Stylist Kim Seajun's instagram He is Woo Bin's friend
  4. Yes, i am also happy about it. Any support word like balm to my wounded fan heart... I also feel happy when I think that Kang Ha Neull, among many of his friends, has the opportunity to say words of support and express his love to Woo Bin at least in a phone call personally.
  5. @willenette I am far from medicine and really just see any outward signs, repeated very often. He is sensitive to the bright rays of the sun, his eyes are watering frequently from bright light or wind, and the fans know that he has poor eyesight since childhood, like almost all the Korean actors and I think Korean men in general, And also by his voice it is possible to determine that he has a snuffle often, But I could never imagine that something like this would happen. It's just my thoughts, but I'm sure it's a weak immune system. And the inability to stop and take a time out. And thank you for the translation!
  6. How right you are! I always knew that despite his manly physique his health is not really his forte Problems with eyes and nose were evident always... Kang Ha Neul with words of support for a friend
  7. God, I still can not believe in the reality of what's happening... But I want to believe that everything will be fine and his recovery will be complete and the disease will be defeated. I just want to wish him that the treatment was not too painful I would like to thank all who wish him a speedy and full recovery and pray for him. And also those who were able to resist the caustic and unpleasant remarks in this regard. Thank you for understanding. I hope Woobinie sees all the support from the fans and just sympathizers and feels it. @Cedric Ong Thanks for the link! Apparently some preliminary shooting of the new film was made. I can understand why he tried to hide it from the public and especially from his parents. It is heartbreaking for fans to read, much less to imagine his suffering... Woobinah, you have to know how many people support and wish you full recovery! My heart is with you! Thai TV Presenter Sorayuth Suthassanachinda updated his instragram with wishes of recovery for Woo Bin.
  8. [★BREAKING] Kim Woo Bin diagnosed with Cancer Kim Woo Bin announced to his fans and the public that he’s been diagnosed with Nasopharynx cancer. Nasopharynx cancer is a rare type of head and neck cancer. According to WebMD, it begins at the upper part of your throat, behind the nose. Kim Woo Bin will be receiving treatment immediately as it was discovered quite early. SidusHQ confirmed that Kim Woo Bin was diagnosed with cancer through a statement to media. “Everyone is currently expressing their concern regarding Kim Woo Bin’s condition. We are giving this statement to address those concerns. Kim Woo Bin has been extremely busy with his schedules as of late and during this period, he felt his body’s condition wasn’t good so he went to the hospital. At the hospital, he was diagnosed with Nasopharynx cancer. Luckily, it is not too late to start treatment so we want to let fans know that he is currently undergoing treatment. He will come back when he is completely healthy again so we wish everyone will wish him the best during these times.” — SidusHQ The cancer was discovered as Kim Woo Bin visited the hospital after feeling abnormal symptoms. “The nasopharynx is precariously placed at the base of your skull, above the roof of your mouth. Your nostrils open into the nasopharynx.”
  9. Oh, my God, girls! After a long wait, such terrible news ... Woobinie is diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer... I'm shocked... I have no words...