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  1. BTS scenes of LMK....He looks really cool (melting) here
  2. WHAAAAAAATTTTTTT!!!! THERE WAS A BED SCENE?!?!?!?!??! Why didn't we get to see it?!?!?!?!?!?!
  3. It's funny how they are seated together by the sofa watching the TV screen, just like they were at that moment in the drama too. It's SH & JH looking at MK & SM. Love this pic....
  4. OK...I was actually thinking of leaving the thread.But I just CANNOT!!!! Can't bear to part with everyone of u here!! And your post totally persuade me that I should stay!!
  5. OMGAWWWWDDDD!!!! I can't believe I actually agreed to attend a Tupperware party TODAY!! What in the hell was I thinking?!?!?!?! I was speeding back home to read everyone's comments on the thread and gosh am I SOOOO HAPPY!!! This is the best drama EVER!!!! Hands down!! Just wanna thank all the translators and commentary post from all you wonderful people. You are the best!! I was stealing glances on my phone on the forum throughout the party (almost threw a TP in the air when i read that they kissed). I told ya.....Sanchez is now famous as ever in Korea!!! LMAO Wishing everyone here the very best, and hope to see ya all in another drama thread soon! I'm off to re-watching BTIMFL from ep 1 again. BIG HUGGGS!!!!
  6. For those still with doubts about the translations in the part where JH shook SH's hands before leaving, I just watched the subbed version in Chinese, yes....I'm watching the episode again subbed in another language (facepalm) . JH didn't say "Good Luck". She said "Go forth (your life) with courage"
  7. Pretty sure many non football fans in Korea now know who Sanchez is....LOL
  8. This makes a ton of sense to me!! Both need a change in environment. And from the looks of that pic in the editing room, SH moved JH's mattress from his apartment to the rooftop place. U can see that it's a floor mattress (SH's bed in his apartment had a headrest). Even the bedding looked like the ones JH used when she was staying at his place...Awwwww...that's so sweet (him wanting to sleep on the bed that JH slept in).
  9. Guys!!!!!! I finally solved the puzzle with the "new room"!!!!! It's at WS's rooftop apartment!!! If you watch today's episode, take not when WS wakes up from his bed. The wall paper and windows fit!!! So I conclude that either WS moved out and JH rented that place instead, or SH rented that place with WS? P.S: Sorry I'm not techy and have no idea how to post the screenshot of WS's room and post it here
  10. I'm also wondering if it's the hanok, or if it's a room in JH's home in Namhae? The interior doesn't quite seem like a hanok, in particular the windows. It looks more like a house/apartment in the countryside. Come to think of it, it looks like a room on a rooftop apartment (the video clip that was posted on IG by a fan).
  11. @USAFarmgirl My fellow brownie!!! So happy to see you in this thread. You are so eloquent as always. Loving your posts to the max. As for the pic from the editing room, do you guys see a guy holding the snail plush under the blanket? Could it be SH dressed in this?
  12. Yes...that explains the huge camping backpack. The snail must have taken up at least half the space..LMAO. Sorry for cutting your post. As someone who has been married for 17 years, I totally agree with what you say here. I understand where JH was coming from. JH was doing the right thing. Love and Marriage are indeed 2 different things. You can love someone immensely, but that doesn't mean that you will be happy marrying that person. Love is not the only fundament that makes a marriage work. It's important, but it's not everything. For a marriage to work long term, you also need to feel comfortable with the person, and I don't mean sitting next to one another on the couch and feeling OK. It's about not feeling constantly TIRED. Emotionally and mentally TIRED. If JH was to just accept SH's confession and just carry on from where they are now (contractual marriage), it might be great, albeit convenient. But for the rest of her life, she would be feeling TIRED. There's so much to handle in marriage on a daily basis, and if your other half constantly makes you feel emotionally tired, it would only make your life miserable. Please....make that be SH under the blanket!! (pray)
  13. Thanks so much for the translations! I was really upset with all the angst in the episode today. But after I saw the cat with the Uri tag on again I understood. Today's title : Because this is our first intermission. I think if I'm not wrong, JH asked SH about intermission (break time mid match) in a football match. I think JH was trying to tell SH that they are not breaking up "for good". It's an INTERMISSION. They will be back ON THE GAME AGAIN. Now I'm absolutely sure that tomorrow will be a happy ending.
  14. Thank you!!!!!!! That's what I thought JH said too!!!!!!
  15. Did JH told JM that her divorce with SH is not a sad ending but a new beginning??????