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  1. @dee_230208 Just a small correction to your translation, the last part was written in Chinese. It read "Thank you! I love you! I will return (Taiwan) again to see everyone!"
  2. Thank you for your review on the FM!!!! I wonder what the secret was in the pit scene...Hmmmmmm Lucky you for attending both BG & YJ fan meet!!
  3. I watched the translated version of the show in Chinese. It's because HSC is gay, and he showed a lot enthusiasm while asking JY if BG likes rib meat, that's why B asked him to stop (showing enthusiasm on BG). @presentk might want to verify if this is correct.
  4. Hi Everyone! Just wanted to drop a quick note in regards to YJ's new quote on her IG account. If she took the quote from the song, then it's a no brainer. But if she took the quote from the book by James Joyce, then I am seriously curious why she chose this quote in particular. I've read this book many years back in school while studying English Literature. Ulysses is no romance novel, and it's no easy read either. It's a chronicle about a guy (fictional) named Leopold Bloom who was living in Dublin back in 1900s. There are many famous quotes from this book. Mine for instance was "Shakespeare is the happy hunting ground of all minds that have lost balance" So why for all the quotes she chose "Love loves to Love Love"? This quote must have resonated in her mind for some reason. For someone who have read the book, it is a huge question mark for me. My only derivation is that she may be in love... @presentk Welcome to our thread!!! We are really lucky to have you here. Please stay active!! Your translations are very much appreciated.
  5. Was busy preparing breakfast when I read the question #2 from @boyoo1213. Decided to clarify and stop negativity from spreading. I remember it was a MISTRANSLATION of an interview in Hong Kong from Apple Daily. The translator was either someone who knows Chinese but not Cantonese (where word of expressions differ). Or.....the translator was a troll.
  6. Translation: Lovely YJ's Smile
  7. Do you guys see what I see? At the end of this clip? Notice BG's reaction at the beginning when he was looking left, then right...and then finally deciding to look at the LARGEST & CLEAREST screen behind him to watch his scene with Raon in the cosmos fields. THAT LOOK AT THE END? Is that pursed lips BG? You want to see the kissing scene? LOL
  8. Hi Chingus!!! Sorry I haven't had the time to back read, but as proposed by @peachlover777, here are the translations for YJ's interview in Ceci Magazine.
  9. My dear Chingus!!!!! I'm backkkkkkkk!!!! I miss you guys so much!!!! Am finally back in Germany from HK, and I still can't believe how much has happened in the short 2 weeks that I've been away. Throughout the past weeks, I, like everyone else here, was in a huge emotional roller coaster to the developments and issues that took place. Excitement, Happiness, Anger, Disappointment, Anxiety, Sadness....Don't remember feeling that much emotions even on my wedding day. From the day I came face to face with BG at his fan meet, clasped his hands and had eye contact, to seeing YJ in HK, feeling how we were both breathing in the same air. Suddenly, BoYoo became REAL. The couple whom I was shipping was no longer just an image behind the TV monitor. So when the whole controversy about YJ's bad attitude occurred, I was in disbelief and felt so much anger. Although I do not know YJ personally, all of a sudden, I felt as if someone has attacked a close friend of mine. But I believe in KARMA, that KARMA will hit back at those atrocious people who attacked YJ. So as of now, I pray for only the speedy recovery of our dear YJ. For her to recover not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. I hope she realises that this is just part and parcel of growing up. In the future, even if she come across mean and stupid people like that in life, because of this experience, she will be well prepared to fend for herself. Anything That Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger. The end of 2016 also means that we BoYoos are expecting a lull from BoYoo moments. I think no one here would disagree how much we BoYoos have been spoilt by our puppies in the past few months after MDBC. All those tooth decaying sweet moments that our puppies have given us is enough to resonate in our minds and hearts for a long time to come. But does that mean I will abandon this ship? Hell..NOOOOO!!!! Coming THIS close to our puppies and feeling how REAL they've become to me, my commitment as a BoYoo shipper is as firm as ever. I HAVE ABSOLUTE FAITH IN BG & YJ....PERIOD. So Chingus, please don't feel disappointed when things don't seem to go the way we exactly want them to. After all these months, I think we've all learnt an important lesson. That there's way more happening behind the scenes. Just gotta love and thank fan videos for allowing us to view what REALLY happened in all events. And last but not least, never forget why we ship them in the first place. Regardless if these 2 end up together or not, we still wish that they lead a happy and fulfilling life. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! Yours Sincerely Forever A Proud BoYoo Shipper
  10. @peachlover777 Just wanted to make a slight correction to your post. In the video, between 4:13-4:26, she was actually answering the question if she still keeps in touch with the cast from MDBC, and she said Yes (with a giggle and smile). Though when the translator translated the question for YJ, I heard her mention BG's name. For the question regarding the best Couple award, it was the very next question, between 4:29-4:57. In the interview, YJ answered 2 questions that were again similar to BG. 1) When asked which actor she would like to work with in HK, she said Leon Lai. 2) She said she wants to have her own musical works and sing a drama OST BG gave similar answers when he was in HK last week. I think why most HK fans find it surreal about meeting them both here in person, albeit separately, was that there were so many coincidences. Same MC, same translator, same color theme in their clothing, same answers in their interviews. It's a dream come true for any MDBC fan. Lastly praying that YJ gets well soon. Poor girl. She needs to rest.
  11. Chingus!!!!!! So sorry that I haven't been able to post. Was super busy meeting friends and family. Too many gatherings. @peachlover777 I hope I can bump into YJ!! I arrived at the Yahoo Buzz venue at 6.30pm, but they have already closed off the area when I got there. Apparently fans have been waiting there since 4pm. But I was watching the program on the app. The MC Sammy really like YJ. He commented on his radio program that he wanted YJ to feed him food instead of BG (BG fed Sammy food during his fan meet). And he mentioned how much he was looking forward to meeting YJ the day before the Yahoo Buzz Awards. During the awards his question for YJ about BG went like this: Sammy : Your partner in the drama, Bo Gum, was here a few days ago and praised that you are very charming/attractive. What do you have to say about your co-star then? YJ: Firstly, Bo Gum is a very good actor and having to be given an opportunity to work with him was a meaningful thing to me. Watch between 2:47-3:20
  12. @happysloth The second translation (from chemistry fairy's IG account was accurate). Article was about him being timid and not wanting to be casted for horror drama/movies. Judging from the article, BG was answering a question by the reporter when he said he was busy when they were in HK for MAMA, hence couldn't find time to meet YJ for a meal together. Many of you here might not be familiar with the HK media. Having lived in HK for so many years, I am really happy and glad that BG answered the questions that way. I think I have mentioned this here on numerous occasions, Apple Daily is 10 times worst than Dispatch in Korea. If BG did any homework b4 his interview with them (I'm sure he did), he should know that he should take extra precautions when answering questions from them. They are notorious for twisting people's words and making a scandal out of anything. So guys, please do not feel disappointed about how BG answered all these questions by the HK media. I personally think he answered them very diligently. At least he didn't say they aren't talking to one another like with his OTHER female co MC right? And he said "He/They was too busy so he could not find time to meet YJ for a meal." Meaning, that HE WANTED TO HAVE A MEAL WITH YJ!!!! That's is an important message and that's all that matters. Don't you agree guys? For all we know, they might have called room service and had meals in the room together right? We will never know what truly happened. **wink** @dramaeevee I have been spending time meeting friends and family back here in HK. It's eating and more eating everyday....local culture, you HAVE to eat when you meet. May it be breakfast, lunch dinner, supper, dessert, you just have to eat SOMETHING.... P.S: A big thank you to @liemkopi here for finding part of the video in question that I was looking for. Will provide the translations for the video soon.
  13. I remember something important!!! I can't believe I left this out. Told you guys my mind is still not functioning properly. **face palm** About the favorite scenes voted by fans, when the MC asked him "BG what is your favorite scene out of the entire MDBC?". He chose the scene where Jinyoung grabs the sword with his bare hands while trying to protect him from the assassins. When I saw that scene on the screen I was like "Huh?!?!?!?!?! Are u kidding?!?!?!?! " He obviously was told that he should not mention that his favorite scene was one with YJ in it. But I felt bad for him as he looked like he was trying VERY HARD to find reasons why he LIKED the scene. Am sure everyone here understands what I'm trying to say. This is another reason why I hope to find the video of this interview. So for his next FM stop, I am certain that you would most probably expect him saying that his favorite scenes are those with BY, Evil Queen...or even maybe with the little princess. But it will NOT be with YJ.
  14. @torquoiselily @bubblyflo Thank you!!! The fan meet tickets although expensive was worth EVERY single cent. He is no doubt much better looking in person, and much taller than I expected him to be (maybe coz he's lean). @peachlover777 It was a very touching moment when they showed these two videos on the screen. BG was planning to take the big selfie pic and was kneeling down facing the huge display behind him (holding the selfie stick), then these 2 videos appeared on the screen one after the other. He shed tears while watching them. I just got a hold of my son's notebook. Was trying to type with my mobile, but it was a bit frustrating with the tiny screen. I can't place the entire 3hr fan meet into words, but will try my very best to point out what i felt were the highlights.