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  1. I remember in her vlive before she said that her house is the best spot to do vlive and it's hard to do vlive outside, but now I guess she changes her mind? >< so last weekend was for friends and this weekend is for family? funny how both were spotted with their respective friends last week while this week we got picture of phs with her parents and just now she mentioned about her family in her vlive (right, we know they are so busy on the weekdays lol) >< Pby be like: sorry ladies, your DREAM guy is taken ^^ ctto If I may quote @willowmyst: frequent coincidences are no longer coincidences p/s: boyoungie was crying? Aww I feel like to hug her. We love you boyoungie, we truly love both of you
  2. Ig posts and vlive in the dark coming to park hyo shin's FM and listening to park hyo shin's song can they not play with my weak heart? Lolololol
  3. Aww it would have been perfect if daughter in law was there too #stilllooking #shemightbethere #Somewherearoundthere #mustsearchthoroughly lol ctto
  4. Aww this is so cute! Ctto what might (actually) happen: the kid wanted to talk with pby but the parents didn't have her number, so they called her boyfriend phs instead since they have his contact number delulu: phs was playing with her phone/ checking her messages and calls log (lol). by the time the parents called her, pby wasn't there, so he didn't have any choice but to answer it ><
  5. Omo omo now what is this? credit: lottehimart boyoungie feels hot because of the burning candle (fiery love) ? Lolololol
  6. Break the code! LOL Maybe it's nothing at all but maybe nothing can also mean something. About the stuffed toys, I watched a few variety shows where the members/ contestants need to break the code from the given hints/words. For instance, in running man eps 181 where pby featured in, they played similar game like this which made me thinking if he's trying to deliver the same hints through it? (Overthinking much? Lololol he could just be a sleepyhead who just woke up from his sleep without trying to put any meaning with all the stuffed toys around him lololol. Sorry Hyungsik, we're all hungry and thirsty ) Whatever it is, I still want to feed my/our hungry delulu mind(s) here with it! Lol. I have yet to learn Hangul, so I supposed it's better for someone who have knowledge on it to decode it (if there's any) >< Park bo young = 박보영, Park hyung sik = 박형식 1st emoji: Chick = 병아리 (byeong-ali) [baby byeong? Boyoung? Lololol] duck = 오리 (o-ri) [uri? ><] bird = 새 (sae) 2nd emoji: penguin = 펭귄 (peng-gwin) ....... [it's even amazing that he put 7 dots here] 3rd emoji: squid = 오징어 (ojing-eo) im not sure if there's any other word more accurate for each since I only c&p from what given by google translate. Again, it might not carry any meaning at all and purely coincidence haha ><
  7. Lololol no idea. Probably by the time both of them realise their feelings but not specifically first day of dating? >< let's see... he posted it on 20/6 so it would be around 70 days ever since the filming ended (11/4), then we need to track another 30 days before that lolololol. The 2nd press conference which was on the same day with their first kiss scene was on 17/3 (but add we total them up, it seems like we can't get 100 yet? So early celebration? haha) can't figure out an exact date for that, only both of them know >< aww @willowmyst don't be, it was a good delulu after all ^^
  8. Haha is it just 2 months? I might go overboard then lolololol. Be it 2 months or 100 days, as long as both of them are happy and enjoy their relationship . But since Hyungsik is a romantic type, everyday with loved one(s) is worth celebrating, he might not need any special reason or occasion to celebrate? stuffed toys from jeju-do? ><
  9. ctto what if today is their special day? Like celebrating 100 days in relationship? Lololol Delulu on the stuffed toys and scented candle.... today is their 100 days in relationship, he tried to make a surprise for her at her place with the help of her sister. Her sister distracted her and asked her to go with her to the coffee shop while Hyungsik prepared for the surprise event. While waiting for her to come, he took a picture with her stuffed toys lol. Oh I see another candle behind there (or was it just a reflection?), could it be that he wanted to make a shape (possibly heart shape) or write something with it (like 100 for 100 days lololol)? Lololol while non-shippers be like: his house went blackout ^^
  10. From @kdramachoseme's ig: Translated by goodday3105: #willnotbelieveitthough #candle #fireman (have seen a few similar translations as well, not sure which one is more accurate, so I'll just take that he might want to say that he doesn't believe it (regardless of whether he's referring to past, present or future) based on given translation. Just my little take on his caption: most probably he tried to imply that he was lighting it for fun, not believing it since part of 'why' was more towards spiritual purpose or maybe superstitions? Haha Idk. Btw His candle is pretty cute though, with ribbon lololol (don't want to be sceptical, who said guys can't have cute candle with ribbon??! Lololol). They said there's a love spell for candle, and 'Pink represents the colour of love, affection and romance. Burning this candle can bring love to you, assist you with becoming more loving and also includes all aspects of romance' (blah blah blah, read here for more [candle]). wasn't sure what colour is his (maybe more to white or pink?) but here if anyone interested: Haha I know nothing about candle but all I know is his candle is so cute (very feminine-like? Lol) >< EDIT: oh I see @bongsoonie and @rylees have better translation for that. So the 1st hashtag is actually 'you may not believe it' instead of 'I don't believe it'? Well okay, we absolutely believe how romantic you are lol
  11. This is so LOL >< ctto ------ now who want to share their delulu next? Lol ^^ BREAKING: boyoungie's duck is having sleepover at Hyungsik's in place of her lololol ctto
  12. ctto Boyoungie was at a cafe in Hongdae! <3
  13. Pby's manager is missing phs's manager lolololol omo omo but the caption tho, reminds us of pby's love is timing ~
  14. Park Bo Young Reveals Troubles Talking to Actresses Her Age C. Kim June 15, 2015 While Park Bo Young made a special appearance as a guest on “1 Night 2 Days” and befriended other members such as Minah, netizens are shining new light on a comment she made about friendships in the past. “I know quite a few actors who are in their 20s and around my age,” she said during an interview. “Song Joong Ki filmed ‘A Werewolf Boy’ with me then went to the military, though.” She added, “When the director is very obscure about what he wants, I usually ask my seniors. However, I wish I also had a friend to call and ask, ‘Hey, the director wants khaki-colored acting from me. What in the world is khaki-colored acting?’” “Lee Kwang Soo and Jo In Sung have their own social groups. I think it’s a great idea since they’re men around the same age. Though the only time I have to meet actresses my age is at award ceremonies, it’s not east for me to talk with them,” she said, revealing the troubles she had with friendships. Source (1) [Soompi] I guess they are in same circle of friends and they are close as well since pby also mentioned his name aside from Kwang soo.