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  1. Awww congrattttttts I just can't contain excitement here so happy for them! I'm in #teamjunghwan before and I remember how we all suffer emotional heart break when he didn't get the girl but yaayyyy he wins her in real lifeee! Congrats you two lovebirds! Hopefully this will last till marriage <3
  2. Hiks I just can't contain my excitement as I read @bongsoonie's posts here. Everything is so on point and all about these two are so electrifying! He simply answered 'all scenes' when he was asked if there was any scene with BY that made his heart pounding (yeah we know, it's hard to choose just one ><). I just love to observe his shy expression, his smiley face and his hearty eyes when he answered that question with his slow yet sweet voice (I don't know but I feel that the way he answered this question was slightly different from the way he answered the other Q. He even bit his lips a little before he answered it ><) And I find that's cute that he still resented the sloppy heart so he wanted to redo the beach kiss scene (I'm gonna keep my innocent mind: he just wants to fix the sloppy heart, he just wants to fix the sloppy heart >< lol) Again, it's la la land and 'coincidentally' both of them happened to talk & play la la land in the same week (wonder what makes la la land that special for them) it was nice that we got this kind of interview from HS. Hopefully, we can get to hear from BY's side too, observing her reaction and expression whenever answering questions related to HS. @Tofu_1 woah that's nice to know that you were there and that we have more representative in his FM!
  3. Park Bo Young features in 'Woman Chosun' in STYLE 'beauty' section. Basically, the article talks about stars' makeup and style throughout their project. And one of the celebrities that featured in the article is non-other than our lovely Park Bo Young! Translation from google translate (hopefully it helps us to understand the gist) : The time of the courageous woman Progress: Kim Sunah | Assistant: Eugene 2017-08-10 15:00 Now, 'Dynasty' era! Let's look at the makeup know-how that will upgrade the charm of the owner. Park Bo Young Although Park Bo-young is a brave star, her eyes are one of the greatest actors. So catch the line to the extent that the part of the eye tail is invisible and treat the eye line as thin as possible to highlight the overall clean image. It is a point to maintain a natural beauty using a product that looks better than the lips of intense colors. RECOMMENDED ITEM: Lancome Matte Shaker 272 Nude Peach, 6.2 ml 37 thousand won. Source: Woman Chosun
  4. Thank you for all the translations! PHS’s interview (kdramachoseme’s post) 1. The difference between PHS with AMH – this is not the first time that we ever heard him saying this, that he kept on emphasizing that PHS = AMH and AMH = PHS. He is super consistent with his words from the first interview that he had for post SWDBS until now. 2. His feeling about puppy couple (min min x bong bong) – he is really happy & proud for the love they receive (Lol are you yourself a shipper too, PHS?) and we here are more than happy to ship you guys too! 3. Most memorable scene for him – he still chose the confession scene as the most memorable scene for him but pardon me Mr. PHS, you like that scene because the weather was really good? I'm not really sure which confession scene that he meant here because as far as I recall, there are a few confession scenes, first is when he confessed to BS in front of the house (I think I like you), it was quite cold and he even joked asking if he should just call BS to his car (lol) and the other confession scene (office (please like me) and sofa (legendary 'saranghanda') scenes) were filmed indoor. So, how good the 'weather' was to make him loves the confession scene so much? PHS’s interview (puppycoupleavenger’s post) 1. The interviewer asked Hyungsik if he had ever thought about having baby after seeing William, He laughed and replied "of course, although I don't know when I'm getting married!" But he was quick to add "however I don't think I'm very good at babysitting." – I think this part is really cute. I mean in the same month (or week), we have PBY talking about marriage (well she has been talking about marriage quite a few times now) and PHS about having kids (aside from his 'ahjussi' thought he has when he's coming thirty). can I say that they are more than ready to start a family now (as individuals and as a couple like we wish)? and when a fan asked : "noona, when is my father-in-law's birthday?" I just thought that things about 'marriage', 'in-laws' really catch her eyes these days p/s: in her recent vlive, she talked about her hair (not getting any longer), her eyes (getting teary because of the onion), I wonder if she tried to show us that she is indeed the girl in the drawing? (lol) and the last part about her favorite friend really got me, like all of sudden she wished a good day for her favorite friend and to make tomorrow a good day when we all know that the next day was his FM. so now she has a favorite friend? (well okay perhaps what she meant by here is her fans but yeah *smirky smile). Well tipsy BY was really helpful PHS’s interview ETNEWS 1. Hyungsik "Basically BY is a very cute personal just by looking at her when she's doing nothing. Everyone has their own aura, and such aura to me is like air, which feels like small little hearts surrounding her at all times. Subconsciously, this feeling has made me realized that there's such a cute person in this world. After seeing BY noona, I realized this. As for building the chemistry, I was surprised and had learned a lot from her. On one occasion after filming a scene, I give her good thumbs and that she's really the best in the world! And respect her totally. - this statement totally got me, especially after he drew his ideal type with hearts around. well this is not the first time that he ever mentioned that PBY has hearts surrounding her (just like his previous post-SWDBS) but really, for him to say that PBY has hearts around her in the same week/day with his interview about ideal type, and just like his previous Bazaar interview where he said that his ideal type is someone who is lovely without doing anything, I am more than convince that his ideal type is BY (without having him to declare it directly 'yes, my ideal type is PBY') - she's so cute, she's so lovely, she's the best in the world, he respects her... in other words, she's perfect? 2. As he was recalling the lines, the interview the interviewer said: "We are asking Hyungsik, not AMH". Then Hyunsik gave a shocked look as said "Ah! it's me? Me?! and he blushes again "How can I say?" Because he was really shy the interviewer got soft hearted, so, they didn't force him to answer in the end. - "How can I say?" well why can't you say? >< I just love how consistent he is in all his interviews. He said a lot of good things about his partner, he has nothing but praise to PBY as his co-star. The way that he described her never fail to make me (and most of us here) to fall straight to delulu land. Thank you PHS & PBY for giving us an amazing week!
  5. Woah it's nice that we can finally get new update about her. Hopefully she will get better soon. I would love to join her fan cafe too. If anyone here knows how to register to her fan cafe or if @mei1209 finally remember how you did it last time, kindly please guide us how . Thank you
  6. The meet and greet event in Singapore features in SBS news article today! Caption on twitter: the affection of Park Hyung Sik to Park Bo Young is a hot topic Source: SBS Although this event was happening 3 months ago but it seems that people still can't get over them and the affectionate act of PHS to PBY during the M&G is still the talk of the town. And by saying that this is a hot topic, I wonder how 'hot' it is actually now.
  7. Indeed, indeed I'm so agree with @tallyu 's point. Sometimes I feel this perhaps could be the reason why some people prefer lurking around to our forum rather than actually joining it. They might have a lot to say, but this thing could make them back off before they actually try because they might feel afraid to be judged when their stances are different. This is something for us to reflect about, let's not make only certain colour is accepted in here, and read all posts with open hearts and minds. Something to highlight during Tarot Reading thingy (perhaps some of us here believe this, so I apologise if my post here could make anyone feel uncomfortable). But first of all, Master-nim, are you one of HS's fangirls? (Ok kidding) - Master knows his birthday (well okay other situation might be they might have told her earlier) - Master was asked to choose between cats or dogs (rolling eyes bcs this question is not part of the script ok kidding again) - Master with straight face said he has no time to get a gf this year, he has lots of work to do and he was like 'are u sureeee??' (Read the comment about he has no idea for the last question, perhaps it could be that he has lost his interest since one of his readings seems to be contradicted with what he expected/his current status?) - She said HS picked 3 consecutive good cards (and not having gf this year is considered as a good thing?) - She suggested him to take serious role and something more challenging etc (master says no no to romance but this is good for him and perhaps for BY and some fans/shippers too) And I wonder if this tarot card reading is one of the way for damage control here: he's all for work now and 'no love life' to commit since he's busy But honestly, I feel quite disappointed since they don't really talk much about SWDBS nor BY since SWDBS was a hit over there, but yeah this is his FM so most of the things are about him and perhaps every FM has different theme as well. I just don't know what to expect next so perhaps let's just keep our expectations low? P/s: sorry if I sound so sceptical here I'm just expressing my curiosity ><
  8. the moment when he cried: And some pics of him during the FM: Ctto
  9. Thanks @icemaiden21 for actually enjoying my chicken and duck tweet. But today could be my last day on twitterland, em actually I'm thinking of deactivating my twitter too because I feel like I can't trust myself either with social media. I definitely have fun using it for a month, but before I realise it's actually a world full of temptation. I have tendency to search random tweets, look for their hashtags and read what people actually think about them. Weird enough, that 1 negative comment can somehow overpower the other 99 positive posts. So thanks guys, for keeping the positivity here. People like me truly need all the positive doses. ^^ Welcome to new members! And here I'm inviting more and more silent lurkers out there, if you happen to read this, please come and join us here, click the 'follow' button and share your posts here too >< So finally it is the D-day, let's flood our forum with Hyungsik fan meeting in Taiwan! ctto. the FM will start in a few minutes! ><
  10. Title: Long legs, long arms Park Hyung Sik can be as lazy as..... The topic of this interview is "Regarding 3 strengths and 3 weakness of Phs" PHS: I must say it myself? Reporter: yes, he has to name it himself It's not very clear... But I think someone mentioned about a hyung... Name sounds like "Chong Seng". Then he said "legs too long, arms too long" Too thin Then the reporter said that those that he just mentioned seems to be strenghts not weakness.... He laughed at himself for the answers... Then reporter ask "what about weakness? ".... He said "ahhh... Too much hair! " Eyelashes too long!!!! He feels that he has a flickle mind kinda of character... Cannot really make decision quickly... He confess that he's never really thought about his own strengths and weakness before... However he has admitted earlier that he's a lazy person because he loves to stay at home.... So reporter ask " so how lazy can u get? How many days can u lay on bed without shower and how many hours can u just sleep? " His replied " because he really love to sleep, so he can sleep as long as 12 hours till people thought that he's dead" The end. *Note from @bowowjoe (ig) --> I think this is an abstract from the whole. Interview.... That include the drawing of his ideal girl To be exact on his flickle minded character, the translator used a Chinese idioms 优柔寡断 which means indecisive Credit to: @quin501 and @bowowjoe (ig) p/s: I'm helping quin to put up the post since she has problem to log in to soompi. Please don't get bored looking at my face ><
  11. Cont. of his interview After 4 years, PHS finally returned back to TW to host his first ever individual fanmeet. in SWDBS, both he and Jisoo each has a scene to dress up as a woman. HS took a deep breath and said "Because there's make-up on and wigs, Jisoo's dressed-up is more towards the sexy image, whereas he is the cute type. I feel that cute type is more suitable for me." When the reporter ask him who is more pretty, Jisoo or him, he replied proudly "ME!" and gave himself full marks of 100! In past dramas, the characters that HS had were usually rich man son's roles, or someone in upper class. But HS confessed that he's a person who loves to stay home, dislike to move. On the contrary, he love to sleep !! He can sleep thru 12 hours, so much so that people around him may think that he's dead! EDIT (addendum): For future projects, he keen to take on roles that has sci-fi or thriller themes. In the exclusive interview earlier where he was asked to draw his ideal woman, he kept laughing at his own drawing and said it wasnt very nicely drawn. However, his drawing had received many compliments after it was shown and some even felt that it has the standard of japanese comics and has this area of talent to draw comics. credit to: @quin501 and @bowowjoe (ig) source: Weibo
  12. HS's interview for Taiwan FM credit to: @quin501 @dianaliu0829 (twitter), @bowowjoe (ig)) At the start of the interview: He praised BY that she's very professional and tough during shooting because most of the time she needs to either stand on kerbs or stools for scenes with him so that they can create that perfect height in screen. First part was actually introducing him and the big difference in height between him and BY. That lead him to share that his "girlfriend" had a tough time during most of the scenes as she had to stand on kerb, crates or stood. (Yes' It's literally printed in Chinese from the article with inverted commas "girlfriend") As for calling him cute"names" like in drama where BS call him min min, The exact words he used was "scary" if one were to call him such names. And he laugh and repeated "no no". HS said he's very like AMH in the drama: he cannot control himself when a woman says something super cute to him. Even more to it, HS mentioned that if the girl says cute things to him in the right time, he could "die" right away. Then 2nd part talks about how perfect is the character AMH in the drama, Too perfect that it's not possible to have in real life. AMH is talented and enjoys life. But he admires AMH for being able stay faithful in love. He is jealous about the character of AMH where he's so perfect in everything. And believe that there no such perfect person in real life. But he also admire that even being rich and talented, he's faithful to the one he love. On the pets part: He also love to keep pets but due to his work. It's very hard to provide good care for the animals.He's not able to accept nick names being called on him. Like in the drama, 'min min', He cannot take it. Even in real life, he cannot stand this aegyo of ppl calling him "hyung hyung" or "sik sik" because too much aegyoHe would love to have dog, but dog really needs companion and his work often require him to be not at home. So he thought maybe cat is easier but he didn't get one either because he feels that he cannot even take good care of himself. How can he still care for a cat. Why he talk about pets is bcs he was the guest for the show 1DAY 3 MEALS. He got the chance to be with cats, bees, nature and he love that. He finds it very cute whenever his friends show him pictures of their cat (I think he's referring to his hyung in cnbluegt) but a pet is after all still a life at stake. So must consider seriously and committed before having one. --------- Video translate (drawing his ideal type): HS : long hair, double eyelid, small face, full of cuteness (as he pointed to the hearts he drew) ...... woman... Reporter: must she be in dress? HS: No no no.........His focus is just the face... The dress is just a representation for a woman -------- The flow and arrangement here was quite a mess, sorry it was from my shortcoming for not being able to organise it better. And thank you very much to our friends here for providing these translations for us.
  13. HS drawing his ideal girl. This one below is edited picture ctto
  14. 5 Korean celebrity OTPs who could actually be dating IRL CULTURE 2:45 PM JULY 5, 2017 Park Hyung Sik and Park Bo Young This famous Strong Woman Do Bong Soon onscreen pairing were mistaken to be dating numerous times, even by their show’s own crew. You just know something’s up when the crew of your OTP’s own series thought they were together. Also, Park Hyung Sik himself has got nothing but praises for co-star Park Bo Young, claiming that he ‘truly loved’ her while filming Strong Woman. Please, let these guys be next. Source: scout Couldn't agree more with the bolded text: "You just know something’s up when the crew of your OTP’s own series thought they were together."