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  1. From Just KSH FB Support REAL movie
  2. 2018/9/21, Japan Travel Expo 2018 (extension is 2018/9 / 20-23) Kim Soo Hyun billboard
  3. 334 days Soo Hyun in army Nothing's gonna change my love for you
  4. Baidu Star Popularity Ranking [2018/9/10-2018/9/16] Korean Male Star, TOP 10 : 1. KIM SOO HYUN 2. Park Si Hoo 3. Rain 4. Kim Jong Kook 5. Hwang Chi Yeol 6. Lee Min Ho 7. Park Yoo Chun 8. BTS-Jungkook 9. EXO-Sehun 10.BTS-V
  5. I think we are not always happy. Life has never been easy for us. But I always think that no matter how you are hurt, you must love; no matter how you are betrayed, you must believe it; no matter how you are attacked, you must be sincere