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  2. Wow you thought a lot about this drama, didn't you? Let me applaud that first lol Honestly at this point I don't care what will happen before what lol. I just want DY and her mom (I'mma leave Go-rae out since he's done nothing wrong) to feel embarrassment to the point that they can't lift their faces in front of Mr. Kang or DR.
  3. Same lol. I'll just sit here and wait till Saturday. As for DY, I can't think of any way for her to redeem herself, because she simply has. No. Redeeming. Character. At. All.
  4. Someone else on another site commented the same thing. If so maybe Mr. Kang will be the only who can save him (same blood type, for example)?
  5. I can't wait to see DY and her mom's reactions when they find out Mr. Kang is innocent. They should get down on their knees to apologize to him and DR, and I hope Mr. Kang and DR won't forgive them (but that probably won't happen since it's Kdrama and everyone's forgiven in the end). I don't know how they're gonna find out, tho. I can't see the loan shark talking to either DY or the mom. Maybe HJ or Go-rae will find out somehow?
  6. Yes, that would make them cousins. Like you I also thought that they wouldn't be able to be married, but someone pointed out in a previous post that they could still be because they would be third cousins or something (I can never understand the system of "cousins" in Western culture). From the preview it seems like the loan shark came out after being pushed by Mr. Kang. So it was the loan shark who killed DY's Dad?? Also, did nothing happen in today's ep, since apparently the truth about Mr. Kang's incident has not been revealed yet? I actually feel bad for Go-rae. He's probably the most innocent character in the drama. He knows nothing, has no secrets, yet has to suffer from not only the big reveal about Mr. Kang but also his mom and sister's tantrums. Edit: Did Go-rae move out and live with Mi-ran at her mom's? If so I salute that. If only WDR had done that earlier... Also don't get mad at me but I want DR to end up with Tae-poong, not because he's a chaebol but because I think DR and Mr. Kang will live more peacefully with TP than with that toxic family of WDR. Update: Just watched today's ep w/o subs. I'm now completely in love with TP. What a man. A sweet, handsome man at that!
  7. We already know that Grandma lost her sister Myung-hee (the MIL said that in an earlier episode). The theory is that DR is Myung-hee's granddaughter.
  8. I'm going with a sad ending, just because of the theme song for Mr. Kang and DR lol. Both the movie and another drama that used Lee Seung-chul's "No One Else" in the soundtrack have sad endings, so I feel like this drama will have a sad ending as well.
  9. I like how Tae-poong protects DR. Hopefully we'll learn more about his background. We know he's a good guy, but who is he really??
  10. I know this drama has high ratings, but I wonder what Koreans really think of it. I feel like it's not a good representation of the society. If not for Choi Soo-jong, I would've given up on this drama long time ago. I've watched quite a few KBS weekend dramas, and imo this one is not on par with some others like My Daughter Seo-young (highly recommended if you haven't watched it yet) and Five Enough/Five Children.
  11. That's why I didn't want the drama to be extended. I knew they would drag it. Guess I'll skip too. But at least the loan shark will be back tomorrow, so hopefully things will be a bit better next week.
  12. Don't forget - there's another person at the scene of the crime: the loan shark's assistant(?), who ran out asking for help. I might be thinking too much, but it's possible that the bakery guy is that assistant's son? Also, will Mr. Kang's former cellmate (Dong-won) show up again? His appearance probably won't resolve anything, but I kinda miss his clumsiness lol. I can't wait until the weekend, but I probably will wait until Sunday night to watch both eps at once, because I don't think I can handle Mr. Kang being heartbroken, criticized, and humiliated at the same time. (In case you haven't realized, Choi Soo-jong is my bias in this drama lol he's the reason I'm still watching it.)
  13. I actually didn't want it to be extended. They shouldn't drag it on for too long. Guys, a crazy thought just suddenly crossed my mind. Do we know for sure that the person Mr. Kang (might've) killed was DY's Dad? Was it ever explicitly shown? Could it have been a normal guy who's not related to DY's family at all?