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  1. I guess I'm still okay with the time jump... knowing that YJI had always chose to run away when her family background is found out. But if that poster "The Mask" and the take-out brochure on the floor do not mean anything to the story after the camera purposely focused on them, I may have difficulties enjoying this supposedly crime-solving show. Because I like to look for clues, so I don't appreciate random stuff thrown out like the above.
  2. After you've watched ep.3, please share what you think of the poster "The Mask" behind KMS when he was dropping off YJI in front of her place (halfway through the episode)..... I wonder why the camera lingered a bit there. Is it referring to KMS wearing a mask? It lingered a bit as well the next morning when LA was waiting for YJI. As well as the brochure on the corridor floor of the apartment where KMS and the lady detective were trying to find someone at. It should serve as a clue, but then we have a time jump.... so I wonder the significance...
  3. I just have to share this here... So today I went down an underpass which I usually would use once in a while. It's not a straight passage but sort of like letter H since it is underneath a big intersection. There are usually other pedestrians, but when I went down, no one was around, and then suddenly a guitar sound playing Emma's music started. It seriously gave me the chills for a second there Of course I just continued walking and at the turn, an elderly man was sitting on the floor playing it. I am pretty sure he didn't watch this show, why oh why play that same song, which really startled me a bit, hahahaaha.... Good thing it was a sunny day, not a rainy one
  4. We don't know yet if the shooting at the pool will be the end or not, but yes, we did go forward in the timeline and then back once (running in forest) and then further back.
  5. It seemed to me that she was ready to die as YMR when she stage the seaside suicide. So I do wonder why she would want to keep the same name. True that she hasn't taken any new identity yet, thus still going by her original name. I believe starting next week she will assume WHK's identity more personally. Probably even moving back into the house with SJW since they have been making the point that she doesn't live there a big deal in the latest episode. Now I'm back to wonder, would KIW want to claim her back now that she has a new face... like the question I posted much earlier, his obsession was her face which resembles his mother. Now that it's changed, what would then be the reason he is still obsessed with her? Which episode/part was this? Because I don't remember seeing it.
  6. I agree it's unrealistic... and yet, I cannot turn away from this drama How about you? Yes, new face = new identity = new life... Agree that she needs to give up all relations, except with her mom though, and go somewhere quiet and start anew there, just work odd jobs to make money. But of course... otherwise we'll have no drama to watch.
  7. What were you trying to do up there??!??!! Hypnotize all of us to vomit rainbows with you??? Here you go...
  8. I believe this is how we got the title of the drama... Fiery Priest... He's been including fire as part of his diet, no wonder he's always so fired up...
  9. This part, I found it so bewildering as well... If I were her, after I changed my face, I would have gone to a far-away city, change my name and start anew, hoping and praying he doesn't find me. No matter how much I love painting, I would leave that career and think of something else to make a living. If I saved enough money, I would even get a fake passport and get out of the country to another country.
  10. Do you remember a guy in another drama who push up the glasses like that? And I wonder if she was directed to use that particular finger
  11. Sorry, earlier too busy laughing to notice the preview... From uploaded raw, the preview is: ~ Gu and Kim leaving but someone after them, saved by Seo. ~ Police team having a meeting, with Seo and Gu as well. ~ Seo driving Park somewhere (same clothes as tonight episode) Park confronted Seo that she like Father Kim, right? right? ~ Bobby talking to someone, eavesdropped by SS at the door. ~ SS force feeding YH some fried dumplings at the minimart, I think trying to make up. ~ Kim in his secret base/warehouse looking at some gears, then him in all black complete with baseball cap.
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