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  1. I have 10 pages to read back on this thread because I purposely stayed away from spoilers until I can watch in peace (interrupted) with subs. What can I say... I am blown away... This week's episodes are just so so good that I really don't know where to start commenting on them. The writing, the directing, acting, editing... it is such a great production overall. Really, really a great drama to keep watching. Yet I feel torn. I honestly am so not looking forward to the plot development, having some ideas the direction it is taking. I am super anxious and apprehensive about next week's finale episodes. What will happen to the OTP now that the truth is out? Although not for everyone yet.... I am so tempted to watch raw next week because I just cannot wait, but this series is one that needs full subs to be appreciated. How I wish I know the language well enough... Okay, off to back read for great comments and insights since I myself am at loss for words to describe this week's watch.
  2. We can cut him some slack since he was supposedly still under anesthesia
  3. I feel you, chingu... O my, they're just so cute and SJS such a dear for holding them supporting them to say a few words. Yes to all the above. I noticed those too. And at the hospital when Bon talked about how she helped JYT and again AR teased him for being petty about it. Bon is just still awkwardly rigid having closed off himself socially for 3 years. Random question. I'm curious, does Tiffany&Co has PPL in other dramas? I don't remember ever seeing one. If not, then the production has really put some thoughts into the (pretend) wedding rings. For me, having such big name for jewelry PPL means the rings had been planned from the start as part of the ending.
  4. I am guilty of wishing for a kiss between them at the end, or even a hug, but I am perfectly fine with the ending and I love it too. It fits the tone of the drama and the characters. Especially after rewatch, I am reminded that they are both matured adult whose relationship goal (I believe) is more of emotional companionship instead of physical satisfaction. For me, their more-than-friends relationship is confirmed when Bon gave AR the ko-ko. And then the hug by the beach also. The only thing I wish they would change is the ko-ko he gave Seunggi's appa. As funny as it is, I wished the ko-ko is something exclusive for our little family. KSR can ask for it, but I'd rather Bon find an excuse not to do it.
  5. Hmm, I don't hear anything about break-up from the preview... I doubt they will go that route, but YR being so obvious not letting SY do any physical work is a little too much. If I were SY, I'd feel uncomfortable too... What she needs to do is to ask him take some leaves and not wear those device for the time being. Wonder what and how much Jang tells her. Maybe only a very general being weak/sick...? ODK is wearing the socks!! Oh, btw, I really really love seeing YR and SY hug... Their hugs make it look like they're fitting so well into each other so much. The hug at the airport empty corridor, at the top of the apartment stairs, at the roadside after YR's confession....
  6. That's really too bad.... I think I'm having a withdrawal already... don't feel like catching up on other dramas, thinking that there will be no more Bon to watch next week. Although I have other dramas for Weds-Thurs, this is the one that I look forward to the most. It will be so different and I believe I will feel so lost come Weds night for live streaming I really really hope there will be at least a movie soon, although I just remember JIS might be busy for Waikiki season 2? Really missing the gang at KIS... even Kwon moved to live there too I can't imagine how Mi Nam is living without his new friends... no wonder he said it's boring at the coffee shop.
  7. You know what, I was actually at the point of suspecting that YYJ house is YEH's own place... I really am envious about all those pilates equipment she has. But of course, YYJ is loaded with money as she informed CWH. I wish she would show her charity and give 15 million to a nobody like me too
  8. Everybody is trying to find subs I found the chinese subs but on a paying site. I don't have the membership so can't watch either
  9. I think he was purposely using a lot of nasal voices... I really don't remember his voice being like that. It is annoying but I think it fits his character for now.
  10. For this day and age of technology, I hope kdrama writers will think twice using the time jump trope. I don't like time jump because it is usually not well written. It's outdated. Who would believe that people are able to not be in touch for a year when vid-call is so easily accessible right now. Unlike in the past where we have to rely on mailing letters.... They really should get rid of time jumps where the leads (in good terms) are separated without contacting each other.
  11. I love that... Count me in!... Alice Beside Me sounds great too!! Wow indeed!! Yes, after watching with subs, I get the feel that Bon didn't know about the suitcase. However, I still think he planned the meeting of mojitos at NamSan with the help of Kwon. AR was neutral waiting at NamSan, but upon seeing the mojitos served, AR immediately knew to look out for Bon. Only the two of them knew what the combination of NamSan and mojitos meant. Kwon would know Bon completed his mission and is back in Korea. The briefcase and mission then, is a gift from their friends at NIS. @stroppyse welcome back!! We missed you, but I know you must be tied up somehow. I was surprised with the fake name of Kim Bang xxx for JJ. Nothing from previous episodes about it. But I'm happy they take on the Kim surname I'm still grinning silly watching that last bit. I don't care about kiss or no kiss, it's just really so sweet to see the two of them reunited after one year apart. Bon asking AR - did you not miss me... and AR answering almost in tears - I miss you very very much... I see Bon a little disappointed when AR said no one is around to take care of JJ, meaning she sees him as a sitter, so AR had to say she was just joking, meaning she really misses him, sitter or not... No worries, the NY trip, sans twins, shall jump-start their relationship further Some random things I noted: - Name on tickets: Kim Hwa Jin and Lee Jeong Ho - AR and Bon opened the suitcase together, one hand on each side. - The mojito toast showed their worn rings clearly. - AR using the bag Bon gifted her, at the colaborium, and at NamSan. Question: So no one except Bon and NIS knew about JYT new identity? Even AR thought he is dead?
  12. I actually feel the opposite. She looks better when her hair tied up loosely...
  13. Still waiting for subs, but the way I interpret that last scene was Bon asking AR on a trip with him to NY. There is no way Kwon knows about Namsan and Mojito, unless Bon tells her. This is all set up by Bon, with Kwon's help. If this is a mission from Kwon, will she really set it up like so? She is so formal and business-like in every approach, I doubt she has the creativity to arrange for such elaborate mission assignment. I imagine that she will just call them for a meeting at her office and handed them the tickets and rings. No mojitos, no Namsan. So yeah, this is all Bon's ideas to get AR on a "honeymoon" trip to NY If they were to go as husband and wife, they will have to share a hotel room, no? Act like husband and wife, lovey-dovey, wherever they go, no?
  14. I only caught the last bit... Again, so much fun just watching the OTP interacting... Can't wait for next week's episodes, seems like they have opened themselves to dating for real. Expecting lots of skinship....
  15. Didn't manage to catch how many tickets were there in the envelope. Two or four? Hmmm.... Season 2! Season two!! Season TWO!!! SEASON TWO!!!!