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  1. Nanny is the true villain... I wouldn't be surprised if she turned out to be the one who killed Grandmama.... This is again making LH to be such a pitiful person... Poor LH manipulated by people around him... Please Sunny, hurry up and expose the Nanny...
  2. There's a short preview, but my stream lagged, so didn't know exactly what was shown. We see WB having headache though. Then ED ordered something about the relationship of Sunny and CWB. Then also a scene of LH back-hugging Sunny.
  3. Sorry guys, been busy that I can't visit the thread. Bit late, but here's the live recap
  4. So I did forgo sleep ... I can't remember when was the last time I stayed up till near dawn for a drama. But I just couldn't stop! If there are more episodes, I might just stay up till daylight to finish them... I was about to stop watching but then HN fell from the balcony, and I just had to go on. It's really sad that HN has to die. I didn't expect the writer would really go there and was wishing every seconds that she could be saved. But I guess that is the awakening needed by Kang to choose a new way of living his life. How traumatic it must be for WJ to experience death of the girl he loves, on his birthday, and then suspected as the murderer... I cheered now that Cha is left by his family all alone in that empty cold house. Yet he is still in denial that he has lost. Sigh... Loving the camera angles and directing style of this drama. Many times they would focus on the hands, the lips, the eyes. Great production overall, the editing, BGM choice, adding to the great script. The choice of decor in Cha's house is surely deliberate also to convey the atmosphere the father is trying to create. I think we might see a revamp of the house if the family actually move back in. Just as the warmth we can feel in Hwang's house. The episodes after HN's death frustrates me quite a bit, until later on. I mean, being smart people, all the Hwangs were too emotional in dealing with WJ's arrest instead of thinking of strategies to find the truth. Or I guess because they're just too nice and too kind to feel anger for the injustice they're experiencing, thus can only feel anguish? The first thing I would do when confronted with the dashcam is to find out who it belongs to and run test on it whether it is fabricated or not. Instead of screaming my son is innocent, my son said he didn't do it... but I'm glad it was later addressed, although I wished it could've been earlier. Does anyone know whether in Korea they can actually put a minor in jail while receiving investigation? Anyway, I'm curious to find out the deal with Mr.Jo. For every episode, every time he is on screen, I always wish he finds some conscience and and courage to say something, do something. But I guess it's not time yet. Can't wait for the next episode!
  5. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the ending. It does make it more acceptable to me. I am not here for the romance, but since they did introduce the romance element, I have my expectations, which is really not very high, but I was still disappointed... I'm going to sleep on it, and maybe watch it focusing on the game aspect and JW's personal journey.
  6. You know, they bothered to show that HJ put on her lenses while in the cab... The least they could do is to show her seeing him, even from afar.... I don't know how much of the ending is the writer's idea or the PD's idea.... Just like Fox Bride Star, I don't feel like watching the final with subs. I should probably make it my personal policy never to watch a finale raw, but wait for subs, so I can understand fully and appreciate the wrap up. It's really hard to bring myself to watch with subs now because I am so not looking forward to watching such ending again.
  7. Believe it or not, I have not watched the final episode with subs. Still in denial that it has ended. Gosh, I really hope this is not going to be the trend, but seriously there has been many vague ridiculous endings recently.
  8. I am so disappointed with the ending.... Arrrghhhhh!! I can't believe it ends like that... Or are they setting a stage for a sequel??? Still, it could've ended in a better way....... Sigh, I think it's better for me to go play the Guess the Abs game so I can forget about this traumatic ending!
  9. HJ in her workshop putting a guitar together. Grandma reminded her of something. She went to an office building, bumped by a player. As she waited in cafe for Park, it started snowing. Park came and he was happy to see her. He is in happier mood. He even encouraged HJ to start dating. Asked her whether he should help set her up with someone. Then he told HJ to forget and give up on JW. Then he asked about how SJ is. Turned out that he is offering a job to SJ. HJ accompanied SJ to the company. Park introduced shy SJ to the team of programmers. They were at first very quiet, and then they applauded him in awe. SJ started to smile uneasily. He was brought to Choi's office. Choi asked for his signature, lol... HJ was leaving the office building, she got another look at it, then she walked into a cafe. She overheard some gamers talking about seeing something in the game. About high level player, not NPC. In Choi's office. SJ and Choi talking. SJ told Choi that there is a dungeon. He couldn't believe it too at first, but there is such thing. He told Choi that maybe JW is also in there. Continuing with HJ at cafe. She asked more in details about where the players saw that person. She ran back to the office, while recalling her conversation with Park that she is not giving up. Park said JW is dead. HJ said "no, he'll come back. I believe in him." HJ got into the cab, and put on her lenses while in the cab. She reached a place, and she got out of the cab and ran. At that same place, we see some players almost losing to NPCs, then a dark shadow came and started shooting the NPCs. We can see it is JW.... End of episode with his silhouette. Arrrghhh..... what kind of ending that is???