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  1. ailanthus

    Kim Yoo Jung 김유정

    i don't know about the webtoon but i'll love seeing yoojung in a good quality female-centric drama
  2. tbh beforehand I had some concerns but now it's already gone and so far i love this drama, for some people the comedy feels a little excessive but I don't, maybe because I'm used to watch Japanese dramas and some parts of the comedy are refreshing. YKS is beyond my expectation, oh god his comedic acting is superb and sometimes make me want to bite him hahahha ANdddddd So far the best couple is Jang Sun Kyul and His Spray, they are very harmonious hahahaha, I need a gif when JSK spray his face to calm down himself apart the comedy section, GOS scene as a job seeker made me reminisce when I was a job seeker, the struggle and the feels..... I enjoy watching this drama, hopefully the remaining episodes will be more interesting
  3. ailanthus

    Kim Yoo Jung 김유정

    glad to hear that, my wish too yes she's fine now yes she never failed to amaze me with her acting skill, and i love this gif cr : @inhighsummer twitter
  4. yes hopefully this drama will be the big hit, successfully [domestic and international] and receive good result later on because they already work hard and now work harder to adjust and rearrange everything. Postponing the filming is such a big decision in business standpoint. YooJung must feel very bad and so apologetic because its her personality but i believe people around her and her fans will come out to support her because she always give her best, give love to people, to her work and in the end, they love her back. They support her and waiting for her. "If I love my work, people and the world first, I believe that the spirit of love itself will come back to me naturally." -#KimYooJung YooJung and CWPFN Fighting! wish and pray for the best! God bless you all!
  5. yes @Jillia, I wanna say thank you so much and give my best and sincere gratitude for JTBC, CWPFN's production team, and all the actors who are willing to wait for her as well and rearrange their schedule. God bless you all.
  6. Trans by @magicsolim IG Do not be too sad on your own. Try (do your best) a little less than others. (I) live a little less stressed. Living like that is the best. + Don't feel sad or apologize, health is the most important. Cheer up 1st floor Miss Gil O Sol (Kim Yoo Jung) --------------------------- I'm worried and sad, I pray you return to full health soon my baby girl, I'm always cheering for you and everyone here take care your health.
  7. ailanthus

    Kim Yoo Jung 김유정

    our happy pil and human vitamin, hahah indeed she is a big eater
  8. JTBC 'Clean With Passion For Now' cast update http://movie.daum.net @Jillia @Jloves I hope so
  9. kkkkkk. ooo he is tsundere character. thanks @Jillia from @MaknaeC : Hwang JaeMin is a tsundere character and the same time he is OhSol concern adviser. he still develop his dreams while working in 'cleaning fairy' company. YooJung and his character will show 'partners chemistry'. Cha InHa has made a radical change in terms of style for his character in CWPFN. so i guess he's one of webtoon characters
  10. Based on my understanding, Actor Cha InHa joins CWPFN as a male friend of OhSol. His name is Hwang JaeMin and working at cleaning company too. He is a rookie actor and debut in SBS 'Love Temperature' source: http://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=076&aid=0003219010
  11. hmmm i think she is dohee but who knows the article said that kim minkyu will be played as the taekwondo sunbae of gil oh dol (oh sol's little brother who will be played by lee do hyun). [edit: sorry for the double answer] hmmm there are many differences and changes betwwen drama and webtoon version, be ready guys especially for the webtoon fans
  12. 'Clean with Passion for Now' are most likely confirmed to be aired on 2nd April, 11pm KST time slot
  13. ailanthus

    Kim Yoo Jung 김유정

    @Xuexi_1 yes she has she has a lovely voice