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  1. rewatching 10 miles peach blossom bts atm focusing on donghua and fengjiu's bts obviously though i do enjoy watching dilraba and james li playing chinese checkers? so cute and this one is just too damn cute
  2. lor wayne liu aka our dear yan chiwu is so cute in this bts for flame's daughter poster making and to imagine that he will be doing lots of scenes with reba too in pillow book our pretty but crass yan chiwu is just too adorable
  3. ^ qingqiu looks seriously beautiful i think i wouldnt mind living in that kind of place looks so tranquil and serene it does look more mortal than the others which are more fairylike the palace or maybe ye qingti's place though it does look more like the palace yard ah... my mistake i didnt see the hairpin and i dont actually remember much about most casts, even if i notice the hairpin i wouldnt have made the correct guess hahaha lord zhonglin or just plain zhonglin is donghua's steward at taichen palace donghua most trusted steward and also i am guessing his right hand man so my guess all definitely wrong then megh... then again i never got any guessing game right seriously suck at it never stop me from guessing though
  4. since he is in or all around tai chen palace persay in the pics means that his scenes would most probably be around taichen palace so... he might be our dearest but sometime urgh, zhonglin his dressing doesnt look too grandeur or too shabby so he must be someone with a rank but not too high he doesnt look too old either and his features doesnt seem someone with much power as well his figure reminds me of liansong honestly speaking but he doesnt look like liansong much hahaha my guess, he is lord zhonglin of taichen palace hahaha btw the palace really does looks amazing and luxurious ^__^
  5. ^ aw that is really cute i especially adore the face expression they all have seriously bai gungun is too much like donghua pretty sure he needs someone like fengjiu in his future life just to be more exciting and fun hahaha eternal love book only focuses on ye hua and bai qian for donghua and fengjiu you need to read three lives three worlds pillow book 1 and 2 that totally about donghua and fengjiu love story and their happy ending as suggested by @Sisca_TVXQ above do try to read the books its good and totally for me, quench the sorrow of watching donghua and fengjiu in the 10 miles peach blossom drama ^__^
  6. ^ vengo's current drama is still ongoing and i doubt there will be news anytime soon cny is still ongoing and our gods and goddesses and even immortals will be busy spending time with families doing cny performance being here and there and so on hahaha if anything it would be after the end of cny celebration) or known here as chap goh mei (which i fondly known) which would be 15 days after cny if not after the end of vengo's current drama they won't be promoting more than one drama at once and since both are from tencent wrath of time and pillow book it would make no sense for vengo to overlapping the promotion and making people confuse of his character ^__^
  7. our fengjiu not only looking good in red but crazily gorgeous in gold as well no wonder donghua is so reluctant having another guy near to her hahaha dilraba is so busy in this cny i've seen her everywhere so happy for her and hoping for more busy days in this coming year but at the same time hope that she would take good care of her health as well ^__^
  8. a lil late but... happy chinese new year to those who are celebrating and to those who aren't but still enjoying the benefits of the celebration like me then happy holiday hopefully this new year will brings us great news hahaha ^__^
  9. CNY greeting from dilireba and our vengo and also this credit https://www.instagram.com/dijunjiu/
  10. ^ i was expecting something for chinese new year but i was thinking about another sets of posters i just love posters so much hahaha didnt know that we will be greeted with a video of them wishing us cny hahaha both the children are just too adorable but i am also enjoyed watching siming being all excited and goofy he is just too cute kekeke hopefully we will get posters too later such a pity that it didnt get aired the drama is a lil confusing overall but the last was almost like it was rushed and i just dont understand the whole idea of using almost 3 eps for just flashbacks mostly hmm... instead of the redundant scenes that was unnecessary it would have just be better to air the engagement party hahaha
  11. well we don't really know the history of zhe yan per say he might as well in his long life, way too long as i might say he might be a ruler somewhere, a kingdom maybe, kingdom of birds perhaps though now he is just a ruler of his peach garden and also bai zhen's heart doesn't matter actually to me whether he is dijun or just high deity, just that seeing how he is one of those ancient immortals in the story makes the whole idea of him being one of the dijun make sense to me so i just went with it and also because it is written makes it more believable, as not reliable as wikipedia can be, i still refer some things there most of the time hahaha i like to think him as one of the dijun because i always think that dijun is a title given for someone with high power and authority and the length of time of existences not just because they used to be or still a ruler of something the disadvantages of not knowing chinese language unfortunately, you basically went with what you think rather than what it really is guilty as charged here hahaha well if he is not one of the dijuns then we are down to two dijuns both still very much belongs to qingqiu btw (one by right and one by marriage) lucky qingqiu hahaha and also even though zhe yan is not a dijun, he also kinda belongs to qingqiu as well hahaha the channel is not blocked here in Malaysia just that the videos for warth of time is not available i still got to watch other videos from YOYO channel kinda interested in that guardian drama and also that paris drama maybe i will watch it later ^__^
  12. true... i agree hahaha we all are so used with the book that even watching the making and bts we (some of us at least, not me in the beginning for sure hahaha) were able to decipher most of the scenes and what that scene would be about but still if i only have to wait a few more days to watch it in subs instead of raw i would rather wait beside, having to know the gist of certain scenes vs knowing exactly the words they were saying and uttering can do difference in the experience of watching this is how i am showing my love for pillow book, by being patient and calmly waiting for it kekeke hopefully it will get subbed fast and available to all people like us and also for it to be easily accessible ^__^ ah so its a short drama funny if this is k drama 21 eps is already long eps drama but since this is chinese drama, 21 eps can only be considered short drama for me hahaha under what name would it be on youtube? tried to search for it not much success or maybe it is just unavailable here hmm...
  13. in wikipedia (not that reliable but still worth reading, and i enjoy reading from wikipedia hoesntly speaking hahaha) zhe yan is regarded as one of the dijuns and it make sense to me that he is one of the dijun since as compared to be as one of those heigh deities he is way up there along with donghua and bai zhi more than bai qian or even bai zhen in term of rank and even power so i take him as one of the dijun, he is after all the world first phoenix hahaha in tang qi's books i always have the sense that in term of power, qingqiu if is not above, is in par with heaven's clan it's just that while heaven clan strived for power and the need to take control of everything as they believe it is their duty to do so qingqiu is more laid back and more concern about enjoying life and living freely and willingly they are not bound by too many rules and regulations and instead just basking in the life and what fate brings them but at the same time as mentioned bai zhi believes in encouraging and persuading his kids and also grandkids (thinking that he would treat ali the same as he would to fengjiu) to be the best that they can be and also because of the whole bingcang ceremony hence why all of his kids are shan seng, i guess btw... i wish i could have watched bai zhen's bingcang that would be too awesome hahaha btw from all three dijuns (i will assume for now zhe yan as one of the dijun) it seems that all of them are very laid back and just enjoying life as of now with almost no or just a lil concern with worldly matters though now for me it seems that donghua has more work as compared to others (granting titles to new fairies, guarding the maoyi realm and so on) and everyone keep thinking he is just walking around reading buddhist scripture and fishing all day long aish...
  14. confession time! at first when i just watch the drama eternal love i thought donghua's full name was donghua dijun then when i read the book and read that even bai zhi aka fengjiu's grandfather was called dijun as well i was confused i was like is he and donghua related? same person? can't be must be related then... how.. what.. after confusing myself even further i decided to take a pause in reading the book search online what dijun means understand it and then went to continue my reading back hahaha but it was quite funny for me i seriously thought at first that his full name was donghua dijun with donghua being family name and dijun being his name now i know kekeke ah... the fun of venturing into new territory of the unknown you learnt and gained so many new things for sure so for as far as i know three person hold the title of dijun donghua dijun, bai zhi dijun and also zhe yan dijun and apparently qingqiu is the luckiest place since all dijuns are now related to qingqiu hahaha also i always find it amusing that in the book whenever there's a technique that was so ancient and so powerful the people mentioned to have either learnt to use it, have used it, or have mastered it would always include moyuan and also our own dijun The three who learned this magic were the Buddha of the Western Heavens, Moyuan of Mount Kunlun, and Donghua before her eyes. “In this world, those who can change someone's memory using medicine are few and far between. From my rough estimation, there should only be Donghua, Moyuan, the Buddha, and I. As legend had it, the outstanding students who had the opportunity to experience the world included the future master of the universe, Donghua Dijun, the Heaven Clan's god of war, High Deity Moyuan, the Demon Clan's ancestor goddess, Queen Regnant Shaowan, the world's first phoenix, High Deity Zheyan, as well as Fengjiu's paternal grandparents. donghua, donghua you have learnt all the secrets of the world experiences everything that needed to be still thank you for waiting patiently for fengjiu to experience love and the bitterness and sweetness it brings and also the side effect ehem of love could brings the bad ones and of course the good ones as well especially bai gungun which i would say the greatest fruition of your and fengjiu's love hahaha
  15. i'm very particular in watching my drama if the subs is not complete then i would usually will wait patiently i wont watch it raw unless i had no other choice and the vid has been sitting around for a thousand of year then i will watch it raw hahaha i have watched only a few dramas raw mainly because there's no way it will get subbed in the near future for something like pillow book which i truly and utterly adore i will want my first time watching it to be fulfilling and enjoyable hence i need the sub huhuhu usually i will have the patience to wait last time i even manage to wait for the subs to be 100% done for my kdrama 12 nights before i watch it and that drama was like aired once every week imagine the suffering of the waiting hahaha i guess if that happen i will just have to depend on this thread to keep me updated i dont mind reading or knowing spoiler hence why i read the book but i cant stand watching something that i dont understand so if i can wait a lil longer and will be able to enjoy the drama more once it got subbed then i will just do that hahaha