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  1. hahaha that's why i need to vent now pretty sure he would have a good reason for all the things he did and then i will have to keep all my anger inside and have to forgive him just like that kekeke now that i have vented out, i am more open for whatever excuse he has hahaha pretty sure those two will make a way back to each other for now this drama haven't fail me yet so i am really hoping the excuse of separation this time won't be too cliched and it to be rational enough actually it doesn't have to be rational just make sense as in, i am more open to the excuse of they are not together because distance got in their way and their career was taking them to two opposite direction or your career is taking off while mine is on standstill, i felt uneasy with you hence i distanced myself from you because of my pride rather than i'm sick so i dont want you to suffer, so i broke up with you because of that or whatever noble act one could think off happened in a drama or it could not even be his fault but her fault instead who knows hahaha at least this drama doesnt have the whole romeo and juliet plot (i am thankful for that) kekeke hyunoh ah, you might have solid reason for everything that happen and also for that fiance of yours but since i havent watch ep 10 yet i think i am entitled to be angry at you for now so when ep 10 come and you are deemed innocent and actually didnt do anything wrong, or at least with a good reason for whatever you did or maybe the blame is on yookyung for all i know (which is almost close to none) then i will love you back and maybe... just maybe i think yookyung should be with you (yeah i am still bitter hahaha)
  2. @celebrianna the thing that i find annoying about him getting engaged is that yookyung did nothing wrong to him i mean she was faithfully waiting for him emailing him, wanting to be with him, yearning for him it wasnt like she stood him up and didnt show up or she broke up with him for no reason it wasnt anything like that i think that is one of the reason i am angry with hyunoh for being like this now he ignored and sorta deserted her and then he emailed her saying he missed her after three long years of absence she came to seoul, maybe not for him solely but partly for him i am sure only to find that he is an engaged man already gah if i was yookyung... actually if i was yookyung i would moved on already i have no time to waste on a guy like him at this moment
  3. lor she is not behaving like an empress ^__^, even before her temper erupted, she was never acted like an empress she was like a scared caged mouse, darting from one end to another, finding a place of her own, trying so hard to fit in beside i assure you, none of those in the palace behaving like what they are supposed to be aside from the grandmama everything is vile, wicked, cruel and ugly and some of them are supposed to be from honorable royal blood, the divine sacred royal blood of grace and virtue and they are even worse in character the empress just shout and scream and a lil erratic while the rest are doing the unspeakable for way too long already she would most probably will change more after the death of the grandma most probably because she will partly blame herself for her death before she acted wild and nothing bad happen to anyone else aside from her and now partly because of her, a life was taken but that's a part of her growth experience like wang shik who had to lose his mom and being betrayed to the extent of being killed in order for him to change himself and able to control his temper now sunny would experience that too sunny is not a calculative woman she didnt come to the palace with hidden motive or has a conniving way of seeing things that is her flaw, she is portrayed as she is a simple naive gal, who sees things through rose coloured glasses but i prefer her to fight back, not crying in a corner whining about her pathetic fate maybe the way she handles things now is still not good but it shows that she has a fighting spirit, and that she is not the type to let everyone tramples all over her yes she is a lil feisty now (i am hoping she would be more feisty in the future actually) but then again she was lied again and again, almost got killed on her wedding day, hubby doing the horizontal lingo in her presence with another woman and so on from the day she got married she has been treated like a dirt from almost everyone there, even the nanny doesnt respect her let alone others she can be loud, wild and harsh as she can for now and slap yura a few more times, lee hyuk too actually before she wise up and become more in control hahaha
  4. ep 10 tonight hoping for more discovery and i am being bitter but i hope yookyung treats hyunoh with distance he is after all someone's else fiance even when yookyung was with eric, i always hope she would end her relationship with eric first before starting anything with hyunoh although that didnt happen, at least she felt the need to ended everything with eric the moment she realise she was fallen for hyunoh even the second time, she was hoping hyunoh would wait for her so that she could end everything and come to him as a clean slate, as in free of relationship that could tangle her i might be a lil bias, but for me dating and officially engaged is two different thing i am conflicted though honestly speaking should i blame hyunoh or shouldnt i? if i blame hyunoh for getting engage and then maybe get close to yookyung again then why didnt i blame yookyung for doing the same in earlier eps with eric and hyunoh? but i dont feel that what yookyung did was wrong and instead i am angry with hyunoh for sure maybe i feel disappointed at hyunoh, feel like my trust was betrayed with him (i was certain that he wouldnt do this one thing of being with someone else aside from yookyung) i mean he can be anything, he can be a coward, an idiot or even the type that ditched yookyung because of his problem and desire to protect her but never once in my thought he would be with another girl aside from yookyung sighs
  5. ^ lor hahaha that would be makjang for sure sunny is showing her fangs now and it aint blunt baby, hahaha one of the reason why i dont want to watch this week eps yet is because i know the suffering sunny had gone through and i am a sucker for jang nara's when she's acting all down and pitiful and her crying scenes is just heart wrenching she's really good at that if i watch and since the cliffhanger is still with her being pushed down i would be moody the whole day for sure huhuhu but i am happy that people are rooting for her now, realy enjoying reading the comments from netizens and also before i was kinda wishing for some sort of twisted romance between her and lee hyuk aka him liking her and she pushes away but now even the thought of leehyuk fallen for sunny makes me feel disgusted you dont even deserve the dirt under her fingernails now, lee hyuk!
  6. wow i havent this week's eps yet because i was waiting for both eps to be ready and also i wanted some relief for sunny but omg that gal seems to be never able to catch a break after being framed for having an affair now it is being upgraded to being a killer gosh if this was daily drama i would usually drop these parts and wait for the karma to bite every bad guys in the richard simmons to come back and finished watching but i just cant leave sunny behind she needs all the support she can get, sure aint getting much from the palace at this moment hahaha reading recaps and your guys discussions has already leave me breathless and tired so many things happen at the same time gosh, are we on a roller coaster now? now we all cant wait for next weeks ep because we all should be dying to know how sunny can get away from the murder accusation sunny ah, i seriously hope you will find utmost happiness by the end of this drama by the pace you are being used now, it would be a miracle if you dont go crazy like really crazy by ep 20 lor
  7. dont think it will sunny putting yura in jail she would most probably just go visits her there lor its too early for me for sunny to be vindictive imo it seems that empress dowager is the one putting her there as ssr is seen in the pic above being a hero to yura yet again hmm... for now it will best for sunny to still act naive and innocent test the water see how deep it is just so that when she decided to jump she will have all the necessary things needed to keep her afloat and survive
  8. ^ hahaha thanks have to admit ep 9 is the first ep that i am not inclined to watch it again other eps i will usually watch a few more times just to rewatch the sweet scenes and also to see whether i am missing anything but this ep, i just dont want to watch it in general aish... hopefully ep 10 wont be as annoying as ep 9 and less scene from the fiance not that i hate her, but yeah i hate her team yookyung all the way hahaha as we are embarking into the third trimester of yookyung and hyunoh's relationship ii am realising that we are most probably wont get closure on any of the other characters we've meet from 2010 up till 2018 per say it is like saying, they all have their own story, when they cross path with you, their story become part of your story and when they parted or drifted from you their story will still continues, but it wont any longer be included in your narrative of course i am curious about the female scriptwriter we've meet in the first part of the story the triangle love story from busan i think the mechanic aka fairy god mother appearances was short but meaningful the teacher, hyunoh's fren even eric at a certain point but that is just how life is... not everything needed to have closure for us to move on sometime it just goes as times goes by and we will be fine with it hopefully though our otp wont be having open ending i hate open ending as much as i hate death ending people keep saying open ending is good, since it lets us viewers to think and create possibilities on our own but i dont that i dont want to think, to imagine, to go through what if situation i want them to tell me, are they gonna be happy or not simple as that
  9. ^ watching the bts video making me more excited for tomorrow's ep i think sunny wont go all full revenge mode just yet though the imminent death of the granny empress would seal the deal for sure poor sunny and yet it has to be done sighs i am wondering though at this moment about what sunny to do with her hubby it seems that sunny is still wavering atm so... what will lee hyuk do that would kills the love sunny had for him for good will he lies on her face shamelessly and then sneak out to see myr, more than once? or will it be another big event that break her heart for good it has been a while since a drama is making me anxious for the next ep this one is making me anticipating it with such giddy hahaha anyway jang nara insta update another coffee truck from one of the go back couple co star hwang bo reum (i think) gosh she is an amazing singer in this drama she has always been amazing, bt it has been a while since i last watch her sings with so much confidence and grace in go back couple, although she sings, her character was someone who was lacking confidence and courage so was singing rather timidly in that drama but this drama, her being musical actress, she just shine when it comes to singing aish this should have been a musical drama with mystery and revenge plot then we can see everyone belting out, telling what's on their mind with songs
  10. got to rewatch ep 5 and 6 over the weekend and i noticed some things that i have completely missed the first time watching then again i am the type of those that skip watching and the fast forward type hahaha so empress dowager already warned sunny before about myr most probably because she thinks sunny is so ignorant and blind that she fail to see things happening around her but i noticed that sunny is not as clueless as she was pictured in the beginning of this drama she might be innocent and naive type of a gal but she is also smart and able to put two and two together and figuring things out on her own as well she also not the type to sit back and watch everything unfolds around her she still makes effort and work toward finding out things and figuring things out so the fact that she quickly able to figures that myr was sabotaging her relationship with her hubby was interesting and the fact that she aptly try to tackle it up front is also showing her bravery she might be slow than us all, then again we are watching this in all perspectives while she has her own only and in the next ep she might try to still hold on to the hope that she might make it work with the emperor but who can blame her? they are married and just until a while ago, she seriously thought that they are madly in love with one another it will take time just a lil longer for her to come to term with herself but when that happen, she will have her resolution and sticks to it and i am guessing only then lee hyuk finds her amazing and started to fell for her along with his possessive demeanor which can't stand seeing someone who was used to be idolising and worshiping him to be suddenly indifferent to him and treating him with alofment and most probably avoiding him as well or she could go the other way around and showing her defiance and stubbornness and constantly being in his face going against him, that making her more interesting and more alluring than the previously clueless oh sunny either way would be interesting hahaha the last scene of ep 6 is amazing i am happy that this is not a daily drama at least we have to wait only until ep 6 before heroin finds out almost everything and it took the hero lot less time to got the revelation btw i am getting fed up with myr pitiful acting, i mean her acting like as a damsel in distress and acting innocent when things happen that is just so annoying, but it sure makes the emperor happy, him being the hero time after time, he must be gloating and feeling like a savior meh hahaha now i am more curious about his relationship with the late empress for now it seems that he truly lover her and yet he hated everything about her now so it is possible that she betrayed him before her death might have an affair with that guy who died also or maybe she didnt even loves him in truth and just using him acting all innocent and naive while carrying hidden agenda ah so many maybe for this one... i wonder which one will be used by the writer ^__^
  11. ^ yeah this otp can be really a pain in the a** hahaha and once again all my predictions went south even before this ep starts kekeke anyway lets dive in ep 9 its a bore most probably because the otp didnt get together even till the last minute this time they didnt meet or anything just showing background for the third part of this drama at least yoo chan and his dad have a good relationship now though cant say much about him and his gf? hmm i wonder what happen anyway back to our otp and the prominent third wheel why did he gets engaged? he seems so unhappy and awkward with his so call fiance is this his version of a yookyung and eric? and why he is not together with yookyung where is the promise of him will wait no matter how long it takes? so he is injured and seems to be in pain, does that the reason why he ditched yookyung? but if the pain is the reason and he didnt want any pity or troubled yookyung, then why have another woman in his life? a woman who he seems to be unwilling to have in his life from the tidbits and preview it seems that it was hyunoh who left yookyung and most probably goes MIA before suddenly popping the "i miss you" email most probably drunk e-mail once again this is like reminiscing of their first meeting where he was asked to go back to japan and he also ready to ditch yookyung without much explanation almost like this is his behavior hmm... his flaw i dont like drama who uses death, sickness or self sacrifice as the reason for breakup that is just so typical and too cliche so if that is what happened here i would be so pissed kinda missing hyunoh bright smiles and he also seems to be missing that twinkle in his eyes, the mischief in his steps he seems so much older and tired now while yookyung seems freer she seems more at ease her awkward behavior is just her being her, so nothing to be worried there hahaha we only have three eps left so i am seriously hoping to solve the mystery of hyunoh asap so that yookyung can decide to be with him or not i know we have seen the ending (most probably) at the beginning of the first ep but if what hyunoh did is unforgivable, then i truly believe that yookyung should just move on and find someone else lor
  12. another mystery it seems i am looking forward to the revelation of why they didn't continue meeting one another after their meet up at the airport something big must have happened hopefully its not death or pregnancy or something that is tragic though i have a tingling feeling that it would be something like that the fact that it was hyunoh who first approached yookyung this time with that email kinda intrigues even more though have to say yay at least they have each other's mail though they dont seem to use it and also about that gal and her 'fiancee' since they revealed it like that in the preview i think it was a total dud or just plain misleading she might be engaged to one of hyunoh's fren or just someone completely new kinda crazy, but i think hyunoh is still waiting for yookyung even if yookyung got married to eric three years ago he might still be waiting for her looking forward for ep 9 opefully subs will come soon since i seriously cant wait and also hammie's insta update they look good together ^__^ we are going to the third and last part of this drama already missing it although it is still airing ah....
  13. i am hoping that the first step of sunny's revenge is to take over her duty as the empress finished watching ep 6 and i found yura is becoming much more annoying now assuming the role of the emperor's closest confidante is just telling sunny that she is not needed at all her job was merely to hold to the tile of the empress and to stay at home being a dutiful obedient wife, just an accessory freaking annoying i wish that next week, if lee hyuk has another meet up or meeting, sunny would show and take her place next to him and watch as yura boiled up inside she needs to regain her role as the empress, doesnt matter if her own husband dont like her she is the empress now not that freaking conniving min yura anyway the moustache guy is dead aish i was hoping he would stay longer and play a bigger role aside from min yura it seems that he is another one who actually has a brain seeing how woo bin is the one showing sunny about the emperor and his mistress for sure we now know that he would be there for her hopefully but i am wondering when will she finds out about the truth woo bin a man who dont give a damn about his daughter met a gal who didnt give a damn about her son what a perfect pair these two sighs too cute i find him too adorable in go back couple and kinda not ship them two in the story but was hoping that they could do a drama together as a couple hahaha
  14. although there's a saying 'sex sells' reducing the beauty of this drama to just sex show is just destroying the intricate waving of what this drama have come to offer and marking it as just a porn instead that is just rude toward those who works hard to produce this drama, not just the actors who is doing their best playing their roles and totally immersed in character but also those who work behind the scene, making sure this drama delivered to us all viewers and also korean viewers are not that shallow they also know how to appreciate interesting drama just like our international viewers too instead of liking a show supposedly because of sex, we actually do value the beauty and the conflict and fragile entanglement TLE brings although TLE is makjang drama, it took lots of effort and work to make something that can go the wrong way and becoming a total mess to be this intriguing, beguiling and amazing one episode after another, it just draws you in even further and makes you more addicted and i assure you, it's definitely not because of sex scenes only not to undermine the effect of those sex scene though, they are there not just for show but they have their own purpose and impact of their own as well if i were to be honest, the reason why i dont want to watch myr and lh intimate scenes is not because i find it crude or vulgar or too much it just that i dont want to watch the villains of this drama having fun it felt like a slap in the face watching them being all happy and enjoying themselves hahaha i have watched ep 5 and finally done downloading ep 6 will watch later as jang nara has said before, her innocence and naive self ends at ep 6 so i am guessing in ep 7 we will be welcoming a new empres sunny she might still be confused and bewildered at first, but for sure she will take up pieces and resolution i hope i dont have to wait long for the new improved empress sunny to emerge top, just one ep of sad, confused sunny and then angry, disappointed and vengeful sunny will take over hahaha
  15. so many mixed feeling about ep 8 i am excited but also dreading it this week is my holiday week, a vacation getaway with family so i rarely have time to be online have watched ep 8 but just briefly so i still cant discuss it much just that i am dying about ep 9 now so many questions that i need answers like yesterday huhuhu will come back later when i have the time to watch the drama fully ^__^