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  1. wow second ep... it's cute and fun and it honestly it not only divulge more on the two leads relationship but also on owner's story and also his assistant story which is nice though the camera shop owner is still quite mysterious for now but she has more scene for the 2nd ep i adore the ending for the second ep as well this drama seems to be good at making interesting ending hahaha anyway i really really enjoyed this ep as well, still has that gentle soft breeze atmosphere from the first ep, though the wind is getting a lil bit harder for 2nd ep and the whirlwind intensifies at the last scene, isnt it? i also adore it since they didnt make it too much on the fate encounter premises for this ep it still there, but also even if they didnt meet one another while out doing things on their own, the thoughts of one another is still there and also it created a more impactful idea of fate and destiny as much as i take pleasure of their fateful meeting, them doing things on their own is good as well ^__^ i wanna talk more about some scenes which is impactful for me but that is for later after everyone here is done watching it since i dont want to put it on spoiler hahaha for now i am looking forward for ep 3 but knowing that storm is coming on the next ep and it will be the last night together for them for this first encounter is a lil ominous for me the heartache will be there, from the preview but it also will set up promises for their next encounter and their future nights together again oh kitties i have kitties too though they are not allowed in my room since i have so many work stuffs here and they tend to knock everything off hahaha it took more than 5 hours at the end since we were like just cruising the road but i have arrived safely hopefully none will be halted since they have done most of the filming prior to broadcast that they can afford missing few days of not filming and still have all the eps aired as scheduled
  2. ^ wah that is scary hopefully he wont suffer this again anyway what is with this story? the first 5 minutes and i already gushing and getting excited testing fate indeed hahaha i would love to watch it all the way but unfortunately i have a 4 hours drive to go back home in a few minutes i took a sneak peek at ep 2 first because i cant help myself hopefully later when i got home well rested on my lovely bed in my comfy pjs with munchies (yes i do eat on my bed, guilty as charge) i cant watch the whole ep without any interruption so that i can gush, squealed and getting giddy freely hahaha but seriously i adore the first 5 minutes of this ep hahaha anyway once shin hyunsoo rest well and hopefully you will get better soon ^__^
  3. i thought filming for 12 nights was all done my bad... hopefully he can fully rest and recover and not worry about much i dont think (or at least hope) that viewers would mind if the drama get delayed a while for his recovery though i dont think it would be affected much since they have been filming for six months prior (approx...) hopefully they have enough ep to recoup for the delayment for now i am waiting for ep 2 i have learnt my lesson not to be too rushed to watch the ep once the notification of it being fully sub hahaha just wait a lil longer then the sub would be better and quality is ten times greater ^__^ see you all later to discuss and hopefully mostly gushed about ep 2
  4. Shin Hyun Soo Is A Free And Romantic Spirit In “12 Nights” Oct 17, 2018 by L. Kim Channel A’s “12 Nights” released new stills of Shin Hyun Soo. The love story is about an aspiring photographer and an aspiring dancer who spend 12 nights together over three different trips. Shin Hyun Soo plays romanticist Cha Hyun Oh. In the first episode, his determination to buy a ticket to Seoul on the way to work in Tokyo and his direct approach to Han Yoo Kyung (Han Seung Yeon) charmed the viewers. In particular, as he has a free spirit to leave everything to fate, Shin Hyun Soo goes on a spontaneous trip without any exact plans. He starts off his early morning with a bicycle ride and an expression full of anticipation. In addition, he goes to Daehangno, a street filled with the dreams of youth and faces his long-standing desire for dance. Viewers are intrigued to know whether he will be able to challenge his dream of being a beautiful dancer again. Shin Hyun Soo is also waiting for a reunion with an unexpected figure, making him look forward to an unpredictable trip to Seoul that will change his mind. The second episode will air on October 19 at 11 p.m. KST. https://www.soompi.com/article/1246723wpp/shin-hyun-soo-free-romantic-spirit-12-nights
  5. lol spending '12 nights together' sounded quite scandalous reading it without context with the drama hahaha anyway i would called both of them as an aspiring photographer and aspiring dancer finding their way and niche to do something that they like ^__^ anyway i noticed something else from the first ep this drama already eliminate a question that maybe some viewers have about the two leads aka why they both speak excellent korean although they both are almost like foreigners in korea at the moment with yookyung is quite simple since she only almost recently immigrated to US based on the passport picture of her in the korean passport, maybe she was already in her teen years so she basically already have good command in korean and still converse with her mom in korean helps also while for hyunoh, the easiest explanation was used although he never been to korea before but his grandpa insisted that he should never forget his root hence why his korean is fluent lor hahaha when hyunoh was explaining that during their first lunch date and yookyung absentmindedly said she didn't ask for that information i immediately thought that 'well viewers might be curious and now they have their answer, although you are not yookyung ah' in the first ep we already started to understand yookyung's struggles with her photography career and some of her own personal life like with her then boyfriend and also her relationship with her mother and maybe already seeing the people who could help her in term of inspiring and also direct her to the correct path but there's still much we yet to learn about hyunoh funny since in the first ep he is the more open to talk about himself compared to the closed book of yookyung i am dreading the trials and errors that the two of them will face in discovering one another and also oneself but that journey would refreshing and fulfilling, i believe
  6. OMG the hanboks look amazing hopefully most if not all will be worn by jang nara hahaha and also the king looks so good and regal i am torn between the two men for our bright girl urgh...
  7. suddenly it feels like this drama has taken its full steam ahead so happy hopefully soon most prob in nov we will get too see their posters anyway jang nara updated this on her insta too cute!!!
  8. ^ so she will be coupled up with choi jin hyuk instead of shin sung rok hmm... either way is okay for me but somehow i was loving the chemistry she seems to have with shin sung rok from the bts pics posted above cant wait for more update on this ^__^
  9. oh my god we have the same thought for me its like a 'slow breeze' soothing, relaxing, a lil cool, just nice and not burdening at all... both of our leads are in that drama though they didnt interact at all (i think) but it's a good show and has two seasons and u got to see a different kind of yookyung and hyunoh hahaha
  10. ^ so i'm lucky to have the fully subbed one till the end even the preview are subbed fully gosh the more interesting part happened after they met on the bus where yoo kyung was crying and saying what a jerk their convo on the hill was interesting and was like the set up for defining their character their relationship with one another hopefully it will be fixed soon ^__^
  11. gosh i have always wanted jang nara to do saeguk and ever since i saw her in traditional style during one of the ep in one more happy ending i was so damn certain she would make an amazing empress or royal members of that sort hahaha and i now that wish is semi fulfilled with this drama sure this is not saeguk but it is drama about royalty and regality so excited!!! hopefully this thread will get updated and i wish for more promotion for this drama but then again since the drama will be aired in dec it will be too soon to do any promo now isnt it? looking forward for posters and stuffs gosh i can even imagine what their first meeting would be like a regal taking a walk in the park had some accident most probably by jang nara and then she came and talk being all carefree and jovial that he got smitten by her maybe? hahaha wishful thinking looking forward for this drama
  12. ^ thanks for the link done leaving comments just for fun i was rewatching age of youth and i just realise that one of seungyeon's friends in the drama not her roommate but college's friend is named han yoo kyung lor hahaha btw i enjoyed seeing the characters with old phones since the setup supposed to be in 2010 and also those world cup posters that we are seeing everywhere in the background kinda nice set up of showing 2010 without making it being too much
  13. oh god the new yorkers aka the woman who interviewed yoo kyung and also those cringey phone conversation why they have to exaggerate the pronunciation and the whole vehemence feel in the voice (aka being the b*) it was too much and way over being theatrical and just being plain annoying period (i might most probably skip a few secs in that part hahaha) i was glad it was over soon and done with though have to say yoo kyung's roommate in ny in gorgeous the convo between hyun oh and the stewardess is far more natural for me at least she didn't exaggerate about him leaving his bag behind ^__^ i tend to get over excited over things and while most of the time things i get excited about remain lasting for me others might not feel the same though i think that this thread would allow me to be slightly giddier that usual hahaha the chemistry between the otp is quite good for the first ep isnt it? cant say much yet since they only met and barely know one another but there is so much potential there and that height difference like so cute kekeke even with heels hammie just about his shoulder which i found so adorable and endearing
  14. hahaha oh my... hopefully i didn't exaggerate it too much because of my excitement for the drama and i hope you wont be dissapointed and enjoyed it like i do i truly like the flow of this drama and how human it is and since i am the type who enjoys the subtlety of things in drama and this one delivers it in a bundle i just cant contain myself while watching it hahaha
  15. ah so i have to wait a whole one week just to see what happen next after the ending sighs... but the waiting would definitely be well worthy for me at least thanks for the info just noticed that i\this one will go well into dec which is perfectly timed for my next drama 'empress of dignity' talk about fate hahaha thankfully i didn't commit myself with too much drama other than this i only watch the guest and also occasionally updating myself with love to the end hahaha so glad that this drama happened i seriously adore the whole calm vibe of this drama it tugged your heartstring with that sense of familiarity and evoke you know the feeling that we all would probably felt at some point in our life like wanting to run away from reality, feeling dejected, despondent and sorts it's good to have drama that totally you can relate i am looking forward to see how much they grow and developed their self in this drama as this drama takes them from the age of 25 up to the age of 33 which is quite interesting... well see you guys next week hahaha