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  1. So Ji-Sub, Shin Ha Kyun, Jang Hyuk ... MBC drama, will promote in the second half Actors So Ji Sub, Shin Ha Kyun, and Jang Hyuk come to the TV screens. As MBC dramas are suffering from stagnant ratings recently, attention is focused on these 3 actors who are starring in upcoming MBC dramas. So Ji-sub, Shin Ha Kyun, and Jang Hyuk each will act in a drama at MBC in the second half of this year. So Ji - sub will meet viewers in the drama 'Terius Behind Me' which will be broadcasted first in September. Shin Ha Kyun will act in the drama 'Bad Criminal', which will be broadcasted in winter. Jang Hyuk is also meeting viewers with drama 'Bad Papa' in September. Currently, not only do MBC drama have stagnant ratings , they also have not generate much talk. The Mon-Tue drama 'Risky Romance' has an average rating of 3% (Nielsen Korea nationwide) and the Wed-Thur drama 'Time' is the same with 3% audience rating. Since the end of the MBC general strike in November last year, the drama with the highest rating is "Partners for Justice" which highest viewing rate was 9.6 percent. It is anticipated that three actors who have stable acting ability and high reliability of the public will contribute to promoting MBC drama. So Ji-Sub acts in "Terius behind me" which is a drama depicting the story of a legendary NIS director, Black Agent Kimborn, who helps a woman who has lost her husband and digs a huge plot. So Ji-sub is expected to return to the drama as "Terius" after two years in KBS2 'Oh My Venus' which ended in January, 2016, and to become an agent of the NIS for action and romantic comedy. Shin Ha-kyun has also returned to the drama in about two years as a "bad criminal" after TVN's "Pied_Piper", which was concluded in April 2016. 'Bad Criminal' is a crime investigation drama depicting the work of a genius woman psycho pass and a sense of justice and a sense of justice, based on the British BBC drama 'Luther'. Shin Ha-kyun is a seasoned criminal and a lonely detective who stands on the edge of good and evil. He will show a new character of human charm like John Luther, the main character of the original drama Finally, "Bad Papa," starring Jang Hyuk, depicts the struggle of the head of the family to become a bad man in order to become a good father. Jang Hyuk acts as one of the best boxing players in the world, but he is also expected to show his acting side as a father who lost his money and honor at the moment, who suffers from misfortune and how he regains the lost family affection. After MBC drama "Money Flower" which ended in February and SBS "Greasy Melo" which ended in July this year, viewers are having big expectations of what change he will show in 'Bad Papa'. http://news1.kr/articles/?3404129
  2. The broadcast of MBC's current Mon/Tue drama 'Risky Romance' was suspended yesterday and today (20-21 Aug) due to Asian Games. So by calculation, this drama's last episode has been pushed back a week to 18th Sep. So in this case, Bad Papa's premiere is most likely pushed back from the original 17th Sep to 24th Sep, I think ?
  3. Another fan meeting in Tokyo on 14 Nov! Jang Hyuk ‘Money Flower' talk show + hand-shake session with all fans. This one is ahead of the original Dec birthday/Xmas one in Osaka. Tickets : https://a-ara.co.jp/event/642 Video : https://www.lala.tv/janghyuk/
  4. I think it is the outsourced company who got ready the promos stuffs for the station. And they are much more efficient at it. Post by Choi Ki Sub
  5. News article "Charismatic drama epic scene" .. Jang Hyuk, handsome bloody face On the 19th Aug, actor Jang Hyuk posted two pictures on his instagram account, along with the words "Today too. ~ Same situation ~" . In the photo released, Jang Hyuk has blood on his face and took an authentication shot. Even in the blood-soaked makeup, Jang's handsome appearance catches attention. Meanwhile, MBC drama 'Bad Papa' which is played by Jang Hyuk, depicts the story of a bad man becoming a good father. It will start broadcast from September. http://pop.heraldcorp.com/view.php?ud=201808191200547900159_1
  6. @jongski If this premier immediately after the end of Risky Romance, the date will be 17 Sep. Today is already 19 Aug, we only have 4 weeks to go, and not a single still, no BTS, nothing at all from MBS. Even the Wed/Thur drama premiering on the same week in Sep already had script reading pics and several stills released (but I heard that is an outsourced project so different treatment probably). Not to say competing stations broadcasting the same period or even later already had so many pics out. When u see the actors and crew working so hard, it’s sad to see the station not doing its part to promote it. Yes a good drama will eventually win over the viewers’ hearts but it is so unfair they are not given the same head start. Ok ranting over. Let’s hope we can see something tomorrow since it will be a weekday.
  7. Aha I thought of grandmother initially but thought I was wrong, then somehow related it to Granny Smith apples I guess lol...
  8. Besides being the lead actor, he is also the action choreographer, and now the PR as well.
  9. Now we get BTS videos of the filming courtesy of Jang Hyuk ! Don't know how can we survive without his updates! MBC are you listening ??
  10. OH she changed her username ! I remember it used to be something like country or apples.