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  1. This one was at the ending which he was leaving the stage, so he waved more openly. Before this he did a few more discreet waves when there were other prize recipients on stage. Those were mini waves, done at his waist level. U have to imagine it hehe
  2. Hi hi if u don't mind pls delete the pics when u quote other ppl's posts. This is part of Soompi forum rules to minimize storage space thanks .
  3. Some translation of the video above : Question : Voice is so popular, how do you feel about it? Hyuk : Regardless, Voice is a show with a specific theme, it has a target audience. Thus the storyline caters to their tastes in order to convince them. It raises issues which are of interest to them. Question: Have you considered to appear in variety programmes? Hyuk: If it's a variety programme, I will like to appear in it with my friends, preferably a travel programme since it will be good opportunity for us to catch up as everyone is so busy with work.
  4. This may be one of the interview videos that @kohnlee was looking for earlier. Here he says he wants to appear in variety programme with his friends
  5. Not sure if this has been shared here before, but it is hilarious haha, imitating the characters' signature lines in the show
  6. Yeah i agree Midas was boring, I could not continue after episode 2 even though his hair was very nice there in the second half. And contrary to many others, I hated FTLY, hate the hair, hate the show, I think I just skipped through everything haha.. maybe I just dont like comedies in general. My favourites are Chuno, TWDR, Iris-2, Flu and Voice.
  7. But I thot that was the ending part? The laughing seemed to happen in the middle part. I also saw that we waved to him after he left but I seriously have no impression of this at all haha...
  8. Yah it's ok now after popping 2 panadols and enduring another sleepless night thanks. It's a pity he didn't speak to us that day, but I saw on a video that we were laughing halfway through when Hyuk was taking the selfie though I cannot remember the reason why. Maybe Agnes remember what happened ? Why did we laugh ?
  9. Wow u know what? I was just commenting to a Baidu friend that this is my favorite pic, so manly ! And she asked what's so nice about a back picture ? Glad that U guys here share the same sentiment haha ....
  10. I was having a big gigantic headache on the night of the show, but everything was so worth it! Once in a lifetime experience totally, its such a pity u couldnt join us