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  1. Actor Jo Jae-yoon joins Jang Hyuk as a second member of 'City Police'. Jo Jae-yoon has previously appeared in the 'Sea Police' and has shown to be responsible towards his duties. According to the crew, Jang Hyuk and Jo Jae Joon boast a unique relationship. The two have already worked together a few times through the drama 'Voice' and 'Greasy Melo'. Through the 'City Police', it is expected to challenge the two police officers' friendship as it is the first time they work together in a reality program.
  2. Bad Papa Korean Drama Review Posted on December 12, 2018 by Kay Bad Papa is about a struggling man (Jang Hyuk) that has financial and family problems who discovers a miracle drug that allows him to gain a career fighting mixed martial arts by enhancing his physical abilities. I went into Bad Papa pretty blind having only been aware of the basic plot and seen a couple teasers. There wasn’t much buzz around the drama, so it was easy to avoid any fan reaction. And I have to say, Bad Papa is such an underrated drama! It’s pretty different from most of the dramas out there, and it was just an all around pleasant surprise in the most amazing kind of way. Continue reading here : https://kdramakisses.com/2018/12/12/bad-papa-korean-drama-review/