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  1. Yes Dramafever has 4 episodes out every week.
  2. Jang Hyuk's fan support event for the crew and cast today:
  3. Steve Chou is one of my favourite singers!
  4. Quoting dito from above:
  5. Woohoo thanks for the tip! I will try it out. Yes you should continue, their chemistry will surface in ep 7-8 !
  6. I think we can forget about the novel, as far as I know, apart from the title and the characters names, most of the stuff has been changed entirely. If it is any consolation to you, DF is not available in my country either.
  7. Yeah that Xuan Jia Jun line was good - especially when he said it after "I can die, but none of my brothers can be one less! " .. Totally epic ! I dont think anyone realised their resemblance until they had the same hairstyle and same make-up lol ... Luckily Joe changed his hairstyle after ep 5
  8. Nope, nothing is officially announced yet, not too sure where today's news come from, but there had been several of it. And yeah I also do not want to see Hyukie in Voice2, prefer him to take on something different.
  9. Subs are out on Dramafever !
  10. Today several news of Voice season 2 surfaced, but OCN says it is not confirmed. 'Voice' season 2 is produced, but "NO" OCN announced its position regarding the production and composition of 'Voice' Season 2. OCN official said on January 25, "The current production of 'Voice' Season 2 is under consideration, but the schedule and the cast are not definitively confirmed." "Voice," which ended in March, is a dramatic drama of 112 members of the report center who use the Golden Time of a crime scene. Actors Jang Hyuk, Kim Jae Wook, Li Hana and Baek Sung Hyun appeared. At that time, the highest audience rating of 5.637% (Nielsen Korea aggregate) recorded the OCN genre resurrection, as well as the audience also expected the second season. Whether or not the cast and crew can meet in season 2 and what contents are included in season 2, attention is being paid to both inside and outside of the broadcasting industry. source :
  11. Haha you are welcomed. I am not a stickler for details so I don't think I will be doing more in-depth recaps, but I think some blogs will be doing them once the English subs are out.