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  1. When her father walked in I was soooo hoping sooho was behind him but alas!
  2. Nope Im sure Banryu never wore these robes in any of the scene in drama they must have deleted the scene this is so true! I think it was just a foolish attempt of writer to create suspense , we al knew what's going to happen and really why did the hwarangs chose jidwi as a king? If only he was shown as the most popular kid loved by all in hwarang school things would not have been this complicated >_< Suho should have been there instead of Dansae. I will never forgive the director for this. Seeing his smiley face in the end things must have ended on a better note in sooyeon's room when they were busted haha. well marriage with sooyeon will help his rise in status as well (as shown in moon lovers) so I'm waiting for their babies This has to be my favorite scene of ep 20, I have watched it so many times , they both acted so well
  3. What the!!! I waited so long for that bgm half of the bgms included in the album I have not even heard them :/
  4. the bgm in ep 4 when youngshil was hitting banryu's dad and in ep 13 when sunwoo was watching smj sleeping is not in the album released right?
  5. But it would have been better if he had showed his determination to others as well ah chingu your words about banryu comforts me , my baby bean banryu along with sunshine sooyeon deserves all the happiness of this world that trying to run away scene was so funny though hahhaah I wish they had shown a scene of sooho giving blessings to this couple for the writer I understand she is an inexperienced one but..umm ok If she comes up with another character and story line like banryu+sooyeon I will definitely watch it why not . Never knew I liked Romeo Juliet themed stories so much . The cast was the reason I watched the drama till the end and the fact they watched the last episode together grrrrrr cuteness overload mansae mansae the cast of hwarang
  6. which bgm are we talking about though? May be I can help since I;m listening hwarang's bgm these days Writer!
  7. I'm so pissed off, I'm sorry I tried to hold it in but I JUST CANNOT! It's better to let my frustration out so here's my rant! I don't know how it works do the writer give their drama as a proposal or do the pd's choose a writer I don't know, considering it was the writer's first drama part of me wants to go easy on her since she is so inexperienced but there are so many loop holes that it frustrates me just so much! so this is exactly what happened SMJ became a king ALL the THANKS to sunwoo like I said yesterday smj became a king just because sunwoo "allowed" it , this is complete crappy writing! He claimed in front of his mother that he will become stronger in hwarang and he did NOTHING there. The writer gave all the glory to Sunwoo he was the hero so naturally he was the center of the show but do you really have to mess up smj character like that? The scene that should have come 6 episodes ago it happened in the last episode. Even if SMJ became a king it all happened because of his mother and sunwoo, I did like how he ordered pa oh to kill that tea lady, they should have shown his this side long ago (or may be few episodes back) The drama should have focused on hwarangs and King along with sunwoo & ahro romance + banryu & sooyeon side romance but the sole focus of the show was ahro and sunwoo romance, it wasn't about hwarangs or the Kings. I still don't understand the purpose of killing hansung? DanSae "killed" a person and he became hwarang? Yeo wool was so underutilized, he was just a character to fill up screen time with no purpose at all. I truly feel bad for sooho he was one of my favorite characters because he was just so bright and positive and caring, ep 1-19 he showed such a bright character and It broke my heart when he left the queen's room crying, that was his last scene of the drama ( I really hope someone will explain this later why sooho wasn't with the gang at the end ) Banryu character was well written, at times I found his Hyde jack-ell behavior annoying but he was just a confused person and he did choose the right path in the end so its all good, and that reminds me of his screen time with sooyeon in the last episode I don't know why I had such high hopes from the writer who did nothing except disappointing me that the pair would get a proper ending. So basically because of young shil , banryu lost his status and wealth in the society (is there any dagger emoji here in soompi forums? ) the poor boy lived his whole life as a cold hearted richard simmons jerk in fear of loosing his status (and becoming weak) and finally chose the right path and became a good boy just to loose his status and wealth should I cry or should I laugh? The writer basically gave him a bittersweet ending by outcasting him in society just like hansung's grandpa was and knowing everything whatever banryu did for the king and for hwarangs (it takes great courage to go against your evil father)the king let that happen? reallllllllyyyyyy? PLEASE TELL ME HE AND SOOYEON GOT MARRIED PLEASE!!!!!!! This isn't even open ending this just incomplete ending so what happened to youngshil? was he killed off or was he jailed? where did my banryu's wealth go? what happened with sunwoo's sickness? where did sooho go? tbh i really felt bad for the queen in this episode so bad that I almost forgot all the evil things she did in the past her scenes with smj were pure gold! showed that she wasn't greedy or anything and she was just trying to protect him (kudos to the both of them I really liked their acting). everyone was quite dumb (esp youngshil) the most intellegent person in this whole drama was master we hwa lol , he gave the idea of hwarang (if I'm not wrong?) because of his brain they were able to trap banryu, he pushed the King, he taught the hwarangs, the queen and youngshil kept saying they will make hwarangs their's nut in the end we hwa did it. wish they had shown "after 5 years" with sunwoo's +ahro's kids playing with banryu's and sooyeon's kids Even though I hated the writing, the abstract was great it's a shame since this could have been such an awesome drama, the actors and actresses did such a brilliant job, this is the first time I have completed such a messy drama because I loved the cast so much I only started watching this because of seo joon but I so love all of them now and I really liked the characters of drama (esp my baby bean banryu). And I got to interact with all the lovely people here I'm sorry if someone is hurt by my rant I feel so sad and empty with hwarang finished now like what should I do now on a lighter note yeowool looks like he is stuck with banryu now that hansung is gone. And in the end my OTP the main reason I watched this whole drama even if their scenes were 10 seconds per episode cr: Banryu trying to see if he can jump out of the window is just so funny hahhaha hehe cr: despite all I'm thankfull to the writer for giving me a reason to wait for mondays lol I hope she learned a lot from this experience , for now I will just boycott her dramas
  8. I see a lot of familiar names looking forward to King's new drama, the teasers are too good, also jisoo
  9. I might have missed it but does ahro know that his brother got killed because he saw King's face?
  10. This happens in EVERY drama's ost release Even in scarlet ryeo the BGM I liked the most was not included in the album
  11. BR was there definitely , he can't escape from my eagle eyes sooho wasn't there dunno why
  12. any kind soul who can tell me what banryu x sooyeon talked about in that 5 second screen time they got? she did say something about banryu's step dad looks like banryu fell off his high status