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  1. Plus CJH is a criminal as well, is the writer really trying to save CJH in the end? Because if that's is the case the writing is total bs! She killed 3 people that too brutally! Is she going to be asking for forgiveness now? I m sure detective killed the boy by accident(I wasn't focusing when he was telling his story). What joonhee did was terrible but by accident and at young age (excluding the rape part)however CJH is a grown richard simmons woman who purposely killed three people (that last lady death was sooo uncalled for). I don't know what the purpose of the scene was? Is she going to ask for forgiveness? But from whom? Or is she going to forgive the group and why? Except joonhee no one is slightly ashamed of what they did, even if she forgive joonhee he is still going to jail for rape but I guess the sentence would be short. Anyway the drama started out so well it's such a shame that the writer seems unsure of who is good , bad and worst and what to do with them. In ho's ending at this point is confirm. Jail lifetime. What baffles my mind is that hak bam who is x10000000000000000000 times terrible then in ho has not killed anyone yet (apart from the girl 19 years ago) yet IH was caught red handed ? Looks like the writer has some pretty big grudge against IH lol .
  2. Mannn! I was totally hoping for a better ending for inho, I was so hoping he and joohee would turn themselves in. I m actually kinda mad at the writer, taesuk and hak bum are wayyy worse then inho but he is the one suffering the most out of them , his family is ruined and whatever happened was an accident (dong bae stabbing) and then he made the most stupid blunder ever and was caught red handed attempting a murder come onnn! There is no way for IH now. Curious of joonhee's end since he is the most clean out of them at the moment and not to mention the sensible. I just reallly dont like hak bum and taesuk and love hate triangle between them and jinjoo is just so weird Also am I the only one pissed off at nara? Her issues with IH are understandable, but stopping IH and his daughter from meeting each other is just so wrong especially when he totally adores her. Idk . The drama is so twisted and I liked it so far but tbh I don't think I can watch the last episodes, in my point of view dong bae's stabbing incident was way too forced. Send IH to jail for killing the girl and protecting his friends after the rape incident but dongbae's accident looks way too forced it's like the writer just wanted a super bad ending for him
  3. [Drama 2017] Mad Dog 매드독

    When will they release the various artist ost album
  4. [Drama 2017] Mad Dog 매드독

    I m not expert in flirting but I m sure as hell people don't flirt like this or do they? They are definitely dating, no other option is possible . But tbh the scene is realllly sweet because for once that idiot was serious (I will NEVER forgive him for ruinning the one and only hug scene we got ) however it was quite random like they spend half of the time together then what happened to him in the restaurant that he didn't even care team is watching them
  5. [Drama 2017] Mad Dog 매드독

    I feel so tired like I really don't have any energy, are they telling us THAT THESE TWO ARE NOT DATING BUT CONTINUED THEIR FLIRTING FOR ONE WHOLE YEAR? LIKE IN WHAT UNIVERSE IS THIS POSSIBLE? Edit: well.he did say that her legs are beautiful and only for him to see , I will take that as them dating
  6. [Drama 2017] Mad Dog 매드독

    Man I m totally disappointed I was hoping for more action and less talk
  7. [Drama 2017] Mad Dog 매드독

  8. [Drama 2017] Mad Dog 매드독

    Couldn't understand what he was saying but for once he was he seemed serious and sincere lol. And what's up with random people appearing in last ep, I was expecting a bloody fight tbh lol but things looks smooth right now
  9. [Drama 2017] Mad Dog 매드독

    My heart is not ready to say goodbye
  10. [Drama 2017] Mad Dog 매드독

    Hahaha take me with you , I think we need to find a boyfriend for hari to wake minjoon up. When he said they are not in that kind of relationship my heart torned in thousand pieces! Boy if you guys are not in that kind of relationship then the f you have been doing for almost 15 episodes? I get his reasons and all and I know he likes her veryyy much but he really shouldn't have said that , broke my heart like you said stop playing with the girl. I love that guy but was kind of disappointed today.Guess he likes her so much he can't control himself. Lets wait for a confession scene tomorrow
  11. [Drama 2017] Mad Dog 매드독

    I wanted to smack minjoon's head sooooo hard in today's episode like arghhh! I mean please show some consideration towards jung hari and us shippers, the poor girl is head over heels on him and he know that too, the only possible explanation right now in my mind as to why our jan gebauer is so afraid of a relationship is that he doesn't want to get close to hari neither does he want her to get close to him because he knows his life is at risk, he was almost murdered like two times, counting today's episode kangwoo saved him otherwise the count would have been 3. So in order to not hurt hari he does this STUPID SHEEZ! Argh!!!!! There better be a full 30 min confession scene along with a kiss scene (I would not mind a bed scene as well hehe). I m so excited to see minjoon's press conference hope it won't get ruined this time.
  12. [Drama 2017] Mad Dog 매드독

    Umm do share the link with us in that case
  13. [Drama 2017] Mad Dog 매드독

    That is possible and tbh I would like to see that too haha, but I doubt it with two episodes remaining only hope she won't pull a stunt like that want to see the whole team taking jh and taeyang down
  14. [Drama 2017] Mad Dog 매드독

    That is possible and tbh I would like to see that too haha, but I doubt it with two episodes remaining only hope she won't pull a stunt like that want to see the whole team taking jh and taeyang down
  15. [Drama 2017] Mad Dog 매드독

    I have seen a lot of people questioning hari's expressions, I think she was just surprised? Like she was just comforting and patting minjoon's head and he went for a hug so she got surprised. Hari moving to the bad side just doesn't make sense at all, I know we never got to know what hyungi said to hari (although she said it was something related to noori) but I HIGHLY doubt something like this would happen, that would be just stupid writing lol