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  1. Huh? I think your definition is right though. Imo minho is no where near tsundere male, it means cold on the outside and warm on the inside, minho was just plain mean and whiny like you said in my opinion. Whereas dr ye was cold on the outside but was always present for dr woo at the time of difficulty
  2. The idea was GREAT! Tbh it had so much potential but I feel like the writer ruined it was too much insight of parents love lines and break up patch up in like evey other episode. Plus eun tae hee fell wayyyyy too early for shihyun. Asking the annoying question again but MBC where the hell is the various artist album
  3. Am I the only one sad they didn't show the trash couple ( I like this couple) kiss scene? I seriously hope dohwan and minjae pick better script than this richard simmons. Won't say the same for the girls , 1. Moongayoung needed this star cast to get known (minjae and dohwan are somewhat known to the public so no worries , esp dohwan) 2. Hope joy won't pick a drama with lead role ever again until she learns acting. My head and heart both hurts lol, stopped watching it in the middle but forced myself to watch this because of woodohwan (ah the things I do for love). The ending sucked big time. So many questions left unanswered. And what the hell trash kind of woman was shi hyun's mom? Why is no one's talking about her? I get it she was angry coz of his husband but telling a big lie that shi hyun isnt his son whatt???? She totally ruined his life. Please tell me if I m wrong since I haven't watched the subbed episode.
  4. Does anyone has any idea when will the various artist ost album will be released? I really love the instrumentals of this show
  5. Almost 3 days and I still can't believe he backstabbed shihyun so bad. I soo loved his character I personally feel betrayed Things are not going great in my dramaland world, two out of the trio are definitely going to die next week. Dr ye rejected dr woo , park donghoon about to get divorced
  6. Sejoo really took a 180 change. Arghhhh this is so frustrating I loved sejoo and yesterday I was talking about how sooji should learn a thing and two from sejoo who is really selfless when it comes to love. he was my favourite character tbh and SEJOO YOU RUINED EVERYTHING!!!! I can believe he literally backstabbed shihyun like YOU CALLED HIM YOUR BROTHER! I think sooji's mom will go to jail and sooji will commit suicide, and sejoo will cry for the rest of his life (I know it woulf be too much BUT I M REALLY ANGRY RIGHT NOW SEJOO!) There is clearly no hope of a happy ending lets be honest. Taehee won't forgive and believe shihyun now and will only believe it when shihyun will die I hope they both go to usa and live happily
  7. Anyone who is saying wdh acting is not good can come fight me..phewww Who is his real father though. Shi hyun's. Also sooji's mom knows it as well , things gonna go messy for my boy. I thought Secretary yoon was a good guy but he literally back stabbed my precious shi hyun ah the things people do for love
  8. Yes that's his sister in law, his eldest brother's wife. Apparently the daughter in laws of that family aren't allowed to sit at the same table with the men. Weird pathetic family rules. In one of the scenes he pushed her and another sister in law out of his room telling them to fight somewhere else lol.
  9. I kind of felt bad for sooji at the end. They both started this petty bet. SH proposed the offer of marriage, they started the bet and SH ended everything including bet and marriage without telling SJ. Sejoo was right in previous episode they started it together theh should have ended it together as well. He kind of left sooji hanging in all this. Even though I love TH and SH. When Sj said lets get married tomorrow and he said I don't want it now. I kind of felt really sad for SJ. I wish she starts playing her little petty schemes again so I dont feel guilty for feeling bad for her lol. And can she please stop treating sejoo like richard simmons. The boy's the smartest out of the three, he is so adorable (I love how he is the first one to reach out to his friends with a HUGE box of icecream hahaha) and I love how he cares for SH despite knowing Sj loves SH, also how he sent eun tahee to SH sensing SH getting drunk was because of his break up. Curious to how SH will react once he will find out the lady dating his dad. Speaking of which SJ's mom's such a bbbbbbbbbitch. How can she put the blame on a dead person and top of it she told all these lies to shihyun :facepalm: Also what exactly are her intentions towards shihyun? She doesn't seem to dislike or hate him enough to try to throw him out of the jk group. But sj constantly talks like her mom will be the worst stepmom hmm. Also was it intentional when she told SH's dad that he's in hospital? It didn't look so.
  10. There I get my answer I think, sejoo's on shihyun's side for now yayyyy my bromance is alive and sailing. Sooooji is a realll b word gosh I hate her so much. 'Just like you it means nothing to me' little does she know that the kiss does mean something to poor sejoo . I can wait for next EPISODE , the only reason I look forward to monday. I really can't wait to see SH father's reaction when he will find out his adopted son is dating and in love with his lovers daughter so complicated. I m still confused about his dna report though. I want him to be his real son but I don't think that's the case. He is only keeping him by his side and not telling anyone that SH is not his real son because he might lose his position as a VC. Also the look SH's mom gave him when he asked her that why his dad is never around celebrating with them was weird.
  11. Not allowing him on his mom's funeral was such a richard simmons move. Just thinking about it is pissing me off. Who is sejoo's step mom? I think you are talking about his eldest sister in law. I m really interested to see whose side sejoo's going to take now that sooji and shihyun conflicts going to start soon. Poor him, he is the smartest and the most probably the most pitiful character right now. And now he will have to choose between love and friendship, ah life's tough sejoo. Also I dooo think sejoo will end up with that chinese maid at the end of drama
  12. Exactly!!!!!! Sure her life was/is tought but you really can't assume someone's life is full of fluff and rainbows and ask them stupid questions like 'Do you know what hardship is?' In a sarcastic tone. Everyone knows sooji you are not alone now shut up. Reminded me of how some peopl around me used to say that 'why do you even need anyone praying for you you have no worries in life' while in reality my home environment was pretty richard simmons up but I didn't tell anyone and everyone assumed I m the happiest person on earth. Smh.
  13. I m sorry for my hate speech against sooji again but seriously can't she be a bit nice towards seojoo? The boy's clearly hurting as well. He clearly tells her that it hurts him the way she treats him and she is too dumb to understand that he isn't joking but pretending that he is joking. I was actually rooting for these two but sorry sejoo deserves wayyyyy better.
  14. The pool scene that and the bgm of teaser 2. Can't wait to have them in my phone haha.
  15. Mannn I hate sooji ! Make up your damn mind! I don't understand her if a man you love is proposing you just go ahead and marry him what the f with these stupid bets and she acts like she owns shi hyun. The ending of ep 10 argh pissing me off. Even sejoo looked disturbed. Shi hyun clearly likes drawing and when she said his drawings are just doodling shi hyun's looked so sad. I dony understand how can you love someone and ridicule that person in front of everyone? I m really glad they showed this scene, this scene for me just shows the difference between sooji and tae hee. And shi hyun clearly felt it too. That's why he chose to stay with tae hee than with sooji. P.s the bgm at the end of ep 10 is sooooo good!!!