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  1. I liked the first episode , but I would love it if they add some thriller stuff in it as well, I just LOVE thriller genre. Also hoping the ratings would go up and with criminal minds starting next week I'm afraid the ratings will just go down.
  2. Any idea about ratings? Choi min soo's drama started with this as well :/
  3. Yeo Jin Goo 여진구

    Just today I was thinking the same , jung woosung while giving the award must be like, damn he grew up well lol
  4. [Drama 2017] Circle 써클

    any idea when will tvn release the various artist album?
  5. [Drama 2017] Circle 써클

    People are saying 8 might mean "8th clone" of woojin I really don't want a woojin clone I want original woojin though but I do think original woojin is dead (yes professor han has gone mad but him saying that he died definitely and according to scientific logics as well, I really don't think it was a wrong statement) it is possible that woojin died somehow and professor park succeed in creating a clone of woojin, just how good is professor parks' luck also they won't be calling a living person "circle 8" :/
  6. Am I the only one who is not happy with HJ-WS couple? to me they are more like friends. I love this drama but seriously the fact that HJ-WS will be the couple just makes me sad sure JH confessed (and I so love you my boy for that I thought you might pull a "Junghwa" and it would be frustrating to watch) but I don't think WS will accept him the show has hinted WS-HJ couple so many times and I'm so sad for JH, poor boy had his eyes on WS for so long I CAN'T WATCH THIS It's clear that HR-JH and WS-HJ are the main couples
  7. [Drama 2017] Tomorrow With You 내일 그대와

    Hi can some tell me the name of the instrumental that was played in ep 12 at 28:03 (when sojoon and ajhussi were arguing) and in ep 14 at 01:50 when sojoon disappeared in front of kim yong jin and 33:01. Thanks in advance
  8. I swear this is sooo true Jisoo is so damn hot like wow Also this whenever jisoo appears my eyes goes heart heart I mean I wouldn't blame hyungsik, who can resist jisoo?
  9. tbh I think people are misunderstanding his character, imo he is the type who doesn't really reveal his emotions much , even to his girlfriend he said "white day or "something" " and was all awkward and shy. People might say he is commands her or whatever but that's HIS way of showing care and love (and tbh he never said anything wrong to her ) (and man oh man! I'm so weird that he is soooo close to my ideal type! I know I know I'm weird but I can't help it , things just turned out this way ) , him going to bongsoon's house to give her that whatever electric thing it was and then that watch *swooooooooooon*, that is HIS way of showing love. How MH treats bongsoon is HIS way of showing her love. That doesn't mean one of them loves her less than the other one, they just have different way of showing their love, may be because 99% people like guys like MH I assume that's why only 1% is probably suffering from SLS This probably be the highest rated drama of jbtc
  10. Lol I think I'm the only one in this forum with second male syndrome MH is cute and all and I so adore him! but GD is way closer to my type , probably why I'm suffering from SLS really hope GD's character is not there just for sufferings and heart breaks like a typical second lead and his character really has some depth in it, although it doesn't seems like it , all he does is worry about BS or meet his cheating gf (Man! I'm so pissed off at her) , GD go and solve some cases my boy I have just watched ep 3 and I do think the brother MH so trust in, the one with gentle smile isn't really trustworthy imo he will the culprit (most probably) in the end
  11. I'm having a very bad second male syndrome! Sincerely praying it won't be a love triangle and he just likes her as a good friend (But he doesn't act like one!!!!) My poor heart! Jisooooah!
  12. No no not the fringe it's the top knot we are talking about , top knot shows that a man is married where as a pony tail indicates he is single (or very hight status like the king) (as shown in moon lovers all the married men had top knot and single ones a pony tail , lol I learned most of the things from moon lovers) when he met sooyeon he had a ponytail where as in the end he had a top knot
  13. To all the BanSoo shippers, it is implied in the finale that Ban Ryu and Soo Yeon eventually got married. Towards the end of ep 20, you will notice that Ban Ryu’s headpiece has changed. Instead of wearing a ponytail, he’s sporting a topknot, which, at the time, is worn only by men who are of nobility/authority or married. Since Ban Ryu was stripped from his privileges after his fathers’ wrongdoings, it couldn’t be that he’s wearing it because he’s got a high status. Sure, he could have been given a designation by King Jin Heung, but even Sun Woo, the King’s right hand, has his (hideous) hair down! I think it’s safe to assume that he has a top knot as he’s a married man! How I wish we could get some form of confirmation on this, though. The BanSoo scenes just weren’t ever enough! Writernim probably had no idea that the audience will love them more than the dragging love triangle of Sun Woo, Sam Maek Jong, and Ahro. Pffff. ***Props to my friend, who noticed this teeny detail first. Jjang observation skills! SAW THIS ON DRAMABEANS! MADE MY DAY! *SOBS*
  14. When her father walked in I was soooo hoping sooho was behind him but alas!
  15. Nope Im sure Banryu never wore these robes in any of the scene in drama they must have deleted the scene this is so true! I think it was just a foolish attempt of writer to create suspense , we al knew what's going to happen and really why did the hwarangs chose jidwi as a king? If only he was shown as the most popular kid loved by all in hwarang school things would not have been this complicated >_< Suho should have been there instead of Dansae. I will never forgive the director for this. Seeing his smiley face in the end things must have ended on a better note in sooyeon's room when they were busted haha. well marriage with sooyeon will help his rise in status as well (as shown in moon lovers) so I'm waiting for their babies This has to be my favorite scene of ep 20, I have watched it so many times , they both acted so well