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  1. Previews for Episode 7 -- For some reason, I thought that LDH's first love already passed away..? Anyhow, he's got to get it together and figure out his heart! Must be bewildering though to be wanted by so many beautiful women at once! I even covet him for myself! Rather, LSY not LDH! I want to see his dimpled smile all the time!
  2. LSY and LSK are adorable in the recent BTS video released by tvN. Only wish we have the English subtitles for it.. Are you able to translate this @Nodame? Kamsahamnida, chingu! Or perhaps, I could call on Unni @stroppyse here to help us out. Unni, olaenman-iya. Jal jinaeseyo? Sorry to bother you but could you please help translate this when you get the chance? Gomawoyo! @leoni I can't view the live streaming as well so the next best thing would be reading the live recaps from dramamilk.com. Here -- https://www.dramamilk.com/about-time-live-recap-episode-6/
  3. I don't think the romantic camping date is just between our gorgeous couple, LDH and CM. It looks like BSB is going to be there, too. @bedifferent Yea, what's up with BSB's outfits?! She's supposed to be uber rich but some are just plain horrid! The mint valance (nice description there!) garb is the best one as of yet! @triplem To me, the time clock seen at the end of episode 4 is still CM's. However, it's interesting to note the spark that glowed on LDH's neck, and that's probably been done on purpose.
  4. You aren't the only one; I noticed it, too! We've all witnessed in the drama that whenever CM is in close proximity to LDH, her time clock stops. Additionally, she gains back the time when he initiates physical contact with her. And yet at the opening scene of episode 4, CM's time clock started to go down again after hearing LDH utter the lines -- "I don't care what you think. I am going to kiss you, hug you, and sleep with you. I'm going to do that with you.. so that I won't have to worry about you anymore. So that I'll get tired of you and get rid of you. So, you should run away now if you don't want that." Now why did that happen? Perhaps she's lost her 'connection' with him during that time because of his impetuous outburst? With her clenched fist, girl was clearly not amused with the dude's rash declaration (if I were in her shoes, I probably would've slapped him... just sayin' ). Anyhow, I can sense it happening again in future episodes.. So LDH is not CM's ultimate lifeline after all? What do y'all think? Oh and, someone mentioned in a post here that CM cannot see the time clocks of those she's close to/care for. I beg to differ. A case in point is CM's relationship with Mrs. Oh -- it's evident that both are fond of each other (Mrs. Oh even regards CM like a granddaughter). CM is aware that the elderly lady has over 2 years (I think) left to live.. As for CM's mom, brother & bestie, I guess we (the audience) aren't privy to theirs yet.
  5. LSY certainly has a gorgeous smile. His dimple's a killer! Hope to see more of it in the drama!
  6. For those of us who cannot wait for the subs, here's a live recap of episode 4 (courtesy of dramamilk.com) -- https://www.dramamilk.com/about-time-live-recap-episode-4/ MAY 29, 2018 ABOUT TIME LIVE RECAP EPISODE 4 ABOUT TIME LIVE RECAP EPISODE 4 ——-dramamilk.com——- #1 OPENING MC tells DH that her job is just waiting for him. He yells that she should feel somwthing. She tries to hold him in the movie theater and bother him. Why is whe okay? MC yells, what did I do wrong? He yells back, it’s because I like you! I am going crazy becauuse I think of you! It doens’t matter how you feel, I want to kiss, hug, and think about you. I will get tired of you quickly so if you don’t like it then leave now. Time starts running again on MC’s arm. MC – Dating, you just told me to stay next to you? I gave you a hint, but what you said is very bad. Michaela walks off. SB comes out and asks when DH came out, did you just want fresh air? Let’s go, I have a little headache. But DH just walks back to the retaraunt. MC gets in the bus and thinks bout what DH told her. She thinks he is a bad guy and tears up as she rides the bus. Meanwhile, DH and SB are driving home with PWJ. SB apologizes for calling PWJ so late to drive them, DH made the new driver leave because it is so late. PWJ says he is a good guy, but it is a little awkward. Mini flashback to SB seeing everything. She pretended like she didn’t see DH and MC talking. In the car, DH keeps looking out the window as SB looks at him. they get to SB’s house. She tells him that she enjoyed the dinner, so you at your fathers house on Thursday. SB – Don’t play too much, so we won’t have any trouble on both sides. MC’S HOME MC gts home, her mother and her brother are there watching TV. They think she doens’t look too happy. MC says she might just be a little tired. The TV program actress mentions that she is always thinking about that guy. Do I love him? He is the son of the chairman, what should I do?MC tells her family, what kind of drama is that? Why should seh like him? Korean drama’s are bad. then seh storms to her room. Her family is all like, what is up with her? ——-dramamilk.com——- #2
  7. Annyeong! Can anyone here please DM me a link to the live streaming of 'About Time'? For some reason, Aqstream isn't working for me right now. Thanks! ☺
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