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  1. @bebebisous33 You missed my name on the SWDBS Kiss Tally Sheet. It's okay, I was quite ambiguous with my kiss pick in my previous post. Alas, I am still conflicted between episodes 10, 11 & 12 but please go ahead and put me down for episode 11! Oh and, changing the profile pic to Baek Tak and/or his minions as the losers' punishment is brilliant! Let's see how many of these will be popping up in this thread pretty soon! Tell me.. Why do they keep taunting us with all of these adorable and heart-melting moments behind the scenes? She's feeding him a snack here.. He's wiping her mouth here.. And they seem to always share a laugh and enjoy each other's company.. Will you two please STOP?? You are seriously making it hard for me not to ship you as a couple! It just can't be helped.. Uri PUPPY COUPLE is so precious and beautiful together! Credit: @athena22 for the GIFs. DIdn't have the time to do them myself since I have to leave soon. Hope you don't mind me borrowing them. Thanks, chingu.
  2. Omo! Can someone pass me the eye bleach, please! Now I will have to watch all of Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik's cutesy moments in the drama over and over and over and over and over again to erase that image from my retinas! I believe Min Hyuk will act like how a man should to become Bong Soon's defender (as she described in ep1) at the start of ep 9 (when Bong Soon is about to be attacked with a knife) since they already have an established relationship at this point, unlike that time when he saw her at the construction site where he had nary an inkling of who she was. Because once you know someone, you tend to treat them differently. And naturally, those who mean the most to you, you put in the highest regard. So it wouldn't be surprising for Min Hyuk to sacrifice himself for Bong Soon since he's already fallen in love with her and he will do everything (and anything) to protect the woman he loves. That's really good, chingu! Do make some more and share them with us here. Like everyone here, I really, really, reeeaally want the kiss to happen soon but I also don't think that we'll see one while Min Hyuk is at the hospital. I believe it's too early for that to happen to them (not for us though!). I agree with you, Bong Soon is just starting to take notice of the inner stirrings in her heart whenever she locks eyes with Min Hyuk and is in close proximity to him. She will have to take stock of her feelings for him, and for Guk Doo (I don't think she's totally written him off yet). She already believes that Min Hyuk isn't gay, right? If that's the case, then the Guk Doo*Bong Soon*Min Hyuk love triangle will finally come into play in full force and it starts with ep9 after Guk Doo will finally reveal his feelings for Bong Soon. Of course, Min Hyuk won't be a bystander but an active participant as well! Hang on tight to your seats, folks! It's going to be a bumpy ride! It really looked INTIMATE to me. Like it's something we, the viewers shouldn't be privy to.. Gosh, seeing that is already making me blush! I may just very well combust once they share a kiss in the drama!! For Bong Soon to put up an image of a weak and helpless girl for most of her life (especially during her school days) is indeed very probable. It reminds me of how the most famous superhero, Superman led his public life. As portrayed in the original Superman movie (played by the late Christopher Reeve), his alter ego, Clark Kent was this clumsy, mild-mannered bespectacled nerd who worked for the Daily Planet. And when he was around the woman he loved, Lois Lane, he became clumsier and more like a mumbling, fumbling idiot which is very opposite of who he really is. And thus like Clark Kent, Bong Soon needed to hide her super strength so as not to raise any suspicion. We can then conclude that the persona that she's been projecting in front of others (except for her family & bff) has always been that of a feeble girl until recently. So yea, the love connection that never happened (and is definitely not going to happen anymore!) between Guk Doo and Bong Soon was not entirely his fault. Guk Doo saw what Bong Soon wanted him to see. What I don't understand is -- If GD and BS were really friends, why wasn't she completely honest with him about herself? She revealed her ability to Kyung Shim, so why not extend the same privilege of knowing about her secret to Guk Doo? Did she not trust him enough to be accepting of who she really is? Since TRUST is an essential foundation in any relationship, then it would not have worked out between Guk Doo and Bong Soon even from the get-go. @bebebisous33 @Visually-wandering For the KISSING BET -- If the focus will be on the love triangle in the next few episodes, then we might not get the kiss until the end of ep 10 or ep 11 (could be ep 12! noooo, i don't want to wait that long!! ). Will there be a 'punishment' for the losing parties? Say, you have to change your profile photo for a week (I think this was done over at the Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo thread) or something? What do y'all think?
  3. Annyeong, chingus! So I tried my hand at photo editing to create a wallpaper of our adorable OTP, Min Hyuk and Bong Soon. It's not HD quality, so it's better suited for a tablet or mobile.. @nonski Help! I need tips in creating pretty wallpapers like yours. @mywebfoot I enjoyed reading your story. Thank you for writing it! At first, I was hesitant to read it all the way through after the first paragraph (thought it was a bit gruesome for my taste) but I'm glad I stuck with it.. You're amusingly clever! Hope you'll do more SWDBS fanfic. And please, tag me next time since I almost missed this one until I saw @NRGchick 's post about it. Thanks again. @Amanda_HS Wow, I didn't know that tidbit of information. By watching that Viking ride scene, you can never tell that in real life, it's actually Park Bo Young who's scared of the ride and not Park Hyung Sik. Such great actors those two! Now I want to see the BTS, too! Would be an added bonus to see PHS bring comfort to PBY before and after the ride. And there goes my shipper heart again! @briseis Looks like you're on a roll! Lovely posts, as always.. You have the knack to make me discover things in the drama that I've overlooked. Thank you. That was brilliant, @AvadaKedavra Creations! As I watched your MV, I found myself smiling the whole time. Thank you for that. Looking forward for more, especially when our OTP's start to act all lovey-dovey towards each other in the coming episodes. @Ahpheng Re: your 51st strip (you created that much already? gotta check your IG then since I missed out on a lot!), too true! Min Hyuk doesn't want Bong Soon to be far apart from him. What's most amusing is that, I bet a lot of his employees would've scrambled and fought hard over Bong Soon's coveted place to be able to work closely with their handsome CEO! Thank you much for your entertaining c-strips! @nonski Wonderful post! You hit the nail on the head! Thanks for sharing it and for the roll call, too. Unfortunately, I won't make it for tomorrow's live blog , so to everyone who will be present to give us the recaps, screenshots, gifs for Episode 9's live watch -- FIGHTING, Avengers!!
  4. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. I totally agree with your post. Bong Soon is changing as well as the people around her (starts to happen in ep 7) and all of this move our story forward. Without a shadow of a doubt, Min Hyuk and Bong Soon belong together -- they are right for each other, good for each other and perfect for each other! Need I say more? I hate to bring this up but I feel the need to say something... In your recent posts, I find that oftentimes you are a bit critical of the drama's main leads, Bong Soon and Min Hyuk. I admit that they aren't perfect. Their characters are flawed just like every single one of us in the real world. Nonetheless, I am hoping that before the show ends, Bong Soon and Min Hyuk (and the rest of the characters) will change and grow for the better to become an inspiration to the viewers and fans of the drama. To be frank with you, your posts (for me, anyway) bring down the happy vibe that we have here in the thread. I'm sorry but you sound like a Debbie Downer.. If you aren't pleased with the show and its characters, why continue to watch it? It would be prudent to follow the saying, "If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all". Or at the very least, please keep your negative comments to a minimum. We are entitled to our own opinions, after all. I am not sure how Bong Soon was able to afford all of her winter wardrobe (and accessories) when she hasn't had any decent job until Min Hyuk came along.. ? Honestly, I do not like her choice of wear, 95% of it, anyway. Perhaps Min Hyuk's stylist (I assume he has one) could dress her once they get married? He's always so fashionable! @stroppyse Thanks for translating the Ep 9 previews (text and YouTube clip), unni! This just occurred to me -- Are we ever going to see a 'PIGGYBACK RIDE' in SWDBS? If we'll be favored with this overused kdrama staple, then most likely, it will be Bong Soon giving Min Hyuk that piggyback ride! Heh! Although, I would rather like to see MH give BS the lift!
  5. Without question, we are all giddy with excitement to witness Bong Soon and Min Hyuk share their very first smooch (as well as make their love confession to each other!). And right along with that, I am pumped up to watch Bong Soon kick butt! Just look at her! YOU GO, GIRL!! All those training sessions with Min Hyuk have significantly paid off!
  7. I'm so amused with your meme, chingu @supergal99. Thanks for posting it. That might be a recurring theme for us here in the thread, especially during the weekdays! Also, I didn't realize you're one naughty girl (re: your 'soooooo thirsty' post!) I can totally relate! Park Hyung Sik has got us hypnotized with his charms that we put ourselves in Bong Soon's shoes! Do you think Bong Soon knows how to kiss a guy? She's probably never experienced it before. Shall we show her how to properly kiss Min Hyukie? Me first! Min Hyuk is a smart chap. Most certainly, he will be able to connect the identity of his angel to Bong Soon. Now that you've mentioned it, there's a big possibility that Guk Doo may suddenly appear and invite himself into Min Hyuk's room. So, kiss foiled!
  8. The expectation is running high (and wild!) for our OTP's first shared kiss in the next episode. What with the preview they gave us with Min Hyuk and Bong Soon sharing quite an intense and heated gaze, how could we think otherwise? Look closely at the GIF below and you will find Bong Soon surreptitiously lower her eyes to Min Hyuk's mouth while at the same time, Min Hyuk's Adam's apple bobbed up and down.. Oh my! Friday, pali.. pali!!!
  9. It's OUT!!! OMO! I am freaking out over this preview and Friday is still 3 days away!!! We need help with the translation, unni @stroppyse or @snowglobe147.. Whoever is available. THANKS!! EP9 Text Preview: [9회 예고] 다행이야 네가 다치지 않아서… 봉순을 찾아온 민혁과 국두는 봉순이 백탁파와 싸우는 광경을 보게 되고, 위험에 빠진 봉순을 위해 몸을 날린다. 봉순은 자기 때문에 아픈 민혁에게 마음이 쓰이고, 민혁은 그런 봉순의 마음이 고마운데...
  10. Hahaha, I just want to make sure that I'm not alone on this! After the video, are you now inspired to write fan fiction for our couple? Say "YES", please!? My bad. Thanks for giving me a heads up, @athena22. I already corrected my post.. all the photo collages that you posted! So true, how can you not fall for this adorable couple? I am so glad that PBY & PHS got paired up for this project for I cannot imagine other kdrama actors playing their characters. Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik are forever cemented in my mind as Do Bong Soon and Ahn Min Hyuk, respectively. If someone does start a PBY+PHS shipper's thread, kindly tag me. Thanks! Your English is fine, chingu. We can understand you perfectly well. Welcome to the thread! We'll look forward to hear more from you.
  11. I'm really trying hard not to fall for Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik as a couple but I constantly find myself grinning like a Chesire cat whenever I see them together. Love, love, love them! Case in point -- Is anybody with me on this? Should we go ahead and start us a support group? @penelop3 I don't know where that lighthouse photo was taken (sorry!) but I believe it's the same location where they filmed some parts of Park Hyung Sik's previous drama, 'High Society' (I may have to re-watch this and focus on PHS this time around!). It looks like they filmed the lighthouse scene the same day they had their 2nd media conference. Credit: @furu.vu217 Hope you don't mind me posting it. Thanks! jtbcdrama's IG
  12. When it finally happens, I don't care how Min Hyuk is going to make his actual confession to Bong Soon but I'm confident that it's going to be swoon-worthy! I bet we'll all go -- And now my question is -- What will become of us once Min Hyuk and Bong Soon share their very FIRST KISS??? Are we all ready for that?? Pretty please, chingu? Just one (or two) will do. Grazie! If you look closely (around the 0:14th mark), you can sense a semblance of recognition on Bong Soon's face and then, she steadily gazes at Min Hyuk without saying anything (from 0:20 - 0:32). Perhaps debating whether to tell him or not that it was her (as we know, she's always been pretty candid with him)? Alas, we will never find out because halme interrupted the moment with her phone call. Also, I'm guessing that Bong Soon saving Min Hyuk (and the rest of the bus passengers) that day was probably her first venture in using her superpower for the welfare of others. When Bong Soon brought out her pink hoodie from 'retirement', we can conclude that she is now fully embracing who she really is -- STRONG WOMAN DO BONG SOON! And she's not encumbered nor is she embarrassed about it anymore! Since Min Hyuk is a smart fella, I'm sure he'll easily catch her drift!
  13. Oh, I'm sure that he is. I am reminded of this YouTube clip that I saw of their first media conference where he described meeting PBY for the very first time. He's sweet and regardful. Here -- I've enjoyed watching him in Angry Mom and Cheer Up. He's a talented young man.
  14. Have you written one? If you haven't, are you able to make one? Just the other day, I thought about requesting for SWDBS fanfics in this thread (to tide us over during the weekdays). I am sure we have talented writers in our midst. Whoever you are, come out, come out and please help us quench our thirst for more of our OTP, Bong Soon and Min Hyuk! Kamsahamnida, chingus! And please, do remember to tag me. @stroppyse unni, thank you for your speedy translation to the newest BTS clip. Without question, you are indeed related to The Flash! Thank you also @lingx2 for sharing the video clip here. I'm trying my best not to.. but how can you not ship Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik together? They're adorable to watch on and off screen! Take a look at this GIF -- PBY & PHS are quite playful with each other. Their chemistry is undeniable and it's so palpable! Poor baby Ji Soo, he'll always be the third wheel. He looks so out of place here.
  15. I agree, Bong Soon is certainly not the type who sings her own praises. As we've seen in the last 2 episodes, she's just starting to come to terms with using her power to help the weak and the oppressed since she's always viewed her super strength as a burden and not a blessing.. Perhaps, Bong Soon will let Min Hyuk figure it out for himself and connect the dots..? Come what may, it won't be long until Min Hyuk finds out that Bong Soon was his savior all along. And when that moment happens, we'll all be like -- YES! FINALLY!