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  1. No problem! Yeah, looking at his korean bio, yeonryung's life was pretty uneventful, especially with his early death. Yeah, it depends. if it's too low, there's a different kind of pressure to make the drama...not flop. Or flop less. When it's successful, i guess people are happy but yeah, there definitely are other kinds of pressures to keep up the momentum, change things to please fans, possible extensions, etc. I didn't watch the whole of hwajung because i couldn't. It was neither high quality nor any fun. I...don't recommend spending your time on it, lol. Kim yi young sure as heck redeemed herself for me with haechi, ratings be damned. Contents Power Index for the week of 2/11-2/17: Haechi no. 1? The ratings better show it next week, lol! (I do imagine people want to finish the dramas they already started, though) I do love seeing the demographics of the drama article comments- as expected, there's a bigger percentage of male viewers for sageuks compared to other dramas that are romantic/sentimental.
  2. @lightbringer06Yeah, especially since crowned clown is still airing(and naturally has the momentum), haechi's numbers would especially be affected compared to the other dramas since the target audience is the same, both being sageuks and all. I imagine yeoji blames yi geum for han jung seok's death, and that's why she's confronting him.
  3. Pretty much. Well, I'll divide it by history and what happens in the drama: Hope that clears things up. Again, we'll have to see just what exactly min's plan is now. Looks like they were planning to use milpoong as their puppet originally, but they've all but deemed him too incompetent and unstable, so.
  4. Okay, more thoughts. Whew, that was a heavy episode. Kind of frustrating from an uber fan of this drama to see the ratings so low(seriously, it fell again??), but I guess it's expected - 5 dramas competing at the same time, two dramas near the end of their run so of course, people are seeing those out(crowned clown and jo deul ho), and oh yeah, forgot to mention there's a variety show that airs at the same time too. So no less than 6 shows total competing, with none of them below 3%. Seriously, I will be very surprised if the numbers don't go up eventually. As good as the other shows are, haechi honestly just has the pace and thrill for big ratings.
  5. I love that there's never a dull episode.
  6. The ratings aren't high thus far but mon-tue is by far the toughest timeslot of all the dramas- wed-thur has 4 dramas that overlap, while mon-tue has a whopping 5. Though haechi has all the signs of ridiculously high ratings, it makes sense the ratings are only at 5-6- aside from the sheer number of competition, the crowned clown is also a sageuk and has already built momentum, with only a few episodes left. It's been a while since I've seen a public broadcast drama on primetime(weekday evenings) with +20% potential, and haechi is it. Hope more people start watching through word-of-mouth. There's been opinion that sbs should've aired this after the last empress on wed-thur, but the upcoming dramas by other stations at that timeslot seem more formidable so I think it wouldn't make much difference in that aspect.
  7. Another solid episode. Also, there's been a bit of complaint about how chohong speaks to yeoning informally, but I kind of love how unapologetic she is? She didn't meet him as a prince, and still doesn't talk to him as such(as unrealistic as that is, the drama itself is fictional people!). She also doesn't back down to seo-ssi(feel sorry for her though, the reasons are endless, really). But yeah, her character screams impending-doom-before-drama's-end. There's also park hoon who will eventually join the gang- so much story to tell; this makes me confident that the drama will keep its momentum afloat till the end. (as much as i love super long dramas- I may be one of the few, lol- the lack of dragging is a good thing about a 24-episode epic sageuk, as opposed to 50+ 1-hr episodes)
  8. Of course the marriages of royalty and the noble class is arranged and not for marriage, but I think this is accurately portrayed in the dramas- see the official wives. In nearly all the dramas, the king's first/offical wife(the queen) is not loved, and it's other people they end up falling for. It was important that the first/official wife be from a good family/background for power and stability. Feelings were secondary with them. The king/noblemen could have consorts/concubines if they liked someone, and this is where we have the love story aspect of most historical kdramas. I want everyone to stay alive too, lol. That's all I ask, however they choose to end things on the romantic end. But again, from all indications the drama seems to focus a lot less on this side than Kim yi young's previous dramas. Yi san's main premise was definitely not romance, though that aspect that was very well done(seriously, anyone who likes sageuks and hasn't watched this one yet- do it!), and more of a presence than in haechi. Dong yi was pretty much all about romance- yes, there were other parts, but this one ended up being joseon era cinderella story(though to be fair, choi suk bin's real story is basically joseon cinderella). So romance haters have little to fear with Haechi.
  9. @uripuppiesIt's been established that there will be romance between the leads, according to the official relationship chart. More stills: source: http://www.sportsseoul.com/news/read/729905
  10. New stills: source: http://sports.chosun.com/news/ntype.htm?id=201902170100090390006774&servicedate=20190217
  11. The scary thing about yi tan right now is not the man himself, but the people supporting him(noron and minister min). It'll be very interesting to see how the writer evolves the conflict from yeoning vs noron+yi tan to after he becomes crown prince then king, where he's struggling against the noron having too much power in the government. In history, I believe the noron hoped to use yeoning as a puppet king(this is why they supported yeongjo/yeoning) to control the government. Of course, it didn't go that way and yeongjo became an effective ruler, though the noron did hold considerable power throughout. I'm of two minds about how to end the love line(either way, it does look like it'll be a very minor part, so those who don't like romance needn't worry, I think). On one hand, it would be cool to have her just keep doing her thing as an investigator. However, given the time period, there's no way she is going to get a higher/more influential position as a woman in that department, and I doubt it would do much good to remain a damo, where she would be bossed around by others, some less capable than her. The only way she'd be ranked is as a court lady in the Naemyungbu(of which the queen is head, comprises all the court ladies of the palace, with various departments/roles). There, she could do a similar line of work as an investigative court lady, like in dong yi, but she would be in charge of inspecting women of the court. Another alternative ending would be for her to become a concubine. Now that may seem like a cliche ending, and seems limiting to yeoji, but given the role of women in those days, this would actually give her the biggest opportunity to really wield influence, though in a different capacity(see: all the consorts in joseon dynasty that became famous one way or another). Sorry for the extended rant. xD
  12. Hm, good thinking, I wasn't thinking of that scene. Though that might also be his reaction to prince yeonryung's death. (also in real life, yeonryung died at age 20.)
  13. @mari_may You're not alone in thinking something bad will happen to chohong...many people are predicting she'll die soon(soon as in some time before the series is over). Possibly by milpoong?