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  1. I hope he will accept the drama with Yoon Si Yoon!! More from Drug King promoting: Cr. as tagged
  2. Both agencies has confirmed that Jo Jung Suk and Gummy got married recently in a private promise ceremony with their families!! Congrats to our newlyweds! All pictures in HD: https://imgur.com/a/iOmsp3x
  3. 180904 IOPE SKIN WEEK Event More: http://19801226.com/xe/data1/581276
  4. 180713 IOPE SKINWEEK Event in Taiwan (the fan was shaking so much ) More pics: http://19801226.com/xe/data1/486255
  5. Hiii @mundaliv Yeah.. what a suprise in the morning. I have mixed feeling about having to send him off..., but mostly I'm happy for him! His heartfelt letter to fans after the news: https://forjojeol.wordpress.com/2018/06/22/180622-letter-from-jo-jungsuk/
  6. I miss him a lot too! ;_; He must be really busy filming his movies these days. I hope he can spare time for some events, an Ice Bucket Challenge like Karen said would be awesome lol FIGHTING!!
  7. mintea18

    Han Ji Min 한지민

    Can't wait!!! XD Hey chingus Knowing Wife has a thread here!
  8. JO Jung-suk and Yoon-a Cast for New Action Disaster Movie EXIT May 21, 2018 Writer: by SONG Soon-jin EXIT Starts Filming this Summer for Expected Release in Summer 2019 JO Jung-suk and Yoon-a will star in a disaster-action movie. “Genius chameleon actor JO Jung-suk and Yoon-a, rising actresses of Confidential Assignment (2017), are cast for EXIT (working title)”, announced the production company Filmmaker R & K and the distributor CJ Entertainment. The disaster-action thriller will be co-produced with Film K by Filmmaker R & K, which has put out The Berlin File (2013), Veteran(2015) and The Battleship Island (2017). The director is LEE Sang-geun, who received the Jury Special Award for his short film Mr. Tap’s Holiday (2010) at the Mise-en-Scène Short Film Festival (MSFF). “LEE is a graduate of the Korea National University of Arts and has been working in films for a long time. We are expecting this young director to make a bright and witty movie“, said CJ Entertainment. The movie tells the story of Yong-nam (JO Jung-suk) who comes across a former fellow college student, Eui-joo (Yoon-a). The two try to escape a catastrophic situation where the city gets enveloped in a mysterious toxic gas. The pre-production is finished, and the filming will start this year with an expected release in Summer 2019. Source ===== 180527 Pink Run Event (An annual event held to raise awareness of breast cancer) Fancam:
  9. I feel so greatful for this thread. I go to this thread every time I miss the drama and it REALLY cheers me up. If it hadn't been for this amazing thread I would just stare at their pics, rewatch the clips on youtube and start to feel melancholic to no end lol. I also got a better understanding of many scenes thank to you guys! Don't feel like watching any new dramas atm too ;_;