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  1. I hope he will accept the drama with Yoon Si Yoon!! More from Drug King promoting: Cr. as tagged
  2. Both agencies has confirmed that Jo Jung Suk and Gummy got married recently in a private promise ceremony with their families!! Congrats to our newlyweds! All pictures in HD: https://imgur.com/a/iOmsp3x
  3. 180713 IOPE SKINWEEK Event in Taiwan (the fan was shaking so much ) More pics: http://19801226.com/xe/data1/486255
  4. Hiii @mundaliv Yeah.. what a suprise in the morning. I have mixed feeling about having to send him off..., but mostly I'm happy for him! His heartfelt letter to fans after the news: https://forjojeol.wordpress.com/2018/06/22/180622-letter-from-jo-jungsuk/
  5. I miss him a lot too! ;_; He must be really busy filming his movies these days. I hope he can spare time for some events, an Ice Bucket Challenge like Karen said would be awesome lol FIGHTING!!
  6. Can't wait!!! XD Hey chingus Knowing Wife has a thread here!
  7. JO Jung-suk and Yoon-a Cast for New Action Disaster Movie EXIT May 21, 2018 Writer: by SONG Soon-jin EXIT Starts Filming this Summer for Expected Release in Summer 2019 JO Jung-suk and Yoon-a will star in a disaster-action movie. “Genius chameleon actor JO Jung-suk and Yoon-a, rising actresses of Confidential Assignment (2017), are cast for EXIT (working title)”, announced the production company Filmmaker R & K and the distributor CJ Entertainment. The disaster-action thriller will be co-produced with Film K by Filmmaker R & K, which has put out The Berlin File (2013), Veteran(2015) and The Battleship Island (2017). The director is LEE Sang-geun, who received the Jury Special Award for his short film Mr. Tap’s Holiday (2010) at the Mise-en-Scène Short Film Festival (MSFF). “LEE is a graduate of the Korea National University of Arts and has been working in films for a long time. We are expecting this young director to make a bright and witty movie“, said CJ Entertainment. The movie tells the story of Yong-nam (JO Jung-suk) who comes across a former fellow college student, Eui-joo (Yoon-a). The two try to escape a catastrophic situation where the city gets enveloped in a mysterious toxic gas. The pre-production is finished, and the filming will start this year with an expected release in Summer 2019. Source ===== 180527 Pink Run Event (An annual event held to raise awareness of breast cancer) Fancam:
  8. I feel so greatful for this thread. I go to this thread every time I miss the drama and it REALLY cheers me up. If it hadn't been for this amazing thread I would just stare at their pics, rewatch the clips on youtube and start to feel melancholic to no end lol. I also got a better understanding of many scenes thank to you guys! Don't feel like watching any new dramas atm too ;_;
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