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  1. I do not think that Sharon, will be able to carry out her plans to kill HR/BY. I think that Sharon will be killed with the knife she had forged with the metal from the ring. The metal is what is cursed/blessed, regardless of the shape. She will not be able to lift the curse by melting the ring into a knife. For all we know the metalsmith did not melt the ring down; especially since he told Sharon that the ring should not be melted down. The way I see it, even if he did make the ring into a knife using her specifications, it will still curse her and be the death of her. This drama is worth watching just to see Sharon get her just desserts. I hope at the same time Becky is freed and find peace and CM will go to jail. I can wade through everything else to see Sharon get hers and I hope it is everlasting agony. The one thing I really like in this drama, is that HR does not take any mess off of Sharon, good for her. I also like that SH acts as a mature adult, I am glad he went after HR. Side bar: Now I think I know why Sharon was driven to drown herself, it was because she put on the ring. The curse might make the knife turn on her... that would be a great ending.
  2. I found this gem of a drama this past weekend and I love it. I completed episode 6 last night and I agree with your assessment, although the demons do not seem to resonate as strongly as in other dramas, they are representative of the episode. As for the hair-cutting demon, OYS did think for a moment that it would be nice to forget SOG; however, as you stated, "pain has its own value" YS thought about the times they had together and realized, although painful, she did not want to forget OG. especially since she is already in love with him. The writers (the Hong Sisters) and director are spot on. I read this is a remake of a Chinese novel/drama. I have not seen or read the original novel; however, I applaud the actors in this remake they are doing an excellent job. The chemistry between the leads are amazing and the supporting cast is great. I do not think I will be posting too much about this drama, I am just going to sit back and enjoy the show.
  3. I guess I must ask the same question Kasmic did, have you watched all the episodes in their entirety? Sharon burned BY's face before, she got married, before BY saw MS. BY, impulsively, put on Sharon's cape after she finished making it. She had no idea that MS saw her. MS thinking BY was his intended, fall in love with BY at first sight. Sharon, once finding out that BY had tried on her wedding cape, punished her and burned her face. That is when BY cursed Sharon about not having any children. This was all before Sharon married MS. MS was heartbroken when he found out that BY was not going to be his wife; however, he, because of honor, was true to his vows. When Sharon saw that MS like BY, she treated her shabbily, and thought the MS, should not intervene; but he did. Although, the way Sharon treated BY, MS, did not have to have any feelings for her to step in, it was about just being human (plus he liked her). Cheating, MS did not cheat on Sharon, the Sage/Seer told Sharon that she would not have any children by MS. BY came in to serve them, he said that she would be the one to carry MS's offspring. BY and MS were ordered, in order to carry on the bloodline to produce offspring ( and we all know how that is done.) He did not sleep with BY that night because he said that after the child was born, she could never see the child and that would kill her (Someone, please correct me if I am wrong.) They slept holding hands. Sharon, in her twisted mind, (it is said that jealousy is as cruel as the grave.) Thought that they mated, to get back at them, she reported MS as being Catholic. He and his family lost everything. Sharon dressed BY up as MS's wife and sent her in her place to the interrogated. BY, in Sharon's place was tortured, and her throat was cut and she could not longer talk. In all of that, she did not give up MS's whereabouts. I think It was at that point that he made up his mind that he would live with BY and love her properly. Sharon found out where they were and set the cottage on fire, MS came out; however, BY was still in the cottage, Sharon begged MS to leave BY in the cottage to burn, but he went back in to either save or die with BY. As BY died, she came up through the ground, grabbed Sharon's ankle and cursed her. As it was stated in earlier posts, you have to look at the time in which this took place. You cannot apply modern day standards to what happened in the past. No we not condoning adultery and we do not see any evidence that BY coveted Sharon's husband. I cannot find any reason that BY should be ashamed of herself. She had valid reasons for cursing Sharon. Let someone put a fire iron on your face and see what you would do. Cursing her was minor. In those time MS could have done as Sharon's (adopted) father did when he found out Becky could not have any children, he, as they would say in biblical times, put her away. Sharon's father put Becky, his wife out and married someone who could give him children. That is how Sharon and BY became switched at birth. Becky, in her anger, switched BY with a "slave" child. Therefore, if you want to get technical, MS/SH was never rightfully Sharon's husband. I have to rewatch some of the earlier episodes; however, this is my understanding. I do not know where the cheating accusation is coming from.
  4. @nrlfan4ever Thank you. I could not remember the exact words; however, I remembered thinking when I heard it that CM had something to do with SH's and HR's fathers deaths.
  5. CM is just bluffing. He is hoping that HR will be embarrassed enough about her father's past with Dr. Moon that she will break-up with SH and help him with his redevelopment project. CM cannot stand that SH is successful and is in the way of him making more money. SH has a good plan and care about the small business owners. CM's redevelopment plan will force all the small business owners out and make it impossible for many residence to stay in their homes. Therefore, he is doing whatever he can to get HR to side with him and break SH heart. I cannot remember the exact words CM said to himself after his son left the restaurant; however, it made me feel that he was jealous of SH and HR fathers' success and he was the cause of their downfall and, if not SH father's death then definitely HR's father's death. Whereas Becky had a good influence on SH, Sharon had a bad influence on CM (make money at all cost). I think Sharon will have to pay for his actions also. I think SH and HR cheesiness and love for each other is what is protecting both of them. I think the writer is solidifying their love in our minds; because in the future their love is what is going to save them from CM and Sharon. Their love for each other might be what destroys Sharon in the end... just hang in there guys and enjoy the cheesiness. I know we want answers, and I think we will get them if was are willing to wait a little. SH and HR have several foes for different reasons, and I think the writer is giving us a breather before everything hit them but the kitchen sink.
  6. Soon they will have to give us some flashbacks so that we can find out the truth behind Dr. Moon's death, why Becky is tied to Sharon, the significance of the ring, and why CM heart hurts whenever he sees Sharon. If this drama answers all these questions adequately , then I think expanding the show to 20 episodes is a good decision. I hate a rushed ending where they try to explain everything in the last two episodes. I have not watched episode 12 yet; however, I hope that HR does not back off from SH because she thinks her father might have hurt Dr. Moon. I believe Gon's father had something to do with his death. I am starting to understand, according to the dramas, the Korean culture of revenge. However, even if HR's father did have something to do with SH's father's death, I believe he would still love HR. He is not going to take revenge for his father's misfortunes out on HR. I hate it when the OTP couple break-up because of misunderstandings. Both of these characters are "mature" adults; therefore, I hope the writers will forgo this scenario in this drama. PLEASE! We going to need both of them together to fight Sharon's evil. I think in the end, someone is going to have to take her out.
  7. I like the lovely kiss scenes, they did not get a chance to really love each other in their former life. The writer should be able to do both, give them plenty skin-ship and move the story forward. There is Becky's story, we have heard about it; but we need more insight. Also why Sharon hate HR so much? Sharon burned her face before she got married for wearing her wedding cape, wasn't that a little extreme? Sharon had to have some other motives for her deep seated hatred of HR, because it did not start with her husband loving HR. Did her parents feel kindly towards HR? Therefore, give me the intrigue, mystery, and cheesiness. I can handle all of it. Thank you for giving me another perspective, perhaps if Sharon accepts love from Gon's father, and returns that love, her curse will be lifted and she can start to age and eventually find eternal peace.
  8. We already know that somehow the main couple will end up together. I like the fact you would like to shake things up; however, SH was not into Sharon in their first life together, why would it be destiny for them to be together no matter what life especially when we now know that Sharon was not born into a noble family, but was switched with HR at birth. Therefore, SH was not her attended nor her destiny. She is destined; however, to make SH realize what he doesn't want in a woman, a selfish, clingy, hateful witch. Unlike others, I love SH and HR together and think that they have amazing chemistry; however, like others I am interested in how Sharon and Becky are tied together (other than Becky being responsible for the baby switch), what force is protecting SH and what happens once the tattoos appear on their faces... but perhaps I am analyzing too much.
  9. ... I think the government does it work in promoting dramas and pop etc through the ministry of Culture very well, seeing as it's an economic policy. The activities of Korea's foreign missions are geared towards this, and the last president would make sure there was a display of Korean cultural products (KPop performances, food etc) on her world tours. But the average Korean may not be aware of this. The dramas are for domestic consumption. And I think I prefer them to remain that way so they can remain distinctly Korean. I can believe that many production companies, even if they know about the international blogging sites, do not consider our opinion. Their main focus is their base audience, Koreans. However, as Korean dramas and music become more popular internationally, production companies, even if they do not cater to us, will check out these sites for our reactions. It is good business to know how well a drama plays in the rest of the world. Just as in the United States, our dramas are geared toward Americans; however, I am sure production companies are interested in how our dramas are viewed in the rest of the world. As for sites that bash actors, I stay away from them. I do not know these actors personally; therefore, I am unqualified to offer an opinion. If I do not like a character I will specify that I do not like the character, direction, or the writing. That is why I am very happy I found this site, because for the most part, the posts are about the drama, and do not attack the abilities of the actors. Many times I have more of an appreciation for a drama after reading the insights or analysis from the bloggers. Since the dramas are foreign, at times I miss nuances and subtle meanings that others who are more familiar with the culture point out.
  10. Remember he thought the girl he saw that night was going to be his wife. Yes, he loved BY at first sight, not knowing that she was a servant and not his intended; however, whatever, his feeling were towards BY, he did not cross the line, nor did she. Remember, MS was marrying a girl he never met before. Sure he could have grown to love her, but how could he when she was such a vicious and vindictive woman. If you look at it according to today's standards, I am sure it would be looked at as betrayal. When you think about the culture during those times, many people got married without loving their spouses, and I would suspect that many never developed love for their spouses, (respect, yes, love, no); however, it does not mean, they automatically disrespected them. As a side bar, I think that was the reason so many men during those times had mistresses or took a second wife. They were forced to marry, for political or financial reasons.
  11. I think once the tattoos cover their faces, it is all over for them, I have to go back and watch episode 7 again. Becky wants to break the curse, grow old and die; however, because she switched the babies at birth, I think she is somehow responsible for Sharon's actions. In the past, Becky has done some good, because she has began to age. I think if Becky can expose Sharon for what she is then she will be free of her part of the curse and Sharon, if she doesn't try to make things right, will turn into a truly evil spirit. Can you imagine roaming the face of the earth 200+ years, and everyone you've known and loved has died or will die and you are still living? It must be torture. It think if Sharon becomes an evil spirit she will roam forever never having any peace. Is having SH worth that? Now that is what I call the obsession.
  12. No, you are not the only one who thinks that Mr. Park was trying to kill SH. I also noted that he told his goons to also hire the one with the motorcycle. SH was happy that HR called him Oppa, and then he is so amazed at her strength that he cannot move. Your comment about Myung Soo not being disrespectful to his wife is correct. Although he had feelings for BY he treated his wife well and did not cross the line. It was only when BY was supposed to have a baby for SR that MS discovered how deep his feelings were for her. Even then, he told her she must leave after the baby was born. One of the many of Sharon's problems was that MS did not allow her to abuse BY. I think he would have felt that way about any of their servants, because he had a kind heart. As someone pointed out, SR loved him so much that when it came time to show that love and stand with her husband, what did she do... send BY in her place. (No greater love than this, that man should lay down his life for a friend)...of well, so much for love. BY showed what true love was because, although tortured, she never betrayed MS. However, SR's main problem was; although she was born rich, she lack confidence and could not fathom MS loving a "servant" girl over her. SR never realized it was BY's heart, and everyone loved her because of it.
  13. Hello all. I watched episodes 1-6 within the last week and I love this drama. I am finding that I really like the fantasy genre. I do not have to rely on logic, and can enjoy the drama wherever the writer decides to take it. After all, fantasy defies logic. @lsylvia I agree with you concerning the curses. I do not think any special powers were needed to curse someone. Because those making the curse believe in the power to curse or believe in curses, they are able to curse others. If people can live over 200 years or become immortal and others reincarnated, why can't people curse each other without having special powers? I concur the kisses. They are supposed to be awkward at this point in the story. I believe the great kisses are coming...everyone just hang in there. @YourHighness . My thoughts mirror yours, Sharon did not know that she was not a nobleperson's child and I also do not think Sharon believed Becky when she told her that she switched her at birth and BY was the real noble child and; therefore, MHS rightfully belongs to Hae-Ra. Sharon does feel like the victim and cannot see that she has done anything wrong. Sharon scarred BY for life, she had her beaten, she sent BY to be executed in her place and finally, in her fit of jealousy and anger she killed two people yet she cannot face her actions as being wrong. It does not matter that whether BY was of noble birth or a servant, no one has the right to treat another human as BY was treated. SooHo loves Hae Ra because she has a pure heart and a spirit within her that shines brightly. My only hope for this drama is that half way through the writer does not break the couple up and we have to be frustrated for several weeks or wait until the last two episodes for them to get back together and then the writing and story is rushed. Off topic I just would like to add that Kim Rae Won looks great in his outfits...I can watch him walk all day. I love that the characters are dressed classy.
  14. @Shae I can understand how subbing a drama that you are not interested in can be torture and I thank all those subbers who volunteer their time to sub dramas. It has to be a labor of love. This is a good drama. I think what happens sometimes, if there isn't a lot of public interest in a drama or it is not given rave reviews, there isn't that push and drive to sub it. The subbers move on to other dramas that have more appeal to the public. The only problem is that many good dramas are not being enjoyed by people such as me, who do not speak the language, but enjoy the dramas, especially historical dramas. So far, the Chinese historical dramas have the best costumes, scenery and fighting scenes. However, many I cannot watch because they are not subbed. I hope Drama Fever picks up this drama. If they do, they will sub it themselves.
  15. I read the spoiler. It is a nice touch. It will make this story difference from all the others. Now I will not be confused later on.