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  1. I could not agree more. The writing is so sloppy that I contemplated ditching this drama. I will see.
  2. As my Southern American mother used to say "why buy the cow when you can get the milk free." I think your male friend is correct. WS has all the benefits of marriage now; why make it official? I love how K-dramas always have a subtle message...as you said, be careful when you move in with someone (and I agree all men are not the same) because sometimes both the male and female can lose sight of the value of marriage. Marriage is a binding commitment between two people. I think that is why although, SH and JH did not love each other, once they made that commitment to one another, it bound them together whether for two years or a lifetime. In SG's case, he is a mature traditional male. He values the institution of marriage and making that commitment is something that he would look forward to.
  3. Sorry to delete a few lines. I agree with your assessment and I enjoyed episode 11 and 12. They are already married; therefore, they can miss a few small steps, they've already taken the big one. I guess I am in the minority with you because I do not need the confession, their actions show it. Because of SH's analytical mind and the fact he hurt someone before, SH might not confess to the very end. I also think that the kiss said a lot; at least JH thinks so. Sometimes being in the minority is not a bad place to be.
  4. I felt really bad for WS and HR when WS came to the conclusion they must break-up. They really love each other; but they are not a couple. As SH pointed out to WS, "I want." WS loves HR, however he does not look at her as his other half. It is as both of them are in a one-sided love. HR has supported WS in his dreams; however, she does not fully understand his dreams. HR is so focused on being married and having children, she never asked WS what he wants out of their relationship or marriage. Does he want children? I hope they are back together in the last episode; however, they need time away from each other. If at the end they decide they really want each other then HR must make some compromises and WS must start to view her as "us, we and our." I loved the scene where SH thought that BN was a stalker, when he put his hand out for JH, he said," Let us go home to our house', which meant he had already included JH in his life. This drama is refreshing and I am loving it. Many of the 2017 romantic K-dramas have been enjoyable and well-written. There are a few dramas that I would recommend viewing this year. The writers are starting to write dramas about life in today's society and not as it used to be. Everything changes, nothing remains the same and finally K-dramas are changing also. I hope they never lose the respectful way they present love and relationships; however, I am glad to see dramas that are more realistic and present today's POV.
  5. Protecting her heart does not mean she is not going to try to win him over. Protecting her heart is a smart move. In the unlikely case she does not win him over, unlike SH, she will be able to survive with her heart intact and move on to another relationship.
  6. Yasss, he's more mature with the previous hairstyle. I felt like I watched different drama. But Ji Ho liked it anyway Just hoping the writernim wouldn't dissapoint us. The drama has been so good SH is older than JH, ( I don't know how much), perhaps he decided to change his hair style to look closer to her age. Ji-Ho does like it.
  7. I love this drama. The writer and director are awesome. What I like the most about the drama is that SH and JH talk to each other. They are open with their feelings and know how to express them in a courteous and respectful way. They have an honesty that is rare. I love the pace of this story, it moves, quickly, but not too fast. They have moved from landlord and tenant to friends, the next step is lovers. JH and SH are becoming comfortable with one another and are learning each other. As they go along, they will find that they have a lot of things in common. Where he is logical, she is creative; therefore, they balance each other. Once SH acknowledges his feelings, JH will score 99.9 points and be his perfect match.
  8. I agree with you. By definition, (a stalker is a person who pursues game, prey, or a person stealthily), BN is a stalker, whether he is harmless or dangerous, I do not know. This is what I do know, and I admit the episode was not completely subed; therefore, I might be missing some nuance that is important to making that determination. 1. BN has been banned from other dating sites because of accusations of "stalking" (I give them credit for not taking the word of the accuser, but deciding to do their own investigation into the claims.) 2. There is an unsolved kidnapping case close to an area where BN might have been know to frequent. 3. He knows things about SH and JH that he should not know as a casual bystander. How does he know that JH hair looks better in a bow? How does he know about SH long term plan concerning his mortgage? How does he know they have a "fake marriage." 4. He is too familiar with JH, once she said that she was married, he should have backed off. He did not but continued to flirt and pursue her. These all might be red herrings, I don't know. What I do know is that BN has his answer, SH will come for JH if she is harmed. We cannot take it for granted that because BN did not go after SH when he kicked and knocked over his bike means that he is not a stalker. Many times men who will prey on women will not go up against another man. I do not know what twists and turns this writer has in store for us; however, I am ready for the ride. It is clear to me that SH and JH like each other. It is just that JH has realized her feelings first. Because of SH's logical mind it might take him a few more episodes before he accepts that fact that he likes her and that she is a integral part of his life.
  9. I am enjoying this drama. I only saw the first 10 or 15 minutes of episode 7 this morning, but it was so funny. Just as I thought, SH is jealous of JH and his female colleague called him on it. SH is falling fast. I wonder if this is his first real attraction. I think, he does not know how to approach JH on an intimate level and not open himself to possible pain and or disappointment. I, also wonder if he is afraid of being rejected? I loved how the women were falling all over BN. JH's friends were supposed to come to the coffee shop to teach him a lesson about harassing JH; however, they are in lust for BN. Even SH's colleague likes him. It is so funny. In the beginning, I thought, Oh boy, another contract marriage themed drama. However, this show has many perspectives. It deals with young people and their relationships and also the attitudes young women have to deal with in the workplace. I think what I like the most about this drama is that it takes a look at how many men treat women in the workplace. It is the right topic at the right time. Although the topics are serious, this drama is light; therefore, one can enjoy it, become enlightened, without being smacked in the face. I have to watch the entire episode tonight. I am not going to read the comments until tomorrow, because I do not want to spoil my fun.
  10. Oh, I think he is jealous. He might not recognize the feeling; however, he is jealous. He is logical; however, he still wants his cake and eat it too, as the saying goes. He does not want to be burdened with a relationship; however, he wants the perks of a relationship i.e. breakfast in the morning. I think SH will find out soon; that he has grown use to JH's presence and want her in his life; however, it will be harder now to make that transition since he has made an richard simmons of himself. JH, although, she is a little crazy, is intelligent, honest, and as SH said, pretty. The two actually talk to each other, for the most part, understand each other, and like many of the same things. They move to the same rhythm (algorithm). JH is the perfect match for him, sadly, right now he cannot see it. Once she starts acting single, SH's eyes will open quickly.
  11. The one JC save from attempting suicide is not WT. He's the soldier's brother. He's also the JC's dad hoobae at the police office. He feels guilty of what his brother did, so he tried to drown himself. Thankfully, JC and HJ @stargazer187 You are correct. I went back and looked at that scene again.
  12. I like your analysis, because it is going in a different direction than what we were thinking. Great job.
  13. Thanks for the clarification. And sorry for answering so late but I did not want to spoil myself. But here I am since I saw the new episode. True, but that is if he is a 3rd generation son. It was shown with the empty refrigerator that it was certainly not the case. Thus his identity is still a mistery. I wish they would give a tiny more clues as to who he is! I still think he is somehow related to the dead soldier to be honest. When the other dude mentioned secret, the first thing that came to my mind was name change. I think that might be a possibility, that he changed his name when he entered the police academy so that he would not be associated with the dead soldier. I have not seen the latest episode; therefore, my thinking may not be relevant any longer. I think that WT is the boy that JC was trying to rescue when HJ ended up saving both of them. Remember the scene by the river when young HJ, with short hair and a baseball cap, was holding the rope around JC's waist, while he swam down to rescue another boy? I think that WT was that boy. If that is the case, maybe that shared experience somehow tied them together. There is something else going on WT and a mystery does surround him. Although I am anxious to find out what it is, I like the way the writer is drawing it out by giving us small tidbits. However, those tidbits give us even more to ponder. Nice job writer.