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  1. I am glad you decided to give this drama a try. So far I am loving it and cannot wait until episode 3.
  2. To: @intanr, @ktcjdrama, @gladys57, @jellybellymonster, @hazelnutthursdays I am going to recommend another drama to you. Please watch My Secret Romance. The same director that directed this drama is directing Secret Romance. I have watched the first two episodes and it is very good, so far. Give it a try.
  3. I watched episode 2 last night and today, I am giddy. Episode 2 was so funny. The interactions between the two (by cell phone) are so funny. I laughed so hard at the scenes where, regardless of what she prepares for him, he finds some reason to send it back. However, the last scene where she finally explodes and then goes to his office to apologize will have me waiting impatiently for episode three to see her reaction when she fully processes who he is. One the serious side, Yoo-mi never forgot Jin-Woo and he has never forgotten her. When she sees a car that looks like his, she remembers their time at the beach and peeps in the car to see if it is him. Jin-woo has not forgotten Yoo-mi and her “injury” to him. In one day, she stole his heart and she did something other women had never done to him before, she left him. To add insult to injury, he was mocked for not being able to satisfy her (another funny scene). Several of you wrote about the two of them being lonely. Reading your analysis caused me to look at JinWook’s personality and actions deeper. His father, who is trying to get him to marry, was insightful when he asked if a woman hurt him. Yes! Without meaning to, by running away, Yoo-mi hurt him. She had her own personal reasons for not wanting to get caught; however, JinWook, not knowing her mother’s past, thought that she rejected him. JinWok has become a workaholic and does not want to open his heart to anyone else because he is afraid of being rejected again. Based on the preview of Episode three, JW will ask her why she left. I like that the writer has written the scene this way, because in real life, it is a question that I would ask. I might speculated before I see them, but it would be question that I would ask. I love this drama and I find out the same director, Kang Cheol-woo, who directed “1% of Something “is also directing this drama.
  4. I watched episode 1 last night and was impressed. I like your observation about the two leads, I think you are spot on. Based on the synopsis, that night changed both of them, we had to see what they were like before that night. Yumi was clumsy and unsure of herself and Jinwook was a typical spoiled rich kid. I think that night changed Yumi, because not only did this person ask her how she felt, he was also attracted to her., someone who everyone overlooks. Jinwook life changed because this unpretentious innocent girl, accepted him for himself, not his money. This woman, who was not looking for fortune, touched a place in his heart that had never been touched before. When Yumi left him in the morning, he found that she spoiled it for any other woman. That night gave Yumi confidence that she could accomplish her dreams, and that night made Jinwook see that there was more to live then partying and picking up girls. What I liked about the one-night stand is that they actually spent time together talking first; it wasn’t “I was so drunk that I don’t remember what happened” affair. It was a decision she made and even though he was a spoiled rich kid, he received permission before moving forward; therefore, it was mutual. I like the way the scene was written. I have the same hope you do, that the writers do right by this couple and don’t spoil their relationship
  5. I hope you are up and on your feet soon. I am not happy that you were off your feet; however, I am glad you were able to find this gem of a drama. I think this drama should have been pushed more, it is a great drama and the chemistry between the two are off the charts. I fell for the characters and watched the drama over before I was able to let it go. I would recommend 1% of Something to anyone looking for a great K-drama to watch. This remake is just what a remake should be... better than the original. Don't forget to spread the word about "1% Percent of Something" being worth watching.
  6. Thank you for the synopsis. I might give this drama a try. The description was classic K-drama Rom-com. I hope that we will see the "common" folk land a nice hard punch in this series.
  7. I loved episode 14. The dating and picnic in the park were all great scenes. I love the actors’ chemistry, my hat is off to the both of them. I like the fact that the writer wrote MH's character will moral strength. In the face of certain death, he did not leave BS. How much more can you love someone than to be willing to lose your life for him/her? Since MH could not rescue BS, he was willing to stay with her regardless of the consequences. BS cried and begged him to leave, to save his life; however, his love and responsibility to her was so great that he was willing to die with her if necessary. BS lost her powers because she hurt an innocent person; however, she was able to regain her powers, not because she needed to save herself, but she, in the face of death was concerned about saving someone else. I am glad her powers returned because she is going to have to deal with the gangsters and the rapist/killer again. As was stated in a previous post, I don’t know what the monk’s story is and why he is hanging around; however, it cannot be for good. Somehow I don’t think he is a real monk. I guess we will find out in the next episode. This drama ended up not being what I expected it to be. It has many light moments in while highlighting a very serious topic… a serial rapist and murderer. The writer balanced the two very well. I only have one thing to say. If I knew there was someone in my area, grabbing women, why would I walk alone? Why would I walk on a dimly lit street with many places for the criminal to hide and very little foot traffic? I am a religious person but I understand that God gave me a mind to think for myself. I pray, but I am also careful when travelling alone. I carry Mace, listen for footsteps, and look around me when I am walking. I walk in the street if necessary, and when driving, before I get out of the car, I look to see if anyone is coming, if so, I wait in the locked car until they are out of sight. I know that these tactics may fail; however, atleast I try to be proactive. I know the writer used oblivious women to advance the story; however, I wish there were a few scenes to remind women, what to do when they have to walk alone. If one or two women got away, just by using everyday awareness, it would have been a nice teaching moment. With that said, I still love this drama.
  8. I watched the first episode and I was drawn into the drama, it is no CSI; however, the writing and acting is good. I am going to stick with this drama and see where it leads.
  9. I watched the first two episodes last night and I love this drama. It reminds me of Miss Marple or Jessica Flectcher in "Murder She Wrote". Choi Gang-Hee is doing a great job as the character Yoo Seol Ok...very funny. I loved the scene in the first episode, whenYSO's mother-in-laws nosey friends tried to convince her the YSO was cheating and tried to catch YSO in the act - hilarious. This drama is a break from the romcom's and I am loving it.
  10. I loved this drama also, I did not do much commenting; however, this drama was most enjoyable. It explores the importance of living for today. Whatever the future holds is not important, live the best life you can live today. The one good thing about being able to watch these dramas on site such as Viki is that the audience is international. These ratings do not take the larger audience into account. Therefore, I don't worry about the ratings. Sometimes dramas are several years old before I watch them and they become favorites. I hope one day the rating system will change to include the international audience. Perhaps they can have a second post production international rating system that captures the larger audience.
  11. I concur, because I lost. I thought the kiss would take place in episode #9.
  12. Wow, great observation and theory, I did not think of the metal bar that way. That is why I love reading the posts, you guys are very observant and analytical. Keep up the good work.
  13. Sorry not to have quoted your post; however, I love your analysis about the kidnapper.
  14. Right now, all I want is a kiss. Once that happens, then I can think about a wedding scene.
  15. I agree with you, it is Le Tong who will suffer, if she finds out now that GG is not her mother. I agree with GG, and I would not give her up. An adoptive or foster parent, if they are good parents, do not love their adoptive/foster childern less, because they are not their biological children. Think of both GG and LT, GG has been her caregiver since she was an infant. GG could not love Le Tong any more if she was her own. LE Tong's father understands this, he has put his child's best interest in front of his. He has not made any moves to remove LT form GG's home. When Le Tong is older, they can tell her who her birth parents are. I am sure she will love her father and understand his sacrifice; however, I believe LT will thank GG and YK for raising her. As for GG telling YK, I agree that she should have told him because he would not have turned TL away or loved her any less because she is YX's daughter. I am certain that he would love GG even more for taking on a responsibility that she did not have t`o. I do not agree with GG not telling YK; however, I can understand how she feels. GG knows first hand how it feels not to be loved, to be abused and cast aside because you are not the biological child. She also knows that YX does not want TL. I think GG is not thinking clearly, I think she loves TL and does not want her taken away from her. There is right and there is wrong; however, many situations are complicated and are hard to judge. While it is easy to look at YX, her mother and GG's mother and say they were wrong. It is not as easy to look at GG loving and wanting to protect TL and say she is wrong. GG has a good heart and her heart is in the right place. As we look at this drama we see that many of the characters are flawed and most have secrets. In the end, those secrets come back to hurt them and those they love. In YK's case, she a manipulative, scheming, liar and thief with no conscience. When everything unravels for her, I will not have any sympathy. She does not care whom she hurts or who is caught in the crossfire. She only cares about getting ahead and being wealthy. I once put some of the blame on her mother; however, I am putting all of the blame on YX because once one becomes an adult he/she is responsible for his/her own decisions. Yes, her mother lied for her, stole for her, covered for her, and for those things, the mother is just as guilty. But at some point her mother was able to reflect and see how her decisions hurt others and has left her a lonely person. But YX, to me is beyond redemption because YX must first know she did wrong in order to redeem herself.