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  1. I am not sure, however, I believe his father is dead. I think the head or chief prosecutor has something to do with his father's death. Remember the scene (and I will watch it again) when NJW was sleeping and he dreamed the house was on fire, he was on one side of the door and his father was lying injured on the other side. Just before NJW woke up, he saw a man walk in? I believe that man was the head prosecutor.
  2. Since each episode is approximately 30 minutes, 32 episodes translates into the usual 16 episodes.
  3. Why does it always have to be a break-up? Even in 1% we had to go through the hurt and pain of a break-up. YM and JW have already overcome many personal obstacles and now they must face another heartbreak...for what? I know that they will get back together, but I want to watch one drama where the main couple are strong enough to lean on each other no matter what the external forces are. It appears that the writers subscribe to the no pain no gain theory. I subscribe to the "one doesn't always have to lose it first in order to appreciate it" philosophy. I have no problem rooting for a couple who decides to fight all obstacles together and not let outside forces shake their love. I understand that YM has confidence issues, but all she had to do is loosen up and lean of JW. To me breaking-up, when there aren't any relationship issues, is selfish of the one that is ending the relationship. It is not noble but causes the person who you profess to love, unnecessary pain. JW already told YM how he felt the last three years without her. He could not sleep, he did not date, he did not each much, but worked all the time and thought about her daily. He has already poured out his heart to her. The only thing that YM had to do is to take a leap of faith. I know that I am ranting; however, I am tired of using tissues for tears that I should not have to shed because of one's insecurities. Instead of a break-up they could have gotten to know each other better in episode 11 and use all of episode 12 for a wedding and honeymoon and possibly a baby, since the father wants grandchildren. All of that said, I cannot wait until I watch episode 11.
  4. I am still smiling over the pool kiss from episode. I think re-watching episode 8 will keep me until next Monday. Last night I watched episode 9 and was thrilled with the confessions. I applaud this writer, the scenarios and dialogues are realistic . I love the way JW does not automatically jump to conclusions, but asks questions. I am hoping that we do not have to go through an episode where YM has second thoughts because she and JW are from different social classes and tries to end their budding relationship. Love does not know societal labels. I am hoping that JW is strong enough for both of them and will assure YM of his love for her and her social status does not matter. If I remember correctly, he is planning to leave the company after this last project (the father and son underwear) has been rolled out. Once he leaves, his father cannot hold the future chairmanship over his head. JW, although a chaebol, has had a lonely life. Up until YM, he was afraid to love someone because he did not want them to walk out on him. Until YM all his relationships were superficial. YM met JW as a bellhop; therefore, when he told her he was the chairman's son, she did not believe him. JW knew that YM's reaction to him was not based on his money but on mutual attraction. JW finally met a woman who cared for him, not for his wealth. He met someone who touched is soul. I think it was when she said he was the first person who asked her (paraphrasing) if she was okay. That night, I think she gave her everything to him. Because of her inexperience, she was not practiced, but was open in her responses to him and her fell in love. That one-night stand, changed their lives forever. On a lighter note, the kitchen staff was very funny, they all gathered to watch YM have "The conversation" with the chairman. One of them stated that it is usually the mother who comes with the envelop. I also love the epilogue where YM is thinking to herself that she hopes this is the last date she has to bring DG. So funny, she was jealous of the attention DG, a three year old, was getting from JW. This drama is so sweet. So far, this drama, One Percent of Something and Noble My Love are at the top of my list for sweet, make me want to sigh dramas.
  5. Although I watched the New Ginseng Story and Faith, I did not take notice to SH until Noble, My Love. I loved him in Noble, My Love; however, his acting is even better in My Secret Romance. His glaze speaks volumes. He may have started acting later than many others, but he is gifted. It is not easy to convey emotions with your eyes or the tilt of your head. SJH is doing a good job also, I am looking forward to seeing her in future roles. I hated having to wait to see episode 8; however, this week is going quickly, it is Friday already. I am looking forward to seeing the next two episodes. At first the pace was too slow, and I am glad the pace has started to pick up. Hopefully all misunderstandings will be cleared up and they will be a real couple at the end of episode 8.
  6. I personally know of two cases where the mother had a child later in life, one was 45 and the other 50. In these two cases both had older children. Their children received so much love because everyone doted on them, and thankfully the parents are still alive. As I write this, I remembered that my grandmother had her last child after my mother was already married. Having a child when you are older in the United States is not uncommon. Usually the child grows up in a more stable environment because in many cases the parents are in a good place in their career, have established their home, and have more disposable income. I have also seen the opposite, where mothers are too young, immature, or do not have the resources to raise their child and the grandparents step in to raise them. People can be cruel, it should not matter if the older person is the child's mother, grandmother, or legal guardian as long the child is being raised in a loving and caring environment. I have to agree with you that I do not like the way JMH is raising her child; however, I am happy that she has the support of LYM and HT. I too feel sorry for the mom because she is living in the past. No wonder her marriage did not last. In her own way she loves her children; however, she does not understand how her career choice has hurt YM. One day YM should let her mother know how she was bullied in school because of her career choice and how it has affected her life since. Perhaps facing the reality of the impact her actions had on YM will help her to be a better mother to DG.
  7. I watched episode (English subed) 4 on Youtube last night. Overall, I like the story and I am not bothered that it does not strictly follow the Korean story-line. My only problem is that Khaning acts too childish. I understand that she has never been in a relationship or dated before; however, she is old enough to act more mature. I believe it was stated in the first episode that she is a freshman in college; however, she acts like a freshman in high school. I do not know if this drama is pre-produced; if it is not, please have Khaning grow up quickly. She can still be lively and have a zest for life without being "goofy" If the writers wrote more romance in the story, I am happy, after all they are married. If the crown prince does not step down from his position and give it to his sister, I am more pleased.
  8. Perhaps they all went back in time?
  9. Thank you for the welcoming me to this thread. I hope, as the drama progresses, to be able to contribute to the conversation. PS I am also watching The Perfect Match.
  10. I watched episode three last night and the plot is developing nicely. I am hoping that I do not have to sit through many episodes before Zhao Yu realizes that he loves Kia Jia. I am watching this drama on Drama Fever and it is taking longer than I expected for each episode to come out. When that happens, I usually wait until 4 or 5 episodes are available before I watch the drama. After watching the first two episodes, I had a very positive feeling about the drama; even though I can see where it is going, for now I am willing to take the ride.
  11. I have watched the first two episodes...good so far. I am anxiously waiting for episode 3. I will see if this is a drama that I will actively post. I watch many good dramas and follow the posts, but do not feel the need to actively post. I would like to watch a few more episodes before I decide, if I am just going to enjoy the drama or engage in a discussion about it.
  12. The car he was driving is a convertible sports car and they were sitting on the hood. In most sports cars, the back seat is very uncomfortable. However, the seats in the front can go back almost into a horizontal position and; therefore, offer more room to maneuver. I don't think they would have had any problems in the front seat.
  13. I watched episode 4 last night and the little boy is definitely YM's brother (I think). By the end of the episode, I was sick of Ms. pushy over confident Joo Hyeri. I understand the father wants JW to marry and have children; however, if JW is capable of turning a failing business around, he should be capable of picking his own wife. JH may be smart, from a "good" family, and is pleasing to look at, but after getting married and having to live with her pushy, I am all of that and a piece of cheese attitude, it will not matter how pretty or smart she is, they would both be miserable. As correctly analyzed earlier, JW is lonely. He did not set-up his bedroom, has no food in his kitchen cabinets and most of his house is void of furniture. JW needs someone who can understand his loneliness and someone he feels comfortable with. YM is the first person JW opened his heart to, that is why he was so hurt when YM left him in the morning. I do not think her being a virgin played as big of a role as her being a unpretentious, genuinely nice and caring person. YM and JW are kindred spirits, they connect on a subconscious level; however, both do not yet realize how deep those feelings are. I loved the epilogue where he was giddy over the cute food YM made for him.
  14. I am not Korean; therefore, I will respond to this statement in the form of a question. I believe that in Korean one's age can be calculated in two ways; one way is the day of birth marks year one? If his age is calculated this way, he would be three years old. I understand that she was YM was upset with her mother; however, I am surprised that she did not acknowledge the little boy at all; either as her brother, or son. Even if my mother was raising my child or if I had a brother as young as three, I would show some affection towards him even if I was angry.
  15. I am glad you decided to give this drama a try. So far I am loving it and cannot wait until episode 3.