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  1. Ha-baek's actions were irresponsible; however, he drove the car when he knew it was tampered with because he was testing the theory that his powers are tied to So-ah. We know that he lost his powers,yet we don't know why; but when So-ah was in trouble (falling from the roof) he was able to save her. Therefore, to test his theory, that she was somehow connected to his power, he drove the car, and he was able to save So-ah. I believe he could have saved So-ah when Bi-ryeom was hurting her; however, he was not going to show Bi-ryeom his weakness. Once Ha-baek figured out they had lost the god stones, the torture stopped. Bi-ryeom broke the rules because gods are not supposed to hurt humans. Which stands to reason, how can a human fight back? It would be impossible.
  2. I am not sure, but the way I understood it was that B-iryeom and Moo-ra were supposed to keep the stones safe until Ha-baek came for them and at that time, give them to him. Ha-baek asks a valid question. How did they lose the stones? They did not loses their powers; therefore, they did not lose the ability to protect the god stones. I think they sold them or traded them for a promise of something more and I feel somehow Hoo-ye or his grandfather is involved. I liked the fact that Ha-baek stated that because he did not have his powers he was becoming a wiser god. In a way, it is true, if he had his powers he would not have had to learn to do human things; therefore, he would not understand them, only move among and live among the humans. Therefore, when he comes the god emperor, he will have a unique understanding of human behavior and have empathy towards them. As someone posted earlier, Ha-baek, by not having his powers he is beginning to understand what a burden it is to be a servant to a god. That is why Hoo-ye cannot understand human jokes, because he has not had to live without his powers. Hopefully, I will get a chance to watch episode 5 this evening.
  3. I loved this drama from the beginning to the end. Because this was a short drama, as I stated in an earlier post, I did not expect complicated plots or in depth character development. With the time the writer, director and actors were allotted to tell this story, they all did a great job. I loved the last scene with the CP and DM. The CP apologized to DM and in essence said that if the previous kings were doing their job, there would be no need for DM to become a monster. DM responded that he wished a king like the CP would have come along earlier. What a huge compliment. I am glad they redeemed Sun at the end and am sure he did not mind dying for GE, the love of his life. The scene with LS, GE and CP was heart wrenching. As much as LS got on my nerves when he was trying to steal the throne, I hoped that once he figured out that the CP was a true friend to him, they could move forward together and have a lasting friendship. What can I say about the CP's proposal to GE? It was all of that and more, I could have swooned. As I read in one of the earlier posts, I would have also loved a final kiss scene as opposed to a hug. The final episode was packed with many great scenes; however, it felt a little rushed. I have found that many K-dramas have this problem, they wait too long to start resolving issues and bringing the drama to a finale. Most of the issues are resolved in the last two episodes and many times fall short and leave the fans dissatisfied. Maybe I missed it; however, I would have love to see the CP give the QD her antidote...just a finishing touch. All of that being said, thank you cast, production crew and writers for a great drama...well done.
  4. I have been thinking about his eyes since episode one. A portrait of Ha Baek being painted and he would not open his eyes. It was the last feature the painter needed to add when he received the message that he had to go to the human world. I wonder if the reason he does not have his full powers is because his portrait was not completed. Just a thought.
  5. I decided to give this drama a try because I like fantasy dramas and TvN is known for selecting great shows to air. This drama started a little slow; however, I do not mind because the plot and characters' backgrounds must be established. What I cannot understand is the negative talk against Sin Se-kyeong. I admit I did not like her in "When a Man Loves" partly because of her acting and partly because of the character. However, I have watched her in several dramas since and her acting has greatly improved. Suppose for the rest of our lives we were judged on one event/situation; how, would we like it? I believe that all her dissenters would want to be judged on their accomplishments and improvements and not by their shortcomings only. So far, I am loving this drama; so lets have fun, enjoy BofWG and remember it is only a drama. I recognize many names from previous posts and I know that we will have lively discussions, great analysis and insight,about the drama and characters. That is what I look forward to when I visit a site. What an interesting theory, I like it. In episode three, I loved the special effects when Ha-Baek went through the window to save So-ah...nice. Although, Ha-Baek has lost his power, it appears that when he is protecting So-Ah it returns. If she had any doubts about Ha-Baek's claims to be a god before, she should not have any doubts now. I cannot wait to see episode 4 tonight.
  6. I have not watched this episode yet, and I cannot wait to see it; however, LS lost the QD/DQ as an ally once he gave her the drugged tea and banished her to the a far side of the palace. The only reason the QD did not support the CP is because she wanted power and thought that she could manipulate the fake king to get it. When she first met the Chef Peddler, she noticed that he walked like her husband and by interacting with him, she knew he was wise. If anyone can defeat DM, it is the CP, her husband's son and real inheritor of the throne. At this point it would be unwise for the DQ to back anyone other than the CP. I am glad the two of them are together now. The moral of this story is "power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely." We see it with DM, LS, and the DQ. Once DM killed his granddaughter, he lost his son, respect of others and sealed his own fate. LS's jealousy caused him to covet a position that was never his and in the end he will not only lost his position and possibly his life but dear friends. Although the DQ knew that the king was a fake, she used it as an opportunity to rule the country. To gain and retain power, she ordered the CP killed only to have the fake king exile her to a small room in the palace. The CP and real king understands that having power is not about the individual who has the power, but about the people he/she can help or uplift along the way. The CP has proven that he is the rightful king and is capable of ruling the country and gaining the people's love.
  7. We must remember for all of those that have stopped watching this drama, there are many more that are sticking with it, they are just not as vocal as those who are discontent with the plot and or the character development. One of the ways I view character development is by the length of the drama. If the drama is 50 episodes or longer, then I expect complex character development and detailed intricate plots. If a drama has to tell a story in 24 or less episodes, then I do not expect to get the level of character development that some are expecting. A drama with 16-24 episodes, the writer has to rely on the viewer's ability to see the big picture. I am enjoying this drama and I hope that those who are disappointed will stick with the drama to the end. Unless the writer goes completely off the story line, we all will be happy with the ending.
  8. I have not watched the last six episodes yet, (I am going to do a marathon within the next week); however, the CP gave some of the poison to Woo Bo to develop an antidote. I do not know if WB has succeeded yet. If necessary, once WB has the antidote, the CP can use it as a carrot to remove LS from the throne without bloodshed. Remember also, most of the people that are addicted to the drug are under DM's control; therefore, if they want to continue to live, he who holds the antidote holds the power. Once WB develops the antidote, the CP will hold the power and DM will lose the power he has. What DM does not realize when you control people by fear, they will obey; however, they will revolt the first viable chance they get. Googleme said: Came back from reading comments from naver.... hmm, i think HG should just marry CP. her scene is the most viewed amongst last nights videos and upvotes reached 1200+ everyone's rooting for her and hatin on GE. Like there's no reason for GE to end up with CP, i think she will get even more hate in future episodes if she has any romantic scenes with CP. people gonna be like... cruel to her, i can feel it already. Just because the scene was most viewed, in my opinion, it does not mean that the CP should marry HG. HG knows that she does not have his heart. Although she loves the CP, I believe she is helping him because she also believes in him and his vision for the future of the country. KH knows the CP is a capable leader, one who deserves a chance to lead the country. I like her even more, because she can see the big picture. She may not become queen; however, she will have a enormous power and the king's ear if she is instrumental in helping him ascend to the throne. The reason GE should end up with the Crown Prince is because he loves her. That is reason enough for me. Kaoriharang said: Point is, at this time of the drama, as much as i hated LS's greed, and still in favor that HG never cared about the people but CP himself only, i just want to treasure the most of ShyShy couple. God, who knows when we will ever see them on screen again in a drama as leads I want to say my final thoughts on these topics and then I am just going to focus on the drama plot and characters by looking past the flaws we already have acknowledged: All this battles about HG vs GE isn't going to change anything from the drama's flaws and gaps. We should give it a rest and just enjoy what is left. Is GE's character greatly flawed? Yes. Is HG's character more appealing? Yes to some extent. Do i ship HG with CP? No. Should HG be Queen? No. Does HG deserve CP? Um, no. Does GE deserve to die? Especially NO. Does OTP deserve a happy ending? Hell yes! (I cant deal with 3 types of ending: sad, open, staring contest!) I could not agree more!
  9. Once I heard what Lee Sun's was thinking about returning the throne to the CP, but not letting him have Ga-eun I begin to think Lee Sun might fight the CP for the throne. He now knows that Ga-Eun likes the CP because the CP has a vision. I guess Lee Sun, because he is obsessed with GE, will do anything to get and keep her, even if it means, trying to stay on the throne. I hope that he comes to the conclusion that he can't make GE love him just because he has power over her. I wonder if Lee Sun's conscious will bother him because the CP saved his life or if having GE is more important...this drama is getting interesting.
  10. I loved both confessions, but "I am in trouble" said it all.
  11. You are right, the country is Bhutin. One of the reasons I wanted to watch this version of Princess Hours was for the cultural differences; however, parts of the original that can be adapted to almost any culture. The sense of duty and loyalty versus living a normal life and making one's own choices can be fit many scenarios, from royalty, to family, to inheriting an empire. That struggle was more evident in the Korean version. Once Inn and Shin went down the path of accepting marriage, some of their priorities and responsibilities had to change. To me, in both versions, but more so in this one, it is unfair to both women not to cut off the relationship with the ex-girlfriend as early as possible. Ultimately both women get hurt. Feelings don't change overnight; however, once the vows were spoken, behaviors should have. This version made the ex-girlfriend into a stalker. Minnie appears too desperate. Therefore, any overt actions she take to hang on to Inn appear calculated and devious. Again I ask, where is Minnie's self respect? The character of Minnie is talented and smart, why have her acting as if she has low self esteem? I understand both Myorin and Minnie were hurt by the sudden lost of their love; however, Shin and Inn were legally married someone else. Therefore, it is time to back up, hold your head up (cry in secret) and move on. I just wish the writer and director of this version of Princess Hours had not blown it.
  12. I could not agree with your assessment more. I loved the remake of Full House and thought that Princess Hours would be as good; however, I was wrong. Although the Korean version of Princess Hours had some episodes that made me cringe; however, as a whole, I liked the drama and watched it more than once. You are correct that the remake removed the best parts of Princess Hours. I did not like that Shin gave up the crown; however, I did like that they recommitted themselves to one another at the end. In the remake, the writer had Inn spend too much time with Minnie and gave her too many chances to screw up his marriage and cause the royal family problems. Their relationship should have been over much earlier in the script and used that time to develop the relationship between Khaning & Inn. Where is Minnie pride in herself? I am so disappointed in this drama. I also loved the beach scene in the original and the scenes when they spent time acting as a normal couple (shopping and cooking) at the country estate. When Chae Kyung finally confess her feelings for Shin, the kiss that followed was hot and steamy and when CK run after the car calling Shin, the embrace that followed was over the top. You felt that they loved one another and were heartbroken by the forced separation. Since a real connection has never been established between this couple, all the scenes that made the original great would look out-of-place here. What I hate the most about this remake is Inn and Minnie. As a prince of the country, he knows to place country and duty above personal feelings. He knows that once he married Khaning, he is married. Why not make it clear to Minnie, I am the crown prince and I am; therefore, committed to my marriage, and I can't be embroiled with a scandal because not only will it reflect badly on my position, but on the royal family and more importantly the King. So badly written and director... a good opportunity to improve on the original wasted.
  13. I watched the Korean version of Princess Hours and was interested in watching the Thai remake; however, this director has made Khaning's character act too childish. There are times when she speaks maturely and intelligently; however, most of her interactions with Inn are so immature. I understand she wants to be loved, before she commits herself; however, she is married to him; therefore, she is already committed. Khaning has come to realize that she likes Inn, Perhaps if she gave in to the wishes of the Queen and the Queen mother, Inn would forget Minnie. They are married and sleep in the same bed, give Minnie a run for her money. While writing this post the song, "I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face" from the musical "My Fair Lady" came to me. I've grown accustomed to her face. She almost makes the day begin. I've grown accustomed to the tune that she whistles night and noon. Her smiles, her frowns, her ups, her downs are second nature to me now; like breathing out and breathing in... The more Inn is around Khaning he is starting to prefer her over Minnie. Khaning should build on those shared and intimate times and stop acting will come. There is the big picture as to why Khaning should try to have a baby with Inn; the throne could be at stake, if she became pregnant, Nakhun and Minnie would be history and Lady Krissana's plot would have failed. I am trying to see this drama to the end but the director is making it so hard.
  14. LOL!!! You were not the only one who was flabbergasted by that kiss. EBH, was so astonished she could not stop thinking about that kiss either.