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  1. @bebebisous33 Thank you for your analysis. Now when I re-watch Item, I will have a better idea of what is happening and what to look for.
  2. I started to watch this drama and became so confused. I decided to start at episode once again and see if it starts to make sense. I decided to watch this drama because of Joo Ji Hoon. I watched Five Fingers and Mask and loved his acting. I agree that he has aged as fine wine. Some people mature well and he is one of them. I am hoping that when I re-watch this drama, I will understand it better and be able to stick with it.
  3. I am happy to see you that you've joined this thread. I look forward to your analysis and insight. I like your theory, about JSJ believing that he could be the author's son...interesting. I agree with you that they act as lovers when alone. I loved their day out (date). CEH tried to give KDY a hint, by pulling his hand away from her and asking what is this. At that time KDY really did not get it; lovers walk holding hands. Since KDY found out that SHR likes CEH, I think is one of the reason's that KDY has buried her feelings towards CEH. KDY feels that SHR is more worthy of CEH than she is. After all, she is divorced with a child. Also thank you giving us an insight into the symbolism of the moon. The theory behind the moon metaphor makes sense. Again thank you.
  4. Carmarie

    [Drama 2018-2019] Fates and Furies 운명과 분노

    My thoughts I thought the last two episodes were rushed (as with many other Korean dramas). I would have been nice, since there was a time jump to start down fall of his brother and step mother earlier. I think he wasted to much time hating HaeRa and not enough time planning his family's down fall. Okay, I could see his first meeting with her, telling her how he felt; however, once he heard the tapes and understood that she had been manipulated by the step-mother, he should have been adult enough to let those "I am so hurt" feelings go and move on to look, I am still extremely upset that you thought I could do such a thing, but I understand you were manipulated by my step-mother and brother, let's bring them down together and have her included in the strategy sessions. Instead of Soo-Hyun and HaeRa's interview, show Soo-Hyun going to the Karate class to see her daughter ( that would have been a "aah" moment.) I liked the twist that it was the sister-in-law, A-Jung, that contacted Tae-Oh. Some of you guessed it was her right away. When she went to see him, she was battered! Not only did Jung-ho cheat on her, he also battered her. The final straw is that he withheld her son from her. To get revenge for her family (whom the father caused to go bankrupt) and for her son, whom Jung Ho would not let her see, she plotted to take the company away from them and give to her son. When she asked for Jun-Ho's stock to be transferred to her son, I gathered that he is Jun-Ho's son also. Her plan was to put a wedge between Soo-Hyun and In Joon was because if they married, the Gold Corporation would definitely go to In-Joon and her son would lose out. A-Jung claimed she tried to kill Hae-Ra's sister because another baby should not come into that family. I don't think that was the main reason she wanted to get rid of Hae-Ra sister. Remember the father threw In-Joon's mother, his legal wife out, and moved his mistress in to the home. Jun-Ho, although older is not on the family's register and therefore, not recognized as a part of the Tae family, nor is he a legitimate heir. I think the sister-in-law felt that Jun-Ho could do that same thing to her and her son would lose out; therefore, she tried to kill Hae-Ra's sister and the unborn baby. I did not see that coming. As the con man asked In-Joon, who has the most to gain? Of course, A-Jung and the her son. Some were concerned about the son, I am sure In-Joon will make sure he is taken care of and will not treat him the way he was treated, there should not be any worries there. I also liked that Soo-Hyun reconciled with Jenny. I think in the end that is all Tae-Oh wanted. Jenny needs a mother in her life, even if they can only talk on the phone or meet once a year. Some wanted to know how Jenny knew she was her mother, Soo-Hyun's mother told Jenny, I am your grandmother. When Soo-Hyun took Jenny from her mother, she addressed her mother by title. I am sure once Jenny though about it she put the two together. I am glad they got back together in the final episode, but it was too little, too late for me. However, I did like the dialog between the two on the beach. He thought about how things would be different had he not taken her hand, (paraphrasing), and going through all they have, he would still take her hand. Would she still take his hand... Hae-Ra nodded yes and he put out his hand for her to take it. I just wished it would have ended with a hug and final kiss or a walk on the beach holding hands. In all, not a bad drama. The writing could have been a lot tighter, but I still enjoyed the drama. What made it better is being able to interact with everyone here. Hopefully, I will see you on another post. I am currently watching several Chinese dramas and I am reading the synopsis of several new K-dramas. I hope I pick one or two good ones to watch. Sorry for rambling on...bye guys, it has been fun.
  5. Carmarie

    [Drama 2018-2019] Fates and Furies 운명과 분노

    Okay, most of the last 4 episodes were subbed to the point that I could get an understanding of what is happening. Forget Hae-Ra, Tae Ho and Soo-Hyun, all I want to do is to bring the mother and that Jung Ho DOWN! I now understand the sister-in-law. I knew that the mother and Jung-Ho treated her poorly, but when Jung Ho pushed and knocked her to the floor and hit her (thank God we were saved from seeing the beating), I was and I still am livid. I then understood her behavior. She is not useless, her behavior is that of a battered woman. I am so glad she was smart enough to record the conversations and turn them over to In-Joon. From that point on, I was like, I don't care what Hae-Ra has done, I done care what Tae-Ho has done, lets take this son (expletive) down. Jung Ho and his mother needs to rot in prison. My prediction: Hae-Ra and In-Joon will get back together and he will forgive her. When he asked her why she was doing what she was doing that he would never forgive her. Hae-Ra cut right through all of that bitterness when she said, I know, I can't forgive myself. That let him know more than all the "I am sorry" she could have said, that she was truly sorry for what she did to him. Having heard the tapes, he knows that she was manipulated by his stepmother. What hurt him is that she could think that he would so such a thing. That was the part that I did not get. Could someone who cried when she was hurt, harm someone else? I will give Soo-Hyun credit, she never once believed that In-Joon could have been guilty. However, if she continues to vilify Hae-Ra, it is going to backfire on her. It is time to back off and let In-Joon go his way.
  6. Carmarie

    [Drama 2018-2019] Fates and Furies 운명과 분노

    No apologies necessary. If I misread you, then I gladly and humbly apologize. I have do not problem admitting when I am wrong. Please accept my apology. Most of all what I do not want you to do is to stop expressing your opinion. I will re-watch the scene at the airport because I did not get that Tae Oh was the bad one. However, I also did not put any blame on Soo Hyun because I did not have enough information to lay blame on either of them in that scene. All I know is Soo Hyun walked away from him and he was heartbroken. I don't know why she walked away, I don't know why she gave up the baby. But I do know she is cold on the surface and in the beginning she tried to belittle Hye-Ra. I also did not like the way she pushed herself on In-Joon once he wanted to call it off. Again accept my apologies. However, this might be my last post on this drama, because as of last night, the last four episodes were still not subbed... I have let many dramas go because of slow subs and this might be one of them. Sometimes I make my way back to them but most times I don't. It is a shame because I really liked this drama and thought all of the actors were doing a fine job with the script they were given. By the way, I don't hate Soo-hyun, she wears the most amazing clothes and she wears them well.
  7. Carmarie

    [Drama 2018-2019] Fates and Furies 운명과 분노

    @Heartbreakn Let me clarify. I did not mean that I thought Soo-Hyun messed up. I meant her mother thought she messed up when she became pregnant. It is clear we will not ever know what transpired, that the mother stepped in to take the baby and Soon-Hyun and Tae-Oh did not get married. Knowing what happened other than SH telling TO that they are dead and leaving, would have only taken a few more minutes in the drama for the writer to give us more background on the two of them. Who knows, if I have more insight into SH and TO's relationship, I might feel differently about SH. I agree with the fact that SooHyun, Tae Oh and HaeRa are all manipulators, but I believe sometimes their circumstances that change a person. And neither SooHyun or Tae Oh engendered someone life with their lies and manipulations. I gather that you are saying that Hae-Ra endangered someone's life? Whose life did she endanger with her lies and manipulations? First of all what lie did she tell? She really did not manipulate In-Joon because up front she told him that whatever she does, not to fall in love with her. Secondly, she did fall for him. When she told him that she liked him (go back and check) it was before, she received the information about her sister being pregnant at the time of the incident, and thirdly, In-Joon was giving up his stock anyway. He was doing it because he knew that once he did not have money Soo-Hyun would not want to marry him. When Hae-Rae told In-Joon to give up everything, he had already met with his brother and given him his stock. If you can put on rose colored glasses when it comes to Soo-Hyun and Tae Oh, put them on for Hae-Ra also. You seem to have forgotten that it was Tae Oh who approached Hae-Ra not the other way around. It was Tae Oh who showed her In-Joon's signature on the hospital records, before that Hae-Ra had no indication that In-Joon had any contact with her sister. Hae-Ra was not going to go along the Tae Oh before he showed her the record. But he gets a pass for putting all of this in motion? If anyone endangered anyone's life, it would be Tae-Oh because if he never approached Hae-Ra, her friend would still be alive, In-Joon's uncle would still be alive and perhaps In-joon would not have gone to prison. But who knows for sure? Since he did not speak with the police at that time and his uncle and the physician covered it up, can any of us say for sure it would not have been used later by his brother and step mother to remove him from the company??? I have no problem with you liking Soo-Hyun and feeling badly for her; however, I ask you to be fair across the board. I am not excusing Hae-Ra's behavior, because she is a prime example of what happens when you let revenge engulf your life. Hae-Ra started out as a spunky, clear headed, smart young lady. Once she found out her sister was pregnant at the time of the incident, and when she saw the picture with her sister and In-Joon seemingly together, (don't forget it was the step-mother who had the picture planted in the friend's belongings) she literally lost it. Any rational thinking went out the window and that is when she start to seek revenge. In Hae-Ra's rage, In-Joon's stepmother's saw an opportunity to replace In-Joon as the CEO and used Hae-Ra to do it. As I see it, Hae-Ra was manipulated by Tae-Oh and In-Joon's stepmother. However, I am at a lost as to whom she manipulated and who she lied to. Let's face it, had Hae-Ra been thinking clearly she would have never drugged him. Seeking revenge is never a good thing, because of the rage Hae-Ra felt, she lost out. She did not listen to her heart and lost a good friend and a good man, trying to avenge her sister. What people are not saying (and I have not had the time to read every post) is that they did not think Hae-Ra should have tried to break SH and IJ up, and normally, I would think the same way. However, this was a contract marriage and let's face it, In-Joon just was not that into Soo-Hyun. I get the feeling that most people would have preferred Soo-Hyun and In_joon get married and both be miserable for the rest of their lives. In Joon was satisfied with the contract marriage until he met Hae-Ra. It was In-Joon who fell for Hae-Ra first.They had a lot in common, and she was someone he could talk to that understood him. Her presence soothed him and just being with her allowed him to sleep peacefully. Because Hae-Ra did come between the two of them, many of you refuse to be fair when it comes to her. Advocate for Soo-Hyun because you like her and see good in her; however, I ask you to be fair to Hae-Ra also although you dislike her.
  8. Carmarie

    [Drama 2018-2019] Fates and Furies 운명과 분노

    This is why I love this forum, we get opinions from all angles. Some of the points you've made are valid and I agree with. I think that SooHyun felt uneasy with HaeRa the first time she met her because, she saw her as someone who InJoon could fall in love with. However, the way she went about it was not cool, she tried to berate and belittle HaeRa without any justification. Every time SH saw HR she verbally attacked her, even when she assured her she was not interested in InJoon. Was it in episode 2 or 3 that InJoon tried to kiss HaeRa and she would not let him. He was ripe for the pickings, he never loved SH, and was going to use her and her father's money to get revenge. For me, none of the adult characters in this drama are without flaws. At least HaeRa warned InJoon upfront that whatever she does, do not fall in love with her. I admit, at times I felt sorry for SH because she fell in love with InJoon, but his heart was already going to HaeRa without her doing anything. Remember it was only when he saw the picture of her and TH together that he announced his engagement to SH. (It was SH who made sure he saw the picture.) It wasn't until official engagement that HaeRa went into scheme mode, before that the only thing she had to do is breath and InJoon was hers. I agree with you the SH has feelings for her daughter, and I think she did love TO; however, I think after she "messed up" got pregnant, her mother told her she would fix it if SH did xyz... leave TO, forget the baby, do what she tells her to, and she would make the baby disappear. I think that is why, although SH wanted to marry for love (because she had been in love before), she allowed her mother to run her life. SH is a lonely person, and I could feel sorry for her; however, I don't because just as TO, she is also a manipulator. Although IJ told her point blank that he did not want to marry her, she was going to make him marry her. She even sent out wedding invitations after he tried to end it with her. This is a good drama, but as many are stating, the writer missed major marks when writing the script. I still have questions about several points that might never be addressed. I would have liked to know more of SH and TO's story, I would like to know more about the InJoon's sister-in-law, I would like to know the motive behind the mystery woman, who was she. However, I have little hope that these questions will be addressed satisfactorily.
  9. Carmarie

    [Drama 2018-2019] Fates and Furies 운명과 분노

    I am going to express some thoughts that have been on my mind for a while now. Many are blaming the lack of communication all on Hae Ra, including me. However, I have to lay some of that blame at In Joon's feet. How, you might ask? When Soo-Hyun went to In Joon and told him about Hae-Ra and gave him the documents she found, instead of In Joon confronting Hae-Ra, all he said to Hae-Ra is "Do you have something you want to tell me"? UH? Do you have something you want to tell me, really. If I was In-Joon, "Hae-Ra, we need to talk. I have these documents, which indicate that Tae O and you plotted to breakup the relationship between Soo-Hyun and me (show her the documents), what is going on"? "I want you to explain it to me." That conversation alone would have saved his butt from going to jail. During the same discussion, Hae-Ra to In Joon, "do you have anything to tell me"? No, no, no! It should have been ... Hae-Ra to In-Joon, "Is it true you had an affair with my sister"? Is she in a comma because of you, tell me what happened"? That was the time for her to come clean (had he asked) and tell him about the information she had and the her questions about the relationship between him and her sister. If they had that conversation, the writer, director, producer and cast would have had extra episodes to SMARTLY plan the down fall of the brother and mother and perhaps give us some background on the sister-in-law. Also, both his uncle and her best friend would still be alive. (Perhaps we could have also been treated to a nice wedding.) As you can see confronting the problem up front and asking the right questions can save lives, and keep one out of jail. Perhaps the next K-drama which this writer has an opportunity to write the script for, this idea will take hold and the characters will not richard simmonsume but ask questions, and get answers. The writer must remember the audience want answers, not misunderstandings. Both of these characters are over thirty; therefore, we want to see smart characters in mature relationships.
  10. Carmarie

    [Drama 2018-2019] Fates and Furies 운명과 분노

    I am waiting to catch up with everyone because as of last night, the last four episodes were not completely subed. Once I see the episodes with subs, I am sure some of my opinions will change or be solidified. Right now, even without the subs I completely understand In Joon's angry and hurt; however, if he is going to be successful in taking his step mother and brother down, he must put compartmentalize those hurt feelings so that he and Hae Ra can work together. There is a big picture and to me, right now he is not looking at the big picture. He needs a waterproof, bulletproof plan and Hae Ra can help him. She has been in a position, for two years, to see the organization from the inside, and gather vital intel. In Joon needs this information. Hate Hae Ra later, focus on the step mother and brother now. As many of you have stated in your posts, In Joon is not acting smart. A man without a plan is destined to fail. There is a saying, behind every successful man is a woman. Right now, if In Joon is going to be successful, like it or not, he needs Hae Ra. She has put as much, or more energy into to bringing In Joon back to his original state as she did in bringing him down. She is smart, she is focused and she is farsighted. In Joon, stop being dumb and use your assets to your advantage.
  11. Carmarie

    [Drama 2018-2019] Fates and Furies 운명과 분노

    I think we have come to an impasse; therefore, I will not argue with your point of view, as we are all entitled to our opinions and our slant on what we view. The funny thing is many people can view the same thing, accident, robbery, etc. and yet have difference observations. I am gracefully bowing out because we will not agree; therefore, I agree to disagree. I actually went back to the beginning and watched a few of the earlier episodes in order to refresh my memory, such as; when did HR tell IJ she liked him and it was before she was handed the envelop with what looked like damaging evidence. Therefore, I am not as resolute as you are about Hae-Ra. We know that someone approached TH about breaking up SH and IJ; however, he was the one who set things in motion. For you to readily absolve TH of what he did because he has a sick child does not cut it for me. Did he not have a sick child when the woman approached him? Somewhere I read words to the effect of " it is not the one that do the wrong, but the one that has pleasure in it." That statement applies to several people in this drama, (the mystery lady, TH, the step mother and the half brother); however, Hae-Ra is not one of them. For me "Fates and Furies" have definite black and white areas; however, it has some grey areas also and for me Hae-Ra falls into the grey area. Whether I agree with your point of view or not, it is still nice reading your posts, keep them coming. Different points of view is what makes this blog great.
  12. Carmarie

    [Drama 2018-2019] Fates and Furies 운명과 분노

    I have not watched the episodes with the subs yet; therefore, I can only read your comments here (on Soompi) and try to understand what has happened. I do want to comment on one thing. Whether In Joon forgives Hae Ra or not, her trying to right the wrong she has done is not nonsense. Hae Ra should be trying to right the wrong, not for In Joon's forgiveness, but to forgive herself, then she can move on with her life. If along the way, he comes around, that is icing on the cake; however, her trying to right the wrong is what she should be doing. For all the things she has done wrong, being repentant for those acts makes her a decent human being. It sets her apart from his step mother and half brother. I only hope his need for revenge does not cloud his judgement, as it did Hae Ra's. Setting things right and getting justice for the wrongs his family committed is one thing but blind vengeance (hatred) is another, it is what got Hae Ra into trouble, it is what caused her to not see that In Joon could not have possibly committed such acts. Therefore, it is my hope that In Joon does not repeat the mistakes that Hae Ra has made. At this point he needs to accept help where he can get it. What I do not get is the fact that Hae Ra did not reach out to In Joon in prison to say, I am sorry, please forgive me. This is the part of K-dramas I hate. Hae Ra never, had that important conversation with In Joon about her sister. Even if the sister was not in a comma, if she and In Joon had an affair, and now In Joon and Hae Ra were talking marriage, I would want to talk about it before I jumped into the bed with him...hello. A simple, did you love my sister, what happened? Why did she try to kill herself, did you know she was pregnant? Once she found out that he was not the one her sister had an affair with, Hae R never reached out to In Joon to let him know her side of the story. I understand her being ashamed to face him, (and she should have been), but a letter of apology and explanation would do. Tae Ho, got to tell In Joon his story; but he blamed everything in Hae Ra, he never told In Joon that he was the one who approached her. At least had she explained herself, In Joon could weigh both stories and come to his own decision. That is K-drama for you. In the last episode, it appears that Hae Ra's sister is starting to awake from her coma, she should make things interesting. @Ameera Ali Give them a pass for one week they are nearly to the finish line with this drama . but seriously I can understand, how he can come a cross stupid, he spend half of the last episodes worried about her , going around threatening everybody without any plans or ideas , thanks god the sister in law took a pity on him or he will be laughing stock . So I hope he redeems himself next week and comes out a little bit clever , gives everyone run for their money and takes his revenge start with the big fish Hae-Ra because my feelings still stand , In joon has to kick her to the curb & not just circle around Hae-Ra with Hae-Ra trying to fix everything. My question to you and everyone else, is does Tae Ho get a pass? Everyone is down on Hae-Ra, but Tae Ho get a pass? Was Hae-Ra minding her business when he approached her? Did he hold her sister's condition over her head? Did he purposely refuse to do business with In Joon and request Hae-Ra's designs? Tae Ho lied to In Joon and put everything on Hae Ra, which is also why In Joon is angry. Does he get a pass? Some of us have shown so much righteous indignation when it comes to Hae Ra, but what about the one who set the plan in motion? Yes, Hae-Ra definitely hurt In-Joon and I feel bad for him; however, we all know that she was manipulated from the beginning. Therefore, why are all the daggers and joyfulness and glee, that she is getting what she deserves is aimed at Hae-Ra? No one has to explain, I am only asking a question.
  13. Carmarie

    [Drama 2018-2019] Fates and Furies 운명과 분노

    Ok @anony You are right on that point. I am sure he would not be happy; however, I think he would understand her guilt in not wanting to appear in front of him because of the role she played in him being locked-up. How would she be able to go tell him, Hey IJ, we have a child together.... although this is just a hypothesis at this point. Why not run with it and see if the writer can come up with anything better. I guess you are hoping IJ and HR part ways? I think for the story to work, they will have to work together. The most important thing is for the step mother and half brother to get taken down and go to prison. Maybe they will not get together in the end, but become friends because of their shared passion and revenge. For me, I would like to see them together but what I want the most is for the step mother and brother to get what they deserve. I did not care for their father; however, to put him in a semi comma, and as was mentioned before, he might be dead by now, is just wrong. the father knew the IJ had the business acumen to run the company and keep it successful. Larking in the back of my brain is the question of who set this whole debacle in motion. Who was it that persuaded TO to go after SH? What is the sister-in-law's back story, is the sister-in-law a divorcee, is she a widow or did she have her child out of wedlock like SH? Why did the father ruin her parents business? Did he find out she had a child? There are unanswered questions that I hope the writer will not leave dangling at the end of the drama. The drama is entitled Fates and Furies. Therefore, I think some couples are fated to be together; however, they will be hurt, disappointed and betrayed...the fury. Someone wrote they hope IJ and SH get back together. SH only wanted IJ if he had money, power, and influence. Therefore, when you break it down, there isn't much difference between SH and HR...they both wanted something from IJ. I cannot say that SH is better than HR, because she hid the fact that she had a child with TO from IJ.
  14. Carmarie

    [Drama 2018-2019] Fates and Furies 운명과 분노

    @Carmarie I agree that it's not ridiculous if HR ended up pregnant...even if you use contraceptives, you can still get pregnant. However, would HR keep a baby by a man she thinks impregnated her sister and tried to kill her and she betrayed?  @lclarakl I am writing from the point of view that HR now knows that IJ did not have an affair with her sister or try to kill her. If HR did get pregnant, but did not know she was pregnant until after she found out that IJ had nothing to do with her sister, she would most likely keep the baby. We forget that HR liked IJ and was having conflicting thoughts about him. If we remember, HR apologized to her sister and threw the report in the trash because of her feeling for IJ. It was after she came back and retrieved the report and saw that her sister was pregnant that her heart began to harden towards IJ. No one, unless they love someone would have cried the way she did when she found out that she was wrong and IJ was innocent. I think if the writer went this way and made the character pregnant, HR would definitely keep the baby... who does she have now? Her best friend is gone, her sister is in a coma and her father and mother are deceased. She would pour all the love that she did not give IJ into his baby and making his company successful.
  15. Boyfriend/Encounter was one of the best K Rom-dramas I have watched. Except for the brief break-up, I have nothing but good feelings about this drama. The writing, directing, production and acting was all superb. This drama left me feeling good and a smile on my face. All the characters, except the mother-in-law redeemed themselves at the end. The characters had depth. I liked the fact that there wasn't any over-the-top characters hollering, hitting or throwing things. All of the characters had dignity and a graciousness about them. Although I may not have like their actions, the characters were not disagreeable to the point that I actually disliked them. The mother-in-law came the closest being disliked, and even she had dignity. I wish more K-dramas would look at the success of Encounter and take note. I enjoyed watching the drama with all of you. Your insights and analysis were thought provoking. I've had some ah-ha moments, laughs and a few difference of opinions; however, it made watching Encounter even more enjoyable. Each week, I could not wait to read the posts. I congratulate the actors, the writer, and crew for a beautiful love story. Thank you Song Hye-Kyo and Park Bo-Gum for portraying your characters realistically. You should be proud of your achievements. If I want to introduce anyone to Korean dramas, this will be my first choice. I hope to see you all at another K-drama.