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  1. I cannot wait until this drama airs on Netflix, which I understand will be at the end of May for those of us who live in the USA or Canada. This is the kind of drama I need to watch after Black Knight and Misty. Their chemistry is amazing, I don't need subs to see how well they act together. I am trying to find another drama to fill the void until the end of May. Until then, I will read your posts.
  2. [Drama 2018] Misty 미스티

    Yes I can this now. The way the lead's character was woven from the start, its totally obvious that it would be tragic.( Am halfway though, and I can clearly see that it would be tragic, but that's what it should be) The same thing should have been done with TW's character. He was portrayed as a devoted man but at the last moment he turned out to be a beast because of his insecurities. I had started watching Money Flower, but never finished. After the recommendations here, I will go back and finish watching Money Flower. From the little that I did watch, I could see where a tragic ending would be possible. It is not necessary for a drama to have a happy ending for me to like it. However, if the drama does not a happy ending, at least write the drama where the viewers will expect that a tragic ending is an option or necessary.
  3. [Drama 2018] Misty 미스티

    I love your ending. As you said GHR was about truth and TW was supposed to be about justice, which is why he left the prosecutor's office to work as a defense attorney. If he told the truth, especially about being taunted by KL and his love for his wife and not being about to stand by while her name was being tarnished, how he pushed him and he accidentally hit his head. People would have respected him and when he came out of jail, his business would have really taken off, because he would have been known for being truthful even if it hurt him. Adding to your last scene: (after serving his time) HR and TW at the Hans river again, this time walking hand-in-hand, stopping and sharing a kiss...fade to black.
  4. [Drama 2018] Misty 미스티

    @maddymappo thanks for the recommendation. I also liked Gu Family Book and actually understood the ending. The way that K-dramas are now being written, I might have to watch Gu Family Book along with Goblin again. The last k-drama I actually like was Because This is My First Life and that frustrated me a bit. However, at least the ending was satisfactory.
  5. [Drama 2018] Misty 미스티

    I do not know if this was the original ending. Remember part of this drama was pre-produced. This gave the actors and production team time to make a quality product. That might be why the last few episodes felt different. I think that writers rushed the last scripts. They probably wanted to gauge the public's reaction before writing the last episodes. Whatever the reasoning, it did not work and I am left disappointed. I think I am going to find an historical fantasy drama to watch next. Then I will not have any expectations and anything that happens is okay because it is a fantasy drama. I will not have to worry about logic when people are flying, casting spells or using magic to affect outcomes. If anyone knows of a good one fantasy drama, let me know. I have already watched Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms. Right now I have had it with the mediocre endings.
  6. [Drama 2018] Misty 미스티

    OMG, I was thinking along these lines since TW said he killed KL. There are a small group of women that I know who also love Asian dramas and we watched and discussed Misty each week. I told the group yesterday how I upset was because I felt that the writer was telling women, if you are ambitious and go for what you want, do not expect to have it all, HR's last lines really hit me hard. HR, " I thought I had it all when I had nothing." How sad; why couldn't she have it all, a successful career and a happy home? I also agree that this drama could have been the perfect example of women having it all, the successful career and a loving, happy marriage. I am still miffed at the ending. The one thing that is missing in most K-dramas is communications. It is rare to find one where the couple actually talk to each other. I understand, as a one time romance novel addict, that misunderstandings are used as a way to move the story forward; however, when we could have had a dynamic duo, we had a dysfunctional couple who did not know how to talk to each other. A good drama could have been so much better if HR and TW had each other's backs. As crazy as MW was, he had great insight. Now I fully understand what he meant when he said, (paraphrasing) After being in jail for 19 years I realize once you feel you have to protect love, it is not love but obsession. TW asked MW what he meant, MW answered, I think you know what I mean. I think MW knew from the beginning TW killed KL. I am still stewing....I chose this drama after being disappointed with the Black Knight ending and they've done it to me again with Misty. Perhaps it is time for me to give K-dramas a break. I will admit that up to episode 15 the writing was great. I think the actors, regardless of the ending, were outstanding. I loved this acting team, all of them were fantastic.
  7. [Drama 2018] Misty 미스티

    It appears that many of you have already decided that TW is the killer. Based on what? I am not ready to make that leap. All we know for sure is the TW saw KL and made a illegal U Turn and followed KL. We saw several flashbacks but none of them can put TW with KL at the time of his death. The flashback of a foot getting on the bus, was it definitely TW? Why would he get on a bus? We have a flashback of TW hitting someone, are we sure it was KL? Some are willing to believe part of the witness testimony, although we know that he perjured himself. Has anyone asked why the witness put the fight at the construction company property??? Did he witness KL with someone, however, the person was connected with the construction company. How do they figure in this plot, if at all? As I was reading the posts, someone asked, and I cannot remember who because I would like to credit them with their observation, about JW and laid out why it could be her... JW was the last phone call KL received. She never answered the detective's question about that call but threw the questions back in his face, in other words, why should she tell him why she called KL. Yes, she was with KL up to the 9:00 o'clock news as she told the detective; however, she met with his wife EJ after he left. It would be normal to call your lover and say your wife knows about us; we met and she offered me money and perhaps you and I should meet and talk. Because at that point, they had a decision to make... do they keep seeing each other of stop it there? As was pointed out, the detective took her word, did not do any follow-up. Did KL and JW meet, if so where, were there any witnesses that can corroborate the time and place of the meeting...nothing. After JW deflected his questions, he let her off the hook. What bothers me is that after the witness perjured himself, the detective never looked at the construction company, and who was behind the perjury but started to focus of TW. I am at the point that anyone the detective focuses on, is not the culprit. Remember this case started as an accidental death... driving on slippery roads while under the influence of alcohol. There are so many questions and scenarios and but we do not have enough evidence to make an accurate decision. Let us not be like the detective, use a shred of "possible" evidence to build our case. Supposed KL used the car his wife was driving earlier and the brooch left the car she drove? Married people sometimes use each other vehicles. Just saying. If that is the case the brooch was a red herring the the detective's whole case was based on faulty logic.
  8. [Drama 2018] Misty 미스티

    @bebebisous33 Thank you for your analysis, always spot on. I did not think of it that way, "From his perspective, GHR succeeded in her life, while a man who was a law student was convicted to prison." KKJ cannot rap his mind around the fact that HR did not put any pressure on HMW in any to kill for her. It was truly an impulsive act of passion. HMW thought something happened to GHR and he reacted. Many variables are in front of detective KKJ's eyes but he refuses to see them. I like your analogy that each person has his or her own truth. It is not necessary the truth but they cannot see pass that reality; therefore, they are in a fog (in the mist) when it comes to acknowledging what is real.
  9. [Drama 2018] Misty 미스티

    I agree. She did lose 3 people she cared about, her husband, her baby and the manager, whom she relied on for emotional support even though he was a an unreliable and poor support. At the time Kevin died, she was dealing with betrayal and her emotional response was anger and confusion about how he died, she lost her baby and her response was anger, sadness and blaming and when the manager died, I think all that loss finally sunk in and she just let go all of her grief and cried, not just for the manager but for everything. It was long overdue for her to cry. My hope is that MW will be the one to say "I hear you" and show her a better way to handle and outlet her grief so she can get on with her life. Life is too short. This is the only post I have had time to read. I will comment on this post and then write my reactions to episode 14. I hope that I will not repeat anyone else comments... if so, please forgive me. @il23 I agree with most of your post; however, I understood what HR was saying in a different way. First, we do not know what their past relationship was like. It could be that HR and EJ were used to being open with each other and that is why she showed her the pictures. I never got the impression that HR was telling EJ" to deal with it." What I got out of their conversations that both of them were honest with each other. What HR was guilty of is not reading EJ's state of mind correctly HR knew that EJ had the chip from her car's black box and EJ was out to hurt her. EJ wanted to know which would hurt HR more, being a cheater or murderer. HR's answer was honest, she said both. HR also told EJ (paraphrasing) even if I got on my knees and apologized now, it won't make you happy, you are doing anything to survive, so my choice is I have not choice. EJ asked, HR, so you won't apologize to me? HR tells EJ the only thing she did wrong was not killing him herself, she told KL things she did not want to tell him in order to survive. This is not the time to tell you I am sorry (opening the door for a later apology); however, after all these dirty things calm down (the scandal) and if she did something wrong in the future, she would go to EJ and apologize. EJ wanted to know if she still had grace in this situation, and HR told EJ she has no grace, she just wants to protect her pride, but she doesn't even have pride. To me, that exchange does not say "deal with it I don't have time for you", especially when you see HR crumble in the hallway after the exchange. I feel sorry for both women, because whatever they had in the past, they can never regain and that is also tragic. EJ actually lost four people, her husband, her baby, the manager and her best friend, HR. EJ is truly all alone and I feel bad for her. I think feeling that HR betrayed her hurt EJ more than her husband cheating or dying. When conflicts occur between two people, there are always two points of view. In many cases, both people think that they are right and when that happens, often the consequences are not favorable for either person. Now to my thoughts about episode 14. TW's closing statement was eloquent and moving. I was happy that the Court ruled in HR's favor because she did not kill KL I love HR's style. She left the anchor seat on her terms. Many thought that she was not willing to share the limelight with a younger anchor or that she should move over for JW. HR knew JW was not ready to take over the anchor seat. Now that she is ready, to JW's and every one else's surprise, HR not only relinquished the anchor seat but gave JW her support. To my surprise HR's father-in-law is backing her, in taking down the elite, telling HR to take it as far as she can go. TW is being good to HR and she is finally happy and content with her personal life. Therefore, I was pleased with episode 14 until the last scene, how long did her happiness last, one or two days? I should have know better. It appears that every time HR let know her guard and open herself to love, she is betrayed by those that she love. She lived with the guilt of MW killing the jeweler and going to jail, now that she has opened her heart to her husband and is genuinely happy, she finds out that he could have killed KL..so sad. I have to believe that they TW and KL an altercation, but I still believe (hoping) it was a car accident. I also hope that MW does not do anything to EJ, for HR's sake. HR has not asked anyone to kill for her or even fight for her. If TW killed KL, that would put such a burden on HR, how could she go on? How would she be able to survive if her husband went to jail because he killed for her (without her knowledge.) I disagreed with the detective telling EJ that in his opinion the verdict was wrong. He should have stuck with the court's decision, there isn't any evidence or motive to prove that HR killed KL. No, he gave answer that continued to fuel EJ's hatred of HR which is totally unfair. I think he knows that HR did not kill KL, but now feels that her husband might have killed for KL. I just do not get it. I do not get why the detective wants HR to be punished. We are not responsible for others' actions. Unless HR specifically told, encouraged or paid to have someone killed, then she is not responsible for the murder. Why does he have a grudge against HR? Because of the detective's grudge, I hope TW did not kill KL, that in the end, it was a tragic accident. If it is an accident EJ can move on with her life, HR and TW can be happy and maybe ending the drama with HR finding out that she is pregnant. Final Word I love this drama because although it is a murder mystery it also addresses a greater issue in our society today. Currently in many democratic societies there is an attack on free press and the news media reporting the truth. In the end we might find that Kevin Lee's death was about corruption and did not have anything to do with HR or TW.
  10. [Drama 2018] Misty 미스티

    I went back to episode one because I wanted to hear, not only what the mother said, but how she said it. I know HR's secret, could have meant anything because her mother was not lucid at that point. In that scene, she thought HR was in her twenties. Therefore, I would not necessarily take the mother's phase, I know HR's secret to mean she killed someone. Even the detective does not think HR actually killed the Jeweler, but inspired MW to do it, because it looked like a crime of passion. If we look at the scene where HR tell's MW that nothing happened, he was so distraught, that he did not listen to her but ran into the jewelers. I think that MW was so worried about HR when she did not show up after school and once he saw her clothes, he made a snap judgement that changed the rest of his life. I thought about it again, because the mother also advised her not to forget to take her contraception, because having a child would put an in to her life. Therefore, was HR pregnant before she married TW and decided not to have it? I know HR's secret, but she thinks I don't know could mean anything especially when the mother was not fully cognizant of what she was saying. I think that drama is going to keep us guessing right up to the end. Now the evidence seem to throw suspicion on TW. Part of me still think it is an unfortunate accident.
  11. [Drama 2018] Misty 미스티

    @justamom I agree with your assessment of how HR felt/feels about love. Having seen how men used and lied to her mother, HR had/has no faith in love. When HR told TW she was in a relationship (LJW), TW told HR to leave him, she did . HR loved LJW, but she walked away because not only could TW give her a better life, but she was not emotionally invested in him; therefore, he could not hurt her as her mother had been hurt. Along the way, she fell in love with him; however, because of his behavior towards her, she did not have to examine her feelings. How can you live with someone 7 years and not feel anything, just by living in the same space you form some kind of bond. Also, they both shared the same values; a strong sense of justice. Since HR got pregnant, they shared some intimacy, she did not spend every night alone. Nor does she push away when TW approaches her ( I can't blame her for that...what's love got to do with it.) Many are saying they feel sorry for TW, I do not. TW went into the marriage knowing that HR did not love him. Once HR realized that she loved TW, along with the remarks from her mother-in-law and others saying that she was making TW look bad, she made a butt head decision to end the marriage. She asked for a divorce because 1. she is afraid of being vulnerable, losing control of her emotions and possibly getting hurt 2. she thinks she is protecting TW from those who think she is using him and making him look bad. That is why I liked the scene when HR found out TW was hurt and at the hospital, her love for him took control, no thought, just pure emotion. The very thing she was afraid of...loving someone has happened. I hope she realizes, it is not so bad loving someone and having them love you back. She is in new territory; opening her heart to someone, leaning on them, and trusting them to be there for her. I wish HR and TW the best and hope he is not the murderer.
  12. [Drama 2018] Misty 미스티

    These are my personal opinions and answers to your questions; however, we all know what we think only lasts for one or two episodes. I will probably change my mind after the next two episodes and have more questions without answers. I believe that the detective was on the jeweler's murder case 19 years ago. He had a notebook with HR name written in it. I do not think MW killed Mr. Beak, but smashed the board on something. I do not speak Korean; therefore, I cannot translate the exact meaning, but this is my impression. Remember MW had TW's office bugged and heard when TW told EJ that he loved his wife; and he also heard how TW said he treated HR, and if she did cheat it was his fault. One of the questions MW asked HR when they met is if she loved her husband...she said yes. I think MW, after saving TW and seeing their interaction in the hall, he felt that HR and TW were finally on the same page, and he did all he could do to help...he is done, he cannot do anymore. Did he kill KL...I don't know because we really do not know when he was released from prison, we thought we knew; but do we really know that he was released after KL died? I think that Mr. Beak was going to kill or harm TW because he felt that he was the one who told MW to kidnap him and harass him and that he was protecting HR who he believed killed KL. After that he was probably going to commit suicide because his sister has died, KL is dead, what does he have left? I do not think that he is involved in a payoff or murder plot against TW or HR. About the pin...good question. Since HR and EJ were friends (girls talk) perhaps she told her some of what happened but not all of it. She might have been distraught and said that she killed the jeweler or it was her fault that the jeweler was dead meaning if it wasn't for her, he would not have been dead. EJ might have taken her statement literally. I think MW really did kill the jeweler because he thought he harmed HR, after seeing her clothes disarrayed. We don't know...good question. I do not think TW would know anything about the Jeweler's murder. HR kept that to herself. KL called JW. Did she really tell the detective she did not make that call or did she deflect his questions and ask him why wasn't EJ a suspect. I am conflicted on the accident question. It was an unfortunate accident is still one of my theories. Whether HR met him again, whether he met with JW, TW or anyone else. He might have been in a fight; but walked away. If he got behind the wheel intoxicated, especially with the roads as slippery as they were he could have had a fatal accident. Since the detective felt that MW either killed for or took the fall for HR 19 years ago, could history repeat itself. I keep thinking that TW would have asked the gender; however, I think that the prosecutor had some footage to go along with the testimony that would have pointed to HR being guilty. I am probably wrong; however, I do not mind, it is fun speculating. I just hope I am not let down at the end.
  13. [Drama 2018] Misty 미스티

    LOL ...mad skills as a stunt driver in stiletto heels. Like you, I was impressed with the driving skills... I think the detective was also, I think it made him realize that HR loves her husband... that and MW was out of jail. I think the detective always thought that MW took the fall for HR or killed for her, since he is free, the detective started to think that maybe MW stepped in again for HR...I am hoping this is not the case. The two men I hope are not guilty are TW and MW. I am hoping that MW does not have to go back to jail. Yup this has become a powerplay and manipulation of law set up by the Golden door members specifically Kang Yool. All the players know how to play the game even EJ except for the prosecutor. Being a prosecutor, he is aware of the games played by the powerful members of the Golden door but does not know how to play it. He does not know the rules and has no idea when to play hide or when to play seek. It seems he does not have the cunning, the brains or the flexibility to adjust quickly to changes. He thinks he knows the game plan. He may have just realized that he has no idea. He is totally out of his league. I am certain that it is a part of CEO Kang's plan. The police were told, we have a witness to Kevin Lee's murder, go arrest HR. The police did not find the witness nor apparently did the witness go to the police, but directly to the prosecutor. Let me see how do I set this up in coherently without rambling? 1. Kang wants the General Manager out at JBC; however, he knows that they cannot just fire him; therefore, Kang thinks the best way to get him to leave is to have him and HR go up against each other and in the end both will be out. 2. Kang intentions were that HR to go to jail; however, she made a deal stating she would go back to the station only if Kang Yool take her case and won it. The important part is winning the case. 3. Originally the witness probably was told to lie about the gender of the person for monetary gain (I am taking a huge leap of faith that he actually witness something.) 4. Once HR cut the deal that Kang Yool's law firm has to win the case, the witness was probably told to tell the truth about the gender, but what we don't know is if he will tell the truth about name of the attacker. (I am still unsure if he witnessed anything.) 5. The detective is not inept, perhaps bias; but with others pulling the strings he could not successfully do his job. 6. The prosecutor and JBC's VP are both stools to CEO Kang and are both, on some level, intertwined in the Hwanil Steel's corruption. 7. The prosecutor has a vendetta against TW and is willing to do whatever to take on and win a case against him. That is one of the reasons why he did not question the witness closely, nor look for collaborating evidence. In the US, the both sides share their witness pool out fairness. If the prosecutor has a witness, the defense is given a chance to investigate that person before they take the stand. How can you effective defend your client when you are caught on the blind side? The prosecutor, so busy trying to make TW look bad and convict HR, that he did not do due diligence. 8. Since the prosecutor called CEO Kang when HR said that the witness was fake, I have reason to believe the witness is a fake and as you said Ceo Kang is pulling the strings and pitting both sides against each other. I wonder though, if he can directly touch TW and not get into trouble. There is still the question of the broach??? How did it get in KL's car when they met in HR's car. It is either an important piece of evidence or a red herring...which is it? I love this drama. It reminds me of a good mystery novel that keeps you guessing until the end.
  14. [Drama 2018] Misty 미스티

    He is the first person that came to mind and I am hoping as you are, please do not let it be Tae Wook.
  15. [Drama 2018] Misty 미스티

    @bebebisous33 I hope I am wrong also. Unfortunately, rich, corrupt powerful men many times get away with things normal citizens cannot. It is also unfortunate that sometimes the innocent are falsely accused, evidence is tampered with or destroyed, witnesses do not tell the truth and the innocent in up in prison. Justice is supposed to be blind; however, humans aren't always just. To be just one has to put aside prejudices, thoughts of vengeance, and petty jealousies. Although HR is striving for a world of equity and justice; the men she crossed are not. Again, I hope I am wrong because that would ruin this drama for me.