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  1. You are correct that Hu Hai had his brothers and sisters killed.
  2. Thank you marimari00 for replying to my inquiry. I was struck by your last line, "...fathered at least 50 children and had a lots of concubines do to the belief that having lots of intimacy can help achieve his coveted immortality...LOL...just a man h_ _. In a way he was right, having that many children did ensure his line would continue.
  3. I have a question, someone answer if you can. I was under the impression that Gong Sun Li was a fictional character as far as her relationship with the king, is there any historical data tying her to the king as on of his concubines?
  4. 3 hours ago, Latte_Anyday said Zhang Bin Bin & Dilraba are both signed under the same agency - Yang Mi Studio I was wondering why they were in three dramas together, this explains it. I agree with you. I think their chemistry in the King's Woman is amazing. The gaze they gave each other in, I believe, episode 30, was smoking hot. They are doing their characters justice when showing how much they love other; kudos to their acting ability. Dilraba has not reached critical acclaim when it comes to acting, but she has enough depth that she plays each of her characters differently, she is not a one dimensional actor. As for Zhang Bin Bin he is killing his role as king. He excludes power and authority.
  5. He punished her according to the law, but the severity of punishment is because she hurt him. He loves her and trusted her and she betrayed him, that is why the punishment is so severe. Li Ji knew how much the king trusted and relied on her, I do not know where her brain was and how she thought her actions would not affect him. Madam Chu is royalty, and close to the Queen Dowager. He had to take all of that into consideration when punishing her. Madam Chu was proud of her ranking and used it to bully others, she being demoted was a major blow to her. Just as today, one should look at all the circumstances when deciding the proper punishment. Li Ji was punished, not only for her treacherous actions but also for her stupidity.
  6. Their chemistry has been off the chain since he took her to bed. I went back and looked at Pretty Li Hui Zhen, and they had good chemistry in that drama. I think you are right, they are comfortable with each other and it comes through in their scenes.
  7. I do not know how many episodes this drama is; however, I am up to episode 38 on another site. I hope that they do not cut this story short, it is very well written and the actors are top notch. It is about life lessons, and character growth through, lost, pain, disappointment, and betrayal. I love that many of the characters, although they've faced life changing challenges, stepped up to the plate and become better people. I think I am getting a little tired of the young adults or the I don't know what to do wimpy, women. I appreciate the mature characters and story lines. Keep up the good work. I was hoping that this blog took of because there are many scenes and perspectives to write about. Maybe people will start watching this after some of the other dramas.
  8. I am now on episode 30 and I still love this drama. I am finding that I am moving towards dramas with mature themes. The writer has written the immature or troubled, rich, spoiled characters in such a way that, through various challenges, they are becoming responsible caring adults. Great job. All of the actors are good and are portraying their characters realistically. The drama has many serious topics such as divorce, illness, suicide, and unemployment. However, it still has many light and funny moments. I don't want to spoil anyone's viewing experience; therefore, I will just read the posts until all catch up.
  9. I started watching this movie; however, I did not finish it. After reading some of the reviews, I will try to watch it with an open mind.
  10. I am going to be happy tonight Finally!
  11. We know he had at least 50 children, therefore, he was happily busy with many concubines and consorts. However, I understand what you mean. Presently I am angry with Li Ji, since she has decided to stay with the king,..when he want it give it to him. Who is she saving it for? Come on, Li Ji you made a choice, and you knew what came with that choice. Why refuse the king,? Right know she has the power over the king to solidify her place she should give it up whenever and wherever the kings wants. It comes with the title and the privilege of being called his woman and being protected by him.
  12. I think my issue is with the actor. His facial expressions and acting aren't very convincing during emotional scenes and anytime he has to get angry or upset he squints or stands around with his mouth open. So far the Jing Ke character is frustrating but I think if Liu Chang was a better actor like Li Tai who plays Han Shen we might sympathise with him more. I think Jing Ke being kind of weak makes sense though. Historically, he was definitely brave and skilled but he is most famous for a failed assassination attempt which ended with him being killed by his targe The reason I am not into the character of Jing Ke is because he felt sorry for himself too long. As I watched him blubber all over himself, and sloppy drunk, I yelled, okay it is enough already. Get over it. I do think he is not doing a bad job with his character because he plays a great drunk and whiner. I think having him whine too long is the problem.I could have gotten into his character more, if he turned that hurt and anger into learning to be the best fighter. His whining does not align with his role as the attempted assassin of Emperor Ying Zheng.
  13. Zhang Bin Bin has a powerful screen presence in this drama. He has nailed the part of king/emperor. His nuanced body language exudes authority. When you think of the personality of the individual who was able to bring the warring states together as one country, you think of someone that commands respect, someone that is tactical, logical and insightful. Zhang Bin Bin's character says all of that with his walk, speech, and the way he sits on the throne...I belong here. GREAT JOB! PS...not to mention he is pleasing to the eye.
  14. I am enjoying this drama. I love the fact that Ying Zheng is not portrayed as a one dimensional king, but that he can be soft and tender, be brutal on the battlefield and technically advanced in bringing the country together. I read up on the real king and many of his ideas were groundbreaking such as using the assembly line technique to make weapons, establishing a common currency and language, and establishing a standard weight and measure system. All of these measures helped to bring the four warring states together as one. Therefore, was Ying Zheng a brute or was he a visionary, who used force to bring about his dream? Showing the gentle side of Ying Zheng, in the middle of chaos, attempted coups and assassination attempts, that a woman could hold his heart is a brilliant way to tell this story. I also loved the fact that he was reluctant to kill his half brother, but reminded his brother of their past friendship by singing a childhood song. It was a moving, yet sad scene, because in that moment, his half brother remembered their bond, but for both it was too late and they both grieved because they could never get back what was lost. Great story, I cannot wait for today's installment. I really cannot wait until Sun Li falls in love with the emperor, before each episode, I am wondering is this the one where they get together.
  15. She's a cougar mom in her era LOL...But seriously the dowager queen may have gone demented and crazy when the king asked to kill her two young children... She was really pitiful and lonely...I guess because woman before have only limited choices in their life or maybe none...Girls before if not slaves they end up being concubines of the upper class and that is their ultimate goal that they can consider achievement...so sick school of thinking...I'm glad we were born on this lifetime and era... When we look at it from today's perspective, we think that the king should not have killed the children because they were innocent; however, they were the children of a traitor and; therefore, he had to kill them or risk the possibility of them becoming a threat to him once they grew up. "Now she doesn't have anything, poor her." She is the king's mother, she does have someone, she has her son the king. " She was lonely and took on a lover." It would appear the the dowager queen took on more than one lover, she was not only a "cougar" she had loose morals for the times. What example was she setting as the head of the harem? Even now we hold our elected officials, and royalty to a higher standard because they set the tone for the nation Therefore, as the dowager queen she set the tone for the harem. It has always been a double standard, women are supposed to be virtuous, while the men could lawfully have more than one woman. If she took on a lover she should have been discreet, and not have children; there has always been ways to abort a fetus. We are fortunate to be born now; however, we cannot forget women are still being kidnapped and made to become sex slaves and in many places men openly flaunt their mistresses and the wives have to swallow the hurt. and humiliation. In too many countries women are still viewed as second class citizens; however, it is still much better than before.