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  1. I also want to say super props to the rescue team and all the fours hosts and the guest of that episode of the foodie show, for showing amazing courage.
  2. hahaha. No no I really love Papa. My old friends know. If I didnt ship QingYu so hard, I would just be Papa's fan. I love him so much so that I spent 20$ voting for him, and I am the kind of person who never spent even one penny on any idol, not even QingYu. I mean that's a really meagre sum, but for me who is still in grad school, and for whom every penny counts till I get a job, this is a lot. and Not that I am trying to measure my love with money, but just saying Papa made me do something that I had never done before. You know, it's the action itself that is counts to me. If you read gift of Magi, you will know what I mean. Of course I love Dayu too. and sometimes, I feel bad why after so long, I became biased. But, I guess, maybe in addition to other factors, it could be personality match. My kind of person eventually goes for Papa kind of person. But still, his actions always surprise me and I think how can you be such a great person. I mean he is facing his biggest fear here, his fear of heights, but he didnt think twice before volunteering to go first to "test to see if he can go down with ropes" knowing well that that test me hurt him or worse. It's almost like he inspires me so much to be a better human, to be so kind, considerate and loving to everyone around me. When I have kids, I want my kids to grow up to be like him. I will post about Yuyu too. But I am waiting for the right time when both his upcoming drama are ready to be broadcasted.
  3. I know many of you probably wonder and even get miffed too, why I post about Wang Qing so much, why so biased even though I am a QY fan. But how can I not when Papa is the kindest and purest soul. Not saying this because I am for a longer time in this fandom than some. But, I had my learning curve too in this fandom. Some of you may find my posts and biases annoying. Falling in love with Yuyu at first sight is not unusual, he is indeed very very cute. But I can assure you of this, the more time you will spend here, the more you will realize how beautiful and heartwarming Qing's soul is. How amazing Qing's sunshine smile is. I mean there has to be a reason that Yuyu cared about Qingge.
  4. Oooh that's interesting, cuz I knew there has to be one atheist in us and that's exactly why I wrote "almost all" and not "all" . I dont atheism so long as one has faith in oneself and humanity. Infact, that's even more necessary than having faith in god.
  5. Woops, haha. Then I guess you are not totally like Dayu, but some part of you is like him. I believe more in color analogy than zodiac, because I feel color is more representative of how our brains and minds work than a random zodiac sign. I have seen Yuyu possesses a lot of purple color traits (esp. the peacefulness and tranquility and also some traits like self-indulgence) and Papa has a lot of black color traits (like strong willed, determined etc. and yet sometimes holding things inside, self-denial of joy). I like color analogy a lot cuz i felt my favorite green/yellow colors reflect my personality a lot. Also i like people whose fav. color is blue, haha. i would trust them and make friends with them.
  6. It's good that you shared your thoughts and gave me insight into them. Let me guess you favorite color is purple??.i agree with some of your points, like he wants to please everyone, blurting random stuff, being strong and resilient almost to the point of obstinacy. I also think virgos are very smart and calculative, not silly at all. If i need a job to get done meticulously, I will ask a virgo to do it. I also found it interesting that you said you 'love WangQing a lot' Ofcourse we all. Also, virgo is female, basically. Not saying Dayu is female and not trying to guess his sexuality from that. I know many soft feminine men who are very straight. Just saying, that that's one reason why he is so soft and comes across as innocent. Also, could be the reason why he incites so much hatred. Ofcourse, that's only part reason. and for the other part, certain actions (not necessarily his) are to be blamed. Point is I feel people will judge him more, for the same amount of mistake cuz of the way he is and cuz people don't expect that from him. I dunno but i feel it's related to human nature and he needs to deal with it.
  7. Wow. yeah we got a looooot of notifications, but that makes me happy haha. but wow. funny even your sister realizes that WangQing did so much for Dayu. You probably dont know how contextual this conversation is. If you dun mind, I will screen cap this convo and show it to someone cuz I feel someone needs a smack on their head and be reminded of this.
  8. Papa's upcoming episode on Eat the Universe show He is the kind of man, the kind of human I want my future kids to grow up to be. So happy to have him as my idol. Here are some of his recent episodes of his foodie show. http://www.iqiyi.com/v_19rraxq204.html http://www.iqiyi.com/v_19rraxq204.html These episodes are totally free and you can easily go and watch them. This week a chinese olympic gold medallist in table tennis, Zhang Jike came. Since he is one of my fav. sportsperson, I was really really superexcited. It was really a great episode. I am so happy that Papa eat the whole universe show is doing so well in its own right and gatherd its own fan and followers. Next week another big pop idol wil be ther and it will be in Macau. Dont ask , I dont blame the other two, he is that adorable Also, something that you might find interesting cuz it gives us little bit of insight into Papa Also, I am sure almost all of you believe in god and pray to god. May be different gods, but you do. I request everyone here to pray to God for QingYu 's happiness, safety and success. Times are really rough right now, there is no denying. And I dont want to play a blame game here. Been there done that. But, I just want everyone here to come together and just pray to God for QingYu. They need our prayers right now than ever. Thank you.
  9. Spicy chicken fancams for both Papa and Yuyu's events. Papa's are the highlights. Yuyu's is full, I think and has that part of the host teasing Yuyu about Qingge.
  10. Dayu is like look look, my boyfriend gave this to me.
  11. Awesome. Thank you. Yes, I guess this forum thread is kind of like QingYu encyclopedia, from fans' perspective. and you will find a lot of stuff here. I admit we are not as active as we would like to be, especially compared to how much work our parents are doing, but I still feel very thankful to everyone who has contributed to and enriched this thread. Let's beat all the challenges and keep going.strong.
  12. Hehe, yeah. That video was posted by a qing only fan, but deleted after she realized Qing might be saying "Dayu Dayu". It happened 3 weeks back. All my chinese CPFs are saying Qing said this "Dayu Dayu, I will take the aeroplane now." I still have doubts taht he said "Dayu dayu" cuz it sounds more like "DhaYuu de, Dha Yuu de" but apparently in chinese, there are not any words that sound similar. I asked the girl who posted the video who Qing was talking to. She said his colleague who accompanied him in the flight, but that doesnt make sense and his name is totally different. Later, she deleted the video and never replied back to me. Other qing onlys also failed to explain what he might be saying if he isn't saying Dayu Dayu. So yeah, those are the fact. Rest depends on you, how you wanna interpret it.
  13. Okay I will just share Dayu's full video since that's the only one I find missing here: About the MCs mentioning WangQing, it happened twice. 1st Yuyu tells the tall MC to stay away from him. The tall MC says why hate me, WangQing is taller than me. 2nd time is when the MCs ask fans to leave some online messages which are most related to Dayu, one MC said leave messages about Wang Qing. lol. Then Dayu said, why would they leave messages about a color (Qing means green).. Wang Qing and Feng Jianyu also had live videos two days in a row, meaning first FJY did a live where he said that he wants to go to Macau and try bungee jumping (macau tower is famous for that). Next day, I mean yesterday in Macau vchart live, Qingge said he wants to visit macau tower and was asked by fans on live message if he would try bungee jumping, and he said no, cuz he is an adult and would rather do stuff that adults do.
  14. Yup seems like that post was made long time ago. CA2 won't be happening any time soon. Sorry to break the news.
  15. Wow, you guys already updated so much cuz i was thinking of updating soon and basically spamming this thread today cuz a looott happened yesterday, both on their individual front and CP front. I will go through the posts and if I see something missing, i will post about it or maybe I will post about it anyways haha.