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  1. and now, they are actually gonna show QingYu kissing. haahaha. Oh god!! Watch it in this preview clip for the next episode. this clip is not yet officially shared by the show's id yet, but seems like they will share it soon.
  2. Okay, just in. Qingge's foodie show 'Eat the whole universe' used #FengJianyu 's song for their background music in a clip. I am so confused. Are they teasing us, or trolling us? haha. it's so funny and weird. here is the link to the video and some screen caps of weibo posts: http://www.iqiyi.com/v_19rrb7tbls.html oh yeah you are right, I think it's butt and waist and not waist and shoulder haha
  3. Oh as you mentioned long hair, I just remembered a small detail about hair length in Men With Sword, Apparently only King's have waist length hair, cuz they are King. That's why Yuyu has such long hair. Others usually have shorter shoulder length hair.
  4. haha no no its okay. I like critiques. if you ask forgiveness for this, I dunno what i probly owe all my social media infinite number of apologies. Any ways, about this role, I just want to see Dayu act in this role, I am 1000% sure he is gonna nail it. He nailed being a cat!! he is a superb caliber actor (rarelys a lil OTT but you need that in dramas), the way he carries out any scene is so unprecedented. He always brings something new to the table and elevates the scene to another level. That's why I feel this character will give him a new dimension in acting & I am looking forward to that
  5. i dunno but its a worm and i think could be hot/spicy/chily. He later fried a bunch of them at a local restaurant owned by an old lady, That was shown today. He was amazing while cooking, looked much more handsome than I thought he would look.
  6. Oh well, just another day....with a snake around his neck...not a big deal Cr: Wu喵_MissY weibo #WangQing #QingYu
  7. Cannot wait to see him act!!! Our Dayu is truly amazing.
  8. Our ultimate top seme is gonna single handedly juggle these 3 hot ukes at Vchart awards on 4/8. Stay tuned #QingYu #YuZhou #KornGer #RuiWen P.S. no offence to anyone, I am just kidding haha.
  9. I hope you succeed in your ventures, Sush and i know you will cuz your attitude is right. Thank you for saying that I am brave haha. Guess what, sending the message was not my idea at all, cuz i am as chicken as you are XD. It was my friend who suggested I should send a message to Qing. XD and then i wrote down the message. She even gave me helpful inputs like I should mention where i am from etc. Qing was really surprised haha. So happy really. TBH, i felt selfish cuz I never said in the message that it 's from international fans blah blah. they must have heard it many times. It was my one chance to tell Qingge how much I love him. From my heart to his ears, that's it. Nothing else, no one else. Just an idol and his fan and how much this fan loves her idol. I wanted to tell him I love him. It was not just about sending him a message, but for me it was more about sending a heartfelt message to him that will make him happy and feel loved. If you read my message you will realize, i was still hesitant cuz i wasnt sure how Qing will react if I write something more intimate, than what I wrote. So, I didnt write it as intimately as I meant to haha, cuz i am a chicken lol. but, I can see that he read it, right there, and my friend's friend was generous enough to capture the moment. You can see he is surprised and he read both the english and chinese translation. I am so happy. Now he knows that there is someone in the other end of the world, who will always love him.
  10. Don't ask!! Dayu was there yesterday even though not for real Some more pics of our handsome Qing Qing
  11. My friend delivering him my letter and he looks surprised and even reads it. AwwwHe should know now he does have a lot of non-chinese speaking international fans from all over that world who love him a lot.#WangQing #QingYu Sorry guys, i cannot stop posting about it, this is surreal. Him reading my letter and getting surprised. Dunno why he was so surprised receiving my letter. haha.
  12. Look Guysss! Do u know what he is holding in his hands?My heart ... my heartfelt words! My love letter that I sent to him and he is literally reading it. Reading how I feel about him!! OMG!!!! I really want to thank my kind friend who conveyed my message to him!! #WangQing #QingYu This is what I wrote to him I wanted to tell him how much I love him since forever!!! and now he knows omg!!!
  13. Now we know how to get a warm hug from Baba. Dress up like Feng Jianyu lol