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  1. Yup working fine! Qing is thanking his fans for supporting him for weibo fan festival. I hope he will attend this year. As a thank you token, he wants to give away the fridge magnets he collected from different cities that he traveled for his work.
  2. Dayu doing a painting of ambulance for charity. More like just coloring hehe, thank god Dayu is preparing for his upcoming bday party on IQIYI. yup there will be a party on the 27th. THere were many controversies going on regarding it, which is why I just simply refrained from posting anything on any of the social media regarding qingyu till things settle down. Anyways, many CPFs including big CPF fansites will be in attendance. With the ticket winners list, seems like, most are cpf, so hopefully we get some candies. This is too cute!!
  3. And pray tell what is wrong with that tweet? XD It is a very simple tweet. Infact, i deleted it cuz Zhou Zhou was sounding "not good" in that video and I didnt want to hurt the feelings of the YuZHou fans is all. Point is when you screencap, make sure you are screen capping the right things to prove your point and not something that makes you look like a fool. WHen did I even disguise as friend and family?? Hahaha. Please. I just speak the truth is all. Either deal with it or just ignore. You guys multiple times went and complained to soompi admin behind my back, for protecting qingyu when someone here said that QIngYu are ugly etc. THere are people in this thread who go to QIngYu thread and show support and come back here and say QingYu and QY fandom are insecure and jealous of YuZhou (which makes me lol). So, guess who is the poisonous person disguised. as friend and family? Yup. thats right. If I had to spread poison, instead of posting a reasonable critique on work, i would post many other personal things that antifans and haters post all the time. But, I have said this multiple times, I dont post on someones personal life. I just post and criticize or praise their work, as appropriate. So, deal with it.
  4. It is the plain truth and right here for everyone to see. Ofcourse some defiantly idiotic fans (mostly international) would still continue to be blind but, good thing is Dayu's raw talent and hard work is shining through and he is gaining fans on weibo at a faster rate while the other person's popularity is already waning, lol.
  5. He said he will give away his first guitar. I wonder why. BTW, do you see his Supreme shirt?? Qing wears a lot of supreme stuff. Funny thing is recently in a fashion interview (i think the 25th July live fashion one), Dayu was asked what his favorite brand was and he answered Supreme. But, here is the most hilarious thing. Dayu never ever ever wore Supreme in his life, not once, at least not that we have seen, not in public eye. So how come his favorite brand is Supreme, when he never even wore it??!! Such a silly boy, he will say whatever comes to his mind. He wont even think for once that he himself never even wore it in public! Edit: Oh and also, Someones bedroom has mirrors. Just saying. #WangQing
  6. If only i could do that funny dead doggy emoji of weibo, hahahaha. I call it dead doggy but it is really funny. but you are right about that profit thing lol. But with the author, no way she is gonna have a deal though, I assure you of that . hahaha, I cant tell you how funny your post is to me, and for so many reasons. If only i could share with you all my past experiences. But yeah, i also dun like bitching about other people. XD cuz she or her friends might be quietly browsing this thread. But yeah, She has her reason probly to stop and we also have reasons to be frustrated. That is all.
  7. Oooh really?? Hahahaha I had no idea. THat is true though. Translation is not easy, especially if you are doing it for free. Can be very exhausting without any incentive. On top of that, QY have no recent activity. So.....even less incentive.
  8. I am asking my friend. She in fact was mentioned to me a couple of day ago about full translation and that i should read it. I said I dont wanna hehe. But I will ask her again if she has links. But she is chinese speaking. altho international. I will let you know. Edit: She just told me she read in Chinese, the full novel and dunno the eng trans link. But here is a small sizzling anecdote from the novel. You might already know: During Dayu's fansign on the 30th, he gave us a lot of candies as usual This is just him being absolutely adorable Also, Qing updated weibo yesterday And guess what, there is another big candy. Apparently, the Iron Man toy that a fan gave specifically to #FengJianyu last year on his 827 bday is seen in #WangQing 's toy cabinet today. Cr: @现充的z Not surprised that if Dayu gets any iron man stuff, he gives it to Qing. He knows how much Qing loves iron man. Also, now I know why Dayu named his album Red. It is all for Qing. Oh and here is Qing's toy cabinet and weibo update pics Can I tell you guys a secret though? Qing is not good at basketball. He is actually pretty bad. It is Dayu who is good and it is Dayu whose favorite game is basketball. Later I guess, Qing found interest and friends in basketball. Today Dayu will be live around noon china time, maybe for a fashion shoot.
  9. I asked sina people myself, on weibo, long time ago. If I am wrong, or someone proves me wrong, and they are right, I admit it too. I dont know why you are getting so irritated cuz someone refuted what you are saying. I just dont want wrong info to be spread to fans when I know for sure that it is wrong. That is all..
  10. In weibo topics, you cannot know who is browsing the topics unless they post into the topic. You can go to their profile follower list to see if they follow the topic, but even then you will not know if they are currently browsing the topic. Only other feature is when a person or a hashtag is hot in teh topic, i.e. others in that topic are discussing that celeb or hashtag, then it sometimes shows up at the top. That means people in that were posting a lot about both Johnny and Weizhou at that time.