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  1. I agree about the PM. and i wanted to talk to her personally! But this person has blocked me everywhere, including weibo, and came here out of nowhere to seek me out. I really do not understand! but i hope she regains her composure and rationality!
  2. Look, I dont want to drive any one crazy or hurt any one, least of all you. So, if it gives you any peace, I completely made the stuff up about Dayu and Coco, cuz I was upset with how he was acting badly towards CP fan and I wanted Dayu to feel remorse and cool off on the straight image that he and his team are trying to push by making him feel guilty with a barrage of posts on him and his supposed gf Coco. Maybe it worked or not, I dunno. but I hate it when many CP fans like you actually took my posts so seriously and reacted so violently. I mean i didnt even provide proof! I just said I am sorry for 'lying'. Does that make sense to you? I hope you feel at peace and calm now. Again, I MADE THE STUFF UP ABOUT DAYU. You can still keep hating me really, i dont care. I stopped caring about my image a long time back. But i dont want anyone to lose their sense of reasoning becuz of my post!
  3. 1. I really am not in the least bit offended by any of the things you or your friends said, cuz I believe in my convictions. i know the way you guys behave is not how normal people behave and that the issue lies somewhere else. So it doesnt bother me. 2. I never called QingYu moron and richard simmons brain (with or without periods), like you are doing here.
  4. I am sorry but I wasnt the first one who posted it. It was publicly shared some weeks ago and many many fans saw it. Dont make it sound like i came up with something. As I have said before, no matter what happens, I will not share any unseen personal stuff of Dayu that will breach his privacy. And you yourself said that it didnt even show Dayu's face, which is why i didnt see any problem in resharing it. I shared that very pic also to give people idea how terrible i feel when i see these pics and keep bluffing about QingYu. Feel like i am forcing something on Dayu that he dun wanna do anymore, and shoving lies after lies towards the CP fans as well. And what is wrong is giving someone a blessing? You dont react this violently when people give qingyu a blessing, and qy relation is also not proven. THen why are you so hateful towards giving blessing to Dayu and the girl? Dayu says idolizing is about happily supporting your idol's work. And also says we should eat KFC (which is cool cuz i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove KFC, hahaha)
  5. If you have had enough, then why do u keep posting about this every where? Every where you stalk me and post, and yet keep saying you have had enough. You literally didnt post anything here in 1 year, and now that you come to post, this is what you post about?? Am I the one spreading negativity or you? Dayu clearly said in his video today that idolizing means just support their work and be happy. That is all! Dont you get it??? If you cant do that and your only purpose is to harass everyone who wants to provide an honest view, then you need to watch that video again, that Dayu posted. and tell your friends, this thing, since I know you guys spend probly 90% of your times badmouthing me. So while you do that, please feel free to deliver this message from me. About this part, "Dont try to cover yr faults by saYing others fAns cant accept Qy have gf or not " , it literally has everything to do with this. You are harassing me here and u and ur friends are calling me antifan only becuz I apologized for covering up and lying about Yuyu having an affair with a girl. that is exaclty the reason why you guys literally went ballistic. You dont try to manipulate your words now. At least, be honest about yourself and why you got upset, dont try to be a self-righteous hypocrite.
  6. Also if you and your friends have problem with Yuyu getting a gf who is tall, sexy and slim then it is ur problem cuz Yuyu himself said he wants a girl who is tall, slim and long-haired. He literally said that is the gf he wants. Not loving, sweet, or understanding girl. But literally a tall, slim and long haired girl. He said this 3 to 4 times and every time he is asked what gf he wants, he literally says that is what he wants. How about we talk about that, instead then?? That is public enough, right and Yuyu repeatedly said that. But you never translate that in your FJY international fanpage, and rather say that you will stop translating cuz people will misunderstand and misuse ur translation. I dunno what is there to misuse about. When others say that Coco is Dayu's gf, you say they lie. Dayu never said that. And when others literally quote Dayu that he said that he wants a tall, slim and long-haired gf, either you suppress that fact or say that others are misconstruing what Dayu is saying. HAHAHAHAHA.
  7. Here is my response since this is the only way I can reach u and seem to read this thread :
  8. All these months after months, no word from you. As Deltos bro said, you probly were here a long time back, Nothing since then. Nver posted one single news on QingYu here, never shared any thoughts. Only a handful of us here were there to share about qingyu with each other. But after so long, you came back here only to do what?? Post negative posts, right?? yeah go on, do what u want. I dun care cuz I know that u give a richard simmons about this thread. So, I give a bull richard simmons to you.
  9. Lemme try! but isnt gif animated itself? So you copy the gif image (copy image) and paste it, I guess.
  10. I need to say something about the guy in this pic with Qing. He is a host who has done red carpet for QingYu one time and has worked with Qing in left ear drama and also hosted for Yuyu in in music concert So, there was going to be a sequence between qing and this guy in left ear press conference last year, and before doing it, the guy said that hope Qing's fans can forgive him? the sequence was a love scene between him and qing And this year in in music concert with Dayu, when Dayu told this guy to stay away from him cuz he is so tall, he said "what about Qing?"! hahaha. seems this guy really really likes QingYu or maybe he knows about them for real and still teases them hehe