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  1. My god, QingYu are so bad at covering up!! Look at this At Papa was shooting at Suzhou Ferris wheel park today, and looked so happy and adooorable. It is just 1.5 hours drive from Shanghai. and the location seemed nice. The other main lead was there as well, the guy I mean with Qing and the third lead too. P.S. about Dayu being with Qing, it doesnt really mean that they are lovers. They might still be just friends. It might be just a friend visiting another friend, while both of them are in the same city. and maybe Dayu lived with Qing, so that he can save money on hotel rooms. So, maybe thats why he lived with Qing, where Qing was living cuz Dayu was there for around a week and maybe Shanghai hotels are really expensive. so he might as well save money by living with Qing, cuz Qing is his good friend and wouldnt mind accomodating him.
  2. Yes, people are loving Ai Ba more. But, I like Qing Qing de more hehe, maybe cuz I am Qing biased hehe. And I am willing to bet my money that Dayu is gonna sing Qing qing de on the 30th. A full 1 dollar of it. Hehe. He will sing Qing Qing de and You tell me why, i can almost predict lol.
  3. OH btw, not sure if anyone shared it here, but all three new songs of Dayu in good quality are shared in youtube now. here: This one is Qing Qing de, and i firmly believe he sang this for Qing qing, hehe. The other two are here
  4. It is screencap of an app that I personally call purple heart app, cuz i forgot the chinese name. It alerts you when the people you follow in the app come online on weibo. So, the person who shared this screencap follows Papa, Dayu etc. and what I meant by my post was , Dayu 's pics were posted at 1:45 pm and Papa came online twice after that at around 2:15 pm and stayed total online for around 12minutes, enough to browse through the pics. Why we are so excited by this is cuz Papa otherwise had no reason to come online, whatsoever. cuz he did his weibo post in the morning and stuff. Also, interesting is that QingYu themselves follow each other on that app, cuz Dayu mentioned once. So, if the official web drama posts something on Dayu, it should come as an alert too, which is how I am guessing Papa got to know about it. Or else, maybe dayu himself told him about it. hehe. Ofc, this is all just our guess, and just candies that we can eat. Only they know the truth hehe.
  5. He was kinda, and then some daughters started teasing him and @ing him saying they wanna sleep with Dayu etc. Hahaha. I am sure he must have read some of those posts too. lol.
  6. Hahahahahaha...............nope. QINGYU is orthodox!!! In my fujoshi world, Papa is the ultimate seme and Dayu is the ultimate uke. Hehe. Just kidding. But in my fujoshi world, that is how it is. And, Dayu's web drama posted some topless pics of Dayu with the other two guys, and guess who was having a complete meltdown and came online on weibo for 15 minutes after that.
  7. There is Qing, being so manly and all, and here is Dayu, being unfailingly the cutest Uke in the world.
  8. Qing's hot body, haha. He is wearing a Lebron James wristband btw. Seems he has really taken to Lebron, hehe.
  9. Sorry, lately I have been posting so many candies that I have to reiterate my disclaimer again. Whatever candies or any daughter shares, please remember that these are all just our guesses. There is really no solid proof about anything, nor any solid proof for that QingYu are real *cough*. Haha. Anyways, so, i dun wanna be that delusional fan who blindly insists that qingyu real just to satisfy my selfish desire. hehehe. I mean, I just want to make sure that whoever browses this thread remembers this, that whatever we hear from fans, they are eventually just candies and it is okay to eat candies, so long as we dont let our delusion take control of our sensibility and judgement.
  10. Dayu left Shanghai last evening, and flew to Beijing. Guess, work calls. but, he did stay an extra whole Saturday, even after his work on thursday and Liveforums on friday. So yeah, hopefully they had a good rest.............together lol. and maybe went to Shanghai film festival hahaha. I love my imaginations!!! But, I am not sure I shared this, This is another candy that is very sweet but got suppressed by other candies Papa made a post on Lebron James last week and commented on that post reminiscing that LJ reminds him of his youth etc and that he would bet with classmate (not classmates, not friends, but just classmate) on Lebron James. And we know who his classmate is who quoted Lebron James in his live on friday *cough* Dayu *cough*. Guess, they are officially calling each other "Classmates" now, but it is so weird the way Papa mentioned classmate, that also in the comment. I mean it was totally unnecessary, he could have said friends etc. But no. He said classmate. It is funny cuz everytimes he mentions something of his Uni time, it is always Dayu lol. Like in eat the whole Universe, he mentioned one of his classmate was from North eastern china and he brought that big hot dog/weiner to the class to share it with everyone, and later Daughters found out that it was Dayu cuz they asked something similar and Dayu also said that he likes the big weiner and brought to class etc. LOL.
  11. Look the innisfree event was in Shanghai and this screen cap of #FengJianyu is from the live of that link that is showing Shanghai! Dayu is in Shanghai and I have no idea how he got to Shanghai and Qing is in Shanghai for his drama shooting. and they both are literally in Shanghai. and how did Dayu get to Shanghai. hahaha. Sneaky, I say.
  12. Okay, I just heard dayu's innisfree live was in shanghai!!!!!!! qing is in shanghai then after all !!!!!! and is shooting in shanghai then!!! thank god hahaha
  13. About the label thing, Yuyu said that many label them as "net red" which is like a chinese slang for famous only in internet and not really an artist in true sense or popular in true sense. Then, he told us not to be offended with that, coz this is real and he is ok with it. He will use his hard work to prove himself and get acknowledgement. I think he read about the blogger, that the daughters were posting about. That blogger posted around 4 months back, saying qingyu's popularity is fake, only net famous, blah blah and someof the daughters mentioned it again some days back, cuz the blogger got some backlash from other other celebs/bloggers etc, and the daughters mentioned how that blogger is a liar and disgusting etc. Maybe Dayu knew about the whole thing, and wants to reiterate that we shouldnt worry about these little things.