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  1. I have something to share. It's a beautiful story of love, and how deep and beautiful and painful love can be. There is this one person who is constantly bashed for not being forthcoming about his CP status. People constantly question why he doesnt openly protect the person he loves. But he always protects the person he loves. It's the truth. He recently posted a weibo where he used a hashtag for his upcoming show that was owned by a CPF, which is weird cuz the other hashtag of the show is as frequently used and owned by an only too. When I looked into it more, I found that the only fan who owns the other hashtag has actually bashed his lover, she is an anti fan of his lover and posted anti stuff on her weibo as recently as 31st of 2016. Seems like my idol did his research before deciding which hashtag he will use and seems like he is very careful and always protective of his lover. here are some screencaps from my findings Also the only owned hashtag is under WangQing supertopic and the CPF owned is under QingYu supertopic, and Qing still decided to use the CPF owned, knowing very well that it wont benefit his own supertopic, it will only benefit QingYu supertopic. But he still did that. If that's not selfless love, I dont know what is. I am very emotional right now. People don't see these and always bash him. I don't even know why he even bothers, but it's very painful and yet heartwarming to see that he bothers to do these.
  2. Oh another new development. Looks like our QingYu (especially Dayu) are on fire so far as our QingYu CP fandom is concerned. From his live a couple of days back, Yuyu chose 3 fans to give away special V-day gift and all three are CP fans. Hahahahaha. Here is the post that FJY studio shared that named the 3 fans that Yuyu chose And here is the convo with my friend Hahaha. Our Dayu totally salty. He was found going through QingYu supertopic a couple of weeks back and now this. And, probly this is a very minor and small thing and most of you probly wont realize it's importance. But, recently WangQing posted his upcoming foodie show related weibo post using a hashtag whose admin is a big CPF. Hashtag is a huge thing in QingYu fandom, and QingYu using or preferring CPF owned hashtag is really a big thing. Both CPF and Q only fan each owned a hashtag about the foodie show, but this is the firsts time Q officially posted the hashtag. And since, it's still an upcoming show, the usage of that # will be more and more. So, this is really big. And also don't forget that Qing recently became the admin or something of the infinite fight movie hashtag. All these developments are pointing towards just one thing, that the onlys should go and take a walk and just keep walking lol. Infact, what i see right now is that some Yuyu onlys have actually started arguing with the CPF on that FJY official studio weibo post lol. Haha, they are wasting their own time lol.
  3. Yup. I have to say I feel like QingYu are the perfect Yaoi couple. When i read yaoi, i used to think how lame and imaginative the yaoi otaku are and that no way there could be a real life couple where the uke is ukeish like this and seme is so seme. I mean in Yaois I used to read how possessive and manly semes are and how angsty yet soft on the inside (sorry if it offends you but most yaoi are like that) ukes are and I would think, no way reality is like this. But, there is a real yaoi couple that ticks all those check marks and that's QingYu and the best part is QingYu are not just the most orthodox but also the most unorthodox Yaoi couple, what with Yuyu's fearlessness and angst and Qingge's oblivious childishness and fearfulness and nervousness. QingYu are so yaoi that after knowing them, I don't get anymore pleasure from any other yaoi stories or BL CPs. cuz every one or everything else seem dry and colorless compared to QingYu. Anyways, I also want to spoil some stuff I heard about Qing's upcoming show. Apparently, he will be dared to eat shipworms as a challenge!!! Can't wait. Heard that the show will focus on some uncommon, funny and inconvenient food items and Q will focus on the inconvenient ones haha.
  4. WangQing was found wearing a bracelet around his ankle, similar to the bracelet he gave to Dayu last year. Last year, he gave a monkey bracelet to Dayu cuz it was Dayu's year of fate and Dayu's sign is monkey. Qingge 's sign is rooster, and this is chinesea year of rooster, which makes it his year of fate. And, he is found wearing a Rooster bracelet around his ankle. So obviously......you know who gave it to him lol.
  5. No, Dayu was absent from that event, he was in Beihai lol. He joined the crew yesterday. Can't wait for the drama, really. he is looking awesome and I love his outfit. I can't wait for the QingYu fanarts that these wuxia outfits will spawn . XD
  6. Props to the stylists and makeup artists for managing to make him look.....how to put it....not like a cute lil boy? No sorry. still cute... XD
  7. BTW, found this from an older interview. Apparently, the alienware computer was actually WangQing 's wish to buy. So he bought for both himself and FengJianyu ?
  8. OMG I am getting some very exciting news. It's about QingYu's vacation in Beihai. Here is the original post: Here are some translation I got: "Thoughts about whether to spend the holiday together: 1.Yu's live telecast not inside a room,he stood out in the sunlight. Maybe afraid we would know they are together. 2,when Yu was returning to Beijing, he opened the truck at the checking,a pink hoodie was in the trunk, exactly like Qing's pink hoodie 3. When Yu come back Beijing, his family didn't know how to put the laptop in the suitcase.so how the laptop arrived in Beihai in the first place? and on top of that, according to the daughters at the airport, it was a black alienware laptop, exactly like Qing's. (however, i personally not sure about this point cuz i know that Dayu once posted a pic of himself playing on a black alienware laptop that I thought was his cuz he likes gaming and alienware is a gaming laptop. It's from back in IF times, so I always thought that each of QY own a black alienware laptop. but maybe it was always Qing's laptop that he posted a pic of himself with.) Here is the pic of Dayu from IF time 4. 2 days back when Qing was flying to Japan, a fan asked Qing in the airdrome, when he came back to Beijing. He answered sometime is on the 6th day, sometime he said the 7th day (of the chinese new year). So you know ,maybe Qing is covering up something. (BTW, this is the most important point, cuz the fan never clarified in her question where qing was coming back from, cuz officially he was in Beijing the whole time. I clarified with my friend too. So, it seems that Qing knew that the fan was asking about Beihai when she asked that question, and very curiously he answered her quite promptly and it was around the time we all suspected he returned to Beijing). 5. Before the New Year, in a interview,Qing said his parents will travel in the new year by themselves leaving him alone, but the day he called Big A bro on his live, Qing told him he is eating meal with his family, but his parents are not home. So, we know which family he is talking about lol.
  9. Yup, a tv show/drama theme song. That's why his returning to beijing so hastily. BTW, talking about investigation, this is actually a good pic cuz the daughters have found out that this is the same recording studio (funstudio) that WangQing''s One man show was recorded in. I have alluded to this lesser known fact from a long time ago that i found out from my own personal research/ dissection but it's proven now. Also, for last couple of days, the distribution company FIM that worked with Dayu with his album Hong and all the post Hong work, is now following Qing. It's good that QingYu are getting acknowledged by and increasingly working with the same team of people. It's becoming clearer that QingYu are putting in place teams of people who will collaborate with them, like the basic platform of a company.
  10. He doesn't need to. that's the fun part of them being 'good friends'. WangQing himself has said before. Dayu always wears his clothes and also the fangifts that are for Qing. In fact, one fan pointed out that Q doesnt wear fan gifts much. Whatever fans send for Qing, it's actually Dayu who ends up wearing them. Also, since very likely that they went for vacation in Beihai, maybe Dayu was just bringing back some stuff Q left behind. hehe.
  11. Yeah, but it's okay. Chinese fans are much better than korean fans. These are jsut airport pics, when QingYu intentionally choose to interact with fans. Dayu said that even tho QY have choice to use the VIP exit, they wanna use the general one cuz it is their only chance to interact with fans. I dunno if you heard about korean sasaengs. they are jsut crazy, stalking their idols day and night, even to their houses etc. Compared to that, this is much better. The pic itself is quite benign, but the way daughters microscopically dissect the pics and find out some stuff is kinda scary indeed haha.