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  1. 1. You really do not know who criticized whom. Ask your friends who criticized me first when I mentioned that unlike them, I would rather spend on charity than on QIngYu, which they didnt like and criticized me first. 2. Please read my quote carefully and see where I 'CRITICIZED' anyone, cuz I didnt. I never said they are bad people to spend money on QY. I myself spent more than 50$ on voting for QY. But, to me doing charity is m.ore important and necessary.If possible, quote me and embolden like I did above. I am just stating my opinions and feelings. If that offends you, then it is your problem. 3.. It is not like I have boundless money for charity. I just started working. But I try to do whatever least I could do, cuz I feel it is my responsibility.
  2. although i do kinda see tat qy have to earn money too by any means. Kinda sad, but one has to pay their bills.
  3. OOoh i also thought of something interesting on why these girls spend so much money senselessly on qingyu. Cuz they probly dun understand the value of money. After going through college, and now completely dependent on myself financially, I had to be really prudent with my expenses. Infact food is so expensive here in Wash. DC that I am forced to cook for myself everyday! I realized for some people, even one cent can be of huge value! Maybe that sense of value of money is something that many of these fans dont have cuz they have been provided by their parents throughout or never faced dire situations.
  4. Agreed that everyone has the right to use their money a certain way. But the problem arises when people / fans harass you to give or spend money for QingYu cuz that is how they measure how big a fan you are (and this is true cuz i have faced it numerous times in this fandom). It is literally so freaking damn annoying that i just cant even with it! That is when i say that I would rather do something for the less fortunate ones, than waste my money on the two people who dun need our money at all just to get the empty bragging rights. If people think that supporting QingYu is for a greater good, then sorry but it is not. there is no greater good in supporting qingyu. and most importantly, QY themselves have stopped accepting gifts from fans on fanmeets and encouraged fans to do charity. So I dont understand why Dayu turned 180 degree and started doing this fanchat group thing which seems like nothing but another source of income to him.
  5. Agreed. On a different note, I donated 20 bucks today to Martha's stable for food and I arranged the whole thing for my office and made my colleagues donate too. Now I want to earn more and more money to do this more often! XD I also went in their clothes section etc. There are really many many people who need help with material things from those who can provide them. I hope I get more opportunity to do this kind of charity. Christmas is coming and I am thinking of a toys drive.
  6. Really proud that there is someone like you in our fandom, who still hasn't lost touch with reality and thinks like a grown up person! *Applause* THere are literal people in this fandom who shame me when I say that I would rather spend money on kids who dont get enough to eat, rather than on QIngyU. They dont like that I judge them for wasting money on QingYu when there are kids in this world who die of hunger. Well, newsflash! I will keep judging them cuz they have the means and money to make a positive change in teh world but they would rather waste money on their selfish desires and I would judge them for not acting like a responsible adult. Thanks.
  7. If you have weibo or twitter, post it there. Fans like knowing about places where QingYu been.
  8. The shoes that Qing is wearing is Undefeated air max, released only this September and are available only in Europe and the US. No outlets yet in whole of Asia. So, I had this conversation with my friend!
  9. I read all your comments. I will try to address all of them in brief. I have literally 0% remorse for QY regarding wat I did. 1. they are not weak boys, dependent on fans. They are strong mature men, who find work through their mutual teams and companies and their previous work profile. I , not in the very least, think that I can single handedly destroy their career by saying that Dayu has a gf. 2. QY are very very very very very happy atm and leeeeast affected by all of these, these gf rumors and what not. They literally earn 10 times of what a first class citizen earns, ( i mean Qing is literally earning exclusive iron man toys worth 1000s of usd). So, financially they are in a very secure position too. 3. Despite all that, they humiliate the cpfans every single time. No CPF still tells clearly why QingYu do that, but they are always jumping to protect them, whenever someone says the girlfriend word. why? Did you ask Aili Why That CP fan email to Dayu was openly posted on weibo by his team (obviously with his permission)?? Ofcourse not, cuz you probably dont even know about it. Cuz we never told you cuz we want to protect you. If I start writing down what QingYu and their team did against the CPF, it will be a book worth reading. Either way. QingYu are already very strong but CP fans like Aili are very weak. My action was only to make them feel remorse, but instead ended up hurting CP fans (which I never realized tbh that they would take my post so seriously). I was too full of myself. QY definitely do not care about CP emotions of fans. They know now that they can survive at least as popular idols without the support of CP fans. But, I am happy too, for them. Just hope that at least at some point in their lives, they feel the guilt and realization of what they did to the CP fans and how they used us and then threw us away (haha, i know some of you will screencap this sentence to post on social media and say I am an antifan). I know Q already feels lil guilty, thanks to my barrage of @ing him on weibo of how bullish his onlys are. But whatever. I am over it really. I dont care.
  10. Sorry, since you posted that pic, I have to share this one, Hehehe. Cuz your pic doesnt even cover the most fun part of that jacket he been wearing lol Ooh and i think he was keeping his forearms closed inyour pic cuz he was being a nice guy and trying to cover that up in front of his fans !!! HAHAAHAHA @gogole mongol Thank you, brother, for fighting for me. Or at least trying to be fair. But, at this point, I will just ignore everything if I were you, cuz obviously some people's minds are just one track and incorrigible. THere is no reasoning with them. Why affect yourself cuz of them? Not worth it.
  11. I agree about the PM. and i wanted to talk to her personally! But this person has blocked me everywhere, including weibo, and came here out of nowhere to seek me out. I really do not understand! but i hope she regains her composure and rationality!
  12. Look, I dont want to drive any one crazy or hurt any one, least of all you. So, if it gives you any peace, I completely made the stuff up about Dayu and Coco, cuz I was upset with how he was acting badly towards CP fan and I wanted Dayu to feel remorse and cool off on the straight image that he and his team are trying to push by making him feel guilty with a barrage of posts on him and his supposed gf Coco. Maybe it worked or not, I dunno. but I hate it when many CP fans like you actually took my posts so seriously and reacted so violently. I mean i didnt even provide proof! I just said I am sorry for 'lying'. Does that make sense to you? I hope you feel at peace and calm now. Again, I MADE THE STUFF UP ABOUT DAYU. You can still keep hating me really, i dont care. I stopped caring about my image a long time back. But i dont want anyone to lose their sense of reasoning becuz of my post!
  13. 1. I really am not in the least bit offended by any of the things you or your friends said, cuz I believe in my convictions. i know the way you guys behave is not how normal people behave and that the issue lies somewhere else. So it doesnt bother me. 2. I never called QingYu moron and richard simmons brain (with or without periods), like you are doing here.