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  1. Sorry to cut your post but you are absolutely right about that.
  2. You are probably right since things are happening pretty quickly. I was so happy to see SH telling DY2 today that he was her husband and to be tested. With NJ out of town for 3 days, he won't be able to interfere with the testing and Esther hopefully won't find out he is being tested. Esther told him his kidney ruptured in the accident 5 years ago, but we know that is not true. I'm not sure how they will do testing to see who he is. DNA with the mother would show he is not her son, but if they test against the father or the grandfather (who are related to him through the grandfather's oldest son) then he might have some of their DNA. I am hoping it won't be a 100% match though. I am not at all sure how DNA testing works. He will probably match just enough to fool SH and DY2 so that he stays as DY2 for a while until his memory comes back.
  3. I'm not sure why they would be together in the first place accept she was able to help him with his career. That woman has nothing going for her other than money. She is not pretty, is too tall, older than him, and treats him like a child. He has to almost beg for money from her. Also, why did he pretty much give up his career, was it to stay home with Eun Byul? Evidently, he wasn't being supported with his career because she was afraid he might leave her if he got too popular. I would leave her in a heart beat. I also think he has feelings for SD. The only reason he would stay is because of money. There are too many people to hate in this drama. Sk's husbands ex-wife and sister are probably the worst. They are nothing but screaming vulgar leeches. There is no way I would give them my credit cards after already basically supporting the ex-wife and being treated the way the treated her. I would call the police and turn them in for blackmail. Even if her husband gets mad he is not going to leave her because she has the money and it will affect his future. They don't even treat each other as husband and wife. I am also sure he has cheated on her in the past too, so although I don't condone cheating when married, I really don't blame her for wanting someone who really cares for her. I just don't think the golf pro is the right one. He should have stood up for her instead of just standing there. He has made all the moves on her, and he is the one who grabbed her and kissed her. I am sure he is a part of the set-up. I think she is probably more afraid of what her father will do and or think about it, but what right does he even have since he doesn't treat her as his daughter anyway. I wouldn't stay and put up with it all just because the Aunt wants revenge. She has a right to have a life too.
  4. @marrez1 I also feel bad for SK since she has never had anyone to love her. But I said a long time ago, that I think the golfer may have been paid to seduce her too. I hope we are wrong but as you said, the e-wife was happy to see them together. A couple of episodes ago, she also told Yejin to make sure that SY took the golfer out to eat again after her lessons, so I was expecting her to try and get photos of the two of them together when they were hugging by her car in the last episode. I also have a really hard time understanding SD and SY's father and his new wife. How can they be so heartless and cruel. I don't know what he saw in her in the first place, unless it was her money. It doesn't look like she has any money now since she is determined to blackmail SH to get some money and the dad could only give her 150.00 for the mom's treatment. That was just a slap in the face to them. The dad going along with the blackmail when it involves his daughter just shows what a terrible person he is.
  5. @Ameera Ali, and @mizkorea, I was happy that DY2 was able to resolve those problems quickly too. He is much smarter and more responsible than DY1 would have ever been. I love that SH figured out the he is Soo Ho. I was so upset when she went straight to Esther to question her but then was happy when she decided to wait. I just hope she doesn't tell NJ because he is the one that found the dead body to use as Soo Ho's. Esther just added the watch to make it believable for SH. NJ will come up with some other plan or reason for why Esther is doing what she is doing. Also, after finding out Soo Ho was dead, DY2 will try to stay away from SH since he is married and NJ has told him he likes her. He is a good guy, so no matter how he feels about SH, I think he will try to make things work with Esther. Esther, is something else though, she bought DY2 a new phone just so SH cannot call him. She is less than trash. I just know something is going to happen to SH because she has already figured out the Esther has been trying to keep her and DY2 apart and that he is really Soo Ho. It is way too early for this to be announced unless there is going to be another major twist to the plot that will need to be resolved. I would love it if it was resolved sooner
  6. I was disappointed that DY2 didn't find SH first but thats ok. She told off NJ so I can live with that. Also about the watch, SooHo had it customized for a left-handed person, that is how she knew it was not the one from Soo HO. That was the major thing happening today along with DY2 finding out about the Bio products being sold at a nearby store and traced it back to one of the directors. He is going to really outdo NJ in the business dept. and make his grandfather proud. @marrez1, the dna didn't match because NJ is not related to the chairman. He is Ae Ra's son by another man. That is just another twist to this crazy drama.
  7. @newyee, I thought the same thing. I am hoping DY2 finds her. He seems to be determined to be close to her. Loved how he told Esther that he didn't understand himself why he can't stop thinking or caring about her and then left. I really didn't think NJ was that bad until today's episode. He and Esther are unbelievably evil.
  8. @mizkorea, true, it would be revealed too soon for the plot. They have to keep us watching. I also thought that SH could run her own DNA test on DK2 but since he has been gone so long, she probably doesn’t have anything to test.
  9. @Ameera Ali, you are so right. I was definitely surprised with the turn of events. I would have never thought that NJ was her son. How terrible of her to abandon her son so she can have a better life with a rich man. I am wondering if Chairman knows it is her son or if he just hates her so much that he wants to put NJ in as CEO just to spite her. I have to say that NJ is very smart and has done the work and deserves to be recognized for his efforts but he shouldn't be used like that. Living and working around that family has ruined him and made him into the person he is. I don't blame him for wanting to get back at them. I just hate that SH and her family were a part of the fallout from it. DK1 was just a spoiled jerk before and only cared about himself, he didn't deserve to be the CEO then or now since he has not put in any effort to show he can do the job. I do wonder about the toothbrushes though, since it made a point to show AR throwing the newer one away thinking the old one had to be NJ's. Could she have been mistaken with the toothbrushes? There is usually a reason for each scene in dramas. I love that SH is recognizing and questioning her feelings about DY2. I just wish she would stay away from Esther and not tell everyone what she is thinking. I hope she continues to be strong and pursues this.
  10. Yeah, they don't know that DY1 and 2 are both related to the chairman. From past scenes of NJ and his father, he may be related to the chairman too so you are right it won't affect them, but they will wonder why both DNA came out as a match to the chairman.
  11. I think she was just uncomfortable eating because of SH.
  12. True, it is too early but I think it is coming soon. SH is wondering why DK2 does things that Soo Ho used to do. Like being allergic to fish, and tying her shoes they way Soo Ho did. She also feels close to him so I think she will figure it out. I'm so excit @Ameera Ali, thanks for the updates. Great episode.
  13. Good episode today, although, I really hate SY's husbands ex-wife. She really has a lot of nerve demanding a credit card or she will show up at their house to stay with her daughter. I think she is trying to get her husband back since she is broke and needs money. I really do not want SY to have an affair with the golfer guy. She needs to kick that husband and daughter out of her house and divorce him. Really good part was with SJ and SH. SJ says that ESY is his woman. he gave SH a chance and now he is going to protect her. Tomorrow should be really good after seeing the preview.
  14. My heart about jumped out of my chest with today's episode, but then it wasn't real. Still a very good episode. DK2's medical skills coming into play. NJ and Esther are scared and can't get to the plantation fast enough. I was so happy they had already gone. Cant wait for tomorrow.
  15. OK. Still no episode showing out there for today. I need my DK2 and SH fix.