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  1. Does anyone know when we can find the episodes with Eng subs online?
  2. Is there a possibility that Nam Shin is just conscious but will not be able to move around? - There is a possibility Dr. Oh might merge Nam Shin and NSIII in the end to make a human-robo hybrid with emotions by overlapping NS with NSIII. And finally So Bong gets him. LOL This is a wacky thought.
  3. I am currently in the middle of episode 11 released yesterday and I suddenly had this idea - albeit not a good one - What if Nam Shin's assistant JYH has vested interests that he disguises as friendship / protection? The grandfather asks him to leave the orphanage and unfairly asks him to be a shadow to NS, which he accepts. But over the years what if he has a grudge and belief that it was because of his hard work and suffering under the grandfather for Nam Shin's sake makes him feel entitled that in fact that the company must belong to him in the future and not to Nam Shin?! I have a feeling the real antagonist in the drama will be Nam Shin's assistant who will try to take advantage of NSIII's presence to get on the grandfather's side and finally inherit the company. He could also be the one who will try to pull the kill switch.
  4. Can someone explain how did our hero randomly appear out of nowhere (on foot i suppose cos I don't see any vehicle that he could have used) and stop the police cars?? Is he going to have teleportation as his superpower?? Lol
  5. @stargazer187 - you are right...Nak Won's oppa is her step brother. So, it looks like he has more than sibling affection for her. Below is the reference from Drama Milk -
  6. I am in soo love with Ji Ki Joo's white dress and blue shoes ..... so beautiful and elegant !!
  7. @ccl82 This is a nice thought ... I also thought could GI be jealous of JA sweet talking to Ahjussi and realised that it should have been GI in the first place when things were better and he loved her. Or was it a kind of screwed up admiration he had for JA for how good she can be in moving her ahjussi with her words after all she has gone through in GI's hands...it was actually difficult to decipher the exact emotion in his expression when he was listening to the recordings.
  8. @CamelKnight - Thank you so much for your response Yes, I came to know that I can edit it from the 1st original post of that topic. , so I managed to edit the post But, thank you so much once again : ) Have a great day <3 : ) !!
  9. @jeijei - Oh that is so simple! Why did I not think about it before . Thank you so much for letting me know. : ) Have a great day!
  10. Hello , I have been trying to edit the title for a topic I started in 'actors and actresses' but not able to do so. Please help
  11. Dear Administrators, I have recently created a topic and would like to edit the title. But I do not know how. Could you let me know how the title can be edited Thank you
  12. Short clip of OSH from the drama Defendant -
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