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  1. Just give us 50 eps,47 eps is not enough after all trouble and heart breaking moment...atleast spare 3 more eps for lovey dovey moment
  2. I'm tired ... maybe for a while I decided to watch it when the drama is over. too many conflicts ahead of the last episode
  3. Me too ahahhahaha i will skip ep 40..hope zll with wr pleaseee 6 ep to go until final eps.....
  4. Thx u @themarchioness soo much for your hard work and love for us here
  5. Heiii @themarchioness thx u soooo much dear!! Big Hug from me hehehehehhe
  6. @themarchioness thx uuuuuuu sooooo muchhhh..for making my morning soooo beautiful ahahahhahah...can wait for tmrow ep (to be honest for day by day I always say to myself cant wait for tomorrow's episode for hoping that their next episode will come back together) now i can see the light
  7. Little paaaannnnnnn *#/^#;#;,#??#;#^&@(@¥×£€^÷#;#?';#*@(@,;#&@*@?;:"'"&#((×&÷^@^bshsjdhgshjwklk!!!!!i dont know how to curse him
  8. So..how many ep again until we can see they reunited hiks hiks...
  9. Thx u very much...yess the book not translated..hiks I try to read each chapter with google translate but it make me crazy bcoz the translation is messed up
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