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  1. Gong Ou's mom (I'm sure we'll be seeing more of her in the future)... and her fondness (too much like the others pointed out) of wine...
  2. Xiao Nian with Mona and Gong Ou's Mom. I give a 45 degree bow to @40somethingahjumma for such a detailed recap. Credits to Xiao nian's weibo XD
  3. Thank you very much! Seems the episode today's coping up with the lack of craziness from the previous ep. It is now very clear that the child from the spoilers is from their present relationship. So what happened 3 yrs. ago is now set aside? It would have been better thought if they showed a flashback of it. I was trying to watch the raw in YT but unfortunately the videos for ep 5 were immediately blocked due to copyright. I had the chance to watch only from the start up to the meeting between Xiao nian and Gongou's mom via live streaming in YT.
  4. Poster for ep 5: 总裁在上5:继承者的爱恋 Credit to 总裁在上我在下 weibo
  5. @40somethingahjumma Thank you very much on that. Your recaps will be so hopeful for us non mandarin readers. @bebebisous33 Don't worry you're not crazy at all. I hope the others will also send requests for this to be subbed. Many are looking for eng subs too in other blogs. And for some reason I sent a request in musixmatch to add some of the drama's soundtrack to their library. The drama isn't perfect (we know it) but the songs keep pulling me particularly the 反派 (villain) by 叶小开. I'm such a sucker for ballad. I'm not getting obsessed, am I?
  6. We're also looking for subs. The eng subber's channel was deleted in yt so the drama may no longer be subbed unless viki does it.
  7. As the episode title "总裁在上4:总裁的专属守护" President on 4: The exclusive protection of president (trans from systran; google translate has the guardian word on it) indicates and just like the others mentioned, Gongou in this episode became a less overbearing president and patient and gentle in taking care of Xiao nian. He did become a guardian this time by tending into her needs from eating to guarding in her sleep. As much as he was hurt by what happened to the lively Xiao nian, I too and definitely you also felt really bad for her. Who would have thought that on good day like that, an ahjumma will feed you to those hungry sharks? Instead of getting food to eat, Xiao nian was eaten by the crowd and was disabled mentally. Of course, Gongou infuriated and was visibly stressed coz at 18:47, his facial hair grew. This just showed that he didn't just provided her basic and medical care, he was also affected by the situation and carried a part of her burden. It was great to see Xiao nian set boundaries/conditions before they officially started their relationship so that Gongou will be at least under control and her place in the relationship clear. Now that they're officially together, Xiao nian has another plate, rather two plates coming right at her (first one is Gongou's mother and second, that unknown lady) but she has yet to finish the matter with her family since Shidi will strike back at next ep. It seems happiness is too soon for these two but what do we know? If Gongou's mother is an enemy she might step out if she sees her son's rampage. As for Qianchu, I was glad his exposure this time is short and that Xiao nian cut ties with him but I doubt a phone call would deter him for good. I just hope he wouldn't appear next ep so that there'll be 1 less crazy person to see on the screen. It has the caption 搞事情 深夜放毒 on weibo. Web translations are different. Google says "engage in things late at night" but the other says something about "poison at late at night'. Maybe this will be shown next ep? Gongou seems moving fast huh. Credit to 总裁在上我在下 weibo
  8. Thank you very much @40somethingahjumma for providing the recap!!! Don't worry your recap is so clear and I admire your Chinese. It's better than the subs XD (tho I'm also grateful to them). I read first your recap so that when I watch the ep 4 raw I'll remember what you wrote. Your and the others' thoughts on this ep 4 provided good analysis esp on Gongou. Thanks again!
  9. I know right? That's why I tried youku but to no avail. I checked youtube and ep 4 is already released but I doubt there'll be a sub soon. So they're trying to turn the crowd against Xiao nian huh? They're the best adoptive family ever. And did I forget to mention that Xiao nian was lucky to have them? Heol.
  10. Preview for Ep 5: What the heck?! First it is Gongou and now Shidi kidnapped her! How dare she hurt Xiao Nian! On a side note, one of the little things I like about cdramas is that characters wear the same clothes twice making it more a little bit realistic (Also in Shan Shan comes to eat). Credits to the youtube owner
  11. Just sharing this poster (for Ep 3) while waiting for ep 4. Credit to 总裁在上我在下 weibo
  12. Episode 4 is out in China! The drama is aired every 3pm on Friday. Here's the official streaming site: Here's the poster for ep 4: If someone knows if there'll be an english sub, please let us know. T_T Credit to 总裁在上我在下 weibo
  13. @bebebisous33 Such a conspiracy theory! I've been wondering for a while now how Qianchu knew about the meeting at the hotel and that might be the answer. And he didn't even asked Xiao Nian how did she know about it! But how the two families could have hide Xiao nian's pregancy and the kid? Could they have had her drink the same medicine Shidi gave to Qianchu to make her forget about the incident and preganancy? The flashback scene of Xiao nian being the topic of gossip in school must have happened few days or weeks after the banquet coz if scene happened long after that incident it would be impossible that no one would notice her pregnant. I also agree that Gongou's certain purpose to come back was to stop the arranged marriage. He might have already an interest in her when he was younger (hence the painting). And didn' t he identify Xiao nian as the one he slept with due to a picture? His indentification of the real perpetrator could have been influenced by his feelings for her. He might have also started the rumor that his return is connected to 3 yrs ago as part of his plan! But why he didn't look for his child 2 yrs ago or during the year Xiao nian was supposed to be pregnant instead which could have ended the arranged marriage earlier.
  14. @bebebisous33 It was a different woman after all. Based on the MV, I really feel bad for Xiao Nian. It seems she'll devastated maybe by Shidi's plan and she seems like an empty shell. Poor girl. That scene with Gongou with another woman might be after all one of his tricks. He even tied Xiao Nian! Maybe it was one of his "LOW EQ techniques" to make her fall for him? And it was reliving to see Xiao nian fight back by throwing the contract. I wonder if her patience has already reached its limits to Gongou's tactics? It was shocking for Xiao Nian holding a gun but I'm not wondering why she would point it to the couple who caused emotional distress to her. It seems Qianchu will kidnap her too. While I'm not definitely rooting for Qianchu, I'm not yet completely rooting for Gongou. All I'm taking side is that of Xiao Nian's which of course, include Gongou but I just want her to have a rest from these troubles bugging her. On the matter of the child, I guess there'll be a time skip? Based on the stills, it seems Xiao nian and the child has been living well (given her own art gallery) and will be found later by Fengde and Gongou. I agree at @joyblack4 that they might be separated especially if Qianchu or Gongou's mother will be a major interference between them. Or if that kid was the product of what happened 3 years ago might be answered by the next episode. I hope this time, hypnotizing Xiao nian will give the true picture of that incident and so about the kid. @joyblack4 Where did you see that vid of Xiao nian buying the kit? Could you give me the link? Thanks! Speaking of the wedding of Xiao nian and Gongou, not only this woman will crash at the wedding but also Qianchu (@ 3:56 in the MV)! Credits to #网剧总裁在上我在下 weibo
  15. Who says only Gongou (and Qianchu) can be a psycho? Butler Feng can be too! Imagine Butler Feng finally snaps due to Gongou's consistent commands then strangles Gongou first with Gongou saying "Fengde..!". He desperately asks Xiao Nian for help but she is not so inclined to help and gives Gongou a nonchalant reply. After strangling Gongou, Butler Feng decides to make Xiao Nian his next victim. Seriously though I didn't expect Xiao Nian to do that. Haha. Credits to #网剧总裁在上我在下 weibo