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  1. I Love My President Though He is a Psycho officially ended today! (But of course, for us, the drama's still not done and I'm gonna binge watch this again once all of the subs are released T^T) Here's the poster for the last ep: Glasses makes Gong Ou look smarter and less of a psycho XD. I forgot though to post the poster for Ep. 9. Here it is: Credits to its rightful owners
  2. About Gong Ou's and Xiao Nian's brothers: They are both proclaimed to be dead right?
  3. Preview for EP.10 《总裁在上:爱火重燃》第10集预告片 Credits to the owner
  4. Ep 8 poster: Credits to 网络剧总裁在上我在下 weibo Thank you thank you! Well that is very highly possible. His disappearance is a good cover for him to plan anything to separate the couple without raising suspicions. ;-)
  5. Eternal thanks to @40somethingahjumma for an overview of ep 7 and the translation of ep 8. I now know what Qianchu said to Xiao Nian after the rescue. And with regards to Gong Ou's father with no face, it indeed adds some mysteriousness. Not showing his face makes him different to a typical rich-powerful-disapproving your fiancee-dad. It just shows that he is someone you shouldn't be messing with and it's either a good or bad news when you see his face. And as far as I can see, Gong Ou only meets his dad when it's punishment time. But why Gong Ou kept going there if he knew he'll only be hit? That just shows even he can't match up with his father's power.
  6. Yes she and Gong Ou will be engaged but what I meant was Mona 's experience during her interrogation. I watched ep 7 raw and I don't why she is questioned but I think it's connected to Xiao Nian's location (Edit:Just read the comments and it was indeed due to Xiao Nian XD). I watched ep 6 and 7 continuously and so much happened in ep 7 that the events progressed faster than ep 6. Xiao Nian was like a princess imprisoned in a tower (literally) waiting to be rescued and it was Qianchu who rescued her. I don't like Qianchu but for me it's good that she was saved by him since Gong Ou is being pinned down by his family esp. his father right now which makes Gong Ou incapable of protecting her. But seriously though, Gong Ou is already a grown man yet he's being punished like that by his father. It's more like torture! No wonder the son does it too. I share @bebebisous33 sentiments particularly on the servants/doctors etc. either being beaten or shot dead. They were just doing their job and yet they met such unfortune. Yes it is good to serve under a rich family but if it is a crazy one, it is a different matter. So much to talk about (especially when sub is available) but I'm loss at words but I'd say the ep 7 was frustrating *sighs*
  7. Better late than never! Here's the poster for today's ep: (And before I go back to studying...)That's good question @Ldy Gmerm pointed out. I hope that gets answered in ep. 7 and what will more will happen to Shidi's family now that Xiao nian returned to her parents (I don't what to see them again though) but given her good heart I think they'll be left untouched. I also agree to @bebebisous33 's insights about Mona & her plans backfiring on her. I'm curious how devastated she'll be under Gongou's method of interogation. Now that Xiao nian found her real parents, she deserves all the good treatment she'll receive from them after experiencing all the craziness she went through. Credits to 网络剧总裁在上我在下 weibo
  8. So we'll be seeing a new Xiao nian, I guess? At last, she'll be free and enjoy her life with her family. But with Qianchu looming around... She's like a boss here. Hehe. And maybe that's her mom? I haven't seen ep 6 fully since I'm quite busy TvT but I saw Mona's quite irritating behavior (an understatement?) and it is gratifying to see her sit in Gongou's chair of interrogation in ep 7. (She was that girl w/ Gongou on the bath! I definitely have bad eyes-_-) Credits to 网络剧总裁在上我在下 weibo Thanks for that translation and your future subs of the drama @40somethingahjumma!!!
  9. Poster for ep 6: There is also a synopsis: 简介: 根据掌阅文学排名第一,旗下趣阅小说网签约作者、顶级言情天后姜小牙的同名小说改编:时小念在事故中受到了惊吓,导致胎位不稳,住进了医院。期间莫娜以治疗为名,带宫欧四处走动,不断入侵宫欧的空间,企图霸占宫欧。而宫欧在一张哥哥的旧照片中发现了时小念的身世的秘密…… Credits to Letv I hope @40somethingahjumma can help translate this. Thanks in advance .
  10. 2 more days (GMT +8) until the next ep! Here are some stills for the next ep (not entirely sure): Credits to 网络剧总裁在上我在下 weibo
  11. Gong Ou's mom (I'm sure we'll be seeing more of her in the future)... and her fondness (too much like the others pointed out) of wine... Credits to the official weibo page
  12. Xiao Nian with Mona and Gong Ou's Mom. I give a 45 degree bow to @40somethingahjumma for such a detailed recap. Credits to Xiao nian's weibo XD
  13. Thank you very much! Seems the episode today's coping up with the lack of craziness from the previous ep. It is now very clear that the child from the spoilers is from their present relationship. So what happened 3 yrs. ago is now set aside? It would have been better thought if they showed a flashback of it. I was trying to watch the raw in YT but unfortunately the videos for ep 5 were immediately blocked due to copyright. I had the chance to watch only from the start up to the meeting between Xiao nian and Gongou's mom via live streaming in YT.
  14. Poster for ep 5: 总裁在上5:继承者的爱恋 Credit to 总裁在上我在下 weibo
  15. @40somethingahjumma Thank you very much on that. Your recaps will be so hopeful for us non mandarin readers. @bebebisous33 Don't worry you're not crazy at all. I hope the others will also send requests for this to be subbed. Many are looking for eng subs too in other blogs. And for some reason I sent a request in musixmatch to add some of the drama's soundtrack to their library. The drama isn't perfect (we know it) but the songs keep pulling me particularly the 反派 (villain) by 叶小开. I'm such a sucker for ballad. I'm not getting obsessed, am I?