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  2. If I'm not mistaken I saw someone shared this few hundred pages before, but I still want to share it again lol 19 YEARS OLD SEUNGYEON IS SOOO CUTEEEE
  3. Unlurking just to post these beautiful My Only Love Song FMVs bcs I was to busy with Eid preparations. Happy Eid Mubarak for everyone who celebrate! Btw, loveeeee how the FMV bring out the best from the whole drama. Please keep posted if anyone can find new FMV. Enjoy! credit to owners.
  4. Ok since everyone has shared what they feels about uri couple kiss scene and how great the storyline, their chemistry, how many plot resembled their wgm which of course any brownies can detect at the 1st point when the show aired. Let's discuss which is your favorite scene (or should I say kissing scene lol since everyone seems like they can't move on from it cough me too haha). It can be more than one and please tell us why. I will start with mine first, yeay! I reallyyyyyy LOVEEEEEE this scene because I like the way how gentle and delicate it seems when he's taking her into his embrace. How precious the way he hold her. It's seems difficult for me to identify whether I'm watching JH or his character, Ondal. The other one will be the proposal kiss. I love all the kiss scenes but this one has touch my heart. It's so heartwarming and so lovely to watch. Maybe not so hot comparing to others but it's still a beautiful scene. When you can see Ondal (or JH? ) smile after kiss. He looks so happy. His eyes shows everything. Please share yours as well. Let keep our beehive grows!
  5. where did I saw that drink before?? hmmmmm HERE? The best way to recharge I guess
  6. Indeed. If JH want, he would fall for her long way before. CNBlue has been together with AOA since debut so literally they are like brothers-sisters.
  7. where? Post here juseyooooo~~ Usually it will be end of Dec. They have announced the MC? Sobs why it is not SY? Waeeeee It's ok. I'll just wait till February then sobs
  8. Am I the only one who praying hard to see JH and SY interaction in SBS Gayo Daejun end of this year? I just hope SY will be MCing with Jungyeon and Minseok as usual and hoping that CNBlue will be guesting like previous year. I need to see their interaction on music show. Desperately hahaha.
  9. OMG I thought I am the only who one realised that! Our Seungyeon has mastered in swimming! Who thought that she can successfully learned that when the last time we saw, she was struggling to even stay floating. Applause to uri baby bee! p/s: she really had a good time filming this show. Imma a happy fan.
  10. I'm still curious as why they choose to wear bee onesie and why they decided to be a pair instead using different one. There must be a reason isn't it? I keep searching for the answer but I failed miserable. If only I could just meet them and ask them directly lol. OT : Seems like JH will get another nephew/niece! His oldest sister seems like expecting a new baby. Correct if I'm wrong. If yes, they will having a new member in the family! Yeaayyy
  11. The fact that they sitting side to side with each other definitely feeding our delulu Like I said previously, they just don't care Go jonghyun! Go seungyeon! Feed our delulu as we need that until February come lol
  12. I'm still amused by the fact that jonghyun still stick to his white shirt for every concert. Seems like he won't change his wardrobe for 5262725271639 concerts of his lol. If he has 2 days concert, at least he will wear it at any one of the day.
  13. Me toooo. I can't sleep as well and it has been 5 mins past 5.00 AM in the morning in my country! Should I blamed to our bee couple then? I shall become zombie at work later on lol. Too much adrenaline rush because of them
  14. We are waiting for moreeeeeeeee after-party pictures
  15. They look so happy. Why suddenly I feel like crying? The only girl with privilege which basically can do anything to jonghyun and get away with it. The fact the they don't even bother with the haters makes me goes auwwwww. They just don't care.