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  1. It will be on 2nd June if I’m not mistaken
  2. I’m not so sure whether this is off topic lol. But, hey guys! Heard that Seungho is coming to Malaysia next month. Anyone from Malaysia is going?
  3. Chae Soobin is the 2nd girl which I have the girl crush. She’s can be effortlessly beautiful without doing anything. Her body’s proportional is so perfect that I myself found she’s too good to be resisted. She can be cute, she can be sexy, she can be caring, she can be someone’s good friends, all in one pack. Add in with her bubbly character and her beautiful heart, she’s a keeper. If I have a little sister, I would love to have someone like her. Too bad I only have lil brother in my real life lol. and she can also be your girl next’s door. If I were YSH, I will have a hard time to keep my hand away from this girl. I mean hugging of course!
  4. I’m not sure whether this has been posted here before or not. But I just can’t let it passed without sharing it. I found this too sexy. So uri dear detectives, please do the investigation and see whether is there any t-action here. Repeat is the keyword. credit to owner.
  5. Sorry to cut short your post. Yes. To add in, he should not supposed to close his eyes right away after the kiss. He should act shocked/surprised isn’t it in that particular scene. Bcs his character was not supposed to know that Aji3 will kiss him. Wellllllll we can’t blame him thou. He’s really into his character *coughkissscenecough* lol
  6. Right! It feels more like confession to me
  7. He’s surely BOLD enough to admitted that hahaha. When I was reading his IV translation saying that his feeling for Jia/Soobin has disappeared after the drama, I was like ‘okaaaayyy hmmm okayyyyy, like I will believe you’ lol. And this ELLE IV definitely make me rofl at his statement previously. Yes! He’s definitely a Leo. Same as mine as we are sharing the same birthday month. Only that I’m 6 years older than him hahahahaha
  8. He has experienced 18 years of acting, but this is the 1st drama he want to treasure, protect, love and care of regardless the viewing result. Don’t we think that this is more than enough for us to sail the ship? lol
  9. Hi! First time posting here lol. Been here since the 1st day this page was created but got no courage to post anything haha but hey, just wanted to share something. I found that YSH has been too clingy with our CSB. I found this particular obvious when he called her at the last second of below BTS. He sound upset when Soobin just left him like that. Omg he’s so precious. What has uri Soobin-yang did to him. I just love them omg
  10. Well I’m sad. But as most of you here has said, their IG interaction does not determined anything. Moreover, their IG interaction has been died out for quite sometimes now. Tbh, I don’t follow both of their IG either. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love them. They have been topping my search suggested profile in IG, which can conclude that I keep looking for their IG lol. So, might be as well for Jonghyun. She can be his top search suggested profile as well, who knows? Hahaha anyone care enough to hack into his phone? lol jk. I’m sad but I’m ok now. Bcs we still have our Nerdy connection right? That doesn’t seems to die down yet.
  12. If I'm not mistaken I saw someone shared this few hundred pages before, but I still want to share it again lol 19 YEARS OLD SEUNGYEON IS SOOO CUTEEEE
  13. Unlurking just to post these beautiful My Only Love Song FMVs bcs I was to busy with Eid preparations. Happy Eid Mubarak for everyone who celebrate! Btw, loveeeee how the FMV bring out the best from the whole drama. Please keep posted if anyone can find new FMV. Enjoy! credit to owners.
  14. Ok since everyone has shared what they feels about uri couple kiss scene and how great the storyline, their chemistry, how many plot resembled their wgm which of course any brownies can detect at the 1st point when the show aired. Let's discuss which is your favorite scene (or should I say kissing scene lol since everyone seems like they can't move on from it cough me too haha). It can be more than one and please tell us why. I will start with mine first, yeay! I reallyyyyyy LOVEEEEEE this scene because I like the way how gentle and delicate it seems when he's taking her into his embrace. How precious the way he hold her. It's seems difficult for me to identify whether I'm watching JH or his character, Ondal. The other one will be the proposal kiss. I love all the kiss scenes but this one has touch my heart. It's so heartwarming and so lovely to watch. Maybe not so hot comparing to others but it's still a beautiful scene. When you can see Ondal (or JH? ) smile after kiss. He looks so happy. His eyes shows everything. Please share yours as well. Let keep our beehive grows!