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  1. As per Bah-Doo / Drama Milk : How to Watch: Netflix! (From KDramaNews: Something in the Rain will be available on Netflix (Worldwide except Japan, Taiwan, America, Canada) on 13th. They’ll be releasing a total of 4 Eps for this week & 2 Eps every Friday for the upcoming weeks. Meanwhile, it’ll be available in America & Canada starting from May 26)
  2. I think not till next Friday, but at least I will get to watch it officially In the meantime I will still be lurking around here because @stroppyse and other subbers have been the best quality subs around that has been my lifeline for the past weeks. Thank you very much!!!!
  3. I am in Australia and usually I am sad because a lot of what I want ot watch isn't available in my region on Viki or Netflix. I feel like I hit the jackpot on this one because Somthing in the Rain is on my Netflix and I can marathon all 4 and be ready for 5 and 6! Yayayyaayayayayay!
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