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  1. The brother told HS that WD is the prince and told HS to forget him. HS is now crying. Omg I cannot tell how Yul is feeling.. Does he or does he not remember everything?
  2. Waaa i just knew HS's disappearance during the magic show was foreshadowing something My heart stopped the whole time during that whole scene, thinking she would get kidnapped there but it didnt happen ah but in the end she still got kidnapped
  3. No i think mr dimples was hesitating coz he saw how happy WD was with HS and he wasnt sure if telling hime would be the right thing to do
  4. oh no looks like wonduek has not remembered everything and is just told by KEC that he is the crown prince and brought back to the palace just like that to do his bidding.
  5. HAAHHA the family is packing to leave and won deuk being the prince that he is wants to bring everything. "I sweat a lot" he says as he insists on bringing more sets of clothes.
  6. Mr Dimples knows!!! He finally knows won deuk is Yul !!! He showed a portrait of won deuk to one of the palace guards and they identified him as the CP
  7. wahhh they kissed >< all coz they were quarreling over personality and looks again and won deuk said she was pretty
  8. Waaa omg what kind of a preview was that ;alskdj;alsgjejl I tot it was a pre-produced drama? Producers so mean omg
  9. WD is found at home making straw shoes. He doesn't want to remember. " If we leave with my brother, we will have to stay in hiding forever, do you still wanna go together?" -HS
  10. OMO he remembers that night where the female physician was assassinated in front of him DK if he remembers the rest He gazes the bow and arrow of Park and scenes of his birthday bash flashes in his mind.
  11. AWWW WD and Mr dimple bonding as they couch in hiding to trap the dog. "Have I met you before? You sound familiar. " Yeah Dog brothers unite. Oh no WD is gonna be the target for the arrow? O_O Will this trigger his memories ?? (I hope so )
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