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  1. We are down to last episode and my major regret in this drama is the writer didn't give enough time for JH to be a mother to HN.
  2. LOL she's the mother of Do Bong Soon where she got her strength. Shim Hye Jin lodt her strength because she didn't use it in goodwill.
  3. I think both of their roles in Sound of Uour Heart Reboot are opposite of their current role in this daily drama. Shim Hye Jin seems to have the same quirky funny role like in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.
  4. Watch JH in Brave Family where she is called the Empress Dowager. In this drama and with all the things they've been doing to HN, she will show her Empress Dowager attitude! LOL
  5. Sweet Home Sweet Honey LOL Daily dramas normally have birth secrets.
  6. So... is the customer complaining and got hurt another evil plan of SH?
  7. The war freak award of this drama goes out to HG's mother!
  8. Makes sense. Plus basing it from the pictures shared of their last day of filming, there's none that shows JE had a baby. Hoping though she's not really pregnant. As for JH, why is she not at the group picture of their last day of filming? Seems that she's the only one missing or I may have overlooked? The writer is very unpredictable... So are we expecting more twist as we move towards to the end of the drama?
  9. Shim Hye Jin who played JH is really a very good actress. From very loving, nurturing, innocent look to fiery, scary, richard simmons ajumma! Of all the characters in this drama, it's only her who showed 2 different characters.
  10. The evil mother and daughter are now getting more mad at HN and JH. Will they plan some crime and eventually JH will die to save her daughter?
  11. Thank you for sharing the highlight of today's episode. LOL so this writer is playing tricks on the audience. Are we watching a mind boggling series that he is giving us too many possibilities of how the truth will be revealed. Hope he can tie all these together for the big reveal. I won't be surprised if a birth mark on HN will also show up as a clue in this drama.
  12. So I was wrong... the fake SJ can make the 2 evil witches kneel and beg in the next episodes. Is it possible that the fake SJ witnessed the accident of EA? I hope the fake SJ will make the evil witches' world smaller to thw point that JE had no choice but to come clean to JH and admit to all her wrong doings from the day SJ got lost up.
  13. The writer still not giving us clear direction of how the truth will be revealed. Too many possibilities still. Watching the preview, looks like EA woke up since HN is in JH's house getting something where she found the marble then JE saw her and fought. If EA is still in the hospital, I don't think HN will go home. @meoooooowwww @dramaninja let's see how the come back of the fake SJ will twist the story again. With how the plot is going... seems like the truth will be revealed together with the revelation of evil acts of SH and JE. With few episodes left, the writer will give us episode after episode bomb.
  14. Or SH paid her to do and say something to JH? Is it possible that SH will use her? I hope EA wakes ip and pretend she doesn't remember anything so she can plan on how to tell JH secretly the truth. EA already knows SH and her intentions so she has to act smarter. SH might be possible to end up in a mental institution. Lol
  15. It is possible that HN and her mom will move away to avoid conflicts. Knowing them, they will feel that their presence is a burden to the people around that is causing arguments with their families. This is then that the writer will make JH find out that HN is SJ so she will search for her. Right now, this drama is not giving audience a specific and stable clue. Too many possibilities.