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  1. So... is it just me but SH is entertaining me so much with her nervous, lost, bothered look. She seems to be in the boundary of going crazy... JH-HN moment today was priceless. JH's advice to tell EA and her though of 'if I am your mother, I hope you will find me' is very touching. The writer might be prepqring us for HN to find out she's SJ and will fulfill JH's hope that she will find her instead.
  2. Totally agree @dramaninja! It's even possible that HN will wish that JH is her real mom. Sin e the 2 are getting closer, they might be the ones who will find out the truth that they are the person they have been looking for. SH is in another mentally exhausting experience. I won't be surprised if she ends up in an institution after the drama. LOL. JE is now being very bad to her mother and even leaving her alone on what they did with JH and HN.
  3. LOL. Usual story and by the looks of DG, his everyday appearance in this show is always JE (getting tired of it, though) after they got separated.
  4. I agree with you @darr. The writer should give justice to JH's character and show how she can protect her daughter from the 2 witches as a mother. The airing cancelation of this drama has gone too much for me as compared to other dramas I watched. I don't know if it excites you more or feel bored. The big reveal feels so near yet so far... How could JG didn't recognize SJ's picture to be HN as well if he has known HN ever since she was a kid?
  5. SH can possibly take some drastic step. If that happens, I just hope that HG and JH to rescue her then they will reunite.
  6. I honestly like how the writer is preparing JH and HN with the truth. They will most likely like each other and feel happy after finding out the truth. It's also good that HN finds out that JH's daughter was not abandoned and she went through hsrd times finding her. This part is unusual for a kdrama where parents got separated with their sone/daughter. How I miss SH's worried and nervous look. It's like she's about to drop any object she has at hand everytime she hears progress between JH and HN.
  7. Did HN tell JH she's adopted? If she did, it's now HG and JH who knew the truth? Hope these 2 will help HN. Maybe the truth is soon to be revealed. As always, JE still looks miserable and mess.
  8. Of course JE and DG will get back together and JE won't leave anymore. Her role is important in the story. I am now curious on how JH and HN will figure things out. Based from the preview, looks like HN will ask JH couple of questions or will make statements about her missing daughter and how she must've felt. HN might find JH to be a person she can tell her story and her problem.
  9. I really like how JH handled SH's wrong doings. Allow her to still work at the company but had her write her resignation letter that can be used anytime. Very smart decision JH. HG and HN are so sweet with each other and really like how they converse. JG and JH are fine matured couple. I love their chemistry. It's going to be very rough time for HN after hearing her adoption but I can't help get excited for JH and HN to reunite then eventually kick the 2 evils. I won't be surprised if JE will turn into an alcoholic or in a mental institution or suffer depression. She's so messed up now and can't think straight. I am so disappointed in DG. He didn't get his father's way of thinking with things. He's more of no backbone.
  10. Which makes sense @dramaninja. I hope SH and JE's downfall will now start.
  11. Granted that JH got mad at SH but JE stepping in to come up reasons why her mom did that is totally unacceptable! Now JH and JG feel guilty for they thought their pursuance of their relationship resulted SH to do that act. Still, SH will not get fired from SJ boutique. When will this evil after evil lies stop? It' very humbling to see how JH can be very humble towards HN. Maybe HN got it from her mom.
  12. I personally didn't like the episode today except the hugging part Since granny wants to live with JG and JH, she might be the one to figure out HN is SJ... I just hope that HN's problem will just pass by and resolve quickly with JH's help. Once Hanna finds out HN is JH's dsughter, she might regret being richard simmons on HN.
  13. The writer is setting the plot well that HN to like her true family especially granny and JH before the revelation. I guess this is not a typical kdrama that the daughter will rebel over her mom who lost her. I like granny today. She can be the person who can give idea to JH that HN resembles both JH and her dad in some way.
  14. Loving JH's character every single episode. This lady is now using her own mind and judgement and not letting her sister persuade her. Love how she defended HN when SH said that HN might've stole SJ's photo and she is somewhat rude to her. We are now seeing great connection between the mother and daughter naturally. JH is now fond of HN. I won't be surprised if JE will go crazy in the process.