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  1. hi guys i was reluctant to buy the dvd at first coz it doesnt hv subtitles but i eventually gave in to the temptation.. so today i tried to purchase the dvd but my payment didnt go through and i gave up trying after a few times.. i will try again tomorrow and if i fail, i really hope that you guys can share some of contents after the dvd is released sobs..... on a happier note, im going to seoul again this year with my sister and girlfriends.. does anyone know if/when psj will hv his fan meeting this year? i would like to go if possible..
  2. you speak my mind..KJW is hot and all, but i still root for PSJ! cant help it coz he's my bias.. funny how PSJ and PSJ hv a costar with same initials..KJW=kim ji won, kim jae wook~~ another coincidence right? at this point, the universe must be shipping them as well
  3. thought so.. that media outlet should be sued for spreading malicious rumour like this one.. totally irresponsible.. on the other hnd, im quite excited for HPL lol.. cant wait to see how PMY acts like one of us..
  4. i just saw some of HPL’s script reading photos.. MY looks so pretty.. her hair is shorter and darker now.. Kim jae wook looks handsome too. not sure if we can share photos of them here coz this is ppc thread.. or we can?? i think her new drama will be successful coz the plot is fun and fresh..(i really hope it will be). the rating for Touch Your Heart keeps dropping eventhough ppl anticipated it even bfore the drama is aired bcoz of YIN and LDW.. i guess the plot of the drama is really important to secure ratings now.. fingers crossed HPL + TDF will be successful so MY + SJ can have their wedding ceremony in some place in Turkey with happy hearts (hahaha delusional delusional)
  5. i voted for Park Seo Joon! meanwhile my boss at work looks like.... nevermind
  6. so did u guys watch the first kissing scene from TYH? what ya think? does it has the same vibe as WWWSK?
  7. RIP LH and NWS..* sobs... im emotionally exhausted after watching this drama lol but it was fun while it lasted.. ps can someone tell me the name of the writernim~~ she’s gonna be in my ‘’Must Ban These Writers Coz They Gonna Make Handsome Guys Suffer In Drama And Kill Them In The End’’ list... thnks chingus for your posts and comments in this thread.. let’s meet in another drama thread soon .. now i need to go and watch a happy drama with rainbow pooping unicorns and singing birds to get rid of my blues
  8. i told my mom about how crazy this drama is, and she said "do you remember we used to watch Sin Senos No Hay Paraiso?..now that was crazy.." that is a show that's literally called, "Without Boobs There Is No Paradise," so you know the plot's got to be good. it focuses on Catalina, a small-town girl from Colombia who undergoes a breast augmentation so that she can smuggle drugs in her implants in the hopes of making a better life for herself~~~ i laughed so hard ..no wonder my mum thinks this drama is great~~ she is so used to crazy shows now
  9. i believe this show has gone crazy like 10 episodes ago .. but do surprise us writernim ~~
  10. that’s a relief.. coz the story started with NWS as the key character so i kinda disappointed the way he was beaten endlessly and now dead due to bomb explosion.. if i was the writer, i will make NWS elope with crazy princess and live happily ever after as a rich guy, maybe go on cruise to ibiza... and hv a good life after all the misery it may sounds crazy but the whole drama is crazy right
  11. do you guys really think the reason why CJH wont be in the extension is due to scheduling conflict? i dunno the whole thing seems salty to me~ the way they end him
  12. NWS is injured again~ surprise surprise aigoo just kill the poor man~~ finally~ he's dead.. tsk tsk
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