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  1. soo nanny is the main culprit.. i think she killed SH bcoz she wanted ari to be the next in line for the throne.. but is ari really lee hyuk’s daughter? i think she is coz i dont think the nanny would kill SH and risk everything if ari turns out to PM’s daughter.. during the first few weeks, i thought MYR is the puppet master.. then EM dowager showed her fangs, and now it’s nanny turn.. lol these drama has too many villains. i still feel pity for lee hyuk he seems to slowy lost his mind.. deep down maybe he’s not very evil and still capable of feeling remorse for what he had done in the past. maybe he’s losing his mind over too much guilt.. it is a shame really to see the main villains in this drama are all mothers who willing to do anything for power, including sacrificing and using their own child. ie nanny-ari, ED-LH, MYR-DS.. tsk tsk
  2. Matilda_Anne

    guess the abs

    i hv no idea who that guy is . i just look at his abs lol and drool. guys, all these abs almost make me want to stop eating cold pizzas for breakfast.... almost lol. im not mentally strong as Na Wang Shik (if u know what i mean)
  3. after reading the interview, i think psj already has a gf in dec 2016 coz he confidently said about not wanting her gf to get hurt coz ppl said bads thing about female celebs when they are dating actors.. he said it as if he has a gf who is also a celeb at that time coz i dont think a non celeb will get the same kind of hate from knetz if they date actors right? ( if he was single at that time maybe he said that bcoz he never thinks about dating non celebs in the future i guess) maybe that 3 year rumor is somehow true?? i dunno
  4. yepp it's a small world even for us non celebs.. my sister dated her bf for 3 yrs but ended up marrying one of his mates.. since they ended things nicely and remains friends after the breakup, there is zero awkwardness..my sister just had a baby recently and his ex even sent flowers..
  5. i think pmy always gives out clue compared to psj lol eventhough she was the one who directly denied the dating rumour.. psj, on the other hand is being extra careful imo.. he did not post even 1 pic from phuket which is weird to me coz he always posts pic when he’s overseas.. even after cosmo, he posted his back pic on ig..
  6. omg u are absolutely right.. my bad.. i thought it is a table.. hehe
  7. Matilda_Anne

    guess the abs

    i hv a question, what happened to the chest hair? they dont hv chest hair? meanwhile, their chest + abs are smoother than my future lol..
  8. @twoparkcouple im quite confused.. it seems like there is another table next to her chair.. it supposed be another chair not table if she really sits at the edge of the long table.. the pic looks like as if she sat on a really small corner table.. what do u think?
  9. im 8 months older than my bf.. if he calls me ‘sister’, i think i will cry lol.. it will make me feel old ..
  10. Matilda_Anne

    guess the abs

    can someone post park seo joon’s abs in ‘fight my way’ and ‘what’s wrong with sec kim’.. *asking for my cats
  11. what is the difference btween formal and informal? do we use informal term when talking to friends only?
  12. ikr.. psj also is a good kisser right.. that makes them good at creating chemistry with other actors in drama.. i just finished watching youns kitchen and i realised psj addressed yumi as noona.. not yumi-ssi.. why he called pmy as pmy-ssi and not noona coz she is older thn him too? is it bcoz the age gap is small? or is it bcoz of something else? hehehe
  13. omooo i just saw montblanc editorial pic.. ahhh my shipper heart is not strong for those pics lol.. what will i do when pmy kisses another dude on the big screen!!! aigooo
  14. my gut tells me dispatch has ppc pics.. maybe they just waiting for the right time to release it..
  15. i think they will cameo separately.. but miso’s parents were OTP in drama right? so PPC maybe will cameo together if PD requests it...