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  1. at first i think it was quite intimate too but then he did it with kky too..that makes me feel like koko is just a cute gesture and not a romantic one..
  2. most of them are fans/shippers like us, so they alwys post something good about psj/pmy....
  3. idk honestly, after i watched the last ep, the more i think the nose kiss between sjs and her was unnecessary.. they built romantic plot but left it to die and decided to go with the spy plot instead. in terms of couple award, maybe they can give it to the ‘voice’ and shim lol. they make a cute villain couple in the end, until one betrayed the other.. i dunno practically everyone in this drama had some kind of weird bonding with each other. it will be hard to give a couple award to just 2 of them.. maybe they can get ‘gang award’??
  4. ikr? maybe he unfollowed by mistake. who knows?.. but people on ig are practically detectives lol. they know evry single movement of psj and pmy regarding their ig posts.
  5. yess from what ive watched so far, usually most family dramas had good ending.. but the OTP’s love stories were always challenged either by jealous exes or by crazy family members.. it cant be helped lol
  6. this kim biseo should learn from the other kim biseo lol. she married her boss and live happily ever after. kekeke.
  7. hi guys im new in here.. weekend drama is my fav since wang’s family. they never disappoint. looking forward to discuss and read your comments on this drama since this drama is gonna be a long one.. so far the plot is typical. a rich guy and a struggling girl.. i hope they can develop doran’s character a bit in the future. she looks weak and fragile for my liking. hope she can stand up for herself from her mother and wdr’s mother.. ps* is it me or wdr kinda resembles lee min ho lol.. i dunno everytime i see him i will think of lmh.. and doran’s sister looks like a mixture of jessica jung and park shin hye.. lol
  8. saw on ig people are posting about psj just unfollowed domino’s pizza lol. is his contract ended already?
  9. the PPL in this drama is wildddd.. they are literally bam! in your face! lol.. i honestly enjoyed this drama tho the ending part is letting me down a bit.. writernim, im watching you bye everyone im out to buy sandwiches and coffee..
  10. kinda see that smile coming.. this writernim tho.. i wanted a kiss between kb/ar and he/she gave me nose kiss between kb and seunggi appa..still, not even a hug? okayyyy *sighh anywayy, thnk you for recapping this drama.. i really appreciate the efforts taken by you guys.. hope we can see each other again in another thread.. *sending virtual mojitos to everyone** cheerss
  11. @galaxy97 it’s a pavillion in front of the tower.. right next to the stairs i think.. i took gajilions of photos there lol.. i think they sell mojito in the restaurant inside the tower...
  12. so guys since terius is ending today, what drama are you gonna watch next? lets meet again in that thread that is namsan tower right! ive been to that place twice..
  13. aigoo there are so many alphabets involved in this drama.. K, X..
  14. from what i can gather, i think the writer really caters to korean preferences when it comes to romance in this drama.. i hv korean buddy who told me she prefers aerin and kimbon to take their time in building relationships coz she just lost her husband.. i guess i can understand that coz we talked so much about how its only been two months since her husband died. i think there will be no romance but maybe they will show something that could lead to romantic relationship in the future.. maybe it will end with they’re smiling at each other while eating sandwiches after picking up joonjoon from school ** cries ps: whats the name of the writer? im gonna put her/him in my ban list lol
  15. urmm okayy lets boycott north face only.. quiznos sandwiches are quite yummyy.. the bread is hugee. crusty on the outside and soft on the inside .. okayyy back to the story. im still angry