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  1. she posted 2 new photos of leon’s bday party.. i guess she deleted the previous one coz it seemed redundant?
  2. i can still vote but the votes for both psj and pmy have gone down so much.. the other guy on the other hand, is still leading. excuse me starple are you insinuating that the fans of ppc are the one who rigged the votes? unbelievable!!!!
  3. i dunno she seemed more shy than timid to me.. or maybe she was tired that day, from travelling nonstop.. then again it was just 2 min ++ clip so i dont think i can make conclusion yet lol.. psj on the other hand, looked comfortable .. lol ms bong was talkative and full of expression, like she was in wwwsk..
  4. coz i used google translate and it translated into pre financing is in progress please refer to notice.. i never thought the space is for username haha. now i feel dumb..
  5. oh really? then my username will be just random figures hahahhaa.. i thought the first space is for the username. the second space only allows 10 character so i just put random figures and click.. it worked fine..
  6. i just put random figures lol.. just saw the vid too.. yes pmy seemed quiet but they were having fun.. i wonder what they are watching...
  7. how to watch it? i made kakao acc but i cant see it..can i change the language to english bcoz i dont understnd what i should do.. i can see the preview pic tho psj and pmy were laughing
  8. the gap has gone down a bit. yesterday it was 215k, today down to 209k.. hope for the best after the maintenance
  9. umm guys i went to starple app just now to vote and i saw there is a notice written ‘ service maintenance for invalidating the illegal ballots’... what does it mean? .. i dont know how to post photos here
  10. omo no space again? i tot it was a novel turned into a webtoon turned into drama?
  11. i went to check on wwwsk webtoon update and the new chap has been uploaded. i dont understand a thing but it seems like a final chapter.. if its true i feel kinda bummed.. no more secretary kim and v chairman to look forward to every week!!
  12. thnk you!! dont know if i will be able to afford it tho coz im saving all my money for my wedding soon im so poor right now it literally hurts lol
  13. only 1 picture? what are they wearing? im so jealous haha.. so we wont get to see the pic/dvd content forever or there is some sort of waiting time before it can be shared to us who didnt buy the dvd?