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  1. They are so sweet, makes me feel like I’m eating delicious double chocolate cake! Love how they support each other. *fluttery feels*
  2. Please do continue! Much love for updates. Thanks in advance!
  3. Not sure if this has been posted here yet, if so sorry. Enjoy the mirth as I did! *credit to YouTube Channel
  4. That was my big issue with her giving the perfume to WY too. Perfume was what linked her’s and KS’s story together in the webtoon. But maybe they are tailoring the drama in this direction since she’s going on the date with KS first, instead of what the webtoon did...? (Isnt that what happened? My memory is fuzzy.) Of course, that’s just my theory. I see scenes that make up the balance in what they’ve removed from the original webtoon. Overall, I think that the drama is going in a nice, fluid trajectory. The story telling is compelling, and I keep wishing that Friday and Saturday are every day! lol.
  5. Think it may have been mentioned earlier, but anything to spread KPop Love: it’s BTS “The Truth Untold”!
  6. Hi, just a silent reader for the past few weeks; wanted to join and say hello to everyone. It’s been a long time since I’ve contributed to any forum, but this drama has really captured my heart this summer. Much appreciate the various gifs, well thought out discussions, and information about the Webtoon. (Shhh! I Love Spoilers!) Thank you for all of your contributions.