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  1. So I was checking out AIL’s page under MyDramaList, and came across what atsteryroses had to say about the title. I found it rather interesting, and so I quote her: ‘Okay so I was confused with the title as well but “About is Love” is basically the Chinese title (da yue shi ai) But like badly translated in my opinion. So, if it’s word for word the meaning will be “About is love” bc da yue means about/approximately/probably. “Shi ai” means it’s love. Therefore, that’s why the name is “About is Love” but can also be “It’s probably love” ‘ Personally, I prefer the later translation because it would flow nicer, but oh well drama has been made well! But for me, reading this commentator’s defining words make this drama become more full of depth. It’s Probably Love that prompts Wei Qing to act the way he does towards Zhou Shi, but he’s gotta travel a LONNNNG way to figure that fully out! Hahah. And it’s Probably Love to ZS as she figures out her school, work, finances, friendly-ties, and her entire life have been/are all linked to WQ. Yes...About is Love or Probably is Love. One thing is very clear; they are indefinitely linked together.
  2. @angelangie Love!! these new reaction emoticons!! Thanks!! So P&P released ep 10 and 11 today. Whooo hoo! Just finished 10, and I’m gonna savor 11 during the week. I get your comment about WQ’s attitude. Angelangie said: ”of course from the start WeiQing only want to make use of ZhouShi for his own gains” Now, when we originally watched this episode, I did get the sense that that’s what he was doing; tipping off the thugs to corner her in so he could pin her in...but that was a low blow of him!!!! Those thugs could have hurt her and her Mom! Thank goodness ZS’s friend FF warned her not to get involved with him like her old classmate. However, the poor girl just keeps on getting into sticky situations with him. Happy that she puts up such a strong stand!! You go my heroine!! LOL (Oh my. This drama really gets me drawn into the plot.) I can’t wait till he stops being a jerk and truly sincere. He becomes a better person to my happiness. I am so happy to see more people liking this drama. Hope to hear more of people’s thoughts.
  3. Welcome to the Obsession...I mean, the Party of “About is Love”. Ohhhh you should definitely watch more...lol. According to the drama, it’s been 10 years since he developed this negative reaction to people touching him, and there are other areas that his life is affected by this trauma. He’s closeted off, emotionally stunted, cold, scared and scarred, even the one woman who should be a source of comfort (his mother) shuns him. How can he survive life as a robot?? lol. If one looks at it this way, if the basic form of human touch can be so important to a newborn’s growth and development, can you imagine how this lack of touch and normal human affection affects a grown man with...(umm how to say it delicately)...certain needs? This particular woman may not be at first his type nor desirous, but since she fullfills this screaming flag in his life, he’d be a fool to let her go. Would the chance to have another by his side ever happen again? So he clings on...giving her presents and money, anything to keep her by his side, until he realizes how important and precious she is to him. And it brings life back to full circle.... I LOVE this story!
  4. @angelangie How’d you know? lol. I started watching it already, but with a bit of trepidation upon your comment. LOL. Can you message me your spoiler cuz I want to know if your thoughts are what my speculations are. So far, I like it, but that depends on where it goes. I’m not much into makjang or an open ending. But as @happybev mentioned the couple is oosing with chemistry. “wooooweeeie” *A-yi fans herself* So don’t mind me parking here with you all until further notice.
  5. Stumbled across this today. Doesn’t this sound a bit like the manga Fushigi Yugi? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fushigi_Yûgi Of course, it’s not the same, but both this drama and the manga have the girls traveling into a book.
  6. In order to keep on topic here’s a MV I don’t think has been posted: @thunderman1 and @angelangie Well...if it hasn’t been said lately...we definitely appreciate your efforts! Thank you both for giving of your free time and efforts. I have seen your user ids all over soompi, but have been a silent reader till now. Haven’t been involved in a forum as this in such a long time; think it was the Kdrama Healer that got me to delurk for my first time. In any case, it’s been fun, and you two (and the many more people out there that contribute) should know that there are of us (hiding behind our computers!) that are deeply grateful.
  7. As I’ve watched “INAR” (and I’m in the middle of watching it again with my drama club friends), I can see the similarities you’re referring to. Both CEO’s have allergic reactions to human touch because of trauma, their livelihood is threatened because of backstabbing family or co-founders of the corporation, the one poorer woman (or pseudo-robot) he’s immune to, and the journey the leads take to heal each other. However, there is a Chinese book out there that “About is Love” steams from. Not sure if “I’m Not A Robot” hails from that book or if it stands on its own work of fiction. If I am to be completely honest, I actually like “About Is Love” more so than the Korean version. (No offense to those who prefer the other. Just my preference.) And Thanks for your input!
  8. I noticed that as well. PP has been pretty consistent with putting out 2 episodes per week, which is extremely nice of them when they are busy and doing it for free. Some people just do not know the extent to what goes into translating and subbing. It’s not just something that can be done instantly. And placing comments like, “Please sub quickly” or “ Where’s the next subs?” omgoodness how rude and irritating. These people must be children, right? Cuz I cannot comprehend the reasonings of a mature adult being so blatantly rude. Though, I will commend on how many of the comments at PP are showering appreciation for their efforts. We just need to continue to be supportive. Jiayo! Though it’s tiring waiting each week, there are many other dramas out to amuse us in the meantime. (Or just rewatch AIL’s subbed episodes...lol)
  9. @angelangie If I’m not mistaken, is this Yangxi (WQ) singing? Ooh woah. He’s got a deep voice. lol. This is one song from the OST. Pretty.
  10. Yeah, I agree. Playing the waiting game is quite challenging, but well worth the wait. So happy that PP gave us two episodes at once this week. At least there are some cute clips out there to feast on while we wait.
  11. BTS clip: So cute!!! They are adorable!!! The song at 2:19!!! “You are my Destiny”! Hahahah. Also, I knew the actor’s voice for WQ was dubbed, but hola! I kinda wish his actual voice was used now...
  12. Thanks for this!!! I’ll google translate. . Oh my gosh, they are so adorable!! It must have been cold that day, rolling in the mud. lol. So now I’ve returned to the beginning of the drama; just finished ep 4 & 5 now that those Eng translations are out. And I’m back to squealing at how adorably cute these two are.
  13. Sorry; I am not aware if it is translated into English. Awhile ago, I searched high and low for even the Chinese novel but to no avail. If I find anything out, I will post here. There are a few awesome people translating the drama now so that’s encouraging! It’s unfortunate that those who download dramas don’t give enough credit to the translators who work so hard. But there are many of us out here that know the subbers and translators work really hard, and we really appreciate their efforts.
  14. @productiveprocrastinator Thank you so very much! Most appreciated.
  15. @angelangie lol. *ahem*...I’ve seen all the episodes available till today...but I didn’t check soompi if this was here. *abashed embarrasement* Thanks for calling me over. And for you providing those generous stills, character pics and etc. Wow! So pretty! Hello everyone! Happy to join you all. Thank you @sugarplum892 for starting this forum up. Also, I have absolutely no knowledge of Mandarin (But I LOVE how musically it sounds) therefore, I have to rely upon the kindness of those who do understand. Thankfully there’s the YT channel out there subbing these. Excited for this series: it combines art, romance, a bit of comedy and mystery, a nice balance. And the lead couple...whew! Their chemistry is oosing like maple syrup on fire, errr for lack of a better term. CEO comes across as stern, unapproachable boss but a total goofball with his girl...does he lose his senses around her? Hahaha. I love seeing him get unsettled by her. Looking forward to their story unravel, and hearing people’s thoughts. Spoiler re: reaction to episode 1.