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  1. After looking at the screen cap again, I noticed they spelled "WASHINTON" instead of "WASHINGTON". *face palm* Geographically speaking, it does make more sense for him to travel to SF. However, I think KES, PD, or production team went for the visual route and wanted to showcase the iconic Brooklyn Bridge (construction period: 1869 - 1883), which fits better for the storyline's time period. The Golden Gate Bridge in SF didn't exist until the 1930's, and there would not have been any iconic landmark to show. There was someone in DB who mentioned about the inaccurate portrayal of the bridge here, because it took 14 years to complete and would not look nearly completed when Eugene arrived in 1871. The Brooklyn Bridge is gorgeous, and Eugene's silhouette is a bonus! As for the other locations that you've mentioned, I think it's best to treat this drama as a fiction and just enjoy it as is, without having to wrack our brains out.
  2. Hello All, I've been a silent lurker here but truly enjoy reading everyone's responses/discussions and news articles about Mr. Sunshine! There are 4 more episodes left and things are just getting intense. MS fighting!! I just want to add to @burningpotato's question. The order not only shows State of Washington, but they also listed the wrong president. FDR didn't serve as President until 1933 (he was the Governor of New York in 1904), and Theodore R. was still in office as President in 1904. I don't know why the facts are changed, but it's been fun pointing them out...hehe.