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  1. Remember Ji An went to ask Ji Tae about the identity of Ji Soo? Ji Tae said when he was young, he was sent to his grandparent's house to stay because his mother (MJ) was ill. After a few months, he finally returned home and found Ji Soo's face to be different. His parents told him Ji Soo had grown up so much, so he was not suspecting further. I find his narration hard to reconcile with they left for Dubai 3 days after finding Ji Soo. Can anyone help me on this?
  2. My guess is even MK knows he loves Jia (the human), he has to stay away from her because of his allergy flare-up. That causes the agony. The anger of finding out about the lies may be overcome sooner.
  3. The Drama Files Where Law Students Meet Dramas File No: 20th-Century-Boy-and-Girl-EPS-25-to-28 https://thedramafilesblog.wordpress.com/2017/11/24/file-no-20th-century-boy-and-girl-eps-25-to-28/
  4. Love the scene so much, @larus! There way Jin Jin trying to catch JW's expression and how JW looked away. They are just so cute!
  5. Expecting this reaction when revealing your new relationship? Yeah, right.. these BFF just know you better than yourself!
  6. Eyes don't lie, Gong Ji Won. He said because they are chingu. But his eyes said anything but chingu!
  7. I wonder how Ah Reum and Woo Sung can be compatible. One has a messy habit while the other is a clean freak. If they were to get married, it must be the 'I must have gone crazy' moment. Can imagine there's just a lifetime of bickering!
  8. Do speed it up, @fans123! This drama is just heart warming, funny, poignant, with lots of hearts.
  9. Keep writing, @jubiemon and the gang! Enjoyed all your reviews.
  10. The Drama Files Where Law Students Meet Dramas File No: 20th-Century-Boy-and-Girl-EPS-21-to-24 https://thedramafilesblog.wordpress.com/2017/11/18/file-no-20th-century-boy-and-girl-eps-21-to-24/
  11. JA is always the capable and strong daughter, hence her mother is less worried about her. However, the mother did not know how JA lived her life since her encounter with DK, how much stress and fear she lived after moving into the Choi's house. Not only having stress trying to adapt to the new life, rules and her work demand, she was even more stressed due to her mother's lie which swapped her with JS. The reason that broke JA is more of her worry for her parents rather than work or the new environment. As for JS's expression when she asked the taxi drive to turn back, I think she was curious what or who made Hyuk suddenly wanted to turn back. She suspected it could be someone special (the lady Hyuk likes) and she wanted to know who that person is. To JS, she had been abandoned by everyone around her. She felt betrayed, unloved and angry with both sides of the family. Hyuk is the only person who treats her well and she happens to have romantic feeling for him. Hyuk is like the only lifeline for her.
  12. I love the gathering of the 4 bongos, although not understanding what exactly Ah Reum was saying when the OTP were outed. But their friendship and intuition for each other is just so debak!
  13. I predict Anthony will do something to protect JJ when the scandal breaks out. Anthony may look cold, unapproachable and unreadable from his demeanor. However, he is a warm and caring person by nature. See how he rushed over to JW's side at the hospital when JW's mother was sick, he visited his manager's mother and gave her money even though he was not rich, and he was always not comfortable with the idea of riding on JJ's popularity to regain fame.
  14. JS is sweet and good natured because she lives a carefree life, and can choose to do whatever she loves. However, she does have a temper, as Papa Seo mentioned that when she got mad, she would not listen to anyone.
  15. The reason JA went to the Choi family was first, she was exhausted beyond her limit with her money complication with DK. She so desperately wanted to end her further interaction with DK by paying him in full. Secondly, she felt she has a duty to her biological parents whom they must have missed her for the past 25 years. JA was never materialistic. When she rejoined the Marketing Department, she actually felt a bit uncomfortable because she got the job back due to her new status as the daughter of the Haesung family, although she knew her capability showed she belonged rightfully there. She was never comfortable spending the family's money on her attire and even meals.