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  1. Could it be the Chinese sneaked into the HS and threatened the doctors to treat one of their injured? The doctors would be held at gun point while administering medical treatment. That would make an intense episode..
  2. San highly envies the precious friendship between Won and Rin and wishes to be part of this beautiful friendship too. Her decision to not choose between Won and Rin is because her principle in life is always to do no harm to others. Apart from that, her motivation all these years is to avenge the her mother's death. Hence, romantic love may not be her priority. I am still not 100% sure if the person San has romantic feeling is Won or Rin. San has been polite with Won, after knowing he is the Crown Prince. She does not want to hurt Rin and Dan yet she cares deeply for Won. During the tea party at the Queen's Palace, San shed tears when Won chose Dan over her. I wonder if her tears are due to feeling hurt because she loves Won, or she realised she would become a tribute woman and be sent to Yuan. On the other hand, San's interactions with Rin are always intense and electrifying. She cares deeply for Rin because Rin is always there to protect her and Won. She is able to be herself in front of Rin and both of them connect emotionally. Either she loves him romantically, or both of them are soulmates, which may possibly be platonic. The drama is doing great to keep us guessing the progress and outcome. This is a sign of a good story and kudos to the writer, Song Ji Na. She is known to be good at fleshing out each character with much detail and depth. If all the story lines and plots are so predictable, it would have been a bore.
  3. Hye Young is a sassy character and she is the scene-stealer while Mi Young and Joon Hee's journey to romance is so bittersweet. I was pleasantly surprised with Yoo Joo's character change after she apologized to Mi Young. I found myself moved and shed tears in so many of her scenes. Overall, all the characters were very endearing and I can't help rooting for them till the end.
  4. I actually hope she would end up with the second lead (MJS) in SKKS. I found their chemistry stronger than KYS with LSJ. Was it just me?
  5. @2handsintertwined PMY is the real deal, an actress who excels in her craft! She is so convincing in all of her characters of other projects. I started watching her in Sungkyunkwan Scandal (SKKS) and i was taken with her voice and clear diction. Do check out City Hunter, Dr Jin (for her portrayal), Remember and Healer. Healer is a must-watch! She is so brilliant in 7DQ, that's why we are all here!
  6. Yeok felt that if he couldn't protect his most beloved, what right did he have to be the King? In the quest to retrieve the secret will and plotting of the upsurp the throne, he saw how much CK was put in danger because of him. Hence, he made the decision to forego the throne to protect CK's life. As for MH's kiss, Yeok was too surprised to react because he never knew about MH's feelings towards him. Before CK's reemergence, MH had only heard of her name, but never felt threatened because she was the one who saved Yeok's life and spent 5 years together with him. That gave her a false sense of entitlement and advantage over CK. If you rewatch the forced kissing scene, you would notice that Yeok actually froze for a few seconds and then quickly pushed MH away after he realised MH was kissing him. He was always grateful to MH, but never had any romantic feelings for her.
  7. I think the tattoo at the back of CK reveals where the late King's will is kept. The tattoo (神树) carries the meaning of "sacred tree". There could be a known sacred tree within the palace compound or outside the palace.
  8. When Yeok said to CK: "My destiny is you Chaegyeong. You are my destiny." The moment was so beautiful and moving!
  9. HY and JW should change their paradigm if they want to win this game with MIL. The MIL's intention from the start was to tear both of them apart. Instead of wallowing in the angst of JW's cover up of his mother's deception about her arm injury, HY and JW should work together to up the MIL's manipulation by counter attack. They should 'smother' the MIL with too much attention but in the strong-arm way.
  10. Yes, the tattoo on CK's back carries the words: 'deity tree', though not sure the meaning of it.
  11. EJ strongly believes in using the law in fighting crime and he wants to show DH that DH's way is wrong. Hence, even now if he knows DH is fighting against YSR, he still won't cooperate with DH. I am getting the City Hunter vibe: City Hunter vs Prosecutor Kim Young Joo. Hope both of them will work in the same team eventually!
  12. Bong Ki appears to be a rather reserved but caring person. Since young, he is always worried about his sister although he receives more love from his mother and the community due to his good academic results. One thing I notice that BK is always happy around GS. In the early episode, BK said the food brought by GS from Busan was delicious. On another episode, when GS asked BS to go for a movie, BK immediately wanted to join. After the movie, GS wanted to go clubbing, BK was game. When GS was supposed to go back to Busan after her first abduction, BK asked BS if GS arrived home safely. When GS was saved the second time and returned to his house, he was worried about her injury. BK was never reserved with GS. It showed they have always been good friends and classmates since young. When BK had the conversation with HJ in Ep 16, he mentioned that he came to believe in destiny. GD, HJ and him may have liked someone in the past, but as time passed by, they may have forgotten about it and began liking someone else. But destiny has a way to the outcome. So, BK was probably reminded of GS. He was never reserved with GS but genuinely liked GS. Perhaps they had been good friends for so long, it didn't occur his mind he might like GS, or he might like GS at one time, but just buried/dismissed his feelings because they were such good friends. He felt comfortable and natural around GS. So the final episode was really great in showing BK feeding GS at the BBQ. This hinted a possibility of romance between them! On the other hand, BK definitely felt attracted to HJ when they first met at the hospital. However, BK was never totally comfortable or unreserved with her, possibly because of the GD factor. Besides, BK simply adores his noona. BS reminded BK not to hurt others' feeling when having a relationship. BS' take on destiny and being able to see the happy self in that person's eye is very profound. Because being able to see your happy self in that person's eye means you are your true self, without pretense and reservation. You love that person just as he is, and vice-versa.
  13. Thank you, @bongmin for the fanfic! May I continue the story here....
  14. Ep 15 preview: The elevator scene... did Bong Sooon wear Min Hyuk's sweater? It looks oversize and her wardrobe never has oversized shirts!
  15. Ep 15 preview.... Finally, Bong Soon comes to Min Hyuk! She is no longer shy and passive in loving.