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    Jin Se Yeon 진세연

    I am very thankful to thank you for writing me because you have not forgotten me very much. I do not know english I hope I can write right. this is my last share, thank you very much. it was so nice to meet and write you all thank you very much Mod: Do not quote pics.
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    Jin Se Yeon 진세연

    Daegoon' becomes TV Chosun's highest rated drama, cast and staff to go on reward vacationThe cast and staff of 'Daegoon' will be going on a reward vacation. The drama recorded the highest ratings that broadcasting station TV Chosun has ever seen, at 5.6%. The drama started on March 3, and reached its highest ratings at its end on May 6. As a reward, the cast and staff will be heading to Vietnam's Da Nang on for 5 days, beginning on May 23. SEE ALSO: [Interview] San E and Mad Clown answer your questions on their first tour, free time activities, and more! The drama is a historical drama with cast Yoon Si Yoon, Jin Se Yeon, Joo Sang Wook, Hyoyoung, and more. Did you watch the 'Daegoon'?https://www.allkpop.com/article/2018/05/daegoon-becomes-tv-chosuns-highest-rated-drama-cast-and-staff-to-go-on-reward-vacation
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    Jin Se Yeon 진세연

    The Top K-Drama Stars Loved By International Fans In April 2018 For the month of April, there are some new fan-favorite stars on “Viki Top Celeb,” a monthly list of top celebrities followed and visited by K-drama viewers on the Rakuten Viki site. See Also: "Grand Prince" Stars To Give Out Free Hugs After Finale Ratings Hit All-Time High Jin Se Yeon has made her first appearance on the list this month, with her popularity growing due to her performance in the historical drama “Grand Prince.” Park Seo Joon has also debuted on the list, rising in the ranks as his fanbase increases after his appearance on “Youn’s Kitchen 2.” While you wait for his next work, you can rewatch him in the 2017 sensation “Fight My Way.” The Rising Star for April is Kim Min Kyu, who’s made a name for himself with his performances in dramas such as the currently-airing “The Rich Son” and the 2018 hit “Just Between Lovers.” Explore more on viki.com/celebrities, and watch the full Viki Top Celeb video below! You can bring your favorite star to the top by visiting viki.com (or downloading the app) and going to their page and following and/or commenting! https://www.soompi.com/2018/05/08/top-k-drama-stars-loved-international-fans-april-2018/
  4. 1451

    Jin Se Yeon 진세연

    “Grand Prince” Stars To Give Out Free Hugs After Finale Ratings Hit All-Time High After the finale of “Grand Prince” achieved the drama’s highest viewership ratings yet, Yoon Shi Yoon, Jin Se Yeon, and Joo Sang Wook have announced that they will be giving out free hugs! See Also: Yoon Shi Yoon May Star As Identical Twins In New SBS Drama On May 6, the TV Chosun drama ended with a triumphant bang. The finale of “Grand Prince” scored average viewership ratings of 5.627 percent, breaking its own record for highest ratings. The three stars of the show had previously promised to give out free hugs if the drama’s ratings managed to break 5 percent. Accordingly, on May 8, a representative for “Grand Prince” announced that Yoon Shi Yoon, Jin Se Yeon, and Joo Sang Wook would be holding a special event to fulfill their ratings promise. At 7 p.m. KST on May 9, the three actors will be giving out free hugs next to the Gwanghwamun subway station in Seoul. Are you sad to see “Grand Prince” come to an end? Leave your thoughts below! If you haven’t seen it already, you can check out the first episode of “Grand Prince” here:https://www.soompi.com/2018/05/07/grand-prince-stars-give-free-hugs-ratings-hit-time-high/
  5. 1451

    [Drama 2018] Grand Prince 대군

    thank you very much for everything it was very nice to read your comments about the drama with you last sharing.
  6. 1451

    [Drama 2018] Grand Prince 대군

    It's hot ... 'Gwanghwamun hugs me hot'7 A step toward restoring Korea's los ... (40), who starred in TV drama 'Dae-gun - Draw Love,' which lasted 6 days with an audience rating of 5.6 percent, Yoon Si-yoon (32) and Jin Se-yeon (24) were in trouble. When the audience rating exceeds 5%, we decided to do free hug in Gwanghwamun. Yoon Sik-yun said, 'I've done a lot of shaking with 3,000 people, but it's really hard.' Ju Suk-wook said, 'I promise I will keep my promise.' The three main characters play free hugs in front of Donghwa Duty Free Shop in Gwanghwamun, Seoul at 7 pm on September 9.
  7. 1451

    [Drama 2018] Grand Prince 대군