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  1. now that we got a clear look at the story my interest is 100% boosted if it was a typical weekend makjang, SJS's character would've been the lead (you know the typical happy-go-lucky girl with a tragic life) and SJA would've been you typical villainess (stealing another person's life etc ..). But here we get actually an opposite story, where the lead is the supposed to be a villianess herself, well of course I won't go as far as calling her an evil yet when we don't even what actually is going to happen, but just saying the premises sounds like so, which is I'm happy about and I have no doubt SHS will pull it beautifully even making me root for her evilness (if she is one although I don't think so). also .. "You two sisters sure know how to make somebody speechless." I super loved this part, can we hope for more scenes between these two sisters bonding together
  2. so what I get from those stills and previews, that SJS (SHS's twin) likes SWH (LTH), who friend zoned her and actually loves SJA (SHS) who on the other hand friend zoned him and will end up with CDK (PSH) LOL SWH will probably end up with SJS (or what was that him catching the hearts from her?!) and I'm actually more happy this way.
  3. you missed the imagined two (of lala land parody) which of course was real filming .. she totally filmed 8 kissing scenes with YSY (and god knows how many retakes for each of them LOL ) that's quite a big number (I'm used to 3 to 5 kiss scenes for an OTP at most) .. no surprise the last two were really deep and both of them got used to kissing scenes so didn't feel shy around.
  4. and the best proposal goes to GJ and BH that was the best part. also we got two hot kisses today specially the last one both LSY and YSY are really professional. overall the finale felt kind of rushed, which is given due to their tight shooting schedule, I'm glad it ended well. time to rewatch it again from ep 1 next week but this time without worrying about the ending.
  5. LOL i think they might have filmed that only to tease the viewers if I'm not mistaken 1994 HJ clearly said my son about HJ. I think he knew about BH's pregnancy or at least he really did date her coz he didn't seemed surprised hearing about a future son and even sent a gift with 2017 HJ
  6. poor GJ and the ring LOL what is this but ... after WS !! please please show a happy ending After hearing the news of 2017 kaola I thought HJ might take WS to their last date as a farewell gift, and honestly I prepared my heart tonight to bear with a sad ending as long as they give WS and HJ a proper chance to say goodbye, but nah he went without one holding my hopes for his return (or did he never went back actually )
  7. sadly no. will have to wait for the raw or if KBS will upload the clip.
  8. I suddenly wish if it grandpa who gets a chance to go back to the past with this soon to come kaola then he can meet his daughter again.
  9. hmm was he talking with GJ about the possibility of another HJ ?
  10. someone please translate what was written on that page from the notebook that he found in the locker (the only thing I understood if not mistaken something like this is not YHJ style) ... after meeting with the fan he seems to found some answers about his disappearance .. really need the subs
  11. even if HJ is going back to 1993 again, I can never picture him (the time traveled HJ) to ever sleep with BH. Imagining a person to sleep with a woman who is head over heels for him while his heart is full of someone else, just for the sake of impregnating her with his future son, I find this situation way more disgusting than the so called "Father-Son-Son's Crush" love triangle. Most importantly putting aside my moral views, it just can never work with HJ's personality. HJ is type to always follow his heart, regardless of what is the right or best thing to do. e.g how he knew it was not really right for him a supposed to be father to fall for his alleged son's crush, but yet when he couldn't resist he followed his heart and faced his son straightforwardly rather than scarifying his heart for what would've been more moral choice as a father. In fact it's more like deceiving BH who is in love with him, to date her and coming to the point where they would sleep together, while he loves another woman. Someone like HJ can never do this, neither can he give up on WS and try to love BH just because he is supposed to do that, nor can a straightforward person like him pretend to be in love with BH just to sleep with her. for post time traveled HJ the only way he can bring himself to sleep with BH, either an amnesia after returning back that'll make him forget WS (will 2 hours will be enough for this trope and after investing the whole series on HJ-WS ship?!!), or him actually facing BH directly: "I was in the future and happened to meet our son there, who is a very good guy that I don't want him to be gone from this world, so even if I don't like you, are you okay to sleep with me for the sake of the future son? LOL , that'll be the only way he can do it. whatever HJ is going to do if he returns to 1993, I don't think he'll impregnate BH with JH, just like many of you said, it's either a different HJ in 1994 or JH is someone else's son!
  12. Is it the same necklace? (I actually don't remember the one in the drama properly) If it's ain't it strange for her to wear her own necklace during almost every scene without even hiding it . This reminds me how the drama blended actors RL experience with the plot (from YSY's gf, KMJ's crush on his friend to CTH's experience in founding a talent agency etc ..) I won't be surprised if they used this necklace (which looks like it has special meaning to LSY IRL for her to wear it even during shootings) to make a similar story, maybe it's a gift from her one of her parents. As you said a sponsored jewellery would make more sense but maybe they decided to give it more feelings using the real necklace (that in case she is really YJ's daughter, maybe at the end the necklace won't have any meaning at all LOL )
  13. no comment disliking a actress for her acting skills, or even not finding her the prettiest or not your type of beauty is alright .. that's a personal choice! but using words like ugly, obnoxious, NASTY mouth, hideous, garbage etc ..!!!! I need some eye bleach just a moment of appreciation for LSY, indeed YSY is one a whole different level of acting, and LSY's skills are still pretty average compared to him, but I really really like her, sure unlike HJ's role her role is very common and any actress could have played it well, but I doubt that anyone could have had so much chemistry with all the three guys equally that made me at some point ship her with everyone rather than turning into an annoying reverse harem. Matched acting skills don't always produce the best chemistry between costars, and she have the later with almost every actor she costarred with.
  14. Wow where did that winter scene came from isn't this a clear spoiler?! Unless PDnim is purposely trolling us. okay if this means a bittersweet ending, with HJ going back to the past but returning as a stranger, maybe he will try to win WS's heart again and this time he won't be JH's father, simply someone who came across her life and slowly making her fall for him. It'll be fun to watch him knowing everything about her and trying to seduce her and we may see another accidental kiss between this fated to be couple at the end (to WS he'll be a stranger just like it happened in the beginning but to him this time she is someone he loves) LOL. as long as there is hope for another chance between this couple I'll be okay with it.