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  1. Why is he being so mean to her .... Why he rejected her after being so cute the whole episode ..... why why why ...... i hate waiting for Monday ... i want to enjoy my weekend instead of wishing Monday to come sooner .....
  2. Seriously .... did they hv a writer's block and that was d best ending they could think of!! I cant understand WHY ? Why ruin a good drama witn such an ending
  3. How dare they end it like that ..... i will stop watching kdrama ..... stupid stupid ....
  4. I am ready ... I am not ready ... i am ready .... i am not ready .... Happy ending with no stupid reincarnation stuff pleasezzzzzzzz
  5. They give me life on Saturday and rip my heart out on Sunday .... i want a happy ending without the being apart for a few of years and meet again storyline which seem to be a favourite ending for k dramas... sigh.... OG to cute to be miserable
  6. I could die happy if this happen .... MW is SOG father in law ... best rom-com ending ever
  7. Just finish watching the with subs ....manage to keep d tears in check until the little boy and Sec scene.... Mr Sec i loving your character...
  8. the kiss ..... I am so confuse with this ep, the ending makes me love the it but as a whole I feel it left me hanging too much. We are back not exact where we started but not that far away either. Does this make sense? ~kissing monkey=clever monkey~