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  1. [Thai Drama 2017] Waterboyy The Series

    Thank you @whitedove. I will update it as soon as I can. I will try my hardest to improve this thread though I am busy with school.
  2. [Thai Drama 2017] Waterboyy The Series

    @whitedove I agree. This will be focused on those three couples. And I'm so EXCITED!!!
  3. Haha thank for letting me know. Now I remember that the comment I read was in mydramalist.com. You make a great description of this series, "...about the life of different people, people with different desires." Even if there's not much BL I'm still interested to see what happens next. I'm a bit behind in episodes but I am aware of the promos for the newest episode. I guess I somewhat got spoiled but I don't mind. And yes Mr. Tutor is hot. Hehe.
  4. [Thai Drama 2017] Waterboyy The Series

    Oh Yes, I hear she's in a girl group. I had no idea she was so famous. But I wonder why she's getting a supporting role in this series then. Usually idols get main roles in dramas. but perhaps it's because this is mostly directed to be a Boys Love type of series.
  5. I find this very interesting. I'm glad that they aren't just showing BL and Hetero relationship but some Girls Love as well. I was all of them to be represented even if we might not get the character we want together in a relationship in the end of this series. I was reading somewhere online (I don't know if it was one Facebook or Instagram) and someone compared it to Gossip Girl (google it), but what I've seen so far that doesn't seem the case. Perhaps they only ment in term of how the romantic relationships are portrayed.Gossip Girl was known for known each one of the characters making out with one another at least once. And the romantic scenes were very...erotic. So this is Gossip Girl without the "rich lifestyle" is what maybe that commenter meant. I wasn't sure about this series until I watched this and found it sexy and funny. https://www.instagram.com/p/BRSMCfZANTa/?taken-by=boys_love3&hl=en
  6. [On-Going Thailand Drama 2016] Secret Love: Puppy Honey

    Guys/Girls, I know some of you are worried that there will be more negativity than romance but I like it. The way I see it, the honeymoon stage is over for these couples and now we must see them go through ups and downs that will be challenging for them. These challenges will determine whether it will make them stronger or destroy them completely. But don't worry the series is still pretty "bright" compared to grimm other teen relationship dramas like in Hormones The Series. Now that richard simmons was dark!
  7. [Thai Drama 2017] Waterboyy The Series

    @clon_105 it is https://www.instagram.com/pigletcharada/.
  8. [Thai Drama 2017] Waterboyy The Series

    Title: Waterboyy The Series Genre: Boys Love, Teen-Drama, Romance, Young Adult Producer: GMMTV Official Websites: No official websites yet Broadcast Date: April 9, 2017 Airing Channel / Time: GMM25 / Sunday, 5:00pm No. of Episodes: 12 Synopsis: Main Cast: New Thitipoom as Apo Earth Piripat as Wai White Nawat as Fa Piglet Charada as Pan Fon Sananthachat as Wan Victor Zheng as Min Supported by: Arm Weerayut as Puth Toptap Jirakit as Gant Nanan Phakjira as Kotmai Nammon Krittanai as Sang Tytan Teepprasan (Mad Monkeys) as Chi Mook Krittaporn (Olives) as Fay Mon Tanatchai as Kluay Noon Sutthipha as Om Ciizezphr Guest starring: Dom Hetrakul as Coach Thir First Teaser Second Teaser Official Trailer Here's a video about New and Earth talking about their upcoming series. https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5dp8he_waterboyy-the-series-interview-with-newwiee-thitipoom-and-earth-pirapat_fun *Note: Waterboyy The Series was recently announced as one of several series being introduced this 2017 to 2018 by the GMM event, GMMTV6Natures. Just in case you're wondering what the other series are, here they are: ⬇ **2nd Note: Ok I just recently made this because I knew that someone else would make this. I wanted to be the first. This will be updated constantly but so far this is all I have since there not many official picture going around about the cast.
  9. [Thailand Drama 2016] Part-Time The Series

    Title : Part-Time The Series Genre : Teen-Drama, Comedy, Romance, Young Adult Producer: Mr.Karn | @ArttyGm Director: N/A Broadcast Date: March 12, 2016 (Saturday) | Showing on Saturdays and Sundays Airing Network/Time: 20:45 hours (8:45 PM) at MCOT # of Episodes: 26+ Source: Thirachai Luangsodsai Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Parttimetheseries/ Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/parttime_series Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/parttime_theseries/ Synopsis Patronized teenagers in Part-time the Series share stories of inspiration and support. One boy travels from southern Thailand to Bangkok to come to school, but because he's poor he needs to find a job. Through a variety of careers to find and accomplish their dreams you will meet the teen actors who appear in Part Time the Series. Cast: Anupart Luangsodsai "Ngern" as Mong Ramida Jeeranarapat as White Jirapirom Chaiya "Kai" as Jod Nalinee Chairungroj as Melon Premanan Sripanich "Fifa" as Jin Kulkamol Nopa as Nich Vittawat Tichawanich "Palm" as Ter Pattaranit Kamgampud as Mint Sudjaporn Wongtrakulyon as Om Varodom Khemmonta "Kimmon" as Hall Wongsapat Tangniyom as Ti Warakom Romchatmongkol "Chain" as Q Chatchawal Oumjaroem as Tong Teewara Panyatara "Bank" as View Keerati Ngernkam "Bombam" as X Pachara Bunlhi as Chon Tossatis Dankhunto as P' P Pichaipoosit Budniam as P' K Patipat Sattraporn as Boat Tanapol Jarujittranon as Tee Jirawat Ken More Pictures: Videos: Cast video http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3yzj7v_the-cast-of-part-time-the-series_fun * Notify me know if I got the English translation wrong. I'm using Google Translate. Sorry for lack of of information. Series is still in early production. Will update as soon as more is release.