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  1. how about making a petition from international fans ? or maybe is that too much making a petition ?
  2. rainy12

    Song Hye Kyo 송혜교

    who is Ms Ellen Park? I don't really follow her personal life btw actually I hope she didn't really read her IG comments, since there are some cruel comments. I just hope that her manager or friends who read that and filter the comments to her, and not her personally.. sorry to bring down the mood, but right, lets give like to her future IG posts.
  3. rainy12

    Park Bo Gum 박보검 朴寶劍 Bak Bo-geom

    he looks so Kim Jin Hyuk in this Thai fansmeeting. haha the fans are screaming so much thank you for all updates
  4. rainy12

    Song Hye Kyo 송혜교

    I've been thinking about photoshoot too, although I'm thinking the different thing (photoshoot with PBG as Encounter promotion ) but still very happy for the news, Feb for Sulwhasoo in Singapore and March for Elle magazine.
  5. I can access the wordpress page, thanks for making one, I've been wanting the analysis to be compiled together too. woah looks like PBG is very popular in Japan, I hope Japanese people and other nations loves Encounter very much and demand for Encounter movies (I think its hard for season2..) like Cheese in The Traps. but 제발 don't change the casts.
  6. thanks for @bebebisous33 analysis, since I might miss the details as well, it help me find new things when I rewatching the drama. my fav is about the poetry, its very beautiful.. I also think the flower bouquet in the glass case looks like Beauty and the Beast's red flower, also Belle and KJH they both like books.
  7. rainy12

    Park Bo Gum 박보검 朴寶劍 Bak Bo-geom

    Hi I wonder whats his concept for Japan's fm, does he give hi-touch session in all of his fm? his rolling on bed is so cute like baby
  8. the filming schedule was very tight so yeah, at first I thought maybe they made it as sad ending but due to heavy demands they changed to happy ending so that's why the final filming was 1 day before the eps aired.. but I don't think its the case since they already aired in tight schedule since the party kiss (when some picture of SHK PBG in subway after party leaked), so maybe your prediction is correct. I hope the director nim could kindly show us the deleted scenes.
  9. I feel deja vu when reading PBG's interview about Encounter feel like reading some people postings in here before I got the impression PBG is wise and have deep thought, some are quotable like KJH's words in Encounter glad to see more analysis and discussions still going on here. I can't move on yet, maybe will take some time, so still regularly checking anything related to Encounter.
  10. my fav song is the last OST, Seo Ji An Good Night, I also like the Cuba song Omara (omg both are background songs for hot kiss), and Fairy Tales..
  11. Thanks thanks gumtaek for fansmeeting video, did he already talked about his Encounter fav scene etc ? so kissing the brother is not in the script
  12. although its happy ending but I'm still sad have to say goodbye. I had some stressful moments back then, and this drama comes in right time to console me.. and I've already in this thread since esp 2 aired (never been hooked up on a drama like this before) I think that people here are so good at writing, analysis, predict, and some are very funny and I'm glad that many of us are on the same page especially about romance for jinsoo couple and thanks for all translations, pictures, recaps shared here. omo I'm so sad, I will miss Jinsoo couple so much
  13. rainy12

    Song Hye Kyo 송혜교

    Hi, I'm coming here again, actually sometimes I visit I just rarely write a post in any thread, I'm not very good at writing btw SHK is already going home from the wrap up party after the eps finished, so fast, I wish to see her selfie with PBG and other casts at wrap up party but seems like she just selfie with the crew. I wish to see her and PBG as couple again in another project, although I know it will be hard.. (also SHK said she wants to be in next project with CSH ex husband..)
  14. I expect more than 1 kiss, so both maybe @lolly84 sorry for being greedy
  15. the preview is so emotional..! makes my head dizzy.. about the rumour, I mention the male actor in my early post in this thread , what a coincidence and I'm so happy about the news that Encounter will be aired in 100 countries. I expect to see both SHK and PBG going for promotions, awards etc