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  1. Did ep 22 aired last night? I couldn't find it anywhere???
  2. So I guess KS now know that YJN know he's her son. What I'm curious the most is what's happening in episode 21. Based on the review, it look like YJN and the CEO got back together? Also it look like YJN succumbed to the grandma's power after all, doing housework, cooking, and being a slave to that family. Ugh...what has YJN become?? How can she just crumble like that. I don't like where this is going
  3. Even if later on HD decides to break up with KS because of his ties to YJN and hook up with HJ, I guarantee there will be under no circumstances where she would get accepted into HJ's family. The grandma will tear her apart. The only person she approves for HJ is his ex fiancé because her family has money. The grandma looked down on YJN for being a singer, a famous singer at that, so what would she think of HD, an imitator and night club singer? HD's father think he hit the jack pot with HJ, just wait and see. Once he learn about HJ's family, he will wish and beg for KS and HD to get back together. The only person who can endure and fight back against all the BS put out by the grandma is YJN. You can hate her for all the things that she did, but so far she's the only person who hasn't back down from all the threats from the grandma. In fact she dishes right back to the grandma. That's what I like about her. Anyone agreeing with me that Uhm Jung Hwa's acting has been phenomenal? I can't imagine anyone else who can play YJN. This is her best performance in a drama so far. I really hope that she will get recognize for her performance and maybe win an award for this, haha...
  4. @joyblack4 Thank You!!! Finally there is someone else beside me who's rooting for YJN, haha.. I agree with you. What had YJN done to HJ for him to hate her so much beside being the woman that his father loved? His father did not have an affair with YJN while his mom was still alive. HJ is taking his anger toward his father out on YJN and I think that's a little unfair. YJN did not act so bad toward HD until HJ started to crossed YJN and tried to used her and tried to ruined her image. Now the CEO. I thought finally he was going to have some back bone and stand up to his mother, but HJ was right one thing about his father always being a "mama's boy". What happened to all this talk about protecting YJN at all cost and never abandoned her? As soon as his company took a little dip in sales and his evil mom throwing her tantrum around the house, he's ready to give up and break up his engagement with YJN. Just remembered he was the one who force YJN into this engagement me in the first place to "protect her". I think he's a coward with empty words. What is up with HD's father. He's like HJ, can't take "No" for an answer. Maybe that's why he like HJ so much. HD's father wants her to be happy, yet he keeps interfering in the love lives of his daughter. He knows who HD's heart belong to which is KS, yet, he continues to force HD to be in a romantic relationship with HJ. HD's father only reason for rejecting KS was the eight years difference. That is not a valid reason for him to reject KS especially he didn't find any faults with KS. KS is an accomplished pianist and he owned his own business. What more can a father ask for in a son in law who can definitely provide financial stability for his daughter? Plus, HD had told both her father and HJ whom she liked and wanted to be with, but they just don't get the hint. I find it a little disturbing that HJ would force his relationship on HD and called himself HD's boyfriend when he knows full well that he's not. I think that's a little insulting to HD.
  5. Omo....I have been waiting for this moment for Yoo Ji Na to find out that Kang Tae Oh is her son. This just got even more interesting. So the CEO is asking for a break up? I guess his love was just empty words then? Smsh...Anyway, is it bad of me for saying this, but I can't help but like YJN deep down inside even though she is so bad toward Hae Dang and she abandoned her son. There must be a deeper reason why she never went back for KS. I will get a lot of negativity for saying that, haha..There is just something about YJN that I can't help but rooting for her. Maybe because I'm a die hard Uhm Jung Hwa's fan so even if her character is bad, I still support her, haha...
  6. OMG!!! Did Yoo Ji Na just found out that the real Lee Kyung Soo is in front of her all along??? I need sub bad!!!
  7. @bukk1 and @sava2sava. I think it's the other way around regarding HD's sister and her in laws. The husband is the one who's bringing in the paycheck not the wife. Regarding the mil and sil, if both of them get a job, who would cook, clean, and take care of the son? Not HD's sister because she's lecturing at the university. HD's sister is the one who wants her in laws to wait on her hands and feet. She's the one who wants to control her husband paycheck and what is being spent. Remember she threw a fit because her husband gave his mom and sister money for household expenses ahead of time. Also she expect her mil and sil to do housework for free because they areliving there rent free. Well, she's living at her father's house rent free too. What I don't like about her is that she is too stuck up. She thinks she's better than everyone's else. I too hope that her and her husband get a divorce. When she's a single mom then she will know how tough it is. Just like HD said, she will have to quit her study, get a real job, and take care of her son.
  8. OMG!!!! Where is ep 16? Did it aired last night??? I can't find it!!! I'm going crazy. I need to know what's happened next . Anyway, I just watched ep 15 subbed. Ok here we go...At the cafe shop, KS told YJN that his friend, KS told him that YJN sounds exactly like his mother. He asked YJN if she wanted to meet KS, but YJN said no and left. Thats why KS was crying. That was a heartbreaking scene, seeing KS cried like that. Excellent job of acting on Kang Tae Oh part. After YJN left, she got drunk at a hotel bar. While there she called PHJ to come pick her up. PHJ told her to call the CEO, but she said she wanted him to come instead. Anyway, he came pick her up and the CEO was ofcourse waiting for her at home and saw them. When PHJ was about to go to bed, the CEO pounded on his door waking up the evil, conniving daughter in law. She overheard the CEO telling PHJ that if he get married to His fiancé this month that he will transfer him to the future strategy office. Ofcourse, the dil was livid and told her husband. To stop PHJ from getting into the family business, the sil spread her poison by telling PHJ about the will that his mother left behind that is currently missing. She told him that his father had talked to his mother about the will right before she committed suicide, insinuating that his father had something to do with his Mother's death. Ofcourse, that didn't sit well with PHJ so he came to see his father and accused him of being a murderer. To pissed his father off, PHJ abducted YJN and took her out of Seoul, where he rented a hotel for the night. YJN told PHJ a little bit about why she wanted to become a singer. She was addicted to the praise and adoration of the people watching her when she sing and be onstage. Anyway, PHJ left her at the hotel, but before he left, he told YJN off about why she sicken him because of the way she act. She told her that she could tell the CEO her sob story yet she chose to tell him her life story. He's basically telling her that she's pathetic and that he's not falling for her. Oh also, he abducted YJN and took her to the hotel on purpose to pissed off his father. He had someone took pictures and send them to the CEO. In the mean times, the story shifted to HD's family and her sister, the one who's married. The sister took the family out to dinner. While at dinner, the sister got pissed off because the sister in law told her employer that her sister in law lectured at the same university and mentioned her name. Omg...the sister is way too much. Anyway, when they got home, her mother in law told her off and told her to get a divorce if she was ashamed of her family. The mother in law then rant her frustration on HD's dad and HD told the sister off too and told her to get a divorce but she will have to move out and be on her own. The sister then try to plead her case to HD and HD put a stop to that and told her to either get a divorce, quit her job and raise her son, or suck it up and try to get a long with her in laws. The sister then proceeded to tell her husband that they should get a divorce and her husband agreed. I think she was not expecting her husband to agree with her. That was so satisfying to see that finally everyone is putting this sister in her place. Please follow thru and get a divorce because I can't stand you, haha.. In the mean time. YJN came back to her senses and called KS to come meet her. She then proceeded to give him an envelope with money and told him not to mentioned that LKS was looking for her and that she no longer will need piano lessons. KS told her told her no need for her to pay him and he left. Ok. Back to the CEO, he saw the pictures of PHJ and YJN at the hotel and ofcourse he was furious. He went to see YJN and told her to announce her engagement to him. YJN refused and here we go....he pulled out the picture of YJN with her son and asked her who is blind LKS. So basically he is blackmailing YJN into getting marry to him or he will reveal her past to the world. We can see this in the preview for ep 16 where YJN held a press conference announcing her engagement. Also in the preview, I think KS called YJN telling her that he is her son. Wow!!! Did anyone know if ep 16 was aired last night?? I need to know because I can't find it....
  9. I need English sub asap.... Didn't understand exactly what's going on in ep 15. About time that HD's sister, the one with the husband and in laws get a taste of her own medicine. I just really can't stand her now. She is "too much". Everyone is telling her off now. I'm glad. She deserved it. I didn't understand what was said, but did her husband told her that they should get a divorce? I hope so because I want her gone. Can't stand her!! PHJ's sister in law is something else. I think she is more dangerous than the grandmother. She is like a snake, conniving and scheming, feeding everyone little bits of lies, pitting everyone against each other. I wondered what she told PHJ for him to go to YJN and wisked her away. I think in part he did that was also to pissed off his father. After seeing the photos of his son and YJN together, I think he had enough. I think one thing he can't stand for is losing to his son so now he's going to use that photo that he found on the internet to blackmail YJN. Look like the next episode, YJN is going to announce her retirement, just my guess though. I wonder why KS did not take that envelope that YJN gave him. What's inside that envelope anyway? I feel bad for KS. I think all he wanted to hear from his mother is that she's looking for him, wanting to find him, but so far YJN has been in denial. Niw what's up with PHJ's ex fiance? They broke up so why is she still here? Her storyline is irrelevant now. PHJ is not going back to her.
  10. A couple of episodes back HD also brought up the age gap between her and KS and KS was ok with it and from what I observed, HD was ok with it too since she called KS her "boyfriend". I disagree with you regarding HD not loving KS romantically. KS and HD going on dates, holding hands, hugging, and cooking meals together, I think in Kdrama land that's considered as romantically as you can get . It is natural that HJ is helping HD with her life problems because he is her manager and he own an entertainment company. HJ is financially vested in HD and her success whether he believe it or not. The reason he got to know HD's family was because he was trying to get close to HD in the beginning so HD would sign a contract with him. i think KS help HD face her life problem in his own way. He is there for her emotionally. He supports her and encourages her to pursue her dream but he also let her know that no matter what happens, he will always be there for her. That is what HD needs the most. Someone who will love her unconditionally and who will always be there for her at her highest and lowest points of her life. In the previous episode, thanks to KS's encouragement and comforting words, HD faced her fear and she was able to power through her nervousness and finished her auditioned for that show.
  11. PHJ is HD's manager. He's not a song writer so I don't think he can write a song for HD. Eventually for HD to be recognized as a real singer, she will have to start singing her own songs and not imitate YJN. Last two episodes, we have heard HD say that she will no longer be in YJN's shadow so I believe that she will start finding her own identity as a singer. If I remember correctly, HD had several album made before but they were a failure because she was not able to promote them. I think now is a very good time for her to start singing some of those songs on the tv shows to showcase her own singing style and ability. That would be one way to get notice and get out of YJN's shadow.
  12. Omg!!! I just watched ep 14 English sub. YJN had a nervous breakdown when KS mentioned that he had a closed friend named Lee Kyung Soo. I truly believe YJN is mentally ill. What makes PHJ so irisistable to her, I don't get it. Her reality is so distorted. PHJ finally broke up with his fiancé. He then confessed his love for HD but she rejected him saying that she has a boyfriend and that she "really love him". PHJ didn't want to hear any of that. Oh boy!!! This will probably push him toward YJN in some way. HD's sister's sister in law finally got a job as a housekeeper. I really don't like HD's sister. She is so pretentious, acting like she's better than everyone's else. Someone need to pull her off her high horse and the husband finally spoke up and speak his mind. Thank God. The daughter in law is something else. She's a carbon copy of the grandmother. She learned from the best. She's starting to get suspicious of KS so he better watch out. He needs to stop digging around because he already been caught twice by her. Eventually she will catch on and he's going to be in deep trouble. i am curious about the preview for next week. What's in that envelope that YJN giving to KS? Is it a letter addressed to KS's friend which is KS himself or is it an envelope with money trying to bribe KS into not revealing that she might be the mother of KS's friend.
  13. I don't see why HD and KS can't be together til the end. It will be difficult for them to be together once KS is revealed to be YJN's. I'm sure YJN will use her influence and prevent KS and HD from being together, but I think they can overcome whatever obstacles thrown their way. Clearly they like each other. HD already set her heart for KS. KS and HD seem to be very cozy with one another. So far, I don't see HD showing any interest in PHJ beside being a friend and having a client/manager relationship with him. As for KS I don't think he will be swayed by YJN being his mom. The more I think about it, it seems like he's punishing YJN slowly by revealing slowly one detail at a time about the past and each time making her think and feel guilty for what she did. If he has to choose, I think he will choose HD over his mother.
  14. Episode 13 recap: HD knows the picture in the locket is YJN's son. PHJ got HD another gig on a different show, but YJN doesn't want HD to be on tv so she tried to bribed her with money. However HD rejected the money and went to return the money to YJN not realizing that YJN and PHJ live in the same household. Ofcourse, just when HD was there to return the money, PHJ came home. HD was shocked and left. The CEO figured out that YJN abandoned her son so now he's trying to figure out who her is her son. The CEO is caught in a hard place because even if and when he finds out who YJN's son is, he has to protect YJN and can't revealed her secret. I think he is regretting of letting YJN into his house now. He wants YJN to retire and just live a normal life with him but ofcourse YJN refused. The second son has been talking to his ex and his wife found out when the ex texted him. The grandma is still doing her things trying to control every body and ruin everyone's life. The daughter in law was asking PHJ's fiancé for help but PHJ's fiancé told her that she knew the she has been scheming to put a rift between the CEO and his first son so she's not helping her. HD told KS that YJN didn't want her to be on tv. At one of their meeting, KS was prodding YJN into telling him her real name but YJN didn't fell for it. KS told YJN that she must have a family member who's blind just like him that's why she's so nice to him.
  15. Omg...YJN better not fall in love with her own son. I think she just feel a connection to KS because she thinks he's blind and feel pity toward him. Without English sub, this episode was hard to understand what's going on. I think the CEO knows YJN abandoned her son so it's just a matter of time that he will find out KS is YJN's son. Once he find out, I'm curious what he will do with the info.