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  1. This continued story line of YJN going down this cheating path does not make sense to me at all. YJN is about to get everything that she wanted so why would she be so careless and risk loosing everything with her cheating with that lawyer/golf pro guy. The writer of this drama is determined to buried YJN character to the ground to the point where there is no hope for YJN to repent or get any redemption. So disappointing!!! I do hope Uhm jung Hwa get the Daesang award for this drama because having to play the character of YJN takes a lot of patience and strength considering weeks after weeks, YJN is being put through the ringers. It's so frustrating watching YJN self destruct so I'm sure UJH is probably frsustrated too. Her acting is the only reason that keeps me continue watching this drama.
  2. @joyblack4 I totally agree with you on this. The writers have totally ruined YJN's character and the main story of this drama. With each episode, I am getting more frustrated. If YJN doesn't go insane at the end of this drama, I think I will before her.
  3. Hmmmm.....I don't buy the idea that the halmoni like HD. Why all of a sudden a change of heart? Her second grand daughter in law came from a middle class family and she looked down on her family and her for not being wealthy. She looked down on YJN, a top and famous singer. What makes HD any different that she would like HD so much? HD's family situation is even worse than the other two. Her family is poor and HD is an imitation singer. The only reason the halmoni put up with HD right now is to use her to her advantage. She knows YJN can't stand HD so she's being nice to HD to pissed off YJN. Her grandson can't stand the halmoni so she's agreeing for him to marry HD so that he can take her side. Also, the halmoni wants to have the letter so of course she's using HD to get the letter because she knows KS has a soft spot for HD. The halmoni is a calculating and vicious woman and it seems like everyone including the viewers are falling for her acts right now, but not YJN.
  4. So agree with you. The writers of this drama is way too much. They are destroying what this drama is about. They totally ruined YJN's character, always setting YJN up for failure and humiliation.
  5. Hello everyone. I'm finally back from being out of the country and on vacation. @joyblack4 Thank you for posting this. I think the writers of this drama have gone too far. You are right. They are totally steering away from the real synopsis of this story. Why are they doing this to YJN. They need to give her some slack. How can she recover and redeem herself if the story line keep painting her out to be a bad person and keep putting her in situations where she can not get out of. You are right about why everyone is giving HD a pass especially if she's doing the same thing to another woman. In fact she's stealing someone's else man for the purpose of revenge and not even for love. Everyone is so happy that HD is together with HJ, but we all know that she doesn't love him and she's just using him for revenge against YJN. Also the halmoni. All of a sudden she's a saint because she accept Hd into the family? This is a joke. We all know that she's doing that to pissed off YJN. If she can get rid of YJN and let's assume she Get rid of YJN, she will then eat HD alive for breakfast. She's a calculating and manipulating woman. There's no way in hell shes going to let her grandson married someone from a poor family and a nightclub singer. Overall, I'm very disappointed in the writers and in the direction of this drama. The writers are the one that are too much. If it wasn't for Uhm Jung Hwa and her acting, I don't think I can tolerate this drama any longer.