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  1. I think YJN said that HD's boyfriend was the one who seduced her because it all started when he asked her if he could hold her hands when they were alone outside that night that she cried. Also when they were at YJN's I don't know if you guys remember but he came on to her when she went to get the milk out of the fridge.
  2. @Katrina Abdul Talib I agree with you regarding the daughter in law. Definitely do not disregard her. I think she's the one who has the upper hand over everyone in that family including YJN. She will do anything and everything she can to move up in social status in that family. She already scheming to pull YJN and PHJ together to caused jealousy and friction between the CEO and PHJ. Did anyone catches a part of the preview for ep 9 where the daughter in law asked her husband "Do you miss her? You used to date that woman". Who is she referring to? Why do I have a feeling "that woman" is YJN?? This would give her even more reasons to push PHJ toward YJN and away from the family especially YJN away from her husband.
  3. Ok I just finished watching ep 8 subbed and learned a few things. KS was blind due to a car accident. Also the reason YJN are into men who despised her was because she believes that by going after men whom she can't have is her punishment for abandoning her son. That's why she was after HD's dead boyfriend and now PHJ because she knew that she can never have them. She also rejected the CEO's advances because she doesn't believe that she deserve to be happy because of her sin. Now the CEO I guess really has genuine feelings for YJN. We all know now that HD really likes KS and vice versa. Their chemistry is hot. I ship them bad, haha..Sorry PHJ, haha.. Also PHJ has fallen for HD so his fiancé is on the way out but she's not gonna let him go that easy. The CEO's house is a mess. Everyone have their claws out including the second daughter in law. I still hate the grandmother. I think she's evil, haha...Also I learned that PHJ's mother suicide might not be suicide at all. I bet the grandmother had something to do with her death. Ok we have so many love triangle setting up for this drama. KS likes HD and vice versa, but PHJ also like HD. However, YJN is going after PHJ and the CEO is going after YJN. Aigoo...this is getting to be too exciting for me, haha..
  4. @Katrina Abdul Talib I have to wait for the English sub, but based on what I saw and just guessing at the end there, I think KS did triggered something because of the puzzling look on her face. Omg...we need English translation bad, haha..
  5. @Katrina Abdul Talib I have to wait for the English sub, but based on what I saw and just guessing at the end there, I think KS did triggered something because of the puzzling look on her face. Omg...we need English translation bad, haha..
  6. We should all give this new actress Jang Hee Jin a chance. Considering the circumstances, I think she did a pretty good job portraying HD. Also personally I think she fits better with Kang Tae Oh. They seems to have good chemistry together. Now I can't help but root for them being together than HD being with PHJ. @andy78 I can't wait for next week. It will be very interesting to see what happened when YJN finds out that KS was her son all along. What will she do?? Also will HD's feeling for KS change once she finds out that YJN is KS's mom. If it does then she will probably go to PHJ and it seems like YJN also want PHJ. Oh boy!!!
  7. @auntyem I had the same feeling. It look like JN was very interested in HJ and the CEO was not having any of it. Considering for the short notice I think the new actress HJ did a pretty good job jumping right into the role. I can't wait for ep 8. The preview showed KS at the CEO's house. I wondered if he will see JN for the first time there. Oh, so exciting!!
  8. @Nymeria289 Me too. I also want to know what happened at the end with Yoo Ji Na and the CEO. Look like he doesn't want to be chingu. I guess no more nice guy for him. Aigoo...I'm dying for English sub..
  9. @cheerkoo I hope you will continue to watch YATM. I don't know what I would do without your recaps and translation. I am always looking forward to your recaps before the English sub comes out. Plus this thread would not be lively without you. For the matter of facts, this thread would not be possible without all of KHS fans . I'm feeling so down right now....
  10. I am saddened that KHS had to leave YATM. However, I will support her decision. She needs to do what's best for herself so she can get better. I wish her a speedy recovery. I hope that Jang Hee will do well replacing KHS. As a huge Uhm Jung Hwa fan, I will continue to watch and support YATM. I know a lot of KHS's fans watch YATM because of her, but I believe that KHS would want her fans to continue to support the show. Regardless if you're watching YATM because of KHS or not, this drama has good storylines. The drama is getting better and more exciting each week. Please reconsidered and continue to watch and support the show.
  11. I am in shock right now!!! @cheerkoo. Can you please translate the article
  12. @cheerkoo Thank you for that post. You could not have said it better. I totally agree with you. Everyone seems to put LKS down because of the way he pushed HD away, but I didn't see anything immature or offensive about him. We all know LKS has feelings for HD and he was trying to grow up and be "a man" by letting her go so she could find some other guy and live a normal life of not having a burden of taking care of a blind person. He knows HD had a rough life. After all that's what HD's father wanted her to do, living a "normal life". I find LKS to be very much of a man who loves someone so much that he was willing to give them up so that they can have a better life or future. That's the ultimate sacrifice. @sheherizade3 Your take on the conversation between LKS and HD is putting smiles on my face. I love it!!! This drama is making us think. Even though we might have differences in opinions, I like that everyone's opinions and contributions to this thread are bringing us closer, making the conversation more lively and exciting.
  13. @cheerkoo Thank you..Well said..I could not agree with you more. This is a 50 episodes drama so things will come to light more. I am loving this drama so far. Each week, the story keep getting better and more exciting.
  14. That would be very interesting if YJN tries to pull LKS toward her not realizing that he is her son. LKS will automatically drawn to YJN because deep down he still love his mother even though she hurt him greatly. LKS will have his hands full trying to vie for HD's attention especially if PHJ starts to fall for HD and trying to gain his mom's love. Now I can see YJN wreaking havoc at the CEO's house if she starts to pull PHJ away from his fiancé causing jealousy with the CEO, a fight with the fiancé, and giving the grandma a heart attack. YJN is too much but that's what makes the story so interesting and exciting
  15. @Ldy Gmerm @auntyem As much as I hate to admit it, I have to agree with everything you guys mentioned above. I am a huge UJH's fan so I'm supporting her character YJN, even if YJN is not a so well liked person.'s tough being on the side of the character that no one is fond of, haha . Anyway, I think KS has genuine feelings for HD even before HD told him that she met YJN in person before. I'm hoping that he will make a move with HD once he gets his vision back. I prefer him over PHJ. PHJ's family is too unstable and chaotic especially having the evil grandma running the household. I think HD need someone who understands her and whom she can feel comfortable to be around with.