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  1. @maribella, Spot on! That we will be frustrated again and again, because I already am! Lol. Seriously, Jy’s Mom, the evil stepmother, is REALLY evil, so greedy and clever, isn’t she? How desperate and greedy can a person be? To sabotage all of CW’s as well as her husband’s efforts to find each other! I am getting sick and tired of her fooling everyone and getting away with her sabotage efforts! This last one she feigned an illness...how lame!
  2. @msmy, I agree with you....once the basics of the story is set up, the plot gets dragged out. The last few episodes, we’ve been watching JY’s Mom and grandmother basically abuse CW. His Mother, in particular, is busy thwarting Cw’s and the dad’s efforts to find each other, that’s basically what we’ve been watching for the past so many episodes. So I feel like if I miss a few episodes, no big deal cuz it’s the same old, same old. Ugh....
  3. @uripuppies, in answer to your question about CW and JY having the same father.....technically, the answer is no. Mr. Choi was first married to CW’s Mom who passed away, so he came into the marriage with THE B***CH with CW, and she came into the marriage with JY. So once CW is reunited with the family, she and JY are stepsister-stepbrother, no blood ties. Which is just as forbidden in Korean culture. Isn’t that sad?????
  4. @UnniSarah, ohhh ok, I remember that now. The chairwoman was SUPER upset that her DIL lied, so she’s quite suspicious of her and her actions now, isn’t she? I saw that scene, I get what you’re saying. The Chairwoman did say that she doesn’t like lies. Wait till she finds out just HOW MUCH her DIL has been lying and keeping that dark secret all these past 33 years!!!!
  5. @UnniSarah, what do you mean the chairwoman knows not to trust her daughter in law? I feel like I missed something. I watched it raw, but I skip a lot of scenes of the characters I don’t like...I tried to watch with subs, but my streaming site is messed up....so I must have missed the scene/scenes that gave you that idea. Can you enlighten me, please? That DIL is something else, it’s very frustrating to watch how she’s getting away with her evil ways. Besides abandoning CW in the past, her continued attempts at thwarting their efforts to find her is sooooo despicable! To even go next door and ask them to move, is way beyond a sane person. She’s nuts!!!! If this his angst continues, I may have to drop watching it for awhile, because it only makes me angry and frustrated! CW has too many bad people surrounding her, #1 is her husband and his awful family!!!!
  6. @joonminfan, JSM was really good in 1% of Anything, with Ha Suk Jin. You should watch that if you get a chance. I became her fan after seeing her in that!
  7. @joonminfan, Thank you so much for the translation, I can imagine the time and energy you put into it, and wanted to let you know that I totally appreciate it!!! Looks like the last scene, he sort of gave her a confession, didn’t he? Letting her know that she shook him up, he’s interested. Now, I wonder HOW he is going to get her to Seoul? And why is that MD goes, too? KS will totally be like a “fish out of water”, I am worried about how she will adapt to being in the big city. Her satoori is sooooo strong! Although, judging by YB’s recent speech to her at her hideout, it seems that he is still FULL OF HIMSELF. Ugh! And he did the hand on the wall thing to prove his point that he could unsettle her. That surely was the action of a jerk!!! Not something a man should do if he’s trying to win a woman’s heart, for sure!!! KS does seem to be attracted to him, but I’m not convinced that she has totally fallen for him yet, as he seems to have fallen for her. I’m looking forward to seeing how he will win her over. I get that KS seems to care for MD as an older brother, her feelings for him doesn’t seem to be anything more. So YB has a really good chance!!!!! Am rooting for him and his journey to becoming a better person because of KS! Poor YB, now I understand the driving force behind his becoming a star, because of his mother. Apparently he lacks love, it turned him into such a sad, hard, narcissistic person. I guess you have to overly love yourself if no one else does! So so sad! That, to me, is the price of success as a celebrity: although you become famous and make lots of money, you lose many other precious things, such as privacy, your identity, etc. Everything has a price.
  8. Does anyone know WHERE I can watch today’s episode online? My usual sites don’t have it......so sad! If anyone knows, could you pm me, please? Thanks in advance!
  9. Reading the comments here. You people are great, giving lots of food for thought! So true, how are our OTP going to coexist once YB goes back to his world? I think YB is attracted to KS because of her simplicity and purity.....her world represents everything he needs in his life. The peacefulness, fresh air, sincere people on the island, is really a healing source for him. In his world, everyone and everything around him is toxic, that’s why he has been having a difficult time and became such a jerk. I think all celebrities Live like that, their lives become a fishbowl. I like my privacy, so I can understand how offensive that can be....but they are celebrities, that’s the price of fame! I live on a small island, where many celebrities come and buy property so that they can have some privacy and be incognito a bit. You know they are around, but you don’t hear of anyone stalking them. I once stood in line at the local drugstore behind Richard Chamberlain, and just smiled at him as he put the divider on the counter for me to unload my stuff. I knew who he was but didn’t say anything.....the woman in front of him was fawning over him, I had to chuckle. I’m interested to see how the writer will get the OTP together and how they will end up. I love the beauty of that island, but not sure I could live there. Hahahahahhahaha
  10. I couldn’t understand why the husband needed his wife to accompany him to give his DNA. Just to add to the viewer’s frustration? Cuz I think the evil woman is going to grab the vial. So annoying! CW is really pitiful. She has to deal with the dramas of her adoptive family, as well as her husband’s family. Her husband’s family, him included....with the exception of his Dad, are just TRASH. I want to slap her husband silly every time he’s with that other woman. Ugh. JY really seems drawn to CW, and because of the dynamics of their family, it is a FORBIDDEN love, even though they are not related by blood. Legally, once her true identity is discovered, they will be step siblings! Yikes! Jy’s Mom is truly an evil, greedy, opportunistic person. I guess it’ll be awhile before her sins are discovered, much suffering will go on until then. How despicable!!!!
  11. JSM is such a great actress, I’ve loved her since 1% of Anything.....she’s such a natural, and she is killing it in this one with that accent!!! The pairing with KJS is good, too.....he doesn’t often play a leading role, he’s doing really well in this one. Not liking his character right now, hope his character will be a changed man by the end of his exile! Lol
  12. @sava2sava I see you are into this drama,too! Just wanted to agree with you about KHJ, that woman is obsessed and she is super crazy!!! Sometimes it scares me how these stories are written, the evil things that are done to the innocent people as a means to an end for the villains. I’m not sure if HJ is scheming with WH’s biological father to get him to join the group... I hope this depiction of money and power does not win in the end!!!
  13. @sava2sava, Hahahahhahahaha I agree, JY’s ex is SOMETHING ELSE!!! Wow......I couldn’t believe how brazen she was, just walking into their house like she owned the place!!!! Talk about having to pick my jaws up off the floor! She waltzes right back into his life like she thinks he’s going to just accept her.....so SHAMELESS!!!! Good grief, they have too many shameless characters in this drama....they each have their own agenda and aren’t embarrassed by any of their actions. I just can’t. The story is obviously leading towards JY and CW becoming a couple.....he is clearly drawn to her, and looks like she may be having some fluttering feelings.....it’s so complicated!!! Sigh......so obvious there will be so much angst!!,
  14. I agree, the storyline about the gf chasing after the lawyer with the baby is pretty ridiculous, portrays her character as a really pitiful person. He is CLEARLY not interested, why is she lowering herself like that for that scumbag? He is not a good person, he used her and threw her away because she had nothing to help elevate his position in life. The preview shows that he’s actually doing the same thing to YY, chasing after her even though everything has been revealed. He and his mother are very greedy, shameless people. The actress that plays his mother plays that type of character all the time, I wonder if she can have a good mother part for a change? It almost makes me cringe to see her introduced into a story, I can almost see what’s coming when you see her in a show. She has DEFINITELY been typecast!
  15. @maribella, I’m with you, I can’t stand that USELESS sister. She is right up there with CW’s USELESS husband. He must be thrilled with the attention from that woman, because he didn’t even correct her when she called him her boyfriend! She can have him, he’s useless to CW anyway! I’m kind of wondering if JY’s halmoni doesn’t know CW’s name? And they are obviously NOT making any connections to her even after seeing the sketch of what CW must look like now. I can’t believe how deceitful JY’s Mom is! And they all think she’s such a saint......can’t wait for the truth to come out.....I think she’s despicable! Ugh! How could you do that to a child??? Sooo awful.....and to burn the clothes, too!