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  1. @USAFarmgirl, I so agree with your post, about WJ's expressions towards HW. I'm thinking that the loveline many not even happen, or it may not happen till the last episode, if at all. WJ is a "by the book" kind of guy, so he may feel that it's inappropriate to confess to HW. But I think we are all in agreement that he is TOTALLY into her, and falling more and more for her as time goes on. More than her looks, I think he falls more into her the more he discovers about her as a person, who she is, how she thinks, etc. She's totally lovable, has a good head on her shoulders, stands up for her beliefs, kinda like him in a way? So cute watching them, but they really are "pokey".
  2. Right????? Sorry, I see no chemistry between HD/KS. So, I'm still on team HJ!!!
  3. I seriously think what we've been seeing between our OTP is IT. Nothing is going to happen, unless WJ resigns from Hauline, or not until the very end, maybe??? It seems to be like Misaeng, where the focus was on the Office politics, and no lovelines. WJ even mentioned that he wanted to have a drink with HW, because he didn't think it was appropriate to meet with her while the assessments were going on. I'm thinking she may not have gotten a position, judging by WJ's face. Either that, or he was trolling everyone? But with his character's personality, would he have been able to do that???
  4. @sava2sava, I agree with matter what, KS and YJN are how will HD get past that? Is their love strong enough to survive the reality????? And I agree, HJ is very open with HD, he bares himself. Oops....except for the truth about who he really is, he hasn't told her that. He didn't tell her that he lived there the night of her encounter with YJN outside their house, that would have been a good time! Too many secrets!
  5. @triplem and @stroppyse, Thank You so much for the recaps and translations! At least I can live till the subs come out! Judging by the slow pace of the romance, I'm thinking that they might not get together until the end! I kind of feel like WJ might be holding back, because he may not be sure about HW's feelings, and doesn't want to be rejected, maybe? It's obvious that he enjoys her company and is learning more and more about her through their discussions, he looks so mesmerized and listens well to whatever she says. I'm not sure if that's what the writer is going for, or if we're all getting excited for nothing! I felt so bad for the EunJangDo trio this episode, finding out they've been "had" by Director Seo like that!!!! He obviously feels no remorse or any kind of guilt towards them, he really thinks he did them a HUGE favor! What was he thinking, all those times he went to meet up with HW! Having lunch with her, spending time with her? What a jerk!!!! I keep watching trying to find out his true intentions and to watch the budding romance......but now I'm getting frustrated!
  6. Se-Eun is really ready for the looney bin. Can't believe it, she threw her Dad under the bus! Asked the attorney if he made sure to take her name off any documents! Her stepmother overheard it, hopefully she now sees the monster she helped create? In the end, SE will have absolutely NO ONE. No way that judge will give her custody of BH after the way she snapped! She is crazy, they better come get her and strap her up already, she is barely functioning!!
  7. Wow...instead of YJN having positive character growth, her character is getting worse and worse, and the chaebol Dad, too. He's becoming more and more obsessed with her! The nastier she gets, the moreover he likes it, the idiot! HJ is a goner for HD, isn't he? Since ep 14 is not subbed yet....can someone tell me if he broke up with his fiancee', or not? This story is becoming quite complicated, with all these twisted relationships going on! The second DIL is quite evil and conniving, and so obvious that everyone knows not to tell her anything. She's freaking out about her husband seeing his ex, but it's not because she loves him, all she wants is money and power. She is so scary, too, the way she plots and tries to pit the characters against each other. The grandmother is very controlling and downright CRUEL!!!!! She is super nasty! Ugh! HD's family is the best, their loyalty towards each other is super admirable! No wonder HJ loves her, that's all part of it. He loves the warmth of her family, how they all embrace him whenever he comes around. I think the endgame might just be HJ/HD. I think they need each other, and I don't think HD can be with KS once she find she out who his mother is!
  8. @dhakra, Well said! I agree with mostly everything you said, except the part where you don't think JN is lazy. I do, because instead of paying attention to her work, she was shopping online, which caused her big mistake regarding the cushion order! Then, she just let HW take the fall for her......if WJ hadn't answered the phone that day, JN's role in the fiasco may never have been discovered, and HW may never have returned to work. Which goes to prove how selfish JN is, she only thinks about herself, truly. It does seem as though she's now realizing what a gem she had in KT, but I hope and pray that he doesn't get swayed and go back to her, that he finally sees her true colors!!!! Regarding HW and KT......when WJ gave each of them their box of business cards, didn't that mean they are now full time workers? I wouldn't think they would give temporary workers business cards, would they??? How did the rest of you interpret that gesture? I'm looking forward to how the writer will portray the Dr. It isn't clear what his feelings towards HW are, but I kind of feel like he doesn't have any romantic feelings, he just likes her as a person, as a friend. But that he knew she was attracted to him, maybe???? If so, that's kind of rotten of him! I'm thinking that WJ may be holding back with HW because he may think she has something going on with the Dr., maybe?????
  9. @triplem, Thank You for your kind's been 13 years and counting!!!!!❤️ OMG! This drama gets better and better, such a great story! Kudos to the writer and director!!!!
  10. I hope that ES doesn't let it go and things get swept under the rug. It's disgusting to watch Beechna and her awful halmoni continue on this way, there hasn't been any remorse and guilt on their part, at all! And although Corp. Jerk should stand by his wife, I think he should not be harassing ES. @jimb, Thank You for continually infusing your humor into your recaps....the more outlandish their behavior, the funnier you get!!! Just hope that everything gets resolved ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!!! Don't want this issue to continue till the end, it's ridiculous, already!
  11. @gusanito, Have hope, my friend! As a cancer survivor myself, I want you to know that not all cancers are a death sentence! I think I read that if she has the surgery, she has a good chance? She wants to live, right? I don't think they'll kill her off....she's the lead character!!!! Cheer up, Ho Won will live!!!!!!
  12. @stroppyse, Thank You so much for the translations, much appreciated! It definitely helps ease the pain of waiting for subs! I'm really enjoying the budding romance of WJ/HW. The acting is very natural, and the pretty blossoms are captured nicely! Can't wait to see the scene that was shown in the preview, the "feels" are sooo good! Looks like a very sweet moment for our OTP!!!!!
  13. @sava2sava, Unfortunately, we have to bear watching the evil b***h till the end! Ugh! However, I'm glad that the writer has stepped up IJ's character to the strong person she was in the beginning......she's the lioness protecting her cub, now! POor YH, he's supposed to be the lead actor? Looks like MS has taken center stage, don't you think? Why don't I believe he likes IJ??? Sorry to say, no chemistry in this drama. And looks like halmoni is sick, that makes me so sad. She has been the pillar of those two families! The young girl playing BH is doing a great job....she knows how to act cute and sad when she needs to!
  14. @inna75, I agree with you, this story is about growth, mostly for the EunJangDo trio. Although I must say, KT is pretty much at the top of his game. He is very well grounded, that's why he's the leader of the trio. HW is grounded and has already changed, she's become emboldened because of her so called "impending death", which as yet needs to be verified. KH is the most wounded and scarred of the three, due to his overly over bearing mother. This is what I love about watching these dramas, it makes you THINK. While watching the stories unfold and the characters evolve, it does help you sometimes reflect on your own life and how it compares. It does for me, anyway! Haha. I think the only characters that aren't growing is Jerk Park, YJ, JN and Mr. Heol. But Mr. HEol is a kind man, I don't think he really needs to change. THe other three need lots of growth, to become kinder human beings, less selfish! They are self centered and L-A-Z-Y!!!!!! OMG, I just finished watching Episode 8 with subs, and now everything that went on is crystal clear! First off, that JM is something else!! He must be a rotten spoiled brat, to do something as despicable as that!!!!! I can understand his resentment regarding not being given a project, but man, that was outright sabotage!!! Surprisingly, JN was the one to "out"him!!!! So she's changing too, because that was a huge effort to find the REAL culprit on her part! KT is a GEM. I love how he worries about his friends, he is my hero!! I don't know if it's a good thing or not, but I liked the end where he called HW's phone and ultimately revealed to WJ HW's health issue. See why he's the leader of that pack? Like a true older brother, he worries about the others more than about himself! Just love his character! WJ is truly developing into a nicer person. Although he's not overt about it, he watches HW from afar and worries about her. Pretty soon, he'll be a total goner for her!
  15. Ok @jacquelinetan, point well taken!