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  1. @finebyme, I just watched episode 91 raw.....my take on that last scene between DN and SH is that she was rejecting him......he looked so down and sad! Earlier, after that scene with JW where he held her hands, she ran to her room, and it seemed as though her heart was fluttering. Seems like the writer is promoting a DN/JW relationship.....which makes sense, as we are nearing the end of the drama, and DN/SH are still not together. I hate seeing SH so sad, his handsome face needs to be smiling!!!!
  2. I’m hoping that JA tells DK about how she discovered she’s not the real CES. The look on DK’s face tells me that he probably thinks she was deceiving the Choi family all along, so she really needs to tell him her story. What a mess, but I’m glad that the secret is out, and maybe the romance can be on its way? I expect some angst, but hopefully not too much, and hopefully, not for long. Poor JA, she really has it hard, all due to her pathetic real mother!!!! But when the cHois meet the real ES, won’t they be surprised!!!!!
  3. I must say, I got trolled. Here I thought everything would be hunky dory and that SN was done, but nope, not so. She has successfully turned DN against Grandma Cha, and is still “sitting pretty”. She needs to rot in hell! That whole family, the Hongs, what rotten people they are! Finally, Ruby gets the message........I was so happy that JW finally told her, cuz why does DN have to continually take abuse from SH’s mom and Ruby? Those two are really hard brained idiots, that they continue to believe in SN. It’s scary, the way SN practically leads them around by the nose, they believe everything they say! So ridiculous!!! I guess I did figure that it was too early in the drama for things to be going DN’s way completely. This drama has a good pace, though. Things are slowly but surely getting revealed, just that nothing is proven that it’s the Hong’s doing, because they covered their tracks as far as evidence goes. But there are so many people involved, when are they going to come out of hiding and help DN’s cause?
  4. @triplem, HI!!! It's been awhile, I don't post so much nowadays, only lurk. Maybe because I haven't found a drama to get that into? TOL is my fav this time! So glad to see you here! i agree with you about doctor chef. I don't get why he's so into HA and let's her use his affection for her to hide things from JS. What a dummy! Is it just cuz she's pretty? Helloooooo, beauty is only skin deep, and right now she's looking pretty ugly!!! In my lifetime I have encountered a few people like her, and my advice is, RUN IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION!!!!! @USAFarmgirl, you always describe the "feels" in a romance drama so well. I love to watch the kdramas because I like watching a couple's JOURNEY to falling in love. I feel that you are the same, the way you describe things. Keep it up, I'm sure I speak for a lot of people when I say we enjoy your writing. SHJ has such an incredible talent and ability to create chemistry with her co-stars......she and YSJ are doing such a great job!
  5. Ok, now I've watched Episodes 11&12 with subs. I still think that JW, out of loyalty to HS, should have rejected HA. She is despicable! I hope HS sees her for what she REALLY is, and soon! She even tried to steal away the other assistant writer! Disgusting!
  6. I've only watched ep 11 & 12 raw, so I'm wondering why JW agreed to meet with HA, and why did he accept her envelope, which looks like a script? In the preview she was backstabbing HS to him, why did he listen to that and not defend HS? So, @bebebisous33......I agree with you, JW is too rational. Kinda emotionless! Maybe because he didn't have a proper family life, he doesn't understand how to show loyalty, too? I would think out of loyalty and his so called "love" for HS, he would have totally rejected HA? I don't like HA at all, she is such a self centered person. This is what I don't get about people like her, they usually have someone totally besotted with them (like the Dr-chef).....is it because they want to heal their damaged soul? I really don't get it!
  7. @camichi, I so agree with you, I don't understand why the mother is so cold hearted and wretched about JA spending time with JS because she was troubled. But have you noticed, that family is so emotionless. She was upset when her husband didn't come home when she was feeling faint, yet she can't sympathize with JA? Such a double standard, such a heartless family. Like I said, there is NO WARMTH in that family. Everyone is expected to go along and follow instructions. Like they are employees, not family. So sad! This is what JA is missing the most, the camaraderie she had with her old family. Even if they disagreed about things, they had the freedom to disagree, and you could still feel the love. As it should be!!!
  8. I'm glad to see, even without subs, that DK is loosening up a little on JA. In episod 9 he was a ROYAL Richard SImmons, don't know how she could just sit there and take his insults. This family is something else.....no warmth, whatsoever. It's like they just, simply exist. No happiness or warmth in that house. Her mother expects her to be a showpiece......I'm so disgusted by that! JA is so unhappy, at least DK is cracking a bit. Small steps, small steps. He does seem seem to care for her, and he's also adjusting to the fact that she's supposed to be his sister, despite his attraction. I'm enjoying the compassionate DK,, anxious to see how the writer will turn everything around. How long more will the story drag on the wrong daughter arc? However, I think JS wouldn't be able to survive the lion's den, even if it is HER real family. She's just too weak at this point, very immature.
  9. Wow, SHJ and YSJ are rocking this drama! I am hooked! Also, KJW.....he's rocking his role, too! However, JBA's character, I'm not liking it so much. She's nasty......how can she call herself a friend? With friends like her, who needs enemies? That girl needs some psychiatric help, she has some issues! Truly shows that money can't buy you happiness.....although she's rich, she isn't as talented or as loveable as HS......so her fangs come out and she tries to block her friend's happiness? Ugh!!!! Get a life, woman!!!
  10. SNake is really crazy. She is obsessed with SHarlock, but she does all these things to sabotage Dalnim, which is ruining the company. For a woman who is obsessed with money and power, she's really not too bright! She's going DOWN.....and taking that company down with her, she's such an IDIOT!!!!! Ugh.......it's almost painful to watch her stupidity and craziness!!!
  11. @meechuttso, how do you KNOW it's JS, and not JA? I'm guessing that because of the poster, but you must have read something, maybe? Lol. I hope this story doesn't get all makjang on us, cuz so far I'm liking it. Aside from JA's stupid friend, all the other characters seem "clean" so far, that's how I like it. Hopefully, no real villains will surface?
  12. This thread is so quiet, I'm very surprised. Just two episodes in, and I am hooked! Am wondering if it's really true that Ji An is No mYung Hee's daughter? This is getting interesting.....but then, the leads can't be together! I'm really liking the storyline so far, it's fun!
  13. @awsparkle, I love reading your insightful posts. Right now this is the only daily I've been watching, because of the actor playing SH! Hahahahahaha. I really really really dislike SN and her evil family, and I truly hope that there aren't any real people in this world as evil as them. It makes it so hard to watch this drama, and I can't believe that SH is even agreeing to the marriage, at all. Disgusting! And YR is just as bad, I can't even! Next week hopefully things will take a turn for the better.
  14. Wow......I've been quiet for awhile, but OMG, what's happening in the show now is just plain crazy! At least the story arc with Yoon Hee is done, she is now gone. Now we know why she was still hanging around! The halmoni really likes HD, and even more so hates YJN now! That family is just bat richard simmons crazy!! How sad is that? Where is the love for each other in that family? The evil SIL is so conniving , she's scary!! Regarding HD's family.....I think the whole story arc about the in laws dating is just plain ridiculous, not even funny!
  15. @xxPeepsxx, @dhakra, I appreciate your thoughts on cancer patients, as I am a cancer survivor of 13 1/2 years. Honestly, I can tell you that when you find out you have cancer, it's devastating. I was already long married, so of course my husband was the first person I told. But I think it was totally in keeping with KT's character, he didn't want to burden JN. He had no idea what to expect, so he didn't want to be imposing on her. I'm sure that must have been on his mind, he didn't want to worry anyone. Totally in character! It's a very emotional time for him, and I don't know what the time frame was between when he found out till when he went to get the surgery. I wonder how JN was able to get that information? Hmmmmmm. No privacy act in Korea???