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  1. Wow......I've been quiet for awhile, but OMG, what's happening in the show now is just plain crazy! At least the story arc with Yoon Hee is done, she is now gone. Now we know why she was still hanging around! The halmoni really likes HD, and even more so hates YJN now! That family is just bat richard simmons crazy!! How sad is that? Where is the love for each other in that family? The evil SIL is so conniving , she's scary!! Regarding HD's family.....I think the whole story arc about the in laws dating is just plain ridiculous, not even funny!
  2. @xxPeepsxx, @dhakra, I appreciate your thoughts on cancer patients, as I am a cancer survivor of 13 1/2 years. Honestly, I can tell you that when you find out you have cancer, it's devastating. I was already long married, so of course my husband was the first person I told. But I think it was totally in keeping with KT's character, he didn't want to burden JN. He had no idea what to expect, so he didn't want to be imposing on her. I'm sure that must have been on his mind, he didn't want to worry anyone. Totally in character! It's a very emotional time for him, and I don't know what the time frame was between when he found out till when he went to get the surgery. I wonder how JN was able to get that information? Hmmmmmm. No privacy act in Korea???
  3. @tulip06, BN and Corporate Jerk are two incompetent people that can barely take care of themselves, that's why Cranky Granny has to go to ES' Mom's house! Although Cranky Granny has hired help, they go home at the end of the day, and BN is incapable of caring for her! But I agree with you, are there only two houses in all of Seoul? Lol
  4. Now that I've watched the episode subbed, I can share my thoughts! I actually am satisfied with the ending, despite the low, low key romance! As someone else mentioned, I think the romance was secondary to the story, so it was appropriate, so to speak? I'm happy that Manager Cho got her well deserved promotion and that she stood up to Director Seo in the end, I'm happy that WJ was promoted to Executive Director. Just wish there could be a sequel to this story, as there is probably more that could be shown, I agree with that! This was such a fun drama to watch , I really enjoyed each and every character!!!! Good job to the writer, he or she had a clear vision of the storyline, and we were entertained all the way!!!!
  5. @jellybellymonster, @Nodame, @inna75, @chdom, @mrdimples, @stroppyse And all others I may have missed: Thank You for sharing your thoughts and feelings on this forum, I really enjoyed reading them! So hilarious, almost as fun as watching the drama itself! In case anyone is interested, I first saw HSJ in a drama titled, "The Woman Who Married Three Times". He played Lee Ji Ah's second husband who was a cheater! I totally didn't like his character, but he was shirtless A LOT in that one, as they showed him often at his celebrity mistress' apt. So enjoy!!!! Heehee
  6. Well, I guess to satisfy the audience, they had to have WJ resign so that the relationship can move forward? The OTP really are cute, the way they tease each other. No one has directly confessed, and HW seemed to be fishing for one when WJ kept asking her if she's going to go on the blind date. Maybe because we got a date and a hug, tomorrow, being the last chance, they might kiss????? DR. Seo's intention is not clear to me - why is he wanting a reorganization? What is Ms. Cho doing that's so outstanding that they suddenly don't need all these personnel? Two off the top is Jerk Park and LYJ, they can TOTALLY go, no one will miss them, since what work do they do???? All LYJ does is give lip service to everyone, I really don't see ANY value to keeping HIM around!!! I am really curious to see tomorrow's ending, how things will get wrapped up in that office. Will the Chairman suddenly wake up, kick his son out and promote WJ? Will WJ/HW become an official couple???? So sad this drama is ending, this was totally my addiction. I also want to sincerely Thank @stroppyse for all the translations! You do it for so many threads, just want you to know we are all very appreciative of your efforts!
  7. @jellybellymonster and @mrdimples, You crack me up! :)) OMG!!!!! THis is HILARIOUS!!!! Way to pass the time, people.......keep bringing it!!!!!! This is sooooo entertaining! LMAO!!!!!
  8. @jellybellymonster, Why are you blushing? This drama DEFINITELY has NOTHING to blush about, there hasn't even been a hug except between HW/HJ, her brother, for goodness sake! I at least like to see some of THAT action, but these guys are so pokey that it's almost painful to watch, waiting for THE MOMENT!!!!! lol. How old is the writer? Makes me wonder, since it's been really TAME!!!! Lol
  9. @triplem, Thank You! That clarifies a LOT for me! Lol!
  10. @stroppyse,Thanks for explaining to @jellybellymonster what "pokey" means! I indeed meant slowpoke, lol! Can someone tell me what AF stands for? I tried to figure out the meaning by looking for context clues, but I don't get it! See, that's why we need each other, to help us figure these things out! Makes the discussion fun, while we wait for a new episode!
  11. @USAFarmgirl, I so agree with your post, about WJ's expressions towards HW. I'm thinking that the loveline many not even happen, or it may not happen till the last episode, if at all. WJ is a "by the book" kind of guy, so he may feel that it's inappropriate to confess to HW. But I think we are all in agreement that he is TOTALLY into her, and falling more and more for her as time goes on. More than her looks, I think he falls more into her the more he discovers about her as a person, who she is, how she thinks, etc. She's totally lovable, has a good head on her shoulders, stands up for her beliefs, kinda like him in a way? So cute watching them, but they really are "pokey".
  12. Right????? Sorry, I see no chemistry between HD/KS. So, I'm still on team HJ!!!
  13. I seriously think what we've been seeing between our OTP is IT. Nothing is going to happen, unless WJ resigns from Hauline, or not until the very end, maybe??? It seems to be like Misaeng, where the focus was on the Office politics, and no lovelines. WJ even mentioned that he wanted to have a drink with HW, because he didn't think it was appropriate to meet with her while the assessments were going on. I'm thinking she may not have gotten a position, judging by WJ's face. Either that, or he was trolling everyone? But with his character's personality, would he have been able to do that???
  14. @sava2sava, I agree with matter what, KS and YJN are how will HD get past that? Is their love strong enough to survive the reality????? And I agree, HJ is very open with HD, he bares himself. Oops....except for the truth about who he really is, he hasn't told her that. He didn't tell her that he lived there the night of her encounter with YJN outside their house, that would have been a good time! Too many secrets!
  15. @triplem and @stroppyse, Thank You so much for the recaps and translations! At least I can live till the subs come out! Judging by the slow pace of the romance, I'm thinking that they might not get together until the end! I kind of feel like WJ might be holding back, because he may not be sure about HW's feelings, and doesn't want to be rejected, maybe? It's obvious that he enjoys her company and is learning more and more about her through their discussions, he looks so mesmerized and listens well to whatever she says. I'm not sure if that's what the writer is going for, or if we're all getting excited for nothing! I felt so bad for the EunJangDo trio this episode, finding out they've been "had" by Director Seo like that!!!! He obviously feels no remorse or any kind of guilt towards them, he really thinks he did them a HUGE favor! What was he thinking, all those times he went to meet up with HW! Having lunch with her, spending time with her? What a jerk!!!! I keep watching trying to find out his true intentions and to watch the budding romance......but now I'm getting frustrated!