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  1. @Jackie1048, @rikimaiu, @UnniSarah, @sava2sava, did you ladies watch today's episode? I think IJ is desperate to keep BH away from her despicable mother, she is considering marrying MS so she can remain her mother. Isn't it true in Korea that the father gets custody of the child/children? That they have parental rights over the mother? Looks like in the preview that SE will pursue the kidnapping charge....she is saying that her sister took her baby without her knowledge and has been raising her all these years, which is true, actually. So IJ is desperate now, so she may just marry MS!!!!! In a way I want it to happen....the scenario that the dad presented....SE marry Minsu and raise BH, and IJ go to US to study, is exactly what SE wants, to get IJ out of the picture. That cannot happen! No no no!!!! It's disgusting how SE is getting her's not because she's smart, it's because the writer is making it seem that way! Lol. Here and there her plans have been thwarted, which made her come up with alternate plans.....she is THE most evil character in this drama, and the scene stealer, unfortunately!!!!
  2. @Jackie1048, Thank You for posting that information, was wondering what happened. Btw, have you been following this drama? Does it seem to you like IJ will marry MS, so she can hang on to Bo-Hyun? I was hoping she'd eventually land up with YH....but at this point, it looks moot because of their family situation, plus she doesn't seem to have feelings for him anymore. First drama I see that got rid of the second lead and brought a new one in. Although right now MS seems to be the lead rather than YH, YH hardly has any scenes.
  3. Now that I've watched both Episodes 5 and 6, I have a better grasp of what is going on. Who else thinks that YJN seems interested in PHJ? It seems that the CEO sincerely loves her, but the impression I get is that she has friend zoned him, that's why she's not that bothered by what happened? But she seems attracted to HJ, that's why she keeps asking about him? Uh oh. LOve triangles everywhere! Lol. It also seems as though he is not happy with his fiancee', suspects that she loves his status more than him. Doesn't seem as though she's planning to let go of him so easily, though. She plans to hang in there, with or without love between them. It's all about power and status for her!!!! HJ is definitely becoming attracted to HD, he really loves her Dad, respects him and is envious of the relationship HD's Dad has with his daughters. I liked the way her Dad described each of his daughters' characters ---- what a bond he has with each of them! His relationship with his fiancee' seems so superficial, seems like she just follows him around when she's not following the dowager Granny.
  4. @rikimaiu, see what I mean? Totally makjang, typical kdramaland, they make up their own rules! That's what I thought too, that BH is registered since birth as IJ's daughter.....but who knows, maybe it never happened since it was such a traumatic time? In the preview MS was seen pleading with SE.....I just hope this whole thing blows up in her face. SE thinks she's so smart, but hopefully it will just blow the whole issue of how she didn't raise her own daughter wide open!
  5. @rikimaiu, Have to agree with you, just about everything you said! IJ is DEFINITELY too trusting, too naive. Good grief, it's not like she lives in a bubble, how come she doesn't get it? And yes, I think the writer is "going there", making up a love line between IJ and MS. And I don't trust him, either. He's a snake, but he does achieve things, compared to YH!!! And how's that, now YH's Mom absolutely loves IJ and wants YH to be with her? CHOKE!!! Man, this kidnapping charge better not fly, I hope it doesn't stick. SE's butt needs to be in jail, no one else's. She is like the Devil's spawn, she's so grotesquely evil! She gives me the chills!
  6. @sava2sava, Haha, wasn't sure if you were still watching! Isn't that dumb, how this story is totally off its course? It's like we're watching a whole different story, with totally different leads! Wth???? I just never learn with these dailies!!!! This story is totally makjang....I don't get Min-Su....he's totally playing SE, but I'm starting to think he really likes IJ now. Ugh! So tormenting!
  7. @Ldy Gmerm, I am totally on the same page as you! I agree, ST went to JN without even thinking about HD and how it would affect their relationship. Wth was he thinking? I couldn't fathom his thinking, especially when I saw how he reacted when he found out that JN had told HD everything. JN was also VERy selfish, I couldn't believe how she told HD to give ST to her. It really showed how insecure JN is, she had to possess him. I certainly don't blame HD for rejecting JN's help, as she betrayed her in the worst way possible!!!! Regardless of who approached who, she should never have accepted ST if she had any regard for HD. I think YH is all about power and status, the way she is pushing PHJ to go and work in the family business. That relationship is going Further South day by day!!!!! The Grandma is another one, she's so nasty....yikes!!!!
  8. @cheerkoo, First of all, Thank You very much for your translations, much appreciated!!! I'm really enjoying this drama, Thanks to you! I was trying to rewatch it from episode 1 - 4, but I really couldn't watch the scenes where ST started cheating on HD with JN. I totally did NOT understand him, how he could hurt HD like that and just go for it with JN, and how could JN do that to HD? Someone said JN was lonely and desperate, but how can you do that to someone whom you consider a friend? If he didn't die, I'm not sure I could have continued watching. I don't really see the love between PHJ/YH, either. Looks like they may be on the "outs" soon. I'm curious to see whom he will fall for, whether it's JN or HD. I might have to stop watching if it's JN.
  9. @autumnbreeze, I'm with you, I don't want Beechna to get off so easily, because she DID ruin ES' life! Everything that's happening to BN right now, she's getting what she deserves! Serves her right for sabotaging her husband's business and relationship so that he would marry her......she got what she wanted, a clueless and unromantic husband! I had to laugh reading people's comments about the couple nit consummating their marriage.....looks that way to me, too! Lol
  10. @jimb, Good, funny recap! Don't you think the story arc on Eun Soo's mother is sooooooo long? Good grief, I wish the writer would hurry up and think of a way to get them together happily, already!!! The Aunty is pathetic, since she thinks she is better and got more game than ES' mom YM. For one thing, YM has a WAY better personality, and is such a kind person!
  11. @sk0317, but that's so WRONG, for the Aunty to take things out on ES! Talk about displaced aggression! Ugh, I just hate when people get picked on so wrongly! That would be horrible if BN/SH cannot move out soon! Poor ES!!!!
  12. @jechoi1, But wasn't the agreement that the couple live with them for a year? Then does that mean they can go out and live on their own, then? That would be too satisfying for Bitna, but she'll be even lonelier than she is now. I don't feel sorry for her, though....everything that's happening to her, she's brought on to herself. Sad that she can't see it yet. Smh, smh.....when is she going to grow up???
  13. Doesn't look as though there'll be any love line for Eun HO? The Aunty continues to be sulky, Beechna still up to her tricks, sadly. So childish! Looks like the angst between YM/JW continues! Does anyone know if the future for Soo HYun/BN means moving in with Dr./halmoni, or out on their own? Would be funny if they move in with halmoni! Lol
  14. @Jackie1048, OMG, the Aunty! Desperate for love is putting it nicely! Did she ever have a love, I can't remember! If not, I can see why.......she's all about herself! She must have been a spoiled child, she only does things to benefit herself. She's mooching off her brother and his family, and never makes any effort to do any work in that house! I was so annoyed watching her boss ES around, she has SOME nerve! Hahahahaha that's why I have to come to this forum to let out steam, even though I know it's not real. Thats why I say Beechna has not grown in character, she is the same as ever. Lazy, spoiled, thinking that money can buy everything. How dense is she, she still hasn't figured out that money can't buy you happiness? She and the Aunty should go live together somewhere, they're two peas in a pod!
  15. @jechoi1, I agree with you, the YS/JW storyline is looking pretty stupid, I just fast forward it. I don't feel like they were that into each other to be so forlorn like they are. Anyway, I hope YS tells JW WHY she broke it off with him. Can the writers at least show some honesty between partners here? I'm not liking that part, that these pairings have these secrets between them. At least in ES' case, she did try to tell SH, but he wasn't interested in what happened in her past.