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  1. I’m not so sure I like the combination of OTP, because BJH has a very “young” look......she’s quite diminutive in stature and features! However, it’s quite entertaining! I want to see what Nam Chi Won does with that upstairs room, because it looked quite creepy! That’s a lot of work! so is that room where he was caught in the fire? Is he an orphan? What is that VP’s relationship to him.....not his father, right? Seems like he is kind of a guardian figure, though.
  2. I think JA is still healing, and I totally understand her, where she’s coming from, in relation to JS. As we saw in the earlier episodes, it was always about JS. JS only cared about herself, she was always leaning on JA about her problems, that’s why JA had her in her phone as “Whiner”, because she truly was. JA always suffered alone with her problems, JS was never there for her. So after that slap from JS, she’s done with her. I can’t say I blame her....she has to heal, she can’t be dealing with JS’ problem, she has enough of her own! NOw, about DK. This guy finally figured out his love for JA!!!! I think KSR was introduced as a character to help him discover his feelings for JA, hence he doesn’t want to marry KSR. How he will weasel out of his predicament will be interesting. The Choi family is so twisted, especially the Chairman and JH, MH’s sister! Too much politics involved when you are rich, it seems! You have to keep up with society, be well versed, well mannered, marry in your class, blah blah blah. Forget it, I’ll stay middle class! Lol. JS is finally starting to see the light, that she was a precious child to the Seo family, she had it good there! She is learning, trying to find her place in her new family. This is such an interesting story!!!!
  3. @maddymappo, why do you think that, that the Chairman will force DK out of the company? That’s an interesting theory, actually.....but I can’t see it happening, to be honest. Heaven forbid that it should happen right away! DK need some to stay far away from JA, he needs to leave her alone!!!! I think she “snapped” because he i saw barely giving her space to breathe, getting all into her business! I would snap, too!!!!
  4. @baduy, Hahahahahahahahahaha, Thank you!! But actually, no, I hadn’t heard that before, I’m assuming you’re talking about the meaning of meechuttso, right??? Sorry for my ignorance! and you’re right, I should be giving @meechuttso credit for translating, too.....she didn’t do the really in depth one of the last scene. I Thank both you, @baduy for doing that scene between JS and MH, and @meechuttso for that last scene, which were quite enlightening! Lets continue the fun, lots of episodes to go!
  5. Wow! Been stalking this forum, contributing my thoughts once in awhile. So interesting! @meechuttso, I’m curious, since you use your user name in some of your comments, is that actually a word, or just something you do for fun, since you seem to have a great sense of humor? on to the drama: I though Episode 26 was really showing us changes in the characters; growth for some, but not for all. It seemed that JS wasn’t reflecting on his harsh dismissal of JA, maybe with a bit of regret? TS, although relieved to see that JA is alive and well, was very hurt by her reaction to him. He is the most pitiful character. JA is coming out of the shell she has built around her, all due to DK’s consistently irritating presence! DK is in bad need of a makeover, that guy, I don’t know about HIM!!! I totally felt JA’s frustration. JS is going through some changes, starting to see “the other side” of the story now, she seems less self absorbed, thankfully. I, too, am curious about the new story that the Chairman will spin regarding Eun Seok. NO way, he wouldn’t think of marrying JA/DK!!!!! No way JA will be willing to do that right now, she can’t stand to look at DK! Can’t say that I blame her......he is so obsessed with her, but so very, very clueless about his heart and how he should be treating her. It’s going to eat at him that he can’t see her, no matter how beautiful his fiancée is. He’s too far gone in his feelings for JA! Maybe meeting his fiancée will make him realize his feelings, for sure! Thank you, @baduy for all your translations, it really helps!!!! So much fun and so interesting to read your posts!
  6. @chuu18, I think JH is written that way, a person with no dating experience, so we can understand her naïveté and bewilderment about what’s happening with SH. Because she had no dating experience, she cannot tell by his actions that he truly loves her. More so because he put up a wall in the beginning, she doesn’t get it that when he kissed her, it was kind of like a confession for him. That he was ready to begin a real relationship, that was his way of saying, “I like you”. Of course, she doesn’t know about all the behind the scenes things he’s been doing on her behalf, so that further leads to her misunderstanding him. SH is not a verbal kind of guy, and although they had great communication in the beginning, it’s been broken down when it comes to their feelings about each other. He has never expressed in words how he feels about JH, that’s what JM was encouraging him to do. But, men are from Mars and women are from Venus, so what can I say???
  7. @mizkorea, I wondered the same thing, if Mr. Choi was from a lower class. But knowing how MH is, he must be from a rich family too, don’t you think? As snobby as MH is, I highly doubt that she would have married “out of her class”. Maybe she was seeing a lover the day she lost ES? Someone that she really loved? It’s sad watching how the chaebol family lives. Their sense of entitlement is appalling! No warmth in that house, none whatsoever. So in that respect, I can see where Daddy Choi finds JS’s behavior “cute”, because although the rest of the family looks at her behavior in horror, she is really bringing reality to that dinner table. That real people have conversation, act normal at home. Shouldn’t home be a place where you “let your hair down”? But according to this show, apparently not. Maybe that’s why the character Seo Hyun is portrayed acting out when she’s outside! She has to let loose sometimes, life is stuffy for rich people! This is JA’s attraction for DK. That she is so warm, kind, respectful, giving. She has dreams, something that was so foreign to him. How sad to be born with a goal that is imposed on you. He seems so “caveman” in his reactions to her, because everything is new and foreign to him. He has never encountered such feelings, so he is reacting with emotion, nothing else. This writer is incredible! I am soooo hooked!
  8. @Nymeria289, your post cracks me up!!!!! Especially the part about Papa Choi.....because it’s “spot on” with how I see him! He is cold and heartless towards Myung Hee, how did they ever have SEo Hyun??? Seriously! I also find it weird how he’s bonded with JS and finds her so amusing. He didn’t bond with JA that way, not for lack of trying! She was too busy working her butt off that she literally had NO TIME for her “ Someone mentioned earlier about the conversation between JS and Tae Soo. I was appalled when she said that she can never forgive JA because she didn’t trust her. I almost choked! This is why I’m beginning to see JS as a tiresome character. She is so selfish that she only sees HER point of view, no one else’s. It’s always been about HER, that’s why she never really saw that JA was struggling. She was always calling JA or pouncing on her to moan about her crush, all this while JA was suffering and pressured at work and her troubles with DK. Sickening! Cannot forgive HER!!!!! I am so hooked on this story, cannot wait to see how the OTP will get together! More importantly, I really want to know what MH was doing that day that she lost ES! And why is she keeping the kidnappers under lock and key?
  9. @baduy, Thank you for your translations and great insights! I am starting to get upset with JS/ES’ character. I understand she’s hurt and angry, but she is still being childish and in her “It’s all about me” stage. After reading your translation about her conversation with DK regarding the moment JA found out she wasn’t ES, it looks as though JS tuned him out. All she could hear was that JA told DK, and not her, JS. She didn’t want to hear anything more, because all that mattered to her was that JA didn’t trust her enough to tell HER. Sigh.....so immature!!!!! Frustrating! When is this woman going to snap out of it, for heaven’s sake! I agree with you, I think JA didn’t catch that bus. Don’t you love how they pick the right scenes for the preview to get you wondering???? Keeps you wanting MORE! Lol DK is going through some major angst right now. Totally regretting his harsh treatment of JA, remembering what conversations transpired between them regarding the BIG SECRET! He is TOTALLY OBSESSED with her now! I can just imagine when he sees her, he’s going to run over to her and start screaming at her about how much she made him worry, just like he did when she burned her hand at the Anniversary event. He was obsessed with her then, it’s worse now that he can’t see her/doesn’t know where she is!!! I love Hyuk, he’s such a sensitive guy. Wishing that this time the second lead wins the girl! Even if I didn’t know what he was saying, I loved that scene between JH and MJ! That woman, she’s needs to hear from all of her children what a horrible person and mother she is!!!! What kind of person puts their child through that because of greed? I still want to know, too, who sent that letter? I also am suspicious of Secretary Min. The actress is doing a good job of making me wonder about her. She has these expressions that the camera focuses on that helps us to think that! Lol It’s now obvious that the kidnappers didn’t plan to kidnap ES, it happened because of the circumstances. But how did the woman know that she was with the Seo family all that time? I hope all of these questions will be answered. If MH’s sister is behind this, it will be too creepy. Although I am a kdramas lover, I find the avarice extremely hard to stomach. The stories usually have characters go to extremes because of their avarice! Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode, have been missing JA! The past three episodes were mostly about the reactions to her absence, watching the fallout. The angst each character went through because of the revelation and her absence. I am so immersed in this story, am just fascinated with this writer! She weaves a good story, I eagerly await each new episode!
  10. @angelwingssf, judging by JA’s biological mom’s character so far, there’s no way she’ll turn herself in. I think she was so happy to be told to keep her business. But I didn’t get why she’s allowed to do so! She was told not to sell it, as she needs to make money to support JA, because JA won’t be able to get a job anywhere for the rest of her life. This drama should have been titled , “My Pathetic Life” based on what we’ve seen so far. I feel so, so sad for JA, all the things she’s had to endure in her young life. Instead of moving in with the chaebol family to have a better life, her life became pathetic, and her spirit is now beaten down. DK, although helpful to her at one point, became a royal jerk, and now he is regretting his harsh words so much. I had to sneer when he left the phone message apologizing and telling her to call him. Helloooooooo, I thought, what planet are you from? Do you not realize what you did to her spirit? Ugh!!!! So infuriating! I applaud the writer, though.....so many twists and turns to this plot, keeps us on the edge of our seats, wondering what’s going to happen next? It seems like she is going to the dye master, so I’m glad. The fresh mountain air and the kindness of the dye master will surely help JA heal her poor battered soul right now. I hope no one is able to find her for awhile, least of all DK and JS, who hurt her the most. Let them stew in their guilt and repent!!!
  11. @Nymeria289, I like your theory. That they are both emotionally not ready for what happened between them. But I’m sad that SJA is asking CDK for confirmation, it makes her look clingy, for sure! Sigh.....guess I have to psych myself up for the angst! Ugh. As much as I hate it, I know it’s essential to the plot.
  12. @maddymappo, maybe it’s the Assistant writer! Remember in the beginning episode, JH was featured doing the writing, putting all the ppl items into the scenes? Lol, could be the same thing happening here....the assistant writer got to write the scenes where the ppl is featured! So that writer must have also written the scene where SJ grabbed her bra in the back seat of the car and put it in her handbag! I thought that was a weird one, too! It’s all just a part of the comedy, makes it funny! Although BN’s response was creepy, not funny! Euwwww
  13. @angelwingssf, no' nothing to do with the Wizard of Oz. I’m a crafter and am supposed to be sewing for a craft fair, Can’t help it! This is what You call addiction!
  14. @angelwingssf, Thank you, but I’ve been following the forum, I’ve read all the discussions and the differences and bashings and whatnots. I dunno, I like seeing BTS stuff or just photo stills, etc. I’m supposed to be sewing but I choose to satisfy my obsession with this drama for now. I really like the storyline, I don’t care what anybody says. This is ONE of my happy places right now! Lol
  15. What....it’s not Saturday yet? Hahaha I keep refreshing and stalking this forum to see if anyone has any other insights to offer...but I guess at this point, it’s all about the wait.....sigh!!!!