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  1. OMG... it's been soooo long! You all know i'm active on Instagram so this place looks like empty I'm sorry about that Yesterday was a great day, bcoz this happened hehe hehehehehehe Our support made him really happy i think, that's why i'm happy I'm really really really happy to his smiling face! Thank you Jaelimshi! We will alwaaaaays love you and support you!
  2. magicmione

    [Drama 2018] Secret Mother 시크릿마더

    @larus Thank you so much for all of your updates! For the promotion, I think they will start promoting soon. Since Song Jae Lim was also in SBS's previous Weekend Drama Our Gabsoon between 2016&2016 as his fans we know how the promoting starts for Weekend Drama's on SBS. Script Reading pictures were out 2 weeks before the drama started and many short teasers were out too! Also many Behind the Scenes videos and special videos were out during the broadcast. Since Gabsoon hit 20% ratings on the ratings it all went well! They will promote well don't worry about that but they are waiting for May to come i think This drama sounds really strong! I'm really hyped for this! And the story seems promising! These days people are really into these kind of stories! So do i! So Hopefully ratings will be good! So SBS will promote even more during the broadcast! Let's wait! ~~
  3. magicmione

    [Drama 2018] Secret Mother 시크릿마더

    Hello! I wanted to join this thread along side with my dear friend @_sofie_ It's amazing you guys are already filling here with information about the drama! I can't wait for this drama to air! I will do my best to post gifs and HQ pictures when drama starts airing! Fighting everyone! I think that is the logo/temporary poster. For drama's like this they first upload a logo poster because drama poster shooting/editing is not done yet. Logo matches with the scripts so i think it's official temporary poster ~
  4. hahahaha good thing about the long drama's hair style changes Gabdol had like 4 different hair styles during the drama It's ok!
  5. Okay i think that's all for today! Next week i'm not going to be online on Insta! Bcoz i have go to my parents house! I hope i won't miss out many things! Well if i do @_sofie_ will text me anyway kkk See you later!
  6. I think every person expecting different things from a drama... To be honest it's 2018 and expectations are a bit higher of course For Jaelim's drama, story seems more of a 2018 ! Woman centered drama's in Crime genre is more interesting! Of course i can't say anything about seeing the episodes but i'm hyped! I'm also happy he took another drama in between clean with passion! His new movie "Your Wedding" will start airing in Cinemas end of the June btw! He has another movie he filmed during winter but details hasn't came out yet! Meanwhile Soeun has Busan schedule in 2 to 3 weeks! I forgot the dates! Aaah haha! Her movie also most likely air this summer! Can't wait for everything!
  7. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey! Drama's cast is already amazing! Can't wait !!
  8. Jjjaaang Jaelim's new SBS drama, they say they are still in talks but probably he will accept it~ Main cast is Kim So Yeon, Kim Tae Woo, Song Yoon Ah and Song Jae Lim ~ It will start at May~
  9. So far that's all... Please come to Insta we are really active in there and our family is still big and strong hehehehehe Sorry about not coming here more often but, i will try to drop by more Until then Bye byeeee
  10. And for last, as you may now Jaelim's new drama Clean With Passion has been postponed to October, due to his co start Kim Yoo Jung's health issues I hope she will be ok soon... Jaelim had a fan meeting this April at Busan but due to schedule problems it got canceled. Instead of that he will hold a fan meeting in Japan this June. We need to wait a bit more for him but hopefully his drama is going to be good!
  11. I don't think so.... Surplus princess wasn't pre-record and TVN is a little stronger than OCN. I don't think they will cut Ohsoo short. OCN has good ratings on their weekend and crime drama's. OCN's previous Romance Drama also has similar ratings with Ohsoo...
  12. I'm here I'm here once again i'm so sorry to not coming here We are so active in Insta but in here due to our jobs ect we can't drop by... huuuu Yea It's dropping from 0.5 to 0.3 and now 0.2.... It's airing in a really early time slot and SBS and MBC has stronger drama's that day in similar slots... Also OCN is a little "new" about romcoms. Eventho It's pre-record drama filming hasn't finished yet. (It's supposed to end last week according to Willent) but bcoz of some manners such as schedules of others, it's keep delayed. But we are expecting it to end maybe end of this week. To be honest I'm watching it everyweek but only Soeun's character can catches my eye. Story is a bit light to me... Maybe after watching Gabsoon we are used to heavy lines hahaha idk.. I can't say much about the ratings... I will keep supporting Soeun as much i can on my Instagram as always