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  1. Hi @Pyori, That's the literal translation. The 'take' here is referring to taking a picture Btw, I can't read Hangul but when my sis helped me read the caption in Korean, I understood the nuance of the wording. Strangely, I understand Korean through watching dramas but I can't read Hangul for nuts.
  2. I enlisted the help of my sis, so here's the translation of the flower pic: KMH: I'm definitely taking a picture of the flowers. My note: There's no need to declare. We all know what you are trying to take, so the caption is unnecessary, lol~ LJS: Who said anything about it? My note: I can imagine JS' cheeky tone in asking this question. KMH (in reply to LJS): You are not romantic at all. My note: Yes, we get it. You are trying to tell us you are the romantic one. My dear boy, I think you are falling hard, hehe...
  3. Hi everyone, I'm back here again after a long while. I have been so busy with work and school that I didn't realise one of my posts was a top post for the day somewhere in July. hehe I'm just here to say that I feel that Ji Chang Wook's singing has gotten better recently, not better in the technical way but in terms of delivering the right emotions that the lyrics and music seek to convey. When I heard him sing the SP OST, I was surprised that his delivery is so well-controlled but yet passionate. His previous songs seemed to lack that extra punch even though I always applaud him for the effort, hehe. I think it's thanks to a certain lady (we all know who) that has come into his life recently. Apart from the SP OST, I was also greatly surprised by his delivery of Drunken Truth, which has been covered by a lot of artistes. While it wasn't perfect, it felt so honest and transparent, like he's baring his heart to the one he's singing to. He must have taken great pains to choose the songs to sing at the latest concert & YHY sketchbook and practise them because miraculously, he delivered them well, way better than the last time I heard him sing. Also, I'm not sure if this has been discussed before but his choice of songs are so on point. They all convey his current feelings. Again, I think he was eager to bare his heart to a certain lovable young lady whom we all know. Before I sign off, let me share this song which he sang at YHY sketchbook with his friends, 2Bic. I think he chose that song purposefully, because no matter how I think about it, it just sounds like him singing about his own feelings in the current situation of not being to contact Hyunnie that often and not seeing her lovely face everyday. Sorry again if this has already been discussed. I'm just happy to share my thoughts Happy weekend, everyone!
  4. @ymmezari thx for the welcome! I'm a super chill fan. I guess I'm past that stage of being possessive over your idol. These people deserve to have their own happiness too
  5. Ji-Hyunniee has shot right up to No. 1 in Naver TVCast hourly ranking with the clip of her interview on SBS One Night Ent! http://tv.naver.com/v/1871332/list/67096 Haha sorry was so excited that I forgot to intro myself. I'm a big JCW fan actually. But NJH is such a lovely girl and JCW seems to really adore her, so I'll support them all the way! Have fun people!