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  1. Hi @Pyori, That's the literal translation. The 'take' here is referring to taking a picture Btw, I can't read Hangul but when my sis helped me read the caption in Korean, I understood the nuance of the wording. Strangely, I understand Korean through watching dramas but I can't read Hangul for nuts.
  2. I enlisted the help of my sis, so here's the translation of the flower pic: KMH: I'm definitely taking a picture of the flowers. My note: There's no need to declare. We all know what you are trying to take, so the caption is unnecessary, lol~ LJS: Who said anything about it? My note: I can imagine JS' cheeky tone in asking this question. KMH (in reply to LJS): You are not romantic at all. My note: Yes, we get it. You are trying to tell us you are the romantic one. My dear boy, I think you are falling hard, hehe...
  3. i think he can’t resist not posting anything to do with her